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The Warning - Anna Maria Taigi

Anna Maria Taigi, Beatified in 1920 as a model of women and mothers, was not only a prophetess of our time, but one of the most extraordinary mystics in the history of the Church.

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi spoke of a great chastisement which would come to the world before which there would be an illumination of the conscience of men by which suddenly everyone would see themselves as God sees them. She indicated that this illumination of conscience would result in the saving of many souls because many would repent as a result of this "Warning" . . . this miracle of "self illumination".

The Warning - St. Edmund Campion

<>It is interesting that 300 years before Blessed Anna Maria this same revelation was given to St. Edmund Campion who went to
his death affirming this same prophecy.

The Warning - Heede, Germany

In a message at Heede, Germany, where the Blessed Virgin Mary allegedly on November 1, 1937 appeared to four girls, and allegedly Jesus later appeared to them as well, we received a message about the Warning. Jesus, it is reported, said to them in one of the messages: "It will be terrible, a 'Minor Judgment.' I will make myself known to men. Every soul shall recognize Me as their God."

The Warning - Rosa Quattrini, Mama Rosa, San Damiano, Italy

Jesus allegedly told Rosa Quattrini, Mama Rosa, the visionary from San Damiano, Italy on April 5, 1968: "I will come in triumph, I will come to 'give light to brighten all souls.' But it will be too late for those who do not understand the love of a mother. They will be in the midst of a terrible trial."

On August 5, 1968, Jesus told Mama Rosa: "I will soon come with 'a great light to convert a lot of souls,' and then Heaven and earth will tremble at My power. Then all souls will see 'the light' and all hearts will be set aflame with love for Me."

Conversion of St. Paul Was A Precedent of The Illumination

On January 25, 1996, Jesus told Sadie Jaramillo: "The conversion of My Apostle Paul was a precedent set in My word. It was his experience of private revelation! As he was blinded by My light, he knew he could no longer deny the One whom he persecuted.

And now all will be caught in this moment of Mercy as My light reveals once again My persecution! For what is sin, no matter what kind, if not My persecution....

As you are illuminated in My light and this moment (that) will be just you and Me, you will see your persecution of Me, but even more you will see My great mercy and love. And this day, which will be to many as a night of terror, will pass and then many, for whom you and others have suffered, will be brought into the harvest... there yet remains the outpouring of Mercy before final justice..."6

THE WARNING Garabandal, Spain, 1961-1965

During the apparitions from 1961 -1965 at Garabandal, Spain, four young children saw and received messages from Our Blessed Mother. These apparitions occurred during the period of Vatican Council II, and just after the failure of the Church to reveal the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima, which those of us who were living at the time and who had been following the Fatima apparitions expected would be done by Pope John XXIII in 1960.

At Garabandal, Conchita, Mary Loli and Jacinta received messages about The Warning. Mary Loli was told the year of the Warning. Within a year following the Warning there would be a Great Miracle. Conchita was told the date of the Great Miracle.

In June 1962 these three visionaries experienced the "Night of the Screams" [actually over two nights that so terrified the people of the hamlet that almost all went to confession and Communion]. During these two nights they were shown the Warning and the Great Chastisement. The first night, during which only Mary Loli and Jacinta were present, was about the Warning. On the second night, during which Conchita was present as well, they were shown the Chastisement (which at that time was conditional). Mary Cruz did not share in either event.

On January 1, 1965, at the pines, The Blessed Virgin Mary told Conchita about the Warning. She was told what the warning would be, but does not know the day or the date.

The Warning - Conchita

Conchita told us that the Warning will be like two heavenly bodies or stars colliding that make a lot of noise and a lot of light, but they don't fall. We are going to see it. It will horrify us because at that very moment we will see our souls and the harm we have done. In that moment we are going to see our conscience, everything wrong that we are doing, and the good that we are not doing. It will be as though we are in agony, but we will not die by its effects, but perhaps we will die of fright or shock to see ourselves. The Warning is like a purification for the Miracle. Conchita said that it is sort of a catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead, that is, we would prefer to be dead than to experience the Warning. Conchita revealed to us that it would be very fearful, a thousand times worse than earthquakes. It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh, but we will feel it bodily and interiorly. It is a thing from heaven. People in every part of the world will suffer from it. None of us will escape this: the good, so that they may draw nearer to God; the evil, so that they may amend their lives. Conchita said that if she did not know what the Chastisement was, she would say that the Warning was worse than the Chastisement.

