One Step on the Water in Faith

One Step on the Water in Faith

These messages are from Christians... Catholic and otherwise.   They have not necessarily been approved by a spiritual director.
Please use discernment and retain that which is good.
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          steps onto the water with trust in Jesus

from Jesus thru littlest of servants
Extremely important message  July 26, 2016

While in Church during Mass Jesus spoke and told me to listen to the Gospel
passage today because it was very, very important. After Mass during Adoration
Jesus spoke again and told me that He wanted this Gospel passage to be spread
and that whoever reads it needs to read it very slowly so they might understand
that the time for the fulfillment of this Gospel passage is very, very near.


Then, dismissing the crowds, he went into the house. His disciples approached him
and said, "Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field." He said in reply, "He who
sows good seed is the Son of Man, the field is the world, the good seed the children of
 the kingdom. The weeds are the children of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them
is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. Just as
 weeds are collected and burned [up] with fire, so will it be at the end of the age. The Son
of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all who cause others
 to sin and all evildoers. They will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be
 wailing and grinding of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of
 their Father. Whoever has ears ought to hear."

+ + + +

Message to Mirjana - July 2nd, 2016  Medjugorje

Dear children, my real, living presence among you should make you happy because this is the great love of my Son. He is sending me among you so that, with a motherly love, I may grant you safety; that you may comprehend that pain and joy, suffering and love, make your soul live intensely; that I may call you anew to glorify the Heart of Jesus, the heart of faith, the Eucharist. From day to day through the centuries, my Son, alive, returns among you - He returns to you, though He has never left you. When one of you, my children, returns to Him, my motherly heart leaps with joy. Therefore, my children, return to the Eucharist, to my Son. The way to my Son is difficult, full of renunciations, but at the end, there is always the light. I understand your pains and sufferings, and with motherly love I wipe your tears. Trust in my Son, because He will do for you what you would not even know how to ask for. You, my children, you should be concerned only for your soul, because it is the only thing on earth that belongs to you. You will bring it, dirty or clean, before the Heavenly Father. Remember, faith in the love of my Son will always be rewarded. I implore you, in a special way, to pray for those whom my Son called to live according to Him and to love their flock. Thank you.

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Several visions/messages and opinions received from well known and respected individuals are indicating Donald Trump might be God's trump card and the USA's only chance to avert increasing loss of freedom of speech and loss of freedom of religion for the majority our nation that Obama wishfully says is no longer a Christian nation. 
One of the mp3's
In part two, Rick will be joined by Terry Bennett to share a dream he received in 2011, which unknown to him describes the current candidacy of Donald J. Trump.
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Mena Lee Grebin

“Within Three to Six Months Total Chaos Will Envelop America”

...Jesus then looked at me and with a stern voice said, “Within three to six months, total chaos will envelop America, and a pandemic will spread across the world.” He then gave me understanding that the two events are separate, and I wasn’t given a time frame for the pandemic.
For the full message:
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A great shift has occurred on the earth. The exalted of this earth...will be brought low...humbled...the trodden down..lowly are rising and will rise up..exalted... A great divide indeed. The wheat from the tares..the harvest is ripe. My sword is dividing..Almighty...powerful and consuming. 
For the rest:
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Trump meets with 1000 Evangelical pastors with very positive outcome, although some news correspondents (such as Fox News) are oddly putting a negative spin on the meeting. 
Pastor Wiles said that Trump was well received by the audience — receiving a rousing standing ovation from the group— and that there was a silent by evident mutual respect between the group and the presumptive nominee.

or listen to the first portion of this mp3 to hear Rick's very positive take on the meeting with Trump

I played the mp3 clip for my wife and she said "Why aren't we hearing more about this?".

I recommend listening to to get the real news.  Rick interviews amazing guests who are in the know and reveal things you will not hear on the news networks and newspapers, which are owned and controlled by five wealthy people with their own agenda.  

Another good article about the meeting:

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June 3, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. Look at what you celebrate this day, look at the heart-broken and poured out for you upon the cross. I gave everything I had to the Father on your behalf and then returned to share it with you at the Holy mass. My children when I said for you to take up your cross and follow me it was not just the suffering I was speaking to you about, it was also about the love that I was going to share with you as well. I gave up everything I had on this earth even for those who despised and hated me, even for those who pierced my hands and my feet and who thrust a lance through my Sacred Heart so that my blood and water would be shared with you. I did all of that for even my enemies my children. That is also what I meant when I asked you to follow me. If I could do all that for those that wished to kill me, could you not give of yourself for those who are in need? I loved everyone directly as I was, but I was still just one man offering that love from within myself. Now I am inside all of you, desiring to do the same thing for each and every one of you that I come across; only now I am working directly through you. This is one of the reasons for having my divine life in you and why I feed it with my body and blood. Understand however my little ones, that due to your involvement with ego and pride (sin), that you will have to deny yourselves in order to love like this. This should be your ultimate desire while you are here: on a daily basis deny yourself so that I can live through you more fully and completely. Just as Scripture talks about when it mentions the idea of dying taking courage, this is also a death, a death of your ego and flesh in order for your God to have life within you. I came so that you might have life and to have it more abundantly, do you now see what I was speaking of? There are more meanings to my words than what you may see. Pray for this understanding my children and little by little I will be able to take residence within your heart where I belong and you will then truly have supernatural life within you. That is all my son, now go in peace and share what divine words I have given to you. I love you, amen.

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Rick Wyles on revealed that he has had word from an insider in the financial markets and the intelligence agencies that we should prepare for "the Mother of All Storms", greater than ever seen before in June going into July.  This could be a Financial storm?  A pole shift or other interaction with Planet X could cause physical storms (winds in the hundreds of miles per hour, earthquakes and tsunamis).

James Baily on has put together a few of his prophetic dreams and those of others pointing to June 12th as a turning point for the stock market, alluding to a 40% devaluation in the dollar.  He has several financial suggestions to weather that storm and even profit from it, as he says God would want for His people.  Whether the dollar gets hit right on this date it is inevitable it will get revalued just because of the many trillions of dollars of "paper money" that has been printed and because of the tens of trillions that are be buoyed falsely by derivatives that cannot stay afloat.  Rick Wyles was told by God to watch the derivatives as a sign of the collapse of the dollar.  He was told this in the late 1990's when he did not know what a derivative was! Augusto Perez says he was told by God there will be a major devaluation of the dollar. 

A 40% devaluation means that your dollar will only buy 60 cents worth of goods. Note that

June 12 is the final day of a meeting of the Bilderberg group, which is a group of financial elites who are believed to be the ones orchestrating the timing of world events and especially financial market events. They are meeting in Germany June 9-12. So June 12th could be the day the decision is finalized with the actual devaluation following later in June to July.

Mark Mallett has a very interesting compilation of what the Church fathers and approved prophets of these times believe will be the Intermediate Coming of Jesus Christ.  It is a little long but worthy read: 
The Intermediate Coming is when Jesus comes in spirit and power, the end of an age of the greatest purification and the beginning of an era of peace and love; not the final coming.  This will be the end of the reign of Satan's century given to him to test humanity.

His follow-up article
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SpiritDaily covering an approved apparition.  Some interesting messages:

The important goal of life -- the Virgin of San Nicolas de los Arroyos intoned -- is to multiply spiritual goods, not material ones; the latter, she repeatedly emphasized, are a diversion of the devil.

"I am constantly seeing the blindness of other people to the Lord's warning," she said back in 1984, adding later that year, "My children, the senseless person is dead, even if alive, because they do not fear the Justice of God, nor fear not fulfilling His Commandments. They want to ignore the fact that the Lord's day and His Judgment will arrive."
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I am the Savior of the world, your Kinsman Redeemer, God made flesh. I am the manifestation of the eternal, limitless One in this temporal realm. 

There are layers upon layers of revelation in My Kingdom. More will continue to unfold as you pray to know more of My heart. As you draw more near in your understanding of all that I am, you will know that in order to truly know Me intimately, you must know My heart's sufferings. 

I came so that men could believe, so they would have a tangible example of spirit made flesh. I came to show you how to bring soul and spirit into harmony on this side of the veil, even dwelling in a fallen world. 

What an incredible gift to this world that your Creator would come personally and teach by example, to demonstrate Kingdom living and Kingdom principles. And what a privilege and a great honor to be My chosen ones, you who are heirs to My Throne, to be taught how to walk and indwell the Kingdom of Heaven in this place. 

You have seen by My life and learned in My Word that to be one of My chosen, in joining hearts to Me, you will suffer much. They hated Me before they hated you. The way is narrow, and so few find it. Does it continue to surprise you that you will always experience heartache and suffering here? It should not, for how else could I teach you how to die and resurrect again as I did?

Those of you who desire to be called My over-comers must experience all that I endured in this life. I led by example, but then you must walk in My footsteps. Embrace your cross, and follow Me. How could one learn humility, servanthood, mercy, forgiveness, and unconditional love without there being opportunities to do so through experience and practice?

The key to all you will face in the trials and tribulations of this life is to learn My response. Learn deeply from My Word what My response was to every situation. Learn when to speak and when to stay silent. Learn when to act and learn when to remain still. Always listen for My still small voice to guide you and counsel you in the way you should go. 

In following My wisdom and learning of My ways, you will then have mastered the crucified life. Come with Me on this journey, as I bring you from glory to glory. Allow self to die, then rise with Me again. Remember what I last spoke of? Come with Me from My agony to My ascension. You cannot have one without the other. 

It is in your deepest pain that I will come and fill you to overflowing with My River of Living Water, bathing you in My love and My comfort. In this place of surrender and brokenness, I have promised you that here you will find true rest. 

I desire that you would move quickly through the maturing process, standing on My promises and continuously praying for greater measures of faith. For truly I tell you, the Bridegroom is coming for His Bride. 

Forsaking all else to follow Me means laying down all of you-- your thoughts and ideas, your opinions and perspectives, your strategies and your agendas. My desire is that you would step aside and allow all those I send you to see Me. How will they find Me if you have set up idols in the way? For you see, anything that comes from you that is before Me is an idol. Take this to heart My children for this is very serious. Most are walking in idolatry without ever knowing it. Examine yourselves. 

What have you put before ME??

A serious question indeed. Remove all that hinders others from seeing Me when they look at you. 

The free will that I have given you will many times in this life be your biggest obstacle and present the largest hurdle for one to over-come. For you see, I could never force someone to love Me or obey My commandments. For then your love and obedience would only be conditional. My love is unconditional and this is My desire in return. 

In being given free will, therefore, it will always be your choice how you respond to all of the trials and situations I allow in your lives. You can continue to step in front of Me and respond with you, or you can step aside and allow Me to use you to draw others to Me. I will continue to send various situations and circumstances of the same nature until I see that you have matured and mastered the desired outcome and your responses in all things remains constant and consistent. This is the growth process. 

I am patient and I am long suffering in your development. It is up to you the intimacy that We share. I will never hold back from you. All I have is yours. 

Everywhere you look are the signs of My coming. 



A very interesting and uplifting (for the United States and the free world) broadcast of Trunews on April 18th with the following prophecy:

Taylor revealed the entire word from the Lord on Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio program:

The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this. For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed. They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it seven-fold back to the United States. The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again. The spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand and hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before.

The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.

The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet. Let them waist their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen. They will say things about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president. Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.

A must listen broadcast:


Rays of sunshine on the Divine Mercy:

Rays of light shine upon Divine Mercy picture

"My children who belong to ME rush now into the arms of MY MOTHER and do not delay because there is no time left. The events that have been foretold have started and will increase dramatically in size and scope. NO PART OF THE EARTH WILL BE SPARED FROM THESE GREAT CHANGES! Earthquakes, flooding, torrential rains, hurricanes, disease, changing weather patterns, tsunamis, erupting volcanoes and fires will all change the earth.



Most years around March there is talk of the "Illumination of Conscience" or "Warning". The apparitions of Mary to children in Garabandal, Spain back in the 1960's brought this to the forefront, speaking of "the Great Miracle", "the Warning", and "the Punishment". These messages also are the reason why there is excitement every March/April because the children indicated this time of year for The Miracle.  You can read about Garabandal on this site at
Michael Brown of Spirit Daily wrote a special article this month alluding the Warning:

Valentina Papagna of Sydney says a "holy person" who appeared to her in January 2016 prophesied a huge event for this year -- "something great and big" that will happen in the world.  "Every human will experience this; no one will be capable of refusing it," she insists.
The full article is copyrighted and can be purchased here

Well, I've seen maybe 35 years of these annual April speculations of "this is the year for the Warning" come and go.  What's different now is that there are major earth changes portending because of upcoming planetary interactions.  The effects that we will see are probably the core of the secrets of Medjugorje, Garabandal, Akita apparitions, and the Three Days of Darkness. 

If you have a hard time believing all the following (that this is the end of the world as we know it) take a look at the pictures on this showing most countries have a thousand miles of underground highways, bases, and sanctuaries to prepare for what is coming:

Here is a "must see" video of a priest who had a near death experience.  It also gives a synopsis of the secrets mentioned above and some hope, before you continue reading.  We must not despair but "do the next right step" in helping each other as Charlie Johnston says (below, a primary message in what he is receiving from Jesus is that there will be a rescue in late 2017).  One day at a time, giving glory and praise to the Lord God Almighty.

The Priest who spoke with Jesus:

In a prophecy from Emmitsburg:

Our Lady of Emmitsburg's public message to the world through Gianna Sullivan on June 1, 2008:

"When you see two suns appearing on the horizon, you must know that this is a time of change, a time of this new beginning about which I have spoken to you before. After you see the two suns, there is only a short time before you will see a tremendous change in weather. After this, there are more changes to come.... After a while, you will see a time when there is another body in the orbit around your solar system coming between the Earth and the Sun and leading to tremendous devastation...." (OLOE Public 05-30-96)  (ed. and the 3 days of darkness)

 From Yowusa:  If you have been watching the extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and other events taking place around the world recently, you are aware that the Tribulation has already begun, all around the planet. Taken as a whole, we are seeing the early signs, which are small events occurring increasingly frequently all around the world.

This is why the mainstream media and scientific institutions are working hard to avoid having anyone see the “big picture” all at once, and to avoid having the actual trend data readily available. Examples are USGS continually downgrading earthquake magnitude numbers, and the Smithsonian downplaying the amount of volcanic activity that is occurring around the world.  for the full article

-Adding to Russia’s fears about this mysterious planet was the secret NASA information about it supplied to Federation authorities by NASA computer expert Lloyd Albright (in 1999) and US astronaut and Navy Captain Lisa Nowak (in 2007) that was so fearful Albright hid himself in cave and Nowak told her Russian interviewers “they won’t tell anyone the truth” and “I’ve never believed the Bible, but now I have to

The new appendix added today, this report says, comes from Daniel Whitmire, PhD, retired Professor of Physics from the University of Louisiana, who in a scientific paper written for Oxford University’s Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society claims that this mysterious planet, he calls by the ancient Sumerian name of Nibiru, has “all but arrived to our neck of the woods” and that the destruction brought about by its “gravitational trickerywill take place this month, as it’s done numerous times before, every time it passed us by.  for the full and other articles.

Original Skywatch Video

Shows Nibiru Second Sun Confirmed

Jim at posted this from John Leary:

Jesus said: “My people, you have a large telescope in orbit that can see great distances with exact detail. This telescope and others are constantly scanning the skies for any major events. I am telling you this because there is a major event coming which all of you will eventually see with your own eyes. Such an event will happen on the day of the Warning when people will be frightened by a body that will come close to the earth. Your scientists have known this for some time, but they will not make this public until it is very visible, so the people will not be scared. Your amateur astronomers will tell you first, but not long after, everyone will be able to see what is coming. It will appear as like two suns in the sky, and even some may die of fright. Even more frightening will be everyone’s Warning experience, which will give every sinner a chance to repent. This is an important time to be living, because after My Warning, you are about to see the Antichrist begin the time of tribulation. Come to frequent Confession during this Lenten Season, so you will be better prepared for your Warning experience.”

