Pope John Paul II

-Pope John Paul II is considered a mystic
-The Pope has had miraculous protection throughout his life (see below)
-The Pope, according to much private revelation has been chosen for the Endtimes by Mary
-The Pope was entrusted to Mary at birth by his mother. His mother had refused to have an abortion although pressured by the doctors to do so.
-Pope John Paul II has dedicated his life to Jesus through Mary (see below)
-The Pope says that the only salvation is through Jesus
-He was shot on the anniversary of Fatima, but received miraculous protection and survived
-After the Pope was shot and was recuperating in the hospital he had a vision of the Miracle of the Sun of Fatima
 and immediately requested all the documents of Fatima including the third secret.
-Saint Faustina, in her prophecies, spoke of a "spark from Poland" that would ignite the world.
-The fact that the Pope lived under communist rule in Poland is significant in his fight against Communism
-Russia hopes in the Pope
-The Pope speaks of recognizing the "signs of the times" and has warned his cardinals to be prepared for martyrdom
-The Pope is striving for Christian unity but condemns the one world "Mother Earth" religion proposed by the UN

A new book by two Italian authors asserts that the Pope's mother, Emilia
 Wojtyla, ignored advice to terminate the pregnancy that led to John Paul II's
 birth.  The assertion appears in Fatima: The Story Behind the Miracles, by Renzo
 Allegri, a prize-winning journalist and biographer, and his brother, Roberto
 Allegri, who is also a journalist.

 "In 1906, at the age of 23, she became the  mother of a baby boy, Edmund,"
they write of the Pope's mother, who was very
 frail in health. "She had a difficult pregnancy, and the doctors forbade her
 to have any other children.  In the autumn of 1919, when she was 35, she
 learned that she was pregnant. The doctors told her she should have an
 abortion. She did not listen to them."
 It was then that Karol Wojtyla was born. The date was May 18, 1920. We are
 currently trying to corroborate this striking claim -- that a man who would
 later become the leading defender of the unborn, who would revive the papacy,
who would lead to the fall of Communism as the Church's supreme pontiff, and
 who as such would change the world -- appeared on the scene only because his
 mother had the courage to forsake termination of a pregnancy that medical
 experts said could harm her.
 While we have not yet been able to verify the Allegris' reportage, a review of
 major papal biographies confirms the tenuous nature of Emilia's health. After
 a daughter died in 1914, Emilia's health deteriorated, according to His
 Holiness by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi. "She never complained about the
 way her pregnancies had undermined her health." This book goes on to say that
 during the pregnancy "her weakened body was tested almost beyond endurance."
 Just six years earlier Emilia had lost a daughter, Olga, either in infancy or
 stillborn. But she went on to give birth to Karol Wojtyla, and when she did,
 it is said that she asked the midwife to open the window "so that the first
 sounds her newborn son heard would be the singing in honor of Mary, Mother of

 God," write Politi and Bernstein. "And so the midwife sprang from the foot of
 the bed to the window and threw back the shutters. Suddenly the little bedroom
 was flooded with light and with the intonations of May vespers to the Blessed
 Virgin, from the Church of Our Lady, in the very month dedicated to her."
 Even those who didn't know her recognized Emilia's calm and religiousness, and
 if the Allegri account is accurate, the birth was one of many miracles
 surrounding her and the future Pope. Indeed, Emilia died on April 13, 1929 --
 anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima and also the very year Fatima
 seer Lucia dos Santos was granted a vision repeating the request that the
 Pope, in concert with the world's bishops, consecrate Russia to her Immaculate
 It turned out to be Karol who, as Pope 55 years later, finally succeeded in
 carrying forth the request for consecration. And it was also John Paul II who
 was shot by a Turkish gunman on May 13, 1981 -- another major Fatima
anniversary. He would later credit Our Lady of Fatima with saving his life
 (the bullet took an unusual zigzag path through his body, barely missing the
 aorta, spine, and organs). According to the Allegris, there were many other
 times the Pope narrowly escaped death. "When Karol was 10 years old, he was
 playing at the house of a friend," they assert. "His friend wanted to show him
 his father's gun. Thinking it was empty, he pointed it at Karol's face and
 pressed the trigger. The bullet broke into pieces in the air. The boy's
 parents ran to the room. Karol, pale and frightened, was leaning against the
 wall in the room. The plaster of the wall behind him was riddled with
 fragments from the bullet, but not one fragment had touched his face."
During the war, they say, when Germans
combed Kracow, the Nazis searched every part of the Pope's apartment complex
 -- he heard them in the apartment next door and in the apartment below and in
 the apartment above -- but mysteriously, they never came to his apartment.
 (Karol had prostrated himself on the ground during this time, offering himself
 In another case -- this time on February 29, 1944 -- the future Pope was on
 his way home after working a double shift when an army truck hit him and flung
 him into a ditch. Bearing a large head wound, Karol showed no life when a
 woman ran over to assist him and alerted an official who took him to the
 hospital. "Wojtyla spent two days in a coma and was miraculously saved," say
 the Allegris. "Afterwards, no one ever knew what happened to the woman."

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