During an interview Conchita said the duration of the Warning is about five minutes.

In an interview in October 1968, in answer to a question about the Warning, Conchita said: "The Warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by

science. It will be seen and felt."

According to Conchita: "The Warning will be a purification, a preparation for the Miracle, and everyone will see it. It will make people aware of the evil that they do with their sins."

The Warning - Mary Loli

Mary Loli said: "When the Warning occurs everything will stand still, even planes in the sky, but just for a few moments. At the moment everything stops, the Warning will occur. The Warning will last just a few minutes. It is very close and it is important we prepare ourselves because it is a terrible thing. It will make us feel all the wrong we have done."

Mary Loli told us: "Everyone will experience it wherever they may be, regardless of their condition or their knowledge of God. It will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world has come to a standstill, however, no one will be aware of that as they will be totally absorbed in their own experience. It is going to be something like an interior feeling of sorrow and pain for having offended God. God will help us see clearly the harm we are causing Him and all the evil things we do. He will help us to sense this interior pain because often when we do something wrong we ask the Lord's forgiveness with our lips, but now He will help us sense physically that deep sorrow."

Mary Loli said that it would look like the Communists had taken over the world and it would be very hard to practice religion, for priests to say Mass or for people to open the doors of the churches at the time of the Warning. It would be as though the Church had disappeared.

The Warning - Jacinta

Jacinta stated: "The Warning is something that is first seen in the air everywhere in the world and immediately is transmitted into the interior of our souls. It will last for a very little time, but will seem a very long time because of its effect within us. It will be for the good of our souls, in order to see in ourselves our conscience, the good and the bad we've done. Then we will feel a great love toward our heavenly parents and ask forgiveness for all our offenses The Warning is for everybody because God wants our salvation. The Warning is in order for us to draw closer to Him and increase our faith. Therefore, one should prepare for that day, but not await it with fear because God doesn't send things for the sake of fear but rather justice and love and He does it for the good of all His children that they might enjoy eternal happiness and not be lost."

The Miracle and Its Relation To The Warning

Conchita knows the date of the Miracle, and eight days before the Miracle occurs she will announce the date to the world. The Miracle is to occur during the months of March, April or May, between the 8th and the 16th of the month, at 8:30 P.M. Garabandal time on a feast day of a little known Martyr of the Eucharist, at the time of a rare ecclesiastical event, unrelated to the Miracle. Only one individual associated with Conchita, as far as we can determine, has named the month of April as the month of the Miracle

Conchita was told what the Miracle would be, and said: "It will be a miracle of the love of God, something that will prove and manifest His love to us in an outstanding way." The Miracle, Conchita has stated, will coincide with an event in the Church, a singular event that happens very rarely and had not (as of 2001) occurred in Conchita's lifetime. Conchita said that it is not new or stupendous, only rare, like a definition of a dogma - something like that in that it will affect the entire Church. It will happen on the same day as the Miracle, but not as a consequence of the Miracle, but only coincidentally.

There will be healing of those present in Garabandal at the time of the Miracle. The sick who are present will be cured, the incredulous will believe, and the sinners will be converted.

Our Lord told Conchita, on July 20, 1963, that the purpose of this Miracle is: "to convert the whole world. Conchita asked Our Lord if Russia would be converted. Our Lord answered: "Yes, she will be converted, and thus everybody will love Our Hearts."

On February 7, 1974 Conchita said: "For the words of the Blessed Mother to be complete, there must be the Warning and the Miracle. It is all one message."