John Leary's message is alluding to Planet X, the destroyer, which many people believe is about to make itself evident; some think this year.  Kameran Faily, who claims his family are advisers to the powers that be, has posted youtube videos claiming the winged planet will pass close enough to the sun that the wings will cover the sun or disrupt its radiation causing 3 days of darkness.  He beli

Medjugorje, Killshot,

From Charlie Johnston:
...I know I have consistently said that the Rescue comes in late 2017... I saw I had written that in a letter I had sent in the fall of 2001...
In July of 2000, the Archangel Gabriel came to speak to me of some elements of the Storm. I immediately began pleading with him that the Storm might pass over us. In a very rare moment of anger, he was transformed to an intimidating majesty and light. I think it was the only time his ceremonial wings were visible to me. I trembled as he told me with furious intensity, “You must tell them true - and they must choose or perish.” I was deeply thankful it only lasted a moment and he immediately went back to his normal, cheerful self. But I have pondered the meaning of what he said ever since. I had wit enough to never again plead for the Storm to pass over, but the command has remained enigmatic, both powerful and mysterious.

I think in the course of this past Lenten season I got a little better understanding of it. You must choose God through love of your fellows or perish under the weight of your own machinations.

I come not to proclaim a Storm. We are living the Storm – and near the entrance to the fullness of it.  I come to proclaim a Rescue – and to call you to participate in it, to prepare the way. Choose or perish. I have told you true.
for the whole writing:

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John--Servant of God

The Indescribable Mercy of God the Father - 14th Personnel Contemplation

See the link above where John Martinez Jr. describes some of his mystical experiences, some thoughts on the days that we are in and the following message:

Before Adoration on Thursday March 10, 2016 at 10:00 p.m., I heard the following from God the Father:

It pains me to see all the suffering that is taking place throughout the world. I see my Son, Jesus, still suffering and paying the price for the salvation of souls. Yes, He is still on the Cross paying the price for the sins of mankind. Mankind has given its soul to the evil that Satan is offering them in order to destroy my children. These times are worse than the times of Noah. The Blessed Virgin Mary has been given the task of reaching out to mankind, but she is ridiculed for Her efforts even through Church-approved apparitions. Many within my Church have turned against Her and my Son. She and the Holy Spirit are preparing a “Remnant” of true believers. Mary has pleaded for centuries for my children to turn away from sin and come into my Arms of Love. It is only through Her intersession and all the prayers of my true believers that I have waited to bring My Holy Wrath of Justice upon the evil of this world.

I have sent many prophets and messengers to awaken a world that has fallen asleep to my Love. There is not a place on earth where evil does not exist. Satan is in control of many world leaders. My Holy Word in Scripture has not yet been fulfilled, but the time of My Holy Wrath is very close. Yet, I am your Father and your God of mercy and love. I have called many of my prophets, messengers and holy spiritual leaders to help you prepare for this coming tribulation. These anointed men and women are part of the Remnant that Mary is bringing together. I tell you to discern and pray, for Satan is using his followers to mimic my anointed ones.

My desire is for all of you to completely repent and convert, and to receive the complete gifts of the Holy Spirit. My desire is for all of you to turn to me and receive all the holy, spiritual gifts that were given to my early Church. The time is shorter than many await. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged or in despair and hopelessness. This is a tool that Satan is using in letting you believe that I will not intervene. I hear the cries of my people, and I am with you. This is one of my greatest pains. As prophesy has foretold, if I do not intervene with my Holy Wrath of Justice, mankind will not survive.

I want you to know the love that I have for each of you. The time is coming that you will experience my Holy love and protection. I have raised leaders, and you will know them by their spirit and their love for Me.

Many of you are seeing the birth pangs that are taking place through the evil of Satan. Many have lost faith in Me, because you do not see my purpose of love as you witness the atrocities that man is inflicting against each other. Many of my children’s hearts have turned cold and have distanced themselves from me and refuse to listen to my Words.

My children, you are living the [Hour of Darkness and evil]. Satan knows that he has very little time left on earth. I have given him temporary control, and he is doing all within his false power to take all of you to the eternal damnation of Hell. Always remember that each of you have a choice to make---either you embrace evil or embrace My Love for you. My Messengers will teach you how to fight evil as I call everyone to repent and pray in faith so that they will witness the destruction of evil from this world.

I hear and see your cries of pain and suffering. Again, I tell you, do not allow discouragement and depression to blind you of my love and protection for you and your family. I am with you at all times, even when you see no hope. Many believe that I have abandoned them. You will see spiritual changes in the following months as my plan for you begins to unfold. My Remnant is coming together, and I ask you to place your faith and prayers before Me.

I am your Father and love you very much. I ask that all of you come together in love and faith. Do not try to rationalize and seek answers that you will not find.

All prophesies and warnings must come to pass. Read Holy Scripture daily. Spend an hour of prayer each day with me. Call to me, and I will answer. Do not judge nor criticize your fellow man…. Love and try to understand. Reach out to the poor and visit the sick. Be My messengers of love.

What you see on the world stage is only the beginning of what is to come. The “Hour of Darkness” is upon you. I ask that you pray for Pope Francis and your priests. There will be many innocent martyrs that will give their lives for me.

I cannot continue to have my Son suffer on the Cross for the sins of mankind. This world has become ungrateful and has no good conscience. The anti-Christ has taken his evil position throughout the world, and he will spare no one.

Woe, be to those Pastors and self-proclaimed ministers who falsely proclaim My Holy Words in Holy Scripture. Satan has infiltrated their minds and hearts, and they have lead my children astray with their false teachings. They continue to desecrate my Church and preach hatred as they continue their false teachings. They have taken my children away from My Holy Sacraments and teachings. It is out of pride and lust of money that they reach out for those souls that are seeking the truth. There is only one Church which my Son established on earth. Even those within My Church have brought division among my people by misleading the faithful, and some within my church failing to believe that the Holy Scriptures are my love letters to my children. My Words are not fairy tales as many are preaching to my children! Satan has been given permission to infiltrate My Church and other Christian churches. The time of Truth and Judgment is about to come to this world, and it angers Me when these self-proclaimed ministers of evil continue to teach hate and division. It will be better that a rope and stone be placed around their neck and thrown into the deepest ocean for the deception and hatred they have preached to my little children who only seek Me and the Truth.

Do not give up Hope and place your complete Trust in Me. I am with you and will protect and guide you. As evil world events continue to unfold, I will speak to you through my messengers and holy prophets.

I am your Father. I am your God. I love you.

Remember to not give up hope and trust...

+ + + +
James Bailey shares:

Give glory to the God of heaven because He alone reveals mysteries and performs great wonders for His people!

Through His goodness and kindness, He has revealed the timing of the coming economic crash to the exact day.
On the very same day He parted the Red Sea, God is once again going to bring a great victory to His people and great destruction on the unrighteous.
It is coming on Nisan 17. (April 25th)

The Fourth Sign Has Just Been Fulfilled

Another confirmation the crash is coming soon is the fulfillment of the fourth sign I was given, which is increased tensions between the American people. In two separate dreams, I was shown four signs to watch for to let us know we were in the season of an economic collapse. The first two signs manifested by the end of January. Then the third sign appeared on February 9 when President Obama authorized $1.2 billion in military spending. Now the fourth and final sign has arrived, increased tensions between the American people. Here are some recent news headlines:
[headlines dealing with tensions running high with the Donald Trump rallies and potential riots]  See the link above for the whole synopsis.

Pages and pages of comments follow including:
-"This is not the crash that kills the dollar or melts down the whole financial system, but there could be some disruptions in trading and banking, which would make it hard to get access to cash. I am planning to have extra cash on hand, as well as food, gasoline, etc"

-"On Sept 21, 2015 I also heard the Lord speak 3 times. “Buy Gold”. It felt very odd because at the time everyone was/is talking silver. So I asked a 2nd time and I heard, “Must be prepared, must prepare for the kingdom of Lord Jesus, son of mankind is at hand”. other warnings that gold will go down for a time also.

-"look at the INCREASED TENSIONS that Trump is causing………Trump of God………”when the Trump of God shall sound, and time shall be no more”……..Trump wants to “make america great again”, but the Left wants to weaken+destroy america…….a Trump-hater said, “Trump didnt get the initiation (worshipping satan) that the others did, at the Skull+Bones, and at the Bohemian Grove”

-"Sounds like we could have a double crash this year with one at Passover and the second one at Tabernacles."
-"Blessings James and all z3 readers!!! My husband is 73 years old, and I don’t bother trying to tell him all the things/prophetic words and dreams that are coming….because he can’t remember them!!! He told me just now that Holy Spirit woke him up last night (3/17/16) at 1 am and said…..’THE CRASH IS GOING TO START IN GERMANY AND YOU HAVE ONE MONTH.”

+ + +
A great Spirit Daily compilation of the messages from Kibeho, an approved apparition site:
"If the Son of God suffered in this world," asked Mary, "why would you try to escape your suffering? Stop clinging to all that is bothering you and depriving you of peace. In suffering, let there be joy. Blessed is the one who is an instrument for me. I will reward him with Heaven. All the trials he has to endure will end one day"

"There is no one who doesn't suffer in this world," she further explicated. "The poor man suffers because of his poverty, the rich man suffers because of the worries that come with his riches. How humans deceive themselves. We think, that person is so rich, but -- the person's soul is empty."
For the full compilation:

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A very good article by James Bailey at Z3news

A Woman Dominated the Land with Complete Power over the People

Way back in 1933, Christian minister William Branham received seven visions of the future of America. William Branham is best known for his role in the healing revival of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The first five of his seven visions have already been fulfilled, which adds credibility to the last two. Amazingly, the last two are consistent with many of the prophetic warnings we are hearing today, which are already posted on this site, including a woman rising to power in the United States followed by the complete destruction of our land by fire.
For the entire article:

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Fr. Salicone , a healing priest, with a message for us all.  We are all Jesus's "number one"!  The account also is an affirmation of Medjugorje:
A priest who hears and heals

"I knew her but didn't know she was dying," he told us. "One morning I heard the voice say, 'Call her and tell her I want her to go to Medjugorje. There she will she My glory.' So I obeyed and picked up the phone and she [her name was Colleen] was so happy to hear my voice and she went and there she was healed."

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An interesting message.  Jives with Rick Wyles being told his ministry would last until 2030...

Message from Our Lady of LaSalette- March 1st, 2016

My dear son,

Just as I appeared to the children of La Salette and as I appeared to you in the message from the mountain of La Salette, (November 1, 2005), I am with you today as your Lady of La Salette, for my warnings to you today are the same warnings as the original messages from the mountain of La Salette.

My Son's Church continues to be in great crisis; as it was then, it remains now, for my pleadings to the ministers of the Church of My Son fell on deaf ears, and now the warnings that I predicted have come true in so many damaging and hurtful ways to the children of God, who worship in the One, True, Church of My Son, the Redeemer of the world.

As I warned the children of La Salette, woe to the princes of the Church who think only of piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and dominate with pride. The evil one has led many of my Son's priests, including even many of the bishops and cardinals down a path that he has chosen to destroy my Son's Church. The leadership of the Church appears now to be in disarray, because the followers of My Son recognize that the spirit of the Church of My Son has become cloudy now, and the messages that the faithful want to hear from the Church of My Son seem to be filled with confusion and misunderstanding.

The evil one has achieved his goals in these times to give the appearance that My Son's Church is in disarray. Even the direction that My Son's Church seems to be taking in terms of social issues and other issues that are of a non-religious nature, makes it appear as if the Church of My Son has lost its direction and that the purpose of My Son's Church - the salvation of all of God's children - is now directionless and without guidance.

Do not allow yourselves to be dismayed by the appearances that are taking place. The evil one only appears to be in charge to many of you, but I assure you that My Son, the Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer of the world, is working most powerfully now to guide His Church through these perilous times.

Make no mistake that a great struggle is taking place in the spiritual world as the evil one makes his final challenge to destroy my Son's Church. Michael the Archangel will eventually prevail over the prince of darkness and the Church will be renewed.

You have my assurances as your Holy Mother of the Church of My Son that it is only through My Son's Church that true salvation will be achieved. Do not fear and do not allow yourselves to be confused by events that are happening within the Church, and by messages from my Son's Church that appear to be confusing, cloudy, and ambiguous, because you must recognize that truly it is the work of the evil one in his last gasps to destroy My Son's Church that the confusion is happening.

You are in perilous times now, both within My Son's Church as well as in the whole world. The same minions of satan, who have been manipulating and controlling the world, have now intertwined their serpentine tentacles within My Son's Church to do the evil one's bidding.

The plans of satan's minions are disguised as being for the good of the people of the world, but do not allow yourselves to be deceived by these world leaders. They are operating, not only to destroy My Son's Church and to create their version of a religion by forming a one world religion, they are also acting in other devious ways to subjugate all of you into a further form of slavery than they have already achieved over the people of the Earth.

Woe to these minions of the evil one, who are exercising this power and control over you. They are hell-bent now on throwing the whole world into the third world war that they have already been waging against humanity, for it is through the chaos and confusion of this war that they hope to achieve their final goals of complete control and supervision over the people of the planet, according to their schedule to achieve their goals by the year 2030.

You need to know the timing of their plan now, for it is during the preceding years that you, as the Powerful Prayerful Warriors of My Son's Church, must rely on the power of your prayers to thwart the plans of the evil one and the works of his minions, in order for you to bring about a lasting peace in this world during the same time period and to thwart their schedule.

I call upon you now as the Powerful Prayerful Warriors and as the Apostles of the Last Days to answer My Son's call to you to enlist yourselves into My Son's army to end the reign of the evil one over the world, and to end the evil one's invasion into the Church of My Son through the works of His minions, many of whom are priests of My Son's Church, who have lost their way, because the evil one has been so powerful in convincing them that the power that they exercise is from the true Lord and Saviour in their eyes, when in reality, it is the work of lucifer, the scourge of My Son's Church.

Hear me now, my Children of the Light, I call upon you now in these final days to unite with your brothers and sisters under the leadership of My Son and your Saviour, Jesus Christ, and under the mantle of your Blessed Mother to fight the good fight against the evil of the world.

Know this now that you will prevail in the very near future. For now is the time of all times; the end of all ends.

The greater glory of the Church of My Son will be your reward when the battle is over, for My Son and Your Lord and Saviour will prevail. Michael the Archangel will purge the devil and his minions from their lofty perch and cast them into the bowels of hell.

Thanks be to God!

A New Heaven and a New Earth shall be the reward of the true followers of My Son, Your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Our Lady of La Salette

Message ended 10:10am 

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Here's an interesting dream vision given in 1997, the "Two Minute Warning".  Could a minute be a decade in God's time?
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A near death account of descent to hell because of sins of the flesh and a glimpse of heaven
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The Season of My Return is Granted to THIS Generation- February 2nd, 2016

Julie Whedbee

Daughter of The Most High God, I speak to you this day.

Let this proclamation go forth, My words most holy. I speak to you of this great culling which is upon you.

In order that I have a pure and undefiled church, I must purge the body of all wickedness and unrighteousness. I must execute punishment where it is due, and I must uncover and expose. The nakedness and the shame of all who have beguiled will be brought to the light. Nothing escapes the Great I AM!

I see all the deeds done in the darkness. I perceive the heart of every man. I test and I try, and for many, this church has been found wanting. I say to you, oh harlot church – Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin! Your hands are covered in blood, and the blood is not My righteous blood, but it is the blood of the innocent that you have shed. It is the iniquities therein you wallow in, the filth of an unholy life. Therefore, I will sever you from My choice ones. I will cull you from among those who have heeded My commands, and from those whom I have covered under My mantle.

As My warnings of repentance have fallen on your deaf ears, and your hearts have waxed cold, so too will My ears become deaf to your cries, as My hand of judgment now strikes down all whose feet are treading the wide path and hellish ways to destruction. You have chosen your gods, and to these, I will release you. You shall reap the terrors you have sown ten-fold. There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth, as the false walls of spirituality will now come crashing down. My Jericho army has arisen, and with One voice and as One spirit, We will bring the walls down. Hear Me as I utter My voice, as The Lion of Judah roars!

