-Highly regarded visionary/mystic and stigmatic
-Although not officially approved by her bishop, the local prelate has given the approval to build a sanctuary at the site of the apparitions.
-She exhibits humility and obedience
-In December 2000 prophesied that in 2001 we would a period of hardship
'Live with hope and trust and when the moment of purification  arrives, abandon yourselves entirely to me and I will give you your mission'

 We have received notes taken during a recent appearance of Patricia Talbott Borrero, an alleged seer from Cuencha, Ecuador, whose visions of the Virgin Mary drew
 world attention in the 1980s. Although Patricia (or "Pachi," as she is known to friends) stopped having regular apparitions on March 3, 1990, she claims to
 receive locutions from Jesus and St. Joseph.  In December 2000 she said the new year would bring a period in which hardship would begin.
 Now, according to a Miami resident who took notes during a recent talk in Miami, Pachi is expressing a  special message that she believes came from Jesus. We present it for your discernment.

"Open the doors of  your hearts of stone," says the alleged locution. "Open  your hearts through prayer, reception of the Holy Eucharist. Feed yourselves on Me. Love your neighbor.  Be humble. Live with hope and trust and when the moment comes  I will give you your mission."
 "To know how to pray is to know how to give. Prayer is lifted through faith. Cling to Me at this time. Evening is setting upon the world and the night will be much
harder. Use this time left to proclaim My Word, to convert souls with love and firmness. Do not be afraid. You are My children. To love your neighbor signifies not only to live for them, but even to die for them.  Evil shall fall by its own trap. Pray for the sanctification of the Church. I am now purifying you.  Open your hearts of stone. There is no peace because of  pride and pride is the cancer of the soul. You are lacking humility. Your lack of humility is the greatest fault. Only on bended knees can you come to understand God.
 You are lacking love and trust in Me. Be authentic with one another. Whatever comes out of your mouths must also come from the heart. If your words and your hearts are not in harmony, then you are nothing more  than an empty vessel."
 "If you abandon yourselves to Me, you will receive so many blessings and you will come to understand your mission. Pray with perseverance so that you may become My instruments. Receive the Eucharist often... Embrace Me and I will not allow the evil one to take you away.
 "I will bring joy and glory. Hope opens its doors. The  spider is still spinning his web, but I will protect you. Do not be afraid."

 Pachi's apparitions have not yet been approved by the local bishop, but she announced in South Florida last winter that the local prelate was going to allow a
 sanctuary built at the site, 12,000 feet up the cloud-enshrouded Andes in a ravine known as El Cajas, where Mary came as "Guardian of the Faith." Referring to the
 special "Holy Door" indulgence of 2000, she had also said,  "Until January 6 (2001) we will be allowed to receive the  indulgence every day. This is the year of mercy and grace, but when this is over then we will realize what we had."

The seer reportedly said the purification will be very big and for the whole world -- but certainly not the end of the world. Rather, it is a time of purgation.  She said the Blessed Mother insists that we leave sin behind in our lives, emphasizing that arrogance and pride are a great sin, "the sin of this time." She urged us to get rid of whatever material things "bind" us because they are worth nothing. We should place all our attention and hearts on the spiritual. We should pray slowly and from the heart.

 Pachi assured the group that our personal crosses are of the exact perfect measurement for the needs of each soul -- not any bigger, not any smaller -- and that we should accept them with love because God knows how much suffering we can bear and what is necessary for our salvation.

Lastly, Patricia told the group that the Blessed Mother has asked everyone in the United States to start praying the Angelus every day -- that this will help our country a great deal. She said this is very important.
In our own homes we should recite 15 decades of the Rosary every day and attend Mass as often as possible, hopefully on a daily basis. She urges Confession once a month. She urges fasting on bread and water. She says the U.S. should be consecrated to the Sacred Heart. She says that Jesus wants us to cling to Him in this hour. He will not abandon us. He will not allow us to fall. It is only through lack of faith that we will fall. "Evening is setting," said Pachi,  according to this set of notes. "The night will be much harder but He will bring His Glory because He is the Love of all loves."

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