[The fourth visionary, Mary Cruz, who later denied that these apparitions occurred, will, we are told, again believe that she did have them, but only after the Miracle.]

The Permanent Sign At Garabandal After The Miracle

After the Miracle there will be a permanent sign left at Garabandal.

On September 14, 1965, Conchita said: "The Sign that will remain forever at the pines is something that we will be able to photograph, televise and see, but not touch. It will be evident that this is not a thing of this world, but from God.

Conchita revealed that although the sign can be compared to a "pillar of smoke" or to "rays of sunlight" it will not actually be either of these things.

At Garabandal we were told that after these events have occurred there will be a short period of time for mankind to convert. If mankind doesn't, then there will be a Great Chastisement.

The Illumination (Warning)

Janie Garza, Austin, Texas, Visionary And Stigmatist
Author Heaven's Messages
for the Family

May 13, 1994 The illumination
of the soul

St. Joseph: I, St. Joseph, bring God's blessings to you and to your family.

Janie: Thank you, beloved St. Joseph. Praised be the Eternal Father for His goodness forever and ever. Amen.
St. Joseph: My little one, I, St. Joseph, know that you have been struggling with the seriousness of the messages that you have received from Most Holy Mary and St. Michael. I am here to help you to understand these messages. You see, my little one, the people of God have ignored His warnings. The world does not understand the darkness that surrounds them.
Many people continue to live in sin, and forget that the day is coming when they will be allowed to see the state of their souls. What a terrible time this will be for many, many souls. Many will die, for they will not be able to withstand knowing the truth about the condition of their souls.
Janie: St. Joseph, could you explain why many people will die when they see their souls? I don't understand this, please help me to understand.
St. Joseph: My little one, the soul is where all truth lies and no one can see or know your soul except the Eternal One. He alone knows all souls, and He alone will judge all souls. No one knows the truth except the Holy Trinity. If people knew the truth, they would choose not to sin, for the truth would enlighten their hearts to know how much sin separates them from the truth. The Truth is the Eternal Father.
You cannot live in sin and say you know the truth, for you cannot have two masters. You must choose to live in darkness or to live in the light. For those who believe that they live in the light but continue to break every Commandment given by God, to these souls, I, St. Joseph, say that these souls will not be able to see the state of their souls and live.
Janie: This is hard for me to know. Are you saying that people who do not live God's Commandments will die when they see their souls?
St. Joseph: Yes, my little one, that's how it will be for many unless they repent and decide for conversion. There is still time for repentance, but time is growing shorter with each day that goes by.
Janie: What must I tell the people?
St. Joseph: Share with them that the Eternal One is calling them to return to Him and to accept His love and mercy, to amend their lives and to live the messages of prayer, fasting and conversion. All who repent will receive special graces to enter into the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To all who repent, God will shower His mercy on them. No one will be turned away, for God loves all His children. Now, my little one, remain united to the Two Hearts and continue living as God's chosen family. Peace, my little one, peace.
Janie: Thank you, beloved St. Joseph, thank you!8