I have distinctly separated those who have given Me their all, as the wheat has been separated from the chaff. A winnowing has taken place, as My refiner's fire has prepared a people who now stand in the fullness of My glory and who do walk under My full anointing and authority, as they ground My Kingdom mandates and principles for all the world to see. I will manifest in awesome ways that cannot be explained by the finite minds of your science and of your technology. I will be known in this place!

So, to the wicked and sinful church, I say woe to you, for you will be held more accountable than those who have never known Me, for your greed and your lust, for your idolatries and your deceptions. Great will be your demise, for I will make a show of it, an example, a spectacle of you to the unsaved ones. To you judgment will be swift, and it will be terrible indeed. You will have great remorse for living a life of vanity.


To My shining Ones, My betrothed, prepare your hearts to see your King and your Bridegroom for the hour is indeed late. Truly I am come!! Fervently pray to be cleansed and perpetually bathed in My anointing, a moment by moment mikvah, seeking Me with all your heart, watching, waiting, interceding, keeping your oil lamps filled to overflowing by staying in My Word, and by daily and constant communion and fellowshipping with Me. Your hour is come, for I will complete this great work I have begun in you, as you gather the last harvest of all the ages. A fevered pitch of excitement and anticipation is arisen in the unseen, as all that has been foretold in history comes to pass.

It is you, this generation who is the envy of all who have gone before you. It was each one's heart desire to not taste death and to rise to glory in the last day. They knew not the season of this great and glorious event, but you, My Bride will surely know it! To you this season of My return is granted! I call upon you to fully step into your positions now. Listen for My counsel, for I surely speak it to My Bride! Where I lead, follow Me, no hesitations, no turning back. You will neither be moved or shaken at all that will befall this earth. Hold fast, for I will shake, I will purge, and I will scatter. My peace that surpasses all understanding dwells within your spirit.

My love overcomes all.


+ + + +

It is a very scary world we live in today. The economy is about to collapse. The government is corrupt. The world appears to be on the verge of war. Yesterday as I was praying, I felt peace come over me, and the Lord spoke these words.

“Though I walk with My children they still fear. I say do not fear for I have heard your cries and I, the Great One, will answer your prayers. I will lift up those that have known righteousness and have walked in righteousness to know Me in a new way.

Man believes he knows Me, but he has only seen a small part of who I am. So many pages of My words and life on earth were not written. There is no amount of paper that could be produced from earthly supply to write about heaven. I am massive and I am more than any man can believe.

I say to My children, do not fear! When I say do not fear My children, there is nothing so dark that I cannot destroy in a heartbeat of time. Build your faith now. Build it up each day, each hour, even each second, because what I have in store for My own is glorious.

As Stephen was being stoned he saw the heavens open and he knew peace. Peace even at the hour of death. I give peace. Understand that!

No matter what the circumstances I will supply; no matter what the trap I will rescue; no matter what the need I will give to those who can believe. Build your faith. I say, build your faith!”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to sit back and just think about how big is God? Is He big enough to straighten up all this mess?

I love the words He gave me and they brought me great comfort. There is not enough resources on this entire earth that could create the paper it would take to write about our God and Heaven above. He always has a new side of Him to reveal to us. We are so limited, but He is so massive that throughout all of history He is always doing a new thing!

Peace, it is only a word in this time of chaos, until our Father from heaven steps in and gives us supernatural peace that goes beyond all that we know or understand. May His peace fill you today!

+ + + + +
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A prophetic warning shared by Denika Alston on November 29 2015 warned about something bad coming in two moons and three days. See her post, In Two Moons and Three Days It Will Come.

Since we don’t count days in moons anymore there were different ideas about exactly when that would be, but if we add two months we get to January 29, then add three days and we get to February 1 2016.

On February 1, the World Health Organization announced the Zika virus is a global public health emergency.

On February 2, the first cases of Zika infections through sexual contact were reported in the United States (Source: Dallas Morning News). This was confirmed on February 4 by the Center for Disease Control. Initially, the virus was spread by mosquitoes, but the first confirmed sexually transmitted case involved a man in Texas who had sex with a woman who had recently returned from Venezuela infected with the virus. (Source: CNN)

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A beautiful recount of how our prayers touch each other's lives:
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A hopeful message that promises a passover of the faithful:

Repeatedly I heard: “When I see the blood, I will pass, I will pass over you.”

Beginning Soon You Will See the Fallout Resulting from Unrighteous Behavior

by Ali Winters

“A great shaking has begun in the heavenlies. My warriors are beginning to prepare for battle. The foe has taken his place on the world scene, hiding no longer in the shadows. His plans for the destruction and terrorizing of My chosen vessels, My saints will shortly be evident. A mighty fortress is your God, a Shelter in the time of storm; and great will be the storm coming soon. Cataclysmic events coming quickly, great shaking, spiritual upheaval. Foundations will shatter that have been built on shifting sand. Foundations built on wood, hay and stubble, but not on The Rock will quickly fall. Beginning soon you will see the fallout; resulting from unrighteous behavior. Washington D.C. will begin to crack apart, California too will experience a great shaking.

My saints must guard their hearts against the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. The high places exalted above Me will crumble under the weight of My hand. Governments will soon move against the people. Many will buckle under the pressure. Some will take a stand but only briefly as the hardship on their families forces them to compromise rather than stand strong. A few will take up their cross and follow Me. Death will no longer be feared as they commit to follow where I lead, without reservation, surrendering all on My altar.

As your government enacts legislation to force compliance with unbiblical principles, decide now the road you will take and the choice you will make when this happens. It will happen suddenly and time to pray seek Me and make the decision will have passed. Choose this day whom you will serve, settle it now, time is short.”

Repeatedly I heard: “When I see the blood, I will pass, I will pass over you.”

That evening, Holy Spirit spoke quietly to me:

“Blood on the door posts and lintels of the homes of My children in Goshen brought protection and deliverance as the death angel passed overhead. My judgement upon a rebellious nation – yet when I saw the blood, I passed over those who belonged to Me. Another death angel will soon be discharged from My holy mountain against nation after nation. Yet once again, when I see the blood I will pass, I will pass over you.”

“I will execute judgement. I am the LORD. The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 12:13)

Ned Daugherty message 2 Jan 2016

Jan 2, 2016 - St Michael Archangel - 2, 2016

Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport NY @ 7pm

St Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold! It is the dawning of a New Year and it will be  a year that will go down in infamy in the history of mankind. Certainly you are aware of the speeding up of time, and certainly you have an awareness now that the world is not the same as it was even a few short years ago. So prepare yourselves for the experiences that will present themselves to you, because of the major events that will occur on your planet that will shake the very foundations of humanity; all to take place within this very year and in the foreseeable future.

Your enemy and the enemy of your Lord and Saviour, the evil one, satan, has placed his minions in positions of power and authority to attempt to reign over all of you in his final challenge to usurp the power and authority of the Creator over humanity.

You must be aware now that the evil one is only appearing to be in charge of the affairs of mankind, because of the actions of your world leaders, who have fallen under the spell of satan. The evil one has given these leaders, who are filled with greed, avarice, and a lust for power, the tools of the demonic world that are now being used to control and enslave all of you.

You are entering into an era when all seems lost, because the evil has become so vast and apparently unstoppable. In his evilness, satan has altered his plan by extending his time, for he has extended his time to bring about his final control over all of you.

The signs of the times are everywhere now that you are in the End Times, leading to the Great Transformation that the Lord and Saviour has prepared to rescue the Earth and its inhabitants from the evil one.

Do not despair because the time is not of your liking. The Lord and Saviour acts through the inspiration of the Father in Heaven, who has the patience to see you through these End Times with the Divine Mercy that the Father has gifted to you through His Son, the Lord and Saviour, and Redeemer of the world.

Do not make a mistake and believe in these End Times that there is any other path to salvation than through the Father's Son. Do not be deceived, even by religious leaders who proclaim otherwise, for those of you who remain in the fold of the true Church of your Lord and Saviour, you will be given the vision to see your way through the fog of the events that are ahead.

Have patience, for the journey now to the ultimate salvation of humanity is still measured in years, before the Great Transformation takes place. But with the speeding up in time as you are experiencing, the time of the Lord's calling to rescue humanity from the evil one will certainly be short indeed.

So prepare as if the Great Transformation will happen tomorrow, because even still, only the Father in Heaven, through His Son Jesus Christ, will intervene in the affairs of mankind when He knows that the time has come.

In the beginning of this new and challenging year, you may celebrate through prayer and meditation the Glorious Coming of the Lord and Saviour in these End Times, for the Day is far, yet near, but in its finality, the Great Transformation will make all things new again.

The evil one and his evil ways, and his minions will be purged from the face of the Earth.

You will experience a renewal, a New Heaven and a New Earth.

So be it! According to the Father in Heaven.

Message ended 7:18pm

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If you are not listening to frequently it is time to get on board.  I've been listening to Rick Wyles from the beginning, back about 1998. I have total faith that he speaks for the Lord.  Some ask why I would endorse a man that is not Catholic.  Well, there are not that many other people out there speaking with this unmuzzled honesty, not afraid of political correctness.  This episode he interviews, in the second half of the show, Rachel Baxter, whose prophecy also rings true.  One of the prophecies they talk about was printed a couple weeks ago (down the page) about World War 3.  Some very hopeful aspects of the message; not to wait around for a rapture but to trust in God's graces and protection and to go forward and save those around you.  Here is a link to the page where you can listen to the interview or download the mp3:
+ + + +

The Calling Given to My Remnant Will Not Be Overcome by the Plans of the Enemy

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.  These words of warning have become the playbook of evil men and women.

There is a public relations campaign to transform the views of people to the point where their ability to tell right from wrong is so warped that their perception of these thing will be turned upside down.  This perversion has been overtaking your nation for years and it is now coming to a head on issues that Bible believing (radical Christians) know to be moral absolutes.

The devil is running every offensive in his playbook as the defenses meant to keep him in check crumble.  Even among believers, many do not possesses a viable knowledge of My word.  This leaves Christians, like the rest of the world, using what “seems right” to discern right from wrong.  Principles that once formed a foundation for society as a whole have eroded in the face of this rising tide of evil to the extent that even such universal norms as, “do not kill” have been transformed into “you are your own god and it is your choice alone to make.”

Right now this applies to unborn life, but it will spread.  In the near future similar values will apply to all life.  An individual’s life and death will depend on their willingness to get onboard with agendas of evil men.

While compromise and complacency may temporarily slow the spread of violence and seem like an effective means of self-preservation, it will not be long before complete lawlessness will sweep across this land.  Violence will fill the streets and blood will flow.

Meanwhile, the evil men who seek to remain behind the scenes will take shelter in their places of safety.  Their goal is to remain above the fray.  As what they consider the “common man” struggles, fights, loots, takes by force and even murders for food, water and shelter, these evil men will hide.  They will initially rejoice in what they see as victory, but that joy will be short-lived.  The violence they instigated will find its way to many of them.  Their attempts to insulate themselves from this will fail.

There will be but one shelter, one hiding place and that is beneath the shadow of The Almighty.  It is the constitutional right of men in this nation to bear arms and to use them for self-defense.  However, the kind of defense that I will provide will require no weapons.  My supernatural protection will be on My people.  The calling given to My remnant will not be overcome by the plans of the enemy.  The greatest harvest in all of history lies directly before you and it is those who have agreed to work in My fields that I will protect according to My purpose.

It is important that My people understand that this is not about self-preservation.  He who loves his life will lose it but he who lays his life down for My name’s sake will find true life.  Human instinct, the fallen nature, seeks to survive at all costs, but those who forsake what is right for their survival will reap the seeds of what they have sown.

Rather, seek My will.  Know My will and desire that My will be done.  In this way you know that whatever comes to pass will serve My purposes.  Trust Me.  Trust Me and pray that My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This is the heart of being untouchable.

Remember that all flesh is destined for the grave.  While the enemy may destroy the flesh, only I have the authority to redeem your soul.  So you need not fear, My children.  For He can only kill that which lives for a season but I bring life to that which is eternal.”

The Enemy From Within Has Opened the Gate So The Enemy from Without Will Meet Little Resistance

I am going to preface this word only by saying I did not want to write it and I don’t particularly want to share it.  However, this isn’t about me and what I like or don’t like. It’s also not about what I want to speak or not to speak.  It is about the LORD God Almighty and what He has to say.  So with that I will get out of the way.  What follows is the word the LORD gave me early this morning.  Please do not take this at face value.  You must discern it for yourself according to His written word and His character.

Here is what the Lord spoke to me:

“I am establishing within you a heavenly perspective.  Remember when you were looking down at that river valley? (referring to a place I was recently) You were able to see far and wide.  You saw the surrounding mountains.  You saw the grasslands.  You saw the river and its path.  In the same way I am establishing your view.  You have been given a broad perspective.  You see the entirety of the valley before you.  As it is stretched out before you, you’re able to take in the various elements, but you are also able to see the flow of the grand picture.”

“You are looking down right now.  You stand at the edge of a cliff and you are looking down.  Looking to your left and to your right you see things being pushed over the edge and into the valley below.  By the time they reach the bottom from this lofty place they are mangled and destroyed.”

“Thus your nation has risen to a lofty place and is now falling.  Oh how great and devastating the fall!  Nothing will look as it did before.  What will be pulled out of the valley will be only that which survived the great fall.  Not some, but most will be destroyed.  In the natural, the most optimistic word to be found will be “survive.”  People will hope for it.  They will strive to attain it.  Many will not.  What remains will hardly resemble what was.  People will cry out and mourn.  They will ask, “How could such a blessed land be reduced to ashes in one hour?”

“Yet for My people the word is not “survive.”  It is “thrive.”  Even amidst the judgment they will thrive.  They will shed those things which once encumbered them.  They will shed the old and the dead to be renewed in Me.  These will see the danger and they will weep and mourn the losses, but they will not be shaken.”

“These will roll off the cliff like a boulder.  On the way down pieces will be broken off.  There will be pain in the loss, but what remains at the bottom will be free from the ungodly things at the top.”

“Son, I positioned you as a watchman on the wall.  The high place you pictured represents this.  You can see into the distance a great many things.  Yet what you would not have seen was the enemy within your walls.  You have not seen because you were not positioned to look out over the city.  Yet the destruction headed your way was brought about by these within the walls.  The invading horde does not approach as an invasion so much as in response to an invitation.”

“You must sound the alarm and some will be saved as a result.  Yet the enemy from within has opened the gate and as such the enemy from without will meet little resistance.  These hidden enemies think they are in control.  They think it is their plan which is being executed.  It may appear that way at first, but it will quickly become apparent that they are not.  They are attempting to lead Leviathan with a string and they will soon discover their folly, but by then it will be too late.  Once Leviathan snaps the string he will have his way with those who believe they control him.  He will turn on them and unleash upon them the destruction they meant to wield upon this world.”

“Like a tidal wave it will overtake and consume them.  Woe to these wicked men!  Woe to these rulers who pretend good even as they harbor evil in their hearts.  These will suffer loss and they will be utterly destroyed.  Those they are letting in have only pretended to ally with them.  In reality they are snarling wolves, ravenous and blood thirsty.  They will take down and consume all they are able to overpower.  Yet even when their bellies are full from the destruction their blood lust will remain.  They will take down the remaining weak and leave their remains scattered.  The rotting corpses will remain where they have fallen and they will waste away.”

“Woe to the men who plot evil and take great joy in destruction.  On the day destruction turns on them they will cry out, but no one will respond to their calls.  Their fate is sealed.  I am the God who sees beyond appearances.  I see the heart.  It is the heart I honor and the heart that I judge.”

“Call My people to pray.  Many will not hear the call or they will simply ignore it.  Some will heed this urgent cry.  Upon these I will place My mark.  The destruction will literally pass them by.”

“Son, put the shofar to your lips and blow.”  

Mitch Salmon

Author: Mitch Salmon

Mitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

Mitch Salmon

+ +  +

Armies of Heaven and Hell Moving Simultaneously Over the Earth

from link above

I had a series of early morning visions. Though they were seemingly random, upon awakening I realized they were like a quilt. Though the items and pieces were different, they were all one. I will do my best to write down the message I received rather than to go into details of my dream.