September 9, 1995
The Illumination

Jesus: Good morning, Our humble servant. We are here to bless you and your family. We are here to comfort you in your suffering.
Janie: Good morning, My Lord and My Lady. Thank You so much for blessing us and for bringing comfort to my heart.
Our Lady: Our sweet angel, you are suffering, for you've seen all the evil in the world through the visions which God allows you to see. You have seen many of the things that are to come. You have seen the suffering in the families and the suffering in the Bride of my Son. These visions which you embrace with your heart and make reparation for, this is the reason for your great suffering.
Janie: Blessed Mother, I don't mind my suffering, but I am affected by knowing of all the suffering youth, the children and the killing of the unborn babies. Please pray so that I will pray unceasingly for the poor sinners in the world. Could you tell me about the illumination which St. Joseph talked to me about. Will people suffer much?
Jesus: Our humble servant, the illumination that will take place will be for a short period. During this time My Father will allow all of humanity to see the state of their souls as My Father sees their souls. This will be a time of great grace when many souls will repent and return to My Father. Those souls that die will die from great shock to see the state of the darkness which exists in their souls.
Janie: Beloved Savior, will the illumination scare people?
Jesus: The fear that will inflame their hearts is the holy fear of the immense power of My Father, especially for those many souls that have continued to deny the existence of My Father. These will be the souls that will experience tremendous fear.
Janie: Will all people convert?
Jesus: Many will convert, but many will not.
Janie: Oh, Jesus, will this happen very soon?
Jesus: Our humble servant, this will happen within a short period. Do not be distracted with dates, but prepare everyday with strong prayer. Many who worry about these times will not live to see these things take place. This is why Holy Scripture warns everybody not to be concerned about tomorrow, for tomorrow is promised to no one. The present day has enough trials and crosses. Know that when We speak about such things to come; this is for the people to convert and abandon their evil ways. Everyday is an opportunity for souls to convert. People should not wait for such things to come to convert, but they should convert now, before it's too late! The very fact that such judgments will come is because people refuse to convert and continue to live in darkness.
Janie: Oh Beloved Savior, please continue to pour Your love and mercy into our souls so that we accept You as our Savior truly in our lives. I love You both.
Jesus: We love you, and all your prayers, your sacrifices and your little ways are pleasing to Us. We give you Our blessings. Until tomorrow, remain in the spirit of prayer as a family.
Janie: We will, we truly will.26

The Warning And Preparation
For The Warning

On March 19, 1996 St. Joseph, appeared to Janie Garza and gave her a message on The Illumination

Janie: St. Joseph came with two big angels and many smaller angels. He was dressed with a golden tunic and an olive mantle that had golden designs on the edge of the hem. He blessed all the people with his presence. He had a beautiful, gentle smile. There was great light around him, and all the angels were in brilliant light. St. Joseph had two white roses in his hands. He knows that roses are my favorite flowers, because they have the fragrance of Our Lady....
Janie: Oh, we are so blessed to have you as Protector of the Family. Praised be God forever and ever.
St. Joseph: My little one, God's love for humanity is immense. He appeals to the world every second of the day to turn away from their sins. He gives them His love and mercy to help souls to convert. God will continue to appeal to His children to return back to His love and mercy. The time is coming when God will allow all His children to look deep into their souls and see their sins as God sees their sinful hearts. God will send an illumination throughout the world. This will be a time of great grace and conversion to many souls. Shortly after this great illumination of souls, God will send a great miracle for the world to see. After this great sign, the world will know peace. There will be great joy for all the faithful people of God. His children will be happy. There will be love in families everywhere. People will benefit from their labor, and they will build their homes and live to enjoy them. They will see their children's children, and all will live long lives.
Janie: Beloved St. Joseph, what should we do to prepare for this?
St. Joseph: Pray, my little one, pray. Remain faithful to all that the Holy Spirit directs you to do. Act in everything that Most Holy Mary is calling you to. Be a strong messenger of living her messages of peace, prayer, Holy Mass, fasting, conversion and reading Holy Scripture. Do this as a family. Do not reject God's Most Holy Name, so that He will not reject you. Decide to be a holy family, to pray together, to love, and to forgive one another. This is a time of decision for all of God's children.
Live as God's people, leading good, simple and just lives. Open your hearts to God's love and mercy. Every family must consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to my intercession and protection, that We may lead you closer to God. We will prepare you for the things to come. Live as children of the Lord, and you will live through all these troubled times.
Janie: Please help us, beloved St. Joseph, we need your help.
St. Joseph: My little one, be prepared by living all that I, St. Joseph, have shared with you on a daily basis, living each day as if it was your last day. This is God's Holy Will for His children. Do not fear anything, but abandon yourself to the Holy Spirit who will help you to do the Holy Will of God.
Janie: Thank you for this, most humble St. Joseph.
St. Joseph: I give you my blessing. Live in God's peace.
Janie: Later on this evening I was thanking God for St. Joseph, and my guardian angel said to me, "St. Joseph is the splendor of the interior life." I understood that both Our Lady and St. Joseph are the splendor of the interior life.8

Maria Esperanza - The Fourth Message Of Betania

There Is Coming The Great Moment Of A Great Day Of Light.

"Little children, today, healthful for your souls you must contribute to helping me build my house in this place. A refuge of a Mother with the title, 'Mary, Reconciler of People and Nations: Pray, meditate, and nourish yourselves with the bread of the Eucharist which gives you supernatural life. Be what you are: strong souls, healthy and strong, to combat with the weapons of love since it is love by which you are going to penetrate hearts and the consciences of all my children, dwellers of these lands, in a summons, an outcry shouting: 'Rise up, the hour has come for rebuilding the moral values of a People of God.'

"I want to be known, I repeat to you, under the name of Virgin and Mother, Reconciler for the People because man needs to find himself. He needs to see in each human being his or her own brother or sister. Ideologies may be respected because it is respect that is due to one's self, to each one, to recognize each one as a member of one same family, the family of God.

"Little children, all rise to a single ideal, struggle for the poorest and the most abandoned, struggle for the new generation that must grow and develop in a healthy environment. Yes, my children, learn the value of each person in his or her own milieu where he or she lives and moves, with his or her way of thinking as well as in the negative side of their surroundings. Learn to value these people in order to help them to fight against the evil that surrounds them, drawing them forward to live in a healthy atmosphere in spiritual peace as God, the Father, wishes to save you all by faith. It is man's answer in the midst of the structure of society, being sure that God has created you.

"Little children, I am your Mother, and I come to seek you so that you may prepare yourselves to be able to bring my message of reconciliation. There is coming the great moment of a great day of light. The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may 'put their house in order' and offer to Jesus the just reparation for the daily infidelities that are committed on the part of sinners.

"Little children, I want to take possession of your hearts! To give you in the Holy Spirit the gift of understanding that you may find the profound significance of my presence among you. I am offering you the opportunity of the great promise that one day my Divine Son will make known to you. It is essentially important in these times: 'The Reconciliation of the Universe.' Oh may it be...people with God, and people with each other!

"Lo, this Mother who is pleading as the poorest of women, the littlest, the most humble, but the most pure; she wishes to transmit to you again the purity of heart, simplicity, loyalty, obedience to the service of your brothers and sisters, prudence, and still more, constant zeal for the works of our Mother, the Church. Today there is need of giving testimony with your life and your faith in God so that this Mother may be able to prepare you for the apostolate. Prepare you, yes, and the invitation is commendable and assuredly valid if you desire it. With a recommendation for perseverance, proceed and put it into practice."31

The Illumination - Christina Gallagher

Everyone Will See Themselves As They Really Are In The Sight Of God

Christina said: "There will come a sign, which everyone in the world, in an interior way, will experience - and it is not far away. Everyone will experience an inner awareness and they will know that this is from God, and they will see themselves as they really are in the sight of God. It is up to each one of us to help as many people as we can by our prayers, so that when this supernatural sign comes, they will change, and will be able to respond to that sign and be saved by God."30

The Coming Sign

Christina Gallagher on December 14, 1996 had a vision and message from Jesus, Our Lord. Jesus said: "... Those who desire to live in the justice of the world, will receive the justice of My Hand.

"Soon the world will receive a Sign to know of My Reign, for all things are desired through My heart and the heart of My Father. Know that Justice will be served. So many shout of truth and that they know the truth. They neither know nor serve the truth..."

In reference to the coming Sign, Jesus said:

"Soon the sign that will be given will be My Face. My Face will radi-ate in the skies and throughout the world more brilliantly than a thousand suns, to show the triumphant glory of the Son of God and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. For She Is Immaculate - ever hon-ored in grace before My Father, for truly I tell you, the fruit of Her womb brought the Light of God into the world."

(Christina understood that this was Our Lord bringing His mother for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart).