This year is the real beginning of the end. Both sides, heaven and hell are moving simultaneously at an all time high over the expanse of the whole earth, upon all mankind.

Armies of Hell and People of Darkness:

I can see the armies of hell, as a true military force of darkness, literally marching in a hovering like way upon all people. As they go, they cover everyone and everything with their darkness. They have power. They appear to be the most conditioned forces.

There will be not only food shortages, but the monetary system will fail, it will fall. The people of this world will be separated into two people groups, the righteous and the wicked. Because of the lack of food, necessities, and money, people will become “lovers of themselves.”

They will fill their tables with food while denying the starving. They will have no conscience. At first they will appear to be doing better than those who are going without. They will appear to be jubilant and will sit at luxurious tables. They will laugh and cheer with one another while everyone else is hungry. These are the people of darkness.

Armies of Heaven and People of God:

Yet at the same time, the powers of heaven will ramp up with their forces. This year there will be great fighting in the spiritual planes among and in the atmosphere above all humanity. Though there will be a great outpouring of darkness and evil, there will also be a great outpouring of love and righteousness. The Righteous will look at nothing as being theirs. Instead, the Righteous will show a power of the great force of sustaining love.  They will not be afraid to give away their last bite of food. Faith will be given and abound to those who count nothing as their own, but the Lord’s. A great joy will spring up among all those who give away food to the hungry. The energy and power of the Holy Spirit and His presence will be more than a feeling, but also a wall of protection.

The more evil will abound, the more Christ will abound. A real separating is happening now. The harvest is now. By our choices made in desperate times God will determine who really belongs to Him.

I can sense strongly that there will be a real supernatural dealing. Both in Satan’s kingdom as well as God’s. This must be. The people of God will be revealed by their works of faith by love, and love by faith. God is assembling people around the world and positioning them in determined arenas to take immediate action when commanded. When given command they will not need to think twice.

God Will Provide:

God is about to make all things clear and evident. He does not want us to stumble or be afraid of anything. When all the land of Egypt stood in three days of darkness, the Hebrew slaves in Goshen enjoyed three days of pure light.

He is telling me this ahead of time to encourage us, so we can stand during the evil day. So His Church will stand like never before.

He will provide. Our cruse of oil will not empty, our bread and fish will He supply. There will be a mighty increase of a type of anointing of joy that will enter into His Church right before He comes. A great excitement will overtake His Bride and worship will happen as Saints prepare for their last journey.

This will come upon them, it will happen to them. It is not like now. They will not do anything to receive it, but it will light upon them.

Satan Will Be Enraged:

This will not only anger Satan, but will send increased terror upon him like never before. Because the harder he wars against the Body of Christ, the more it will afford us the marvelous provisions and gifts of the Lord. In other words, Satan’s power will only serve to increase God’s magnificent power. This will enrage the Devil.  This will make him go into a fury.

Be careful not to look at the wicked when they will be rejoicing, because they will only enjoy a very brief season of it. Many will be swallowed up after their dark rejoicing, and only some will be able to break out and run like escaped slaves into God’s territories of salvation and love.

Something else God wants us to know. Satan does not have full control over his kingdom. He never has. He mostly only employs power over one thing, the will of man to direct his steps into the final hell.

Direct Word from God:

“The power of pride will be Satan’s one major weapon against Me. He lives in constant mental fury due to the fact that anyone at anytime can will themselves to Me. This keeps him in a constant rage, it is basically his pre-hell torment. He is truly not in power over everything.

Though this world is teetering in a darkness that has cast a great darkness over everything, keep in mind that My light manifests everything in darkness because the darkness and the light are both alike to Me.

I know many of you are tired, exhausted and in great depths of pain and hopeless, but you haven’t seen the end yet. Please be patient in waiting. Though Satan’s troops of destruction march throughout the lands, My Kingdom will come. I am with you always and mean for you to inherit My Kingdom promised to you from the foundation of the world.

This is My promise to you. Hold fast until I come. Let no one take away your crown. Soon you will all say in one accord that it was all worth it, world without end.”

+ + + +

Prepare For Battle, The Time Has Come

December 16, 2015 2:55 pm By 35 Comments


“Quiet yourself before me.  Get rid of all distractions.  I am the gentle breeze.  I am a soft fabric against your skin.  I am subtle.  Do not lose sight of the end game, eternity with me.  Stand strong, even as the winds of evil blow mighty and powerful.  I will be your protection.  I will be your strong tower.

The Giants come.  They are returning to earth for a final quest.  This battle they desire to fight is one of intellect, but they shall be outsmarted.  They forget My promise to My children, that I will never leave them or forsake them.  Even to the end of the age!  for the entire prophecy:

Speaking of revealing the enemies plans and of giants, check out Rick Wyles interview of Steve Quayle at   go to listen now and look for the show

+ + + +
December 21, 2015 6:55 pm By

An Event Will Occur That Will Begin World War 3 and There Is No Stopping It

The spirit of the living God comes to you.  Write what I say:

“An event will occur that will begin World War 3 (without debate) and there is to be no stopping it.  All the planning and scheming has led to this.  Many will lose their lives.

It is important that you rest in the shadow of the Almighty, your refuge and your strength.  I come to you to harken you to listen to all that I have to say.  The underpinnings of this attack come not from afar but from your own shores.  Do not be deceived.

Trust this good word:  I desire My children to live in light just as I am light.  See, the darkness covers the earth, yet their are pockets of light that shine forth through the darkness.  The abyss has not conquered all.  It is My children of light who shall be victorious.  Let no more false flags confound you.  They say “look here” while over there great tragedy really takes place.  I will point you to the truth.  I will point My children to all truth, which is in Me.

Look to Miami.  Look to Chicago.  Look to San Francisco.  See what is happening.  The wheels have been set in motion and they shall not be stopped.

Some will say pray so that my Father in heaven will listen and intervene.  But I, the Lamb who has already been led to slaughter, say all these things must happen that scripture be fulfilled.

I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one come to the Father but by me.  Yes!  I am the truth!  I have already paid the perfect sacrifice that you should come to me.

My children are asleep, fast asleep.  But they will awaken by the shaking.  One cannot sleep when all things around you begin to shake.  The earth shakes.  The ground beneath your feet shakes.  The economies of the earth shake.  The militaries and governments shake.  The skies shake.  Day by day, more and more will awaken to the reality of the days all of you have been chosen to live in.  Make no mistake – it is no coincidence that each of you are alive today.

God, My Father, is sovereign and there is none like Him.  There are only imitators and counterfeits.  He is the true creator.  His imagination is second to none.  Each of you is but a reflection and shimmer of His great and glorious imagination.

The culmination of the planning of the enemy is close.  The land mines have been set in place.  Watch your step!  Keep your eyes on Me that you should not stumble.

Your freedom shall be questioned, and it shall even be taken from you.  Yet, in Me you are free.  Your freedom grows as you see that you are not of this world, but made for My kingdom, which shall come.  Wait just a little longer and you shall see all the glory I will set before you as I live and love among you.

Many are confused about the events that must take place before My reign may begin.  I come to set the records straight.  Much has been sealed until this time, but My children, the light in this world today who carry my love, are ready to know truth.  I’ve placed the desire deep in their hearts to know My truth, the truth of what they were created for.  And just as I come, so shall they walk in the destiny they have in me.

My word says that you shall have tribulation and you shall be persecuted.  Yes, this is truth.  Look around you and you see it, and this shall be more and more.  Even here in the land of “the free”.  I tell you that you will face great trouble for My sake and many will perish.  But those that lose their life for My sake will gain it.

This is not the end!  But only the beginning.  My word speaks of the truth, so read it and take it into your heart.  Let it make you new.  My word is my life.  The old sinful nature must die, so that I may live in you.  A house divided against itself shall fall.  If Satan has a place in you, I cannot live there.  You must choose him or Me.  There is no in between.  You either live in agreement with what he says about who you are, or you live in agreement with who I say you are in Me.

I died so that you may live eternally, but My blood is THE life even in the body you inhabit today.  Let My blood wash over you that you would have life abundantly.  Let it make you new.  Choose to die to self that you may live as the one true body you were created for.

Look around and you will see every lust of the flesh.  Can you not see that the flesh has already died and now it is rotting?  It hangs off the bones causing repulsion.  Turn away!  Seek forgiveness and give forgiveness.  This is the only way to truly live.  I plead with you!  Can you not accept that I died for you?  What more must I say or do so that you shall know the truth, and see that you are free?  I cry out to the Father on your behalf!  Come, sit at My feet that I may comfort you My brothers and sisters.  Give me your hand and I will lead you beside still waters.  There is nothing I withhold from My family.

The beautiful thing about light is that it cuts through the darkness and even overtakes it.  Hope.  There is great hope.  I am pouring out my spirit in these last days in mighty measure.  No life has yet experienced the fullness of My spirit, but you shall.  Yes, the oil is ready.  The Angels stand ready to pour out the great anointing that I have saved up for such a time as this.  Prepare yourself to receive the anointing I have for you.  Of yourself, you can do nothing.  But in Me there is nothing you cannot do.  Preparation means to humble yourself through fasting and prayer.  Then, wait upon Me and I will wash you clean in My blood.  The Angels will anoint your head with oil and you shall go forth to conquer!  Oh, how glorious it will be!

We will co-labor together on this earth in these last days turning the hearts of the sons to their fathers and the fathers to their sons!  When a child knows their Father, and knows their place in the family, they are no longer an orphan, and this is what we shall do together.  We shall set things right.  Child after child shall be set free until the last day!

It is not time to look up for “your” redemption.  It is time to look around to your brothers and sisters on this earth and love them.  It is the question of THEIR salvation that must be on your lips and in your heart.  It is time to be the light.  I am not coming to take you away yet because instead I desire to live through you in these last days and together we will bring in the greatest harvest of souls this world has ever known.

The crafty serpent has set lies in the teeth of my pastors and evangelists that before great trouble, all those that call on my name will be called home.  This is not My truth.  I desire that you should see the lies for what they are – a deception that would keep you from the preparation in Me.  If you knew all that was coming upon the earth you would fear, if not resting and trusting in Me.  Do not stumble!  You need not stumble and fall!  I am here now proclaiming the truth that even though the days ahead are dark, I will carry you.  There is nothing to fear for those resting in Me.

I do not want you to be caught by surprise.  This is why My word instructs you to ready your lamps that the light shines forth through the darkness so that you may SEE what is ahead.  My Father does nothing before releasing it to His prophets because He wants you to see and He wants your faith in Him to grow.  Fear is of the enemy, but my Father has not given you a spirit of fear.

Fear not because I am in you.  I have prepared you and I will equip you for the trouble ahead.  There is no limit to what we can do together.  My word says that the things I have done you will do and even greater.  These are the days you are living in.  Many of you will get to experience for yourselves the fullness of who I am, and who you are in Me.  As you come out of this world, you step into My kingdom.  Understand this, My kingdom comes on this earth today!”

+ + +

Muslim foresaw Medjugorje one year ahead

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011

Sufi mystic Hasan Shushud predicted Medjugorje for me in detail one year before the apparitions began, an experienced pilgrim leader reveals. This will be a long and decisive apparition, and Rome has been entrusted with the great responsibility of accepting or rejecting Mary on behalf of all humanity, Hasan Shushud said.
“We Sufis have realized that Mary gives messages solely when she appears within the frameworks of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, we Sufis have been praying for Rome for a long time. Because the answer that Rome gives to Mary will be a response which will be binding on behalf of all humanity”...

Hasan Shushud affirmed the Virgin Mary’s leading role in bringing mankind back to God. And in predicting the Virgin Mary’s great numbers of individual calls with the purpose of combining millions of people into a heavenly mosaic or pattern, more of Hasan Shushud’s words from 1980 went on to appear in the Virgin Mary’s messages from Medjugorje.

“Mary will lead the battle against Satan and, co-operating with Archangel Michael, will lead mankind back to God. Mary needs many soldiers for the battle. Each of them will be attracted to the place just in time.
for the full story:
+ + +
Julie Whedbee:


Remember My child why I have placed you here. Remember you are that little paper boat placed in My River of Life, without a motor, without paddles, without a means to steer yourselves. This is done for a reason. When I am the River, when you abide in My flow, you have no need to concern yourselves with the direction your little boat sails, for abiding in Me provides you with the comfort and peace of knowing you are in My hands always, under My protection, and I will take you where I would have you go.

I am the Way… this you know, so fear not the waters I am taking you into. The unbelieving will always take the easier path, focused on what makes them more comfortable, the wide road more traveled. Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, and although they are unaware, this seemingly easier road leads to death and darkness. Many of My remnant would want to be pulled towards this path of least resistance as well, away from the stones and the obstacles and the steep drops up ahead. However, you are purposed to face these challenges head on, undaunted and unafraid of the turbulence. For it is in and through these turbulent experiences that you are drawn into a deeper and more intimate relationship with your Creator. It is here in this place that I pour out My wisdom and knowledge, and keys to a new understanding and revelation are unlocked.

I tell you this, you have entered a time of great turbulence and you must face the rapids, for the season you have entered is like no other.  Your way at times will seem insecure and treacherous. Your little boats may take on water. Radical change is upon you, and the waves of judgment will be formidable and fierce, yet when you remain in full surrender and trust, I assure you, I will be the One steering you and ensuring your protection through it all. You must be flexible to the direction I will take you in, and you must not attempt to divert your paths in any way, for My will is where you must stay.

For you see, your lives up to this point have been the training you needed in order to come to this place where you can allow Me full control of every aspect of your lives. In this manner, you will be the example the lost will need in order to learn what you have learned, in that I wish not one would be lost. I will send many your way, and they will be desperate for truth, and desperate to know the way, My way– EVERLASTING TRUTH. You will show them mercy and grace, compassion and love, just as I have shown you. You will teach them My wisdom, My ways, and together they will join you on this journey in the River of Life without a worldly means to control their destinies, as only I, the Great Shepherd leads His flock to safety.

Prepare My remnant, for I do not wish you to become overwhelmed at what I am about to do. The hour is come. For your sake, however, I will shorten the days.

Now My loves…



Remember My child why I have placed you here. Remember you are that little paper boat placed in My River of Life, without a motor, without paddles, without a means to steer yourselves. This is done for a reason. When I am the River, when you abide in My flow, you have no need to concern yourselves with the direction your little boat sails, for abiding in Me provides you with the comfort and peace of knowing you are in My hands always, under My protection, and I will take you where I would have you go.

I am the Way… this you know, so fear not the waters I am taking you into. The unbelieving will always take the easier path, focused on what makes them more comfortable, the wide road more traveled. Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, and although they are unaware, this seemingly easier road leads to death and darkness. Many of My remnant would want to be pulled towards this path of least resistance as well, away from the stones and the obstacles and the steep drops up ahead. However, you are purposed to face these challenges head on, undaunted and unafraid of the turbulence. For it is in and through these turbulent experiences that you are drawn into a deeper and more intimate relationship with your Creator. It is here in this place that I pour out My wisdom and knowledge, and keys to a new understanding and revelation are unlocked.

I tell you this, you have entered a time of great turbulence and you must face the rapids, for the season you have entered is like no other.  Your way at times will seem insecure and treacherous. Your little boats may take on water. Radical change is upon you, and the waves of judgment will be formidable and fierce, yet when you remain in full surrender and trust, I assure you, I will be the One steering you and ensuring your protection through it all. You must be flexible to the direction I will take you in, and you must not attempt to divert your paths in any way, for My will is where you must stay.

For you see, your lives up to this point have been the training you needed in order to come to this place where you can allow Me full control of every aspect of your lives. In this manner, you will be the example the lost will need in order to learn what you have learned, in that I wish not one would be lost. I will send many your way, and they will be desperate for truth, and desperate to know the way, My way– EVERLASTING TRUTH. You will show them mercy and grace, compassion and love, just as I have shown you. You will teach them My wisdom, My ways, and together they will join you on this journey in the River of Life without a worldly means to control their destinies, as only I, the Great Shepherd leads His flock to safety.

Prepare My remnant, for I do not wish you to become overwhelmed at what I am about to do. The hour is come. For your sake, however, I will shorten the days.

Now My loves…



+ + + +
Thru Bette Stevens:

Lamentations Are Surrounding America As The Bell Tolls

Lamentations are here. Weeping and wailing go before her, crying like a depraved animal.

A once bountiful nation that rose to the top, now hovers to go down, down, down.

A once sanctified nation has now spotted and wrinkled herself with atrocities and abominations. Her bloodshed is fresh and knows no bounds.

A type of fever has risen up in her and will not let her go. Her end will be destruction, the greatest and most sorrowful destruction that will ever come upon the earth.

A dividing of America is here. It has come and will come!


The weeping begins now, as the old pours into the new… 2016.

The antichrist is rising and everyone will see him. Some will purposely come to know him.

For My people, there will be much persecution, much speculation, much war, much famine, and the thing you desire most, your MAMMON, will be taken from you!

Some of your hearts wax so cold. You sing to me and pray to me, yet you do not do what I have commanded. Do you not know? Is it not apparent that the just will live by faith? That the smallest sin will not enter into My Kingdom?

Time is growing dim and I come quickly. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Some of you have no oil in your lamps. You are not ready.

I tell you now, be ready at ALL times! Forgive one another. Do NOT bare false witness against another. Keep your tongue in check. Do good. Help those less fortunate. Do NOT let anything become an idol. Pray for each other and occupy. Spend more time with Me, so you will know the things of My heart and what I want to say. Surround yourselves with those of like faith who speak forth the truth with an uncompromising spirit. Hold fast to the truth, in one spirit.

I come with My rewards, and will I find faith?

To all those that I love, do I chasten.


The understanding I was given about a bell tolling was a warning of danger or disaster, like a funeral or death.

Several years ago, I used to hear bells ringing. Even my husband and some of the people we invited into our home would hear them. It usually meant something was about to happen, but the tolling I am hearing today is completely different, much heavier than anything I have heard before. It is just like mourning and death, which could mean the death of America.

I believe this is a significant warning of something taking place soon because I was told, “This is a NOW word.”

+ + +

Message to the Littlest of Servants -- The Start
December 3rd, 2015

While in Church during adoration Jesus told me the time of His Father's Justice has arrived. That He will no longer put up with the wickedness of His children as the Heavens are filled with the cries of the innocent.



Our Lady then spoke and told me that the earth was so saturated with the blood of the innocents it could no longer tolerate more. I was then given the understanding that all would be begin with a major natural disaster that will be so big it will shock the world. That this natural disaster would occur on the west coast of the United States. That it will happen very soon.

+ + + +
Monday, December 7, 2015 12:29 – 12:59 pm
Father, You have so much to forgive.  Even if I had a tiny grain of Your forgiving capabilities, I’d do far better than I do now in forgetting stuff that I’ve taken offense over.  And after awhile, it seems silly to have felt hurt at all, knowing that I have nothing to complain about in my good and happy life and when You are so continuously insulted and assaulted and abused by humanity.  I’m sorry for what we do to You.  Please speak loud when You’re guiding me.  Otherwise Your instructions will go right over my head.  Plus, I want to be good and try as best as possible to “earn” Jesus’ sacrifice for Me.  I know it’s impossible, but still, I’d like to at least try.

Belovéd Child/Children, I am here with you, hoping you will turn your eyes to gaze upon My Love.  I am with you and amongst you, always calling, calling.  Children, I yearn for your Hearts.  Why is it difficult to love Love.  I offer no load of heaviness but undertake unto Myself those anxieties that weigh My Belovéd Children down.  Allow Me to carry the weight of your burdens.
Come to your Father, your good and Most Benevolent Lord God.  I offer you sustenance in body and Spirit.  My Love fulfills you and I long to pour it out into your anxious Hearts.  Do not be afraid, Belovéd Children.  Remove the concerns within your Hearts and trust in your Loving and Eternal Parent, for I guide My Children rightly and protect My Children always and give My Belovéd Children good gifts of charity, repose, and Peace.  Oh My Loves, My Beauteous Children, come to your Father who wills all things good for you and who brings your Hearts great joy and tender peace.
Belovéd Children, an era of chaos comes or ensues.  When you are made to choose which side of this fence or gate you must follow, will you choose rightly when you have not sought out My Holy Guidance.  Perpetual Children, sin no more and pray to your Lord God that you may choose rightly and not be led astray by the darknesses that seek to fool and betray My Belovéd Children.  You are for Me as I am for you.  Know this to be true, My Children.  I say a time comes when lands will not bear fruit and the gardens of fruit shall be bare and the waters become polluted with the vanities of Man.  How shall My Children who have been wanton and inattentive of the Lord God fare when the land is barren and will give sustenance no more?
I say, Belovéd Children, pray and I shall give you succor in times of peace, in times of war, in times of famine and in times of fear.  Place your Hearts in My Hands.  Trust in your Lord God, for when you submit yourselves to My Most Blesséd and Holy Will, I guide you rightly away from the deceits of the leviathan that you will be safe and join Me in Eternal Joys and Peace and fruitfulness.  Belovéd Children, how you must pray.  Pray deeply and often.  Always pray, for I hear your prayers and revel with great joy in the attention of My Belovéd Children.  Bring Me, your Holy Father, no grief.  Do not side with the deceitful one and place your Hearts and Souls in such dangers.  Do not put My Heart in such anxieties for you, My Belovéd Children.
Choose Love and (the) Light of My Word, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  You need not seek any other power or guidance or “strong one”[or try to find strength in something or someone else.]  because I have given My Son to you that He will save Man and that His Name shall be praised and adored throughout all nations.  First there will be darkness and chaos and we shall see who will seek out the Glory and Power of your Lord God and Father.  We shall know who calls upon the Son of God in great faith and with great confidence.  We shall see the depths of your trust in the Lamb of God, in His enduring and BIG Love for you.  Do not falter in your faith.
Enjoy the fruits and GREATEST, AMAZING blessings wrought forth by your Communion with the Eucharist, the Son of God who sacrificed Himself for your Eternal Salvation.  Take of the Eucharist now, My Children, for one day soon the lush blessings of this gift, this Most Holy and Beatific gift will reside with you no more and like the driest deserts, you shall long for its replenishing grace.  Belovéd Children, pray and partake of the Eucharist often.  Know or understand fully or thoroughly, the blessings, the significance of the Eucharist!  Worship the Christ whose Sacrifice endears you to Me.  Do not reject His Love in times of tribulation, for it is through Him always that you are saved
Worship My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus always and revel in His GREAT Love for you!
Belovéd Children, this World is at war with Me, your Loving Lord God.  Pray, for this is an unnatural and evil state.  Pray and I shall mitigate the tribulations that come Pray and I hear your prayers.  Pray and I am with you always, protecting you from the dark one and his deceits.  Pray and Love Me.  Do not judge but live on the path of Christ.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace.  Peace is with you, Children.  I say peace.  Peace.

+ + + +
Excerpt from Spiritdaily article:

In the realm of ancient Jewish belief, and the prophetic, we might ponder also the term "Zion." This has been mentioned by two Protestants who allegedly had near-death experiences and claimed they were informed of a coming time when a "New Zion" would be established in the U.S. (after major disasters).

One is in a book we are now offering, for discernment, The Message, penned by a general Christian man from Idaho who before his final death eleven years ago says he traversed eternal boundaries. He was told, on the other side (asserted this fellow, Lance Richardson), "You are so lucky. Do you see? You are the ones who will build the New Jerusalem spoken of by all the prophets since the beginning of time; the Zion of the last days. It is come in your day. Every prophet since the beginning of time has yearned to see and be part of this. It will be a day when paradise will be created on earth. It will be built in your country of America. And the peaceful ones of the earth shall come unto it... Yes, there are dark days to come before it arrives, but the blessings and glory of that day far outshine the trials which you must endure first.

+ + + +

from Patricia Fason preciousblood2004@...  on Barnabas Nowye, see the link on the main page
: A Powerful Church approved apparition for the end times
Dear Friends in Christ,

 Our Lord is appearing in a small remote village in Olo, Nigeria, in Enugu State. Our Lord, Our Lady and a multitude of saints and angels have been appearing there since 1995 to an illiterate young boy (who is now in the seminary) with a message to the Church and the world that we have entered the end times. Soon we will see great disasters in nature, a battle waged against our faith from within the Church herself, and the rise of the anti-christ. He will seat the False Prophet on the throne of Peter as the Book of Revelation says. But Our Lord warns us we are not to leave the Church, but to stand for God against the errors which will be taught at that time. Our Lord says they will hate and persecute us, but he will be with us. (Remember, the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church!) In the end, comes the three days of darkness which will purge the world of sin and unrepentant sinners. Then the seventh age of the Church, the Glorious Reign of Peace, will arise. "And the meek will inherit the earth."

 Our Lord has given us, through his messages, the outline of how the evil one plans to destroy the Church and our families so we can prepare. He has also given us a powerful sacramental, the Agonizing Crucifix, which he promises will protect our homes and families from all natural disasters. They have already recorded a multitude of miracles regarding this promise from hurricanes, tornados, floods, tsunamis, wild fires, and earthquakes. Truly, the home where this crucifix hangs is protected by all of heaven!

 Then Our Lord gave a collection of prayers. The Chaplet of the Precious Blood was given for us to pray daily for ALL our loved ones, our priests and Bishops, unrepentant sinners, whoever you like! Our Lord made this profound promise (it's on page 40 of the prayer book)

 "Be humble and accept the Divine Will. You will reach the end. Offer your families to my Precious Blood and I will save them. I promise to convert them before the Great Tribulation comes. There will be peace and love. I say to you, adore and honor my Precious Blood."

 "I will allow my Precious Blood to fall on the heart of every sinner offered to my Precious Blood. I say to you offer to Me and pray for them always through my Precious Blood. I will destroy all evil in your families. I have heard your prayers. Rejoice, for your request has been granted."

 "My children, never fail to give testimony when you see this goodness from the One who loves you...if anyone among you loves Me, let him console me and pray for unrepentant sinners. The remaining days are great and holy. Your adoration will be great and holy. Come with reverence and awe and worship your God."

 The prayer book is free online from the Association of the Precious Blood who teaches this devotion free of charge, in 63 countries and growing. Go to  click on BOOKS on the red bar. There you will see many free downloadable articles as well as their prayer book. You can print the 160 page prayer book for free right there! Or you can click on STORE and they have a sale on right now where you can buy the prayer book for only $3.33!

 The priests, hermit and staff who work together spreading this devotion have given their lives to do so in order to reach as many people as possible before the antichrist rises. They even have free teleconferences where you can call in and listen every Tuesday night from 8-9:30pm eastern time and they teach the virtues and how we can practice them to a heroic degree in our lives right now! Every Thursday night from 11pm to 6am eastern time they pray the Gethsemane Hour of prayers live from their chapel. You can listen in by teleconference. Here's the number: (530) 881-1300 and the code is 554675#. They also pray together every day from 4am to 7am and again from 4pm to 7pm. Join them either time by telephone! There is no cost for the teleconference room so if you have free long distance, it will be totally free!

 There have been numerous healings, especially from cancers, and miracles reported with this powerful devotion. You can sign up for their free emails and they will send Our Lords messages to you weekly. This devotion does have the approval of the local Bishop in Nigeria who with his predecessor have been studying these messages and this apparition for over 20 years. The local Bishop also submitted a section of the messages to Rome where a Theological Commission Study was done and came back that there was nothing against faith and morals or the Church's teachings found in them.

 Call the Association to sign up for their emails at (850) 577-0607. They are open Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm eastern time.
 In His Most Precious Blood,

+ + +
The Greatness of God's Mercy littlest of servants November 27, 2015

 While in Church during adoration I had the following vision.
 I saw Jesus seated on His Throne and standing below his throne I saw millions
 of people of all ages and colors and I knew that this represented those people worldwide
who had just died. I saw that Jesus had a stern look on His Face and I was given the
 knowledge that this meant He was getting ready to judge them. I saw His right arm being
 raised and I was given the knowledge again that He was now going to judge them. I was
then given the knowledge that all those before Him were going to be judged into Hell and
 I began crying asking Jesus to have Mercy on them. I then heard the Divine Mercy Chaplet
being prayed and it seemed as though thousands were praying it. I then saw the right
arm of Jesus and it had suddenly stopped and was no longer rising. I then saw the brightest
 of lights coming from His garments where His Heart is and the colors were the same as
 in the Divine Mercy Picture. As I heard the Prayer of the Divine Mercy Chaplet continue
I saw the lights from Jesus garments getting brighter and brighter until they had become so
powerful all you could see were the lights. I then saw that the lights had covered the people and
I saw that the right arm of Jesus was now resting on the arm of His Throne and I knew that
 that meant His Justice had been handcuffed by His Mercy. Jesus then spoke and told me
that as a result of so many PRAYING THE DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET over 70% of the
 people were saved.
+ + +
A very good article at Spirit Daily
When John Paul II prophesied an apocalypse

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Apparition to Mirjana - December 2, 2015  Medjugorje
Dear children, I am always with you because my Son entrusted you to me. And you, my children, you need me, you are seeking me, you are coming to me and you are bringing joy to my motherly heart. I have, and always will have, love for you; for you who suffer and who offer your pains and sufferings to my Son and to me. My love seeks the love of all of my children, and my children seek my love. Through love, Jesus seeks unity between Heaven and earth; between the Heavenly Father and you, my children - His Church. Therefore, it is necessary to pray much, to pray and love the Church to which you belong. Now, the Church is suffering and needs apostles who by loving unity, by witnessing and giving, show the ways of God. The Church needs apostles who by living the Eucharist with the heart do great works; it needs you, my apostles of love. My children, from the very beginning the Church was persecuted and betrayed, but day by day it grew. It is indestructible because my Son gave it a heart - the Eucharist, and the light of His resurrection shone and will continue to shine upon it. Therefore, do not be afraid. Pray for your shepherds that they may have the strength and the love to be bridges of salvation. Thank you.+ + +

For prophecy fans one of the best radio shows summarizing christian prophecy is from John Baptist at
His style is a little over the top, sounding almost giddy waiting to be martyred, but it really is his excitement for events to turn hearts back to the Father.  It is Protestant prophecy.  In one show they talk about how in Sarah Menet's near death vision she saw her father, not in hell, but in a gray waiting area before getting to heaven.   Hmmm, could that be purgatory?   They either didn't know about purgatory or they won't give the Catholic theology credit for having that one right.  They also might be suspect of Pope Francis; a bit too early for that judgement.
here is a link to the Sarah Menet interview:
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Glynda 11/27
My Children, maintain My Covenant to obey Me, for I shall keep My Covenant with you. Your loved ones’ souls are safe in My Promises to you.

Go – spread My Gospel in the Earth while it is still day, for soon the night comes, when no man can work. There are many souls I will save if you will do this, and I will remember those you asked for as well. Be about My Business in the Earth, for time is short before evil increases so that you can do very little.

Fear not.

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John - Servant of God

Dear Friends,

Holyadoration01This past Thursday at 10:00 pm (CT), my wife and I went before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at our parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church. I asked the Lord to guide me in supporting His children who are clearly seeking and pleading direction and guidance. I pondered as to how Jesus wanted me to continue to share teachings; how could I help in the task of caring for the remnant, a task that is so urgent and important to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother?

At approximately 10:10 p.m. (CT), I felt the presence of our Lady, who with a beautiful gentle voice greeted me in Spanish “Juanito, mi hijito…” In this locution, she came as Our Lady of Guadalupe. This was the first time she has ever addressed me in Spanish.