When Christina asked when this Sign would come, Jesus responded:

Light From Heaven - The Two Hearts

Christina is then shown the heavens open. As the sky opens, there is a huge outpouring of light. It comes down and goes out all over the world. She sees the Face of Jesus, luminous and yet transparent, in huge form, coming forth. Gradually, His hands form and then His . From the wounds In His hands and , brilliant light shines down, so that these stand out more than the rest of His Body, which can be seen in outline in the light.

Christina can see His Heart living and beating. Within His Sacred Heart can be seen Our Blessed Lady, with her own Immaculate Heart beating and angels are to be seen moving everywhere. As the Light radiates, it penetrates everything.

Christina could see billions of enormous, loathsome black 'lizards fleeing in all directions to escape, but in vain. No matter where they attempted to hide, in houses, under rocks, it is impossible to escape the Light, which seems to penetrate the very earth itself.

The world is saturated with the Light.

Christina is also aware that the darkness which will come before this heavenly Illumination will plunge everything into a dense obscurity. [From Christina Gallagher's official internet site.]

The Warning - Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin (From Two Heart As One Book)

Denise Curtin and Joseph DellaPuca receive monthly apparitions of Our Heavenly Mother while praying together in a special prayer room inside Joseph's home in Southington, Connecticut. Our Heavenly Mother has declared the room Holy Ground. This room is filled with holy objects, pictures and statues. On numerous occasions the statues and pictures weep holy oils that have a light scent of roses. The apparition room is where both Denise and Joseph pray several times a week.

They have met with a Bishop, who has discerned the messages and has also confirmed that, so far, their writings and conversations do not contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This Will Be A Time Of Much Confusion And Frustration

On January 13, 1996, Our Heavenly Mother told Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin: "My dear children, soon you will see your hearts and souls as God sees them, and as I see them. This will be a time of much confusion and frustration. This is how Satan will try and deceive you into believing that a false peace has come to the world: he will try and convince my children that there is no need to pursue your conversion to God. This is where you, my chosen children, must be ready to do combat with the enemy and take control of my children's souls." 4

Before You See My Son's Glorious Return, Our Father Will Show His Merciful Justice

On June 13, 1996, Our Heavenly Mother said to Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin: ".... Before you see my Son's glorious return, our Father will show His merciful Justice, because of His infinite Love for His children. His Love will give my children a chance to come into His arms where He will embrace and love you, my children, like never before. When the Father gives you the final opportunity of choosing Heaven or Hell, you will then, my children, choose your fate through your own free will, your free choice.

The Father and my Son, Jesus Christ, will invite you into the heavenly Kingdom. I, your mother, weep in much sorrow for many of my children have turned their backs to my Son, and He will turn His back on many of my children forever.

The time has come for you, my children, to make the most serious decisions in your lives, the decision of an eternity of happiness and love or an eternity filled with tears and regret. My children, my Triumph is here and is continuing in the hearts and souls of my children who acknowledge me. What joy, my children, you will feel and have when you see my Son, Jesus Christ, come into His glory! But only after the very turbulent times that must precede His Second Coming.

Be strong, my children. Trust in my Son, have faith in my Son and hope in my Son's Mercy for my children's sins. My children, all my teaching must be taken to heart, learned, studied and put into holy action, for you will be guided by the Holy Spirit at all times. Have a deep conviction of love, my little ones, a total confidence in my love and care for you. This will be your Peace.

Live in my Peace, my children, to see clearly the state of the sinfulness existing in each soul that will cause many of my children to panic. My children are not aware of the sinful lives they are living, for Satan has deceived many of my children. The revelation of this state of sinfulness will become a source of bitterness and great sorrow to many of my children who have fallen victim to Satan.

I have pleaded with the Father to allow me to gather my children under my Mantle, but I am in sorrow in knowing that the time has ended in delaying the Father's hand of Justice. Please ponder these words, my children, you must believe them completely. I am your Mother who loves you.