“Estoy mu contenta con tu ayuda”…… “Do not concern yourself with how my messages are reaching my people throughout the world. It is the Holy Spirit who has touched the hearts of my children from many countries, and many are receiving my messages and teachings and are sharing them with others. They in turn are passing my love letters to their friends and neighbors. A special grace of love from God is being given to them as they have this heartwarming desire in their hearts to reach as many of their family members and their friends as possible. I bless you, my son, for one of several tasks that the Father has for you as His Plan is unfolding. The time is getting very short and thousands of prayers are reaching the Throne of God. My Remnant is slowly coming together, but there are still many of my children that need to convert and declare their commitment to My Son.

Ask your priests to pray at Mass for a special intention of mine; the Holy Eucharist and the rosary continue to be extremely vital in the formation of our Remnant. I have shared with my children of the awful things to come, but many have cast them aside and continue as in the days of Noah— the completion of Fatima is about to come to its conclusion. I have gained a very short time for God the Father to awaken those that have fallen asleep and strayed from my Son. I need my apostles to continue to pray with me to bring salvation to all that are seeking God as you have not yet experienced the atrocities that are taking place all over the world. The pain and suffering of my little saints who have suffered martyrdom have long reached the heart of God the Father. The faith and prayers of my authentic children are giving us a short time to continue our mission. After the formation of the Remnant, the Warning will occur and the Miracle will follow. Time is short. My Son can no longer allow the suffering caused by so much sin. I ask that you listen to your heart and pray, pray, pray.”

for more from John on forming prayer groups:
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When Ted Koppel asked Janet Napolitano, who once headed Homeland Security (currently president of the University of California), what she thought the chances are that someone or something could "knock out" one of America's power grids, she said, "very high -- 80 percent, 90 percent. You know, very, very high."

It's one reason we provide emergency supplies in a section of our bookstore and are carrying the book Get Prepared Now [see below]: whether a blizzard, ice storm, hurricane, quake, volcanic eruption, epidemic, or electrical collapse, things can devolve (spin downward) in a hurry. It doesn't hurt to have some supplies on hand -- not with an attitude of fear, no; but with prudent caution.
for full article:
and a good book, Get Prepared Now:

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There, with the corresponding scripture


I received this vision and message today, November 5, 2015. As these words came through this morning, I was shown the inside of the earth cracking and splitting, fissures occurring simultaneously around the world, then opening up to very large holes and cracks on the surface. Then there was a great, great shaking. Father said this cracking and breaking apart inside the earth is happening now, very quickly. 

Speak daughter, for I wish My people to understand what must come to pass. The United States is surrounded by her enemies and will be plundered. Your betrayal of Israel will bring about destruction, as your leaders have betrayed you, the people. 

California, California, California, oh how you have grieved My heart. I will destroy you and all of the abominations that have been a defilement in My eyes. New York, I will burn you and lay waste your city. You will be reduced to burning rubble and ashes. Miami, your cup of iniquity is overflowing and I will utterly consume and destroy you in your wickedness. 

The foundations under the earth are breaking apart. I am causing the earth to open her mouth and many places will be swallowed and they will be no more. 

A great and terrible day is come, the Day of the Lord is a day of great suffering and darkness. Who shall withstand this great shaking that I am bringing? Who will be found worthy to escape the judgments of the wicked and the unrighteous? Who among you has heeded My warnings to walk the path of holiness and purity? 

America, you have severely tried Me and continue to openly mock Me.


You have broken the covenant your forefathers made with Me and spit upon My laws. You have no honor, you are shameful, and you are a disgrace in My sight. I will cause you to choke as I make you to drink your own vomit and filth. The blood and the cries of the innocent are on your hands. 

I am about to shake this earth mightily and all will know 
I AM God!

Your leaders have called for the division of My Holy land, therefore, I will divide your land. 

I will now speak to those who have remained in covenant with Me. Mine who are walking in purity and truth, Mine who obey My Word and are in union with Me- ready yourselves for My great outpouring. As all is crumbling around you, you will have My supernatural peace and great will be your exploits in My name. I speak to all My men and women who know in their hearts that I have been preparing them for something greater. I have been speaking to your spirits about repositioning; for some, relocating; for a great transition is upon you. Many of you will be required to walk away from all you have known- family, relationships, employment, fellowships- for a new season is upon My Bride, My Remnant. The work I am having you to do lies outside the parameters and the dimension you have previously operated in. 

It is crucial that you come to Me now for instructions and counsel, ever ready to move and to do My bidding. Pray to be used mightily in the Spirit, and it shall be done. My Bride will transcend space and time to fulfill her purpose on this earth. 

As darkness covers these lands and the mighty threshing takes place,  My remnant will only know supernatural glory, as My anointing upon you will cause powerful manifestations from My Kingdom Realm. 

Remember all I have told you. As the darkness grows darker, you My lights will shine brighter. There is nothing you will not do when you abide in Me, in My name, in My presence, always...

My Bride, you have been chosen before the foundation of time to be here in this realm now, to alter this reality, to be the expression of pure Spirit as I originally created all mankind to be. 

The original blueprint if you would, was for man to be made in My image and likeness in this realm, therefore bring Heaven to earth-thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. You were designed and purposed to be My reflection, hence, there is to be no distinction between Us. We are One Spirit.

The cry has gone out for My mature ones to rise. My glory is arisen in you and through you. 

Do not be deceived nor be weary My loves. All commences as it has been spoken and what has been put in motion will not be stopped. Keep your feet firmly planted in Me, the Rock and the only foundation. Feel the rush of My mighty breath upon the lands. 

Boldly and with authority My children take your positions. 

Be strong and of good courage.


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Statues and paintings weeping oil, blood and honey:
‘Miracles’ in Pandan Indah: Virgin Mary statue releases honey, oil - See more at:
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 Guardian Angel littlest of servants November 3, 2015
Before Mass for at least four days my Guardian Angel has been
 outside my pew. He has indicated to me that the time is now to call on
 them for protection. That their power for protection has never been greater
and that they will protect you IF YOU CALL ON THEM TO DO SO. HE

(name the person) TO PROTECT AND DEFEND (him or her) TODAY FOR

Note from my Guardian Angel.

My Guardian Angel came to me for three days dressed as you would expect,
that is in a flowing garment with wings. Today he came dressed in a suit with
long blond hair and deep blue eyes. He told me that sometimes Guardian
 Angels will come dressed in our most modest fashions and that some of us will
 recognize them but most do not because they have forgotten about them or they
 do not believe they exist.
 When Adoration started after Mass I saw him prostrate himself on the floor
 (outside my pew) with his head seemingly touching the floor. He spoke and told me
 that Our God who was the Creator of the entire Universe and everything in it was on
 the altar under the appearance of a Host.That He was the one who created the angels
 and us and was the one who breathed life into us. That we needed to worship Him in the
 Eucharist with great reverence and respect. The whole hour and a half that I was there my
Guardian Angel never got up but remained prostrate on the ground until I got up to leave and,
I knelt down on both knees, got up and then, as I was leaving the Church I saw him get up
 and follow me out.

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A great angel story from a little 9 year old:

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A very good writing by Mark Mallett explaining the times in that we are living:

WE are not facing the end of the world. In fact, we are not even facing the last tribulations of the Church. What we are facing is the final confrontation in a long history of confrontations between Satan and Christ’s Church: a battle for one or the other to establish their kingdom on earth. St. John Paul II summed it up this way:

We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine Providence; it is a trial which the whole Church, and the Polish Church in particular, must take up. It is a trial of not only our nation and the Church, but in a sense a test of 2,000 years of culture and Christian civilization, with all of its consequences for human dignity, individual rights, human rights and the rights of nations. —Cardinal Karol Wojtyla

for the full writing see:

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from a very good blog by Pelianato:

Jeremiah 9: 6-7 Oppression upon oppression, deceit upon deceit! They refuse to know me, says the Lord. Therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts: I will now refine and test them, for what else can I do with my sinful people?

“Oh my beloved, what sorrow is coming to sinful humanity, but what joy as well! Remember this when the hour is dark, when you feel the crushing weight upon you that sin has purchased: that the measure of joy which follows the sorrow will be so much greater as to render the sorrow a distant memory. Just as you will not be able to imagine joy in the deepest darkness, so too when the darkness is banished, will you be unable to imagine such depths of sorrow. Children, when the Healer binds your wounds, he does it so completely as to banish the pain even from memory! Yes, I am making all things new! Cling to hope with joy, my children. I have come that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete. Live my will in each moment, dear children, and be at peace. Shalom.”

O my Jesus, what hope! What joy to anticipate so glorious a day as the day you come to deliver us from darkness and bind our wounds. Jesus in your mercy, keep us from despair. Help us to cling to you with an act of the will, even when we cannot feel your presence. Help us cling to you in the rosary. Jesus and Mary we trust in you! Take care of everything! Amen.

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Vision to the Littlest of Servants
While in Church during Adoration I had a vision. I saw a large crack in the floor of the Church that started at the altar and went down the center of the Church to the entrance. Jesus then spoke and told me that soon His Church would split in two.

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Blind man and woman gain sight long enough to watch film on the eucharist:

11th Personal Contemplation- Pope Francis

from John - Servant of God
This past Thursday, October 1st at approximately 10:35pm, I received a locution from Our Blessed Mother in our Adoration Chapel at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. I had been praying and was concerned regarding confusing perceptions and views of his Holiness, Pope Francis. Our Lady, in a very gentle and loving voice, asked me to write this reflection on our Holy Father to all of you. She was very concerned regarding the confusion, division and deception that satan is creating among many Catholics and Charismatic Evangelicals. Thus, at her request, I share with you this message to her beloved children.


Please Pray for Pope Francis.

PopefrancisAs I discern the occurrences of the last month and pray, I feel called to ask each of you: Please Pray for Pope Francis and his mission.

Lately, the Holy Father has been intensely attacked. Some have even accused him of misleading our Catholic Church and distorting our faith. Yet Pope Francis has been given to us by God Himself. Please… we must not join forces with those individuals that are being deceived by Satan, the evil one who wants to bring division, deception and false words to all of us.

Our Lady has directed us to PRAY for Pope Francis and for the completion and fruition of the work that he was given to him by God. We must not disparage the tough work he has before him, but assist him spiritually with our prayers. Yes, there are those around him in high places of authority that are responsible for discord, deception, confusion and strife within the church leadership. We must continue to stand for what is right and not obsess or become consumed by this battle----a battle that is Our Lord’s to fight and win. Only He can conquer this; we cannot.

Many prophecies deal with the very clash currently occurring within our church. For example, this shaking of our church was prophesied in an approved apparition by the Roman Catholic Church in Akita, Japan:



Download 12

The first message received by Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa on June 6, 1973, was a call for prayer and sacrifice for the glory of the Father and salvation of souls. The second message, August 3, 1973, was for prayer, penance and courageous sacrifices to soften the Father's anger.

The third message on October 13, 1973, the actual anniversary of the final visions and miracle of Fatima is as follows:

"As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day, recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests. The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their Confreres. The Church and altars will be vandalized. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

"The demon will rage especially against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no longer be pardon for them."


Sister Lucia of Fatima also had a vision of the Holy Father:

ThirdsecretoffatimaWith the pope were others climbing a mountain to a rough-hewn cross. Mountains are traditional places where man meets with God, the difficult process of ascending the mountain suggesting the perseverance required to follow God. The ruggedness of the cross depicted in the vision evokes the harshness of the sufferings of Christ and those who share in his sufferings.The seers then saw in the unapproachable light of God a reflection of someone who, Lucia says, "we had the impression . . . was the holy father."

The journey of the pope and those with him through the half-ruined city suggests that the Church must pass through the destruction that accompanies war, and it evokes the suffering of the pontiff in witnessing this destruction but being unable to stop it. This reflects the experience of many twentieth-century popes.


Stand by Our Pope

Our Lady is asking us to support the Holy Father, regardless of what you see in some of the media or read via emails being circulated by detractors of Pope Francis. I repeat: Pope Francis is our rightful leader and has been appointed by God himself. Satan is trying to bring division and discredit His Holiness through various means. This is all part of Satan’s strategies and schemes that are unfolding as we get closer and closer to the storm

Please Pray for Pope Francis.

Your brother in Christ,
John Martinez



A side note:

My Dear Friends, I thank all of you for your prayers and emails. I have been delighted to continue meeting and communicating with many of you from different parts of our country. We are truly a widespread but cherished community of believers, sharing, listening, lifting each other up through the storms that are now slowly but clearly assailing all of us.

Please know that it is not that I do not wish to write regularly. From the very beginning of my calling, I have been called to be the Watchman (Ezekiel 33: 1 – 33) and lookout for our God. I can only write as directed by Him---to make you aware of major spiritual events as they unfold.

It was the Holy Spirit who baptized me with His Love and has blessed me with several of His gifts. It was Jesus, in the form of a little white lamb, who introduced me to Our Blessed Mother. She then took me aside, patiently teaching me and showing me many futuristic events that would occur. For over 34 years, I have been obedient to God and to Our Lady. Please know that I am a simple, lowly and imperfect messenger whom God the Father has called. I am allowed to write only when I am directed to do so as the times begin to unfold (Matthew 24: 1- 51).

One of the first teachings that I was given from Our Blessed Mother was that part of my future mission was to share her immense, incomprehensible love for all of her children. She also instructed me to tell my fellow brethren throughout the world that she has had been placed in charge by God the Father to prepare us spiritually for the coming chastisement. I’m clearly not the exclusive recipient of this information; she has appeared in many church-approved apparitions to warn us precisely about these times, and to assure us that Her Immaculate Heart IS our “Refuge”.

She emphasized to me that I would need to carefully DISCERN everything in my spiritual journey. She allowed me to see the evil that Satan has placed in the hearts and minds of God’s children, and has expressed her pain and tears at the suffering that Her Son Jesus has endured. The pestilence of evil that Satan has unleashed upon mankind, who has willingly cooperated with his trickery, is leading us to that “Final Battle”. She shared that thousands of good men and women had been chosen by the Holy Spirit to help Her build an army of warriors to fight the tough spiritual battles upon us and those severe tests to come. She also warned me that there were many deceitful sons of Satan that have and will continue trying to sow deception and confusion among God’s children.

In Her teachings, she emphasized the need to discern and pray. She indicated that the “signs” that I needed to look for would come from three different sources:

  1. The Holy Father
  2. Jerusalem/Israel
  3. Her apparitions in Medjugorje.

By watching these three indicators, we will see God the Father’s plans begin to unfold.


Watch ye, therefore, praying at all times, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are to come, and to stand before the Son of man.
Luke 21:36

Therefore, let us not sleep, as others do; but let us watch, and be sober.
1 Thessalonians 5:6

A Prophetic Word from Jerusalem - September 29th

Maurice Sklar Ministries
September 29, 2015

Dear Friends,

We have been here in Israel for over a week now and we have been having an amazing time with the Lord here. Here is the most recent Word I have received while here.

A Prophetic Word:

The LORD says, "War is coming against Israel! Just as I have clearly spoken in My Word, and just as I have confirmed through my holy servants the true Prophets, I will hold it back no longer. You say to Me, "What do all of these signs converging together this month mean? Many of My church are in fear, thinking only of doomsday and despair. Some leaders are trying to tell fortunes and predict days and times, thinking that I must do what they say when they predict it. Some are making millions of dollars by merchandising and sensationalizing these events to the point it is idolatry and distraction instead of sound prophetic ministry. I (the LORD) am far greater than your false prognosticators and charlatans. Do not follow after those deceivers - you must judge them and their ministries by their fruits and take everything you hear and judge it according to My Word."

To My beloved Bride:  Look and see the signs in the heavens and upon the earth. Notice them, but don't focus on them! Keep your eyes on Me! I am the LORD, not the sun, moon, or stars. I am greater than any event that has or will come to shake the heavens and the earth. Many of My people are crying out to Me in prayer for clarity and guidance right now. So, I will answer you... I will explain to you a little bit of what is shortly to come to pass....So your heart will not be troubled...  

I am announcing to the world through these four red moons these things:

1. The Times of the Gentiles are coming to an end. The end of Adam's dominion time-lease upon earth is nearly over. The time of Jacobs' Trouble: the Tribulation period is about to begin. BUT HE (JACOB) SHALL BE SAVED OUT OF IT. It is in this time that I will sovereignly cause all the Jews to return to their home, Eretz Israel. I will shake them out like a tablecloth that a lady would take outdoors and shake all the crumbs out of it by flapping it into the wind. But not one crumb will perish. All shall be returned. Many of my people are hidden in the nations that have descended from the 10 lost tribes. They are not "lost" to Me. I KNOW THEM ALL. They shall return, along with all the descendants of Judah and Levi. No man knows who or where they are, but I DO. The time has come when the rest of the family will come home to the land I promised them.

2. Satan knows that his time is short. War is coming to the Middle East. It will bring every nation into it before it is all over. Israel is my mousetrap, and Jerusalem is the cheese. Israel is also my anvil on which I will judge the nations. Prepare your hearts, for peace will be taken from the earth. For 70 years I gave the Western nations peace and prosperity after World War 2. That was because of what the United States did along with the Allied forces by defeating Nazi Germany and rescuing My people Israel from extermination, and then paving the way for Israel to be reborn as a nation in 1948.

3. Yesterday's moon signals the beginning of the final restoration of Israel. No matter how hard the enemy attacks, he will be destroyed before Me. For I am standing UP now as the LORD of Hosts to fight for her. And when this is over, all her enemies will be dust under her feet. It will be bloody. It will be painful. It will be with great losses both to Israel and her enemies. But, for each Israeli Jewish person, their enemies will pay with 1,000 of their souls when they try to attack her. Beware! You CANNOT and WILL not succeed as Israel's enemy.

4. The outcome in the coming battles and wars against Israel, I will restore more and more of the land to her that I promised to Abraham. Until finally, all that I promised will be theirs forever when I return to establish My Kingdom and rule from the throne of David in Jerusalem forever.

5. I am coming for My Bride, My faithful children who are waiting for Me in this Midnight Hour. But you say, "I have heard that for so long. And, oh, another prophet coming with the Rapture message. I am tired of hearing it. After all, I have heard it my whole life. So, is this yet another "boy crying wolf" prophecy?! I have been disappointed too many times." But, Beloved, if I stretch out time to allow more souls to come to Me, and so I can bring more Bridal lamps to their full oil and light, does this offend you?! If it does, you are only thinking of yourself and not others that I have long patience for until all have come in. Then, the Shofar will sound! Do not lose your Blessed Hope for I am at the doors RIGHT NOW! Watch and Pray! Do not let disappointment and bitterness quench out your Hope. Remember, I CANNOT LIE! I AM COMING FOR YOU, MY DEARLY BELOVED BRIDE!

6. Do not get caught up in conspiracies and Internet social media nonsense. Think to yourself, 'is this filling me with hope or fear?' If your response to it is fear, then it is not what I am saying to you. The world will indeed experience the worst seven years of judgments and My Wrath. But, I have not appointed you to that, but to obtain eternal joy in My heavenly Kingdom, as it is written:

Luke 21:36: Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


Revelation 22:20-21: 0 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

God bless you from Jerusalem, Dear Ones!

Dr. Maurice H. Sklar

+ + +
Pelianito blog:

Matthew 16:27 For the Son of Man is to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay everyone for what has been done.


“Beloved, just a little while longer and all the hardship and sorrow will fade in the twinkling of an eye. I have heard the cry of my children, and their constant supplication has pierced my heart. I mean to deliver them from the clutches of the infernal enemy. I mean to restore my kingdom and indeed raise it to a glory never before seen on the earth. There is a weariness in the souls of my faithful. I know well what it means to feel weary in body and spirit. But, my children, cling to hope! Now is the time to set your eyes on the horizon, for as day surely follows night, the brightness of a new dawn is surely coming—it is the Lord who speaks, and I will do it! Be faithful, be hopeful, hold your heads high. Your vindication is at hand!”


O my Jesus, thank you for this word of encouragement! Hearts are heavy. Souls are weary. The weight of sin in the world is straining the backs of those who carry the burden of reparation. Thank you for this hope. In your mercy increase our strength for the final push. Alone we can do nothing but add to the burden of sin, but in you we can do all things. May your holy, adorable will be done in us, O beloved Lord, Blessed Trinity of Love. Amen.

+ + + +
A couple excerpts from Charlie Johnston's blog (link following for full blog)first speaking about the direct prophecy from that the economy would collapse while the Pope was in the United States to the point where the Pope would have to address the situation in his departing speech.  Secondly he gives a prophecy that her received a while back that is cautionary but hopeful.

By Charlie Johnston

Regular readers here know I have always treated the messages from the Locutions to the World (LttW) site as suspect, neither forbidding them to be referenced nor accepting that they were of divine origin. I appreciate that readers here have been measured in their comments, neither frantically insisting they are true, nor condemning each other for differences of opinion on them. I considered them to often be worthy spiritual meditations, but I rejected them primarily because of the coarse way they reported Our Lady as using in speech.

I still don’t know whether the locutionist at LttW is authentic or not.  (As Glenn Dallaire of Mystics of the Church points out in the comments, this was not a prophecy, but claimed to be a direct word from Our Lady, herself – so the locutionist is not authentic.) Certainly, this prophecy turned out to be false. Some foolishly say that the test of a prophet is that they must be right 100% of the time. This is foolish for two reasons – first, because it presumes that the purpose of a prophet is the same as a fortune-teller, to predict the future. A prophet is called to speak true of what God intends. Sometimes that involves future events, but more often involves present events – and sometimes even past events. Second, it is based on a bowdlerization of Deuteronomy which says that if a prophet predicts an event which does not come to pass, he has spoken presumptuously and can be ignored on that prophecy.  (Note: I believe Charlie is changing his stance to the fact that he believes LTTW is false.  Also, the site is not active as I write.)

Thus says the Father:

“My children, I have not withdrawn the hand of My mercy from you, despite the depth and breadth of your rebellion against Me. I gave you a land, a nation formed in My image, to be a light to the nations. For all your foolishness, you began well. Like My Church, it was a nation to which anyone who accepted the principles it espoused could belong fully, not as a guest or a stranger, but as an heir. In your struggling way you lived the principles of fruitfulness, dignity, charity, fortitude and courage. You even lived a great civil war to extend those virtues to all My children, recognizing both your reliance on Me and that there are no children of a lesser god. And so I blessed you, that My light might shine through you with brilliant clarity as a sign of hope for all the nations for what I intend for My children.

“But with prosperity and pre-eminence, your love grew cold. You say, ‘Look what we have wrought,’ rather than ‘Look what God has wrought.’ So for the last few decades, I have restrained My hand of mercy that you might, indeed, see what you have wrought. Your hearts have only grown harder and more defiant. Now I stay My hand for a time that you may know the bitter fruit of the evil harvest you have sown. It is only for a short season, but the terror and despair will be like none you have ever known before.

“I send to you My most favored daughter, Mary, the woman cloaked with the sun, to guide and defend you during the terrible pains of birth of the new world I shall give you once more. She spends her entire heaven praying on your behalf, acting as true mother to all of you as she is to the Incarnation of My Divine and Holy Son, yet many of you who call on Me treat her with loathing and contempt. I will no longer hear you if you do not honor My most favored daughter in your heart. Ask her to pray to me for you and I will forgive you.

“Now, even the leaders of your rebellion against Me are shaken – not so much as to acknowledge Me, but enough to wonder if their plans are perhaps not as elegant and well-crafted as they thought. This is the beginning of wisdom for those who will accept it. You must know that I love each of you with a true Father’s heart. Which of you, having a rebellious, self-destructive child, wishes for your child’s destruction? You wish, with passionate sorrow, for their reclamation because you love your child. Your love for your child is merely a pale reflection of My love for you. Remember, then, the tale of the prodigal son and welcome those who return with fullness, gratitude and celebration rather than resentment. I rejoice when any of My children are restored to the life I intend for them. So shall you.

“Know that you will be held to account for every soul that you could have given effective witness to but did not because of anger, resentment or fear. Know also that you will be held to account for every servant of the evil one that you did not defend My people against out of a false sense of compassion or indulgence. I know this is impossible to you. You are well told to acknowledge Me in all things, then take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. If you do that, I will draw fruit even from your errors and you may walk in humble confidence of My mercy.

“Do not think that any of you can exempt yourself from the bitter fruit of the harvest you have sown. Do you pride yourself on your intellect? It is not even a grain of sand in the ocean of My universe. Your wealth? Mere paper and paste that is passing away. Your position? Not as substantial as a puff of smoke on a windy day. I am your only source of security and hope. Defend My honor with the resolve of My Holy and Divine Son at the temple and I will send My most favored daughter to begin the re-conversion of the world. Minister to your brothers and sisters even from the midst of your sorrow and want and, at the moment you think all is lost, I will send My most favored daughter to rescue you once more.

“Know this, though. I allow your disorder to strike with terrible, prolonged fury so that you will remember the consequences of relying on yourselves without acknowledging Me or seeking My blessing and guidance. After you are rescued this time, when you fall away again, the only respite you will have is the respite of the grave. I sent my Archangel Gabriel to My servant, Charlie, 13 years ago with instructions that he must ‘…tell you true and you must choose or perish.’ Though he, too, is a vain and foolish child, he has been faithful in this and has told you true. Now the time of harvest has arrived and you must choose or perish.”

+ + + +

+ + +
Well, are you prepared for the end of September?  Cash in hand, extra food and water, a more importantly a good confession, repentance, turning back to Christ and away from sin?

A couple good synopses of what is all portending a time of judgement:


+ + +

St Padre Pio is one of the greatest saints of all times. He is well known in the world for the spiritual gifts he had: Stigmata, healing, prophecy, reading of hearts, levitation, bilocation, apparition, and “odour of sanctity”. He is a great miracle-worker and a powerful intercessor. Often he has been referred to as “the greatest mystic of the 20th Century.”

St Padre Pio called the rosary a weapon because that’s exactly what it is. It’s not just some fuzzy-feeling meditation – the very gates of hell tremble when the rosary is prayed fervently.

+ + + +

Do not be one who shreds the Body from the inside, as one who eats glass…

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Ephesians 4:1-3 I therefore, the prisoner in the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

“Beloved child, the Body of Christ is being torn from without and within. Ponder these words (from Scripture). Do not be one who shreds the Body from the inside, as one who eats glass. Be as humble, sweet, and trusting as an infant at the breast. Do not pull away from the breast to wail over things that are not yours to change. Focus on what has been given to you. Do that well and completely and you will have peace and joy. You will be building a peaceful kingdom. You will be a herald of the Triumph of the Immaculate. Man your own tiller and no one else’s and you will be living in the will of God. Shalom, dear child.”

Heavenly Father, in the Divine Will I ask for grace upon grace in order that I might man my own tiller and no one else’s. Help me to keep my eyes on our Mother and be docile to her leading. May your Kingdom come and your will be done, on earth as in heaven, O God, my God! Amen.

(Note from Pelianito: Ephesians Chapter 4 has been an important, recurring passage in my journal. It speaks of unity in the Body of Christ, a theme that our Lord has particularly wished to stress with me. If you wish to read more messages that pertain to Ephesians Chapter 4, please click the link under “Pages” on the right.)

+ + +
+ + + +
Urgent message  littlest of servants  September 13, 2015  
Before Sunday Mass started I was told by Jesus that I had the weapon
to destroy Satan's kingdom in my pocket (the Rosary) and that I needed to use it
and not be afraid because, "I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS."

Our Lady then spoke and told me that most of her children are unprepared
for the MAJOR, MAJOR EVENTS that are about to take place. That these
MAJOR EVENTS will take place very quickly and will catch many of her children
by surprise. I then saw, in a vision, dominoes lined up and the Hand of Jesus in
 front of the first domino. Our Lady spoke again and said that when the FIRST
 MAJOR EVENT takes place the rest will follow in rapid succession just like
 when the first domino is pushed over the rest follow in rapid succession.
 ASTOUNDED. Our Lady then explained that the fact that her Son's Hand
 was in front of the first domino meant that the FIRST MAJOR EVENT is close,
 very close. + + + +
Keep rosary on your person

I just got a phone call from a trusted friend from my home town.  She was awakened during the night with the following from our Lord.  Tell My people to keep a rosary on their person - this includes children.  She was told to share this message far and wide....For your discernment.

     ysiC lynn

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.”
–Saint Maximilian Kolbe

+ + + + +
+ + +
Many trustworthy prophecies about the soon correction of the stock market.  Listen to Rick Wyles and his guest on 9/2/2015 at
Plus google Jonathan Cahn and read/listen to the Harbinger and The Shemitah.   All pointing to a big hit on the stock market this year and bigger next year.
And also listen to the replay of Mena Lee Grebin with Rick's prophetic input on 8/31/2015

A really good article by David Lynch posted on Charlie Johnston's blog:

Another weeping icon, in Chicago, testified by a doctor:

+ + + + +

-A former adviser to Gordon Brown has urged people to stock up on canned goods and bottled water as stock markets around the world slide.


According to an article in one of the most important newspapers in the UK, McBride is urging his fellow citizens to do some very specific things…

“Advice on the looming crash, No.1: get hard cash in a safe place now; don’t assume banks & cashpoints will be open, or bank cards will work,” he tweeted.

“Crash advice No.2: do you have enough bottled water, tinned goods & other essentials at home to live a month indoors? If not, get shopping.

“Crash advice No.3: agree a rally point with your loved ones in case transport and communication gets cut off; somewhere you can all head to.”

and lots more advice from other experts at:

If you follow this blog you know the need for preparation isn't just about the stock market...

+ + + +

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 2015 Medjugorje message to Marija

Dear children! Also today I am calling you to be prayer.
May prayer be for you the wings for an encounter with God.
The world is in a moment of trial, because it forgot and abandoned God.
Therefore you, little children, be those who seek and love God above all.
I am with you and I am leading you to my Son, but you must say your ‘yes’ in the freedom of children of God.
I intercede for you and I love you, little children, with an endless love.
Thank you for having responded to my call.

Blessed the man who stands firm when trials come. He has proved himself, and will win the prize of life, the crown that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1 : 12
+ + +
[Feedback to SpiritDaily from Rev. Emanuel Burgos: "I'm a pastor who has been following your site for over a decade. In reading your last 'Special Report,' I believe that you should consider writing an article about 2017. I know that you are 'skeptical' of dates, but the year 2017 has appeared in several of your articles on Spirit Daily.

"One of the earliest times that it appeared occurred in 2012. That year, you wrote an article about stigmatics. In the article, you mentioned 'Nasreen Jouni' and said that she allegedly received a message from the Lord that said the following: 'My daughter, I know you are weak and I know without me you are always imperfect, unable to move. Don't worry; I will take care of you. I will take care of you until all my works are done. My chalice of mercy has overflowed. Daughter, when My Mother appeared in Fatima on May 1917, she said the devil asked the Divine Throne to tempt the world for a hundred years. This time is going to end in 2017. He will no longer reign on earth because I will come with My peace. I will cover the world with My peace because, I am peace and passion. My call is to the whole world.' She interpreted this not as the end of the world, but as the end of a period -- Satan's time, to be accompanied by major events, for which we should prepare, in ways she believes will be revealed in coming years.' The article is found here: The startling implication is that the Pope Leo XIII's hundred-year prophecy began in 1917!   If that's true, it would make Charles Johnston's alleged visitations and messages from Archangel Gabriel more relevant and meaningful. In fact, in this article from 2013, about Mr. Johnston, you quoted the following: 'The sequence of ever-deepening chaos will continue until mid-October of 2017,' he asserts he was told by the Blessed Mother. "Despair will reign throughout the world. Then, between October 13-17 of 2017, the world will be miraculously, utterly, and visibly delivered from the terror by the Intercession of Our Lady the Immaculate Conception. Christianity will be reunified, Satan will be shackled, and the world shall enter a glorious period of peace and harmony under the rule and protection of the one, triune God.'" That article is found here: If Satan's reign began in October 1917, it would also coincide with the birth of Communism in Russia during that same month and year! Interestingly enough, at the half-way point of the 100 years of Satan's reign, the Roman Catholic Church experienced the birth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement which began at Duquesne University in 1967. Perhaps God decided that the Roman Catholic Church needed the supernatural manifestations and gifts of the Holy Spirit as it faced its battle against Satan. It was also the year that Jerusalem was recaptured by the Jewish people during the Sixth-Day War.