Hear my plea, my children!" 4

A Startling Experience To See Your Entire Life In Judgment

On August 13, 1996, Our Heavenly Mother said to Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin: ".... My children, your sins are scorching the Earth with evil, as the lifeblood of your faith is being tested. Your chastisements on the land will force people to move to new lands. Your current farms are suffering droughts and floods as never witnessed before. Soon growing food will be difficult and it will be desperately needed. My children, you have been turned into evil waters that are leading you away from my Son, Jesus Christ.

My children, you will soon perish in the hands of the Evil One. I keep sending you many messages to awaken the spirit. Without your Mother, you are nothing, and you will be swallowed up in your sins. In me, you will find the bounty of graces that will lead you to Eternal Salvation.

In order for my Son's Purification of the Earth to be effective, there must be dramatic changes. When you see these changes, brace yourselves, my children, for my Son's Warning, which will be a startling experience to see your entire life in judgment. My children, I bring you this message of hope, even amidst the adversity now around you. Heed the meaning of this Warning and change your life before it is too late to be saved. Believe me that I am with you always, ready to protect and help you prepare.

Whatever happens will be the direct result of the Father's Love and Mercy for all mankind. Do not worry about yourselves. Just remember, the King of Glory is returning to secure His victory for His people. Just as I have prepared myself and everything necessary to bring my Son, Jesus Christ, into the world, so now the Father is sending me to my children to prepare them to receive Him." 4

Mankind To Clearly See Their Sins

On February 13, 1998, Our Heavenly Mother said to Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin: "... The Day of The Lord begins with a new dawn, for it is a time for salvation and co-redeeming each other, for there is little time left for conversion. Soon our Father will grant the graces for mankind to clearly see their sins, for then my children will not be deceived by the lies of the Prince of Darkness, whose powers and illusions confuse my children." 4

You Will See The Truth Of Your Hearts And Souls

On December 13, 1999 Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin received the message: "O My

dearest little Children of the world, come to me Your Heavenly Mother in Faith, Trust and Obedience,

letting go all your pride and selfishness. The pride and selfishness, which exists in your hearts and souls, is a sign of My Adversary's presence. You must die to the flesh, and allow my Beloved Spouse the Most Holy Spirit to live within you. Completely abandon yourself to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your protection lies within my Immaculate Heart.

The hour has come when the love of your Heavenly Mother will shine forth, showing all of my Children the way to follow. During the New Year, the trials and sufferings which await you will become greater than ever before. My Dearest Little Children, as you journey along the road of holiness, it will lead you to an intimate relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and away from the sinful World in which you live. Pray, Pray, Pray my little ones -- for Peace, Love and God's endless Mercy.

Much faith Will be needed in these the End Times. Your angels will surround you like never before. Fight my Dearest Little Children, for this is the hour of my battle, this is the hour of my great victory over My Adversary and the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Please LISTEN carefully to my Son's words, for they are the only way to Eternal Life. These times are filled with many gifts being showered down upon you from Our Father in Heaven. Seek his forgiveness through confession, cleansing your souls to receiving the Divine Will of Our Father in Heaven. The dawn of each New Day will bring a heightened awareness to consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother. To possess a strong faith, requires endless prayers and sacrifices. I am the dawn, preceding the Great Day of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Peace will come from the merciful love of my Son, who is about to pour forth torrents of fire and graces which will make all things new. When you live in the Divine Will, Our Father in Heaven will live completely and in total harmony with you. These are the times of the great chastisements. The Cup of Divine Justice is full and overflowing. Please trust in me your Heavenly Mother, that all will work out for the Glory of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls. Let your Faith, Trust and Obedience be the only light, which enlightens you in these times of great darkness. In the coming days when you will see the truth of your hearts and souls, you need to unconditionally surrender your lives to the Will of Our Heavenly Father. Prepare yourselves to now approach the throne of Endless Glory. Do not be frightened, my Dearest Little children, live immersed in my Motherly love. I love you my Dearest Little Children, I love you my Dearest Little Children, I will always love you my Dearest Little Children. I am the Mother of all virtues, helping all of my children to live in Divine holiness and love.