"In addition, if Mary is going to intervene in a dramatic fashion in October 2017, it would definitely tie in with the hundred-year anniversary of Fatima's Miracle of the Sun, a hundred years of Communism, and five hundred years of Protestantism (which began on October 31, 1517). Ironically, the end of Protestantism could take place right before the 500th anniversary year.

"Furthermore, if dramatic events will take place in October 2017, that would also fit with what you wrote about Maria Esperanza's last interviews. In one of your articles you wrote, 'In one of her last interviews Esperanza speculated that major events linked to the secrets of Medjugorje, which she believed was authentic, would occur by 2020.' October 2017 would definitely fit with Maria's timeframe. That article is found here: Lastly, in 2013, you wrote about St. John Bosco's prophecy about the 'rainbow of peace shall appear on earth' right before 'two full moons have shone in the month of flowers.' If Maria Esperanza's timeframe is accurate, the next blue moons in this decade will take place on: January 2018, March 2018, and October 2020. March 2018 can be considered the 'month of flowers' due to the arrival of Spring in March. If that's the case, the period of peace will take place shortly before March 2018. Again, October 2017 would seem to suggest something dramatic will happen at the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The article of St. John Bosco's prophecy and the significance of March 2018 that you wrote can be found here: In short, it appears there's an important correlation for October 2017. Naturally, we're not talking about the Second Coming of Christ so there's no danger about date setting that climatic Event. Instead, my hunch is that the 'warning' might take place in October 2017. A Warning that will probably begin with the Miracle of the Sun (but this time the whole world will see it), include our mini-judgments, conclude by breaking Satan's reign and power on this earth, and the reunification of the Christian churches back to Rome. I should also point out that I'm not the only one who has seen the significance of October 2017. In fact, Father Dwight Longenecker wrote a fascinating article about it here (which I believe you linked back in May on Spirit Daily): I reached my conclusion about October 2017 long before I read Father Longenecker's article (and I was delighted when I saw his article since it further confirmed my growing hunch). Without a doubt, it appears that prophetic events are definitely pointing towards and culminating in October 2017. Consequently, please look into it, pray about it, and consider writing an article about it. Thanks for your time, Rev. Emanuel Burgos]
-- for our discernment.

full article:

"The sequence of ever-deepening chaos will continue until mid-October of 2017," he asserts he was told by the Blessed Mother. "Despair will reign throughout the world. Then, between October 13-17 of 2017, the world will be miraculously, utterly, and visibly delivered from the terror by the Intercession of Our Lady the Immaculate Conception. Christianity will be reunified, Satan will be shackled, and the world shall enter a glorious period of peace and harmony under the rule and protection of the one, triune God." 
(The whole articles are at and

+ + + +
Rick Wyles of has a daily audiocast on the internet that can also be downloaded to your device.  He is an unmuzzled speaker of the truth with prophetic messages for the United States.  I've been listening to him since he first started broadcasting on the internet in the late 1990's and am convinced that his few visions are truly from the Lord and are warnings of things to come unless there is repentance en masse. (His visions and dreams have been confirmed by identical dreams to his daughter the same night, for instance.) Through the years he has said that he was told by the Lord that when we get to the critical stage, in the end of this era, he would be given a TV audience.  Ominously, this is happening.  Catch the August 17th episode at 
He is the voice of truth at this time where the media is being censored and our Catholic priests and protestant ministers as a whole are being silent about the anti-Christian juggernaut that is oppressing our world.  Although he is not Catholic I am sure many of his listeners are and his message is too important to miss.

+ + + +

Aug 18, 2015 10:53 am | Glynda Linkous

I was inquiring of the Lord about America and other nations and the time of judgment, and asking the Lord what we could expect and what we should do, when I began sensing a very dark, very violent storm approaching the East Coast of America, and Washington, D.C. in particular. I saw very dark, swirling clouds and waters, but overall I sensed “violent.” In my spirit I saw a giant hand pick up a wicked man, and I saw he could not escape. The hand picked up the man in a way that caused the man's face to look upwards. I saw his fear, and that he knew there was no escape. I knew in my spirit the righteous were safe, they were being protected from its destruction. And I knew just as well that the wicked could not escape,

The time has come, My people, for what is wrong to be made right. My plan of justice will now play out for each nation and its inhabitants.

I desire you would make the wrongs in your life right. Grant forgiveness where there has been only anger. Ask forgiveness where it is needed. Be sure all in your house is in order for My coming.
(I felt He meant visitations – but I feel VERY STRONGLY that we need to do this before mid-September this year.)

Show kindness to those who grieve and give to those in need. Do not put off these things – do them now! What you receive in time to come depends on this.

Pray. Pray daily, and many times a day for those you love and that I may save the lost. Do not delay or let the enemy distract you from prayer as it is of the utmost importance.

Do not delay – you have asked to know My heart. You have asked what you should do. These are My instructions to you.

Obey Me now.

Matthew 5:22-24

22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

23 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee;

24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.


Matthew 6:15  But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.


2 Corinthians 1:3-4

3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.
+ + + +
a video of a euchistic miracle of a host that turned into heart tissue:

+ + + + +
Message from

While in Church this morning during adoration Jesus told me that false prophets would now appear. That they would be wolves dressed as sheep. It would be like what happen at the end of WWII when German soldiers dressed up like American soldiers and spoke perfect English to fool the American soldiers so they could infiltrate and cause disruption and confusion among the ranks of the American soldiers to stop them from advancing to defeat Germany. At first the German soldiers had success and fooled the American soldiers but soon they were discovered as imposters and their plan failed.The false prophets will try to do the same. They will come dressed as prophets and will seem to speak the perfect language of God which is the language of the Holy Spirit (true prophecy) and will at first fool the remnant and they will seem to have success. But the Holy Spirit will expose the imposters and Satan's plan to infiltrate and cause mass confusion among the faithful remnant and stop Our Lady's plan to destroy Satan's kingdom on earth from advancing will fail. Ultimately, not only will this plan fail so will all Satan's other plans and Our Lady will destroy Satan's kingdom on earth.

Jesus wanted me to include this statement from that great priest St. Maximilian Kolbe:

"Modern times are dominated by Satan and will ever be more so in the future. The conflict with Hell cannot be engaged by men, even the most clever. The IMMACULATA ALONE HAS FROM GOD THE PROMISE OF VICTORY OVER SATAN."

+ + + +
+ + + + + +

Always, what I allow is for the greater good of my children…

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Isaiah 11:11, 12:1 On that day the Lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover the remnant that is left of his people [. . .] You will say on that day: I will give thanks to you, O Lord, for though you were angry with me, your anger turned away, and you comforted me.

“Beloved child I am about to do what has been foretold since the days of antiquity. Be not afraid. Always, what I allow is for the greater good of my children. For your part, remain steadfast. Do not waver to the left or to the right but cling to the Truth with all your might. Let your will be firm and do not be swayed. The enemy knows your weakness and will use it against you. Remain steadfast. Lock arms with those who also wish to remain steadfast. Together your resolve is strengthened and is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. The time is upon you when you will be tested and tried in ways unimagined. Be firm. Pray for strength. Remain humble and let our Mother lead you. There is a strength in humility that cannot be gained in any other way. Imitate me as I stood trial. Everything I did had purpose and meaning—even my silent submission to the cruelty of others. Live in my will and you will not be put to shame. I am near to all who suffer on my account. Trust in me and you will see my glory.”

Jesus we trust in you and wait with joyful hope the coming of the Era of Peace, that your kingdom may come and your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us today the strength and humility we need to carry us through our time of testing. Let us not be put to shame but let us always trust in your love and mercy, even when we fail you. Jesus, Beloved, may your name be praised in all the world, and may our lives give you glory! Amen.

Our Lady's August 02, 2015 Message to Mirjana‏

August 02, 2015 Message to Mirjana

"Dear children, I, as a mother who loves her children, see how difficult the time in which you live is. I see your suffering, but you need to know that you are not alone. My Son is with you. He is everywhere. He is invisible, but you can see Him if you live Him. He is the light which illuminates your soul and gives you peace. He is the Church which you need to love and to always pray and fight for - but not only with words, instead with acts of love. My children, bring it about for everyone to come to know my Son, bring it about that He may be loved, because the truth is in my Son born of God - the Son of God. Do not waste time deliberating too much; you will distance yourselves from the truth. With a simple heart accept His word and live it. If you live His word, you will pray. If you live His word, you will love with a merciful love; you will love each other. The more that you will love, the farther away you will be from death. For those who will live the word of my Son and who will love, death will be life. Thank you. Pray to be able to see my Son in your shepherds. Pray to be able to embrace Him in them."

Message from Jesus littlest of servants August 1, 2015
 To My dear followers. You have nothing to fear from the
coming events. Know that the time has come for the cleansing
of the world of all evil. MY JUSTICE is at your very door and
is needed in order to correct the direction of the world. If I
 were not to intervene all would be lost as the world would be
completely destroyed. Events in the world and in MY Church
will change everything as you know it. During this time of
 great, great change not only in the world but also in My Church
I will not abandon you but will be with you in a way that you have
not yet experienced. Your Jesus will be closer to you now and will
 be more inmate with you than ever before.

 During the coming  GREAT TRIALS when you may doubt Me and wonder if I have
abandoned you I want you to repeat these, My words to you,


 Jesus directed me to the Book of Revelation, chapter 19, verses 11
through 21.
 "Then I saw the heavens opened, and there was a white horse, its rider
was [called] "Faithful and True." He judges and wages war in righteousness.
His eyes were [like] a fiery flame, and on his head were many diadems. He
had a name* inscribed that no one knows except himself. He wore a cloak
that had been dipped in* blood, and his name was called the Word of God.

The armies of heaven followed him, mounted on white horses and wearing
clean white linen. Out of his mouth came a sharp sword to strike the nations.
He will rule them with an iron rod, and he himself will tread out in the wine
press* the wine of the fury and wrath of God the almighty. He has a name
 written on his cloak and on his thigh, "King of kings and Lord of lords."
*Then I saw and angel standing on the sun. He cried out [in] a loud
 voice to all the birds flying high overhead, "Come here. Gather for God's
great feast, to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of military officers, and
 the flesh of warriors, the flesh of horses and of their riders, and the flesh
of all, free and slave, small and great."

Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies
 gathered to fight against the one riding the horse and against his army.
 The beast was caught and with it the false prophet* who had performed
 in its sight the signs by which he led astray those who had accepted the
 mark of the beast and those who had worshiped its image. The two were
thrown alive into the fiery pool burning with sulfur. The rest were killed
 by the sword that come out of the mouth of the one riding the horse, and
 all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh+ + + +

Glynda Linkous

Evil Increasing- July 27th, 2015

My children, the evil in your world is increasing daily. There will be times when it seems to you the world has gone mad. These are the times for you to draw near to Me. Pray to Me and tell Me what concerns you most. Draw near, sit quietly and receive My comfort and My presence for your souls. In this way, you will be sustained through troubling times.

Know this: Those appointed to wrath cannot escape no matter where they run, but My children are not appointed to wrath. You will go through tribulations and afflictions, but My peace and My power will carry you, and then to eternal life and pleasures forevermore.

For now, seek My face, and in the world, overcome evil with good.


A remarkable sequence of events including two incredible dreams and an encounter with actual forces of good and evil led to the reclamation of an old Orthodox church from abortionists in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
+ + + + +

Jabez In Action July 26,2015

Sunday, 26 July 2015
Signs Of Things To Come

Children Created For My Glory,

 I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Draw near to Me. Open your hearts. Surrender. Give Me permission. I wait on you. I await your fiat, and hope in you. My Little Ones, look around you. See the destruction that surrounds you. See the forthcoming destruction: fires that burn uncontrolled. The elements batter your planet. Storms rise up. The seas are filled with danger. Beloved, these are signs of things to come. Pray. Pray without ceasing. Pray for conversions for many will perish. Draw near to Me. Repent of all transgressions, and seek out My consecrated Sons while there is still time. Walk the Earth as My ambassadors. I will use you. I will use your hands to heal. Be open to this. Serve in all humility. Be kind to those I place upon your path. Soon many commodities will disappear. Heed My warning, and prepare for a life of great simplicity. Your reliance on Me will make all the difference. Trust in Me. Trust in My master plan. Do not question My ways. Remain filled with hope, joy, and love. Be holy. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom

Steve Quayle:
You cannot begin training for a battle as you march into it, but must made ready before that time is at hand.

I received this from the Lord Monday morning, 7-13-15 and have been waiting to release this. After hearing more confirming words of the same from Him from others, here it is. I don't know how to post to your sight, so I email you with these words. Please let others read this and be warned.

"Thus saith the Lord, the only God: My Word has been spoken and it has been here for many generations to see; it has been here for many generations to hear by the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been sent mightily through this nation and out to many other nations of the earth, but it has been rejected. As Israel of old turned their backs on Me and judgment came upon them, so you have turned your backs on Me and I have turned My back on you. As you cry out in reveling of your sins, relishing them and flaunting them, so you will cry out in your pain and suffering that shall very shortly come suddenly and swiftly upon you. As you have given your children to the lust of this world so you shall lose your children before your eyes. What was once precious in your sight you have selfishly let go.

My Word has gone forth and it has been ignored by multitudes, including most of My church. My words of warning that have resounded for several decades now have vastly gone unheeded and now it is time to reap the whirlwind of My just judgments. Your weeping and howling and gnashing of teeth that shall so very, very shortly fall upon you will leave you in utter shock and disbelief that this has happened to you here in America. I will come for My people, but you will have to endure until I do come. The sins of this nation reach unto heaven as did the sins of Sodom & Gomorrah and Nineveh; so it is ripe unto judgment and you must be purged. The dross must be taken out of the silver. The fields must be cleansed.

Look to Me now, for it is too late for some of you to begin; your life will be lost, but your soul shall be saved. You cannot begin training for a battle as you march into it, but must made ready before that time is at hand. Take no delay, take no more time to waste, but seek Me diligently and swiftly in My Word, according to My Word, always seeking Jesus and always pointing to Jesus. Nothing that shall be done by any man that is of Me will point anywhere else but to Jesus and My Word all according to My Word. If it does not move, speak and breathe in accordance to My Written Word, reject it and leave it alone; get far away from it. Try the spirits whether they are of Me; you shall try them by My Written Word.

The pangs of judgment are now come upon you. The fires of My jealousy for My espoused will burn across this once great land. The land will tremble and shake, the rivers will overflow and it will be torn asunder. Unheard of violence will spread like an uncontrollable cancer, eating at the very heart of men. Oh, the sorrows of suffering that will be upon you, that you shall shortly see, that you never thought you would see! Look at what happenend to Jersusalem, to Shiloh, to Israel; and you, America, have far gone beyond what they have because of the Light that was shined in you and given to you. Now youwill reap what you have sown. You have sown to the flesh in choosing to indulge in you lusts, and now you will reap what you have sown as I have lifted My hand of protection and My hedge about you is now gone and only around My true, chosen children. Repent, every one of you that have not. Come to Me now before your last heartbeat, for that is all you have. Time is short and no one is promised a tomorrow; come to Me, Jesus Christ, now, before it is too late, for your own individual soul. Stand on My Word. Thus saith the Lord of hosts

+ + +
Julie Whedbee

I AM is in your presence and I AM will guide you in every step on this path of life. My design is perfect and has been created in order for you to achieve the deepest intimacy possible, while still yet here. Those who have ears to hear and obey My voice will have this joy and this peace that you speak of, for your prayers are heard and answered. I have bestowed upon you every good gift, every gift from My Father, every gift from above. There is nothing you shall want for. You have seen My faithfulness this day, and I tell you, you will see more and more.

I will continue to manifest Myself powerfully and in ways never seen before, in ways not expected by man, nor understood by most. For it is only you, who walk with Me and talk with Me, who honor Me and praise Me and glorify My name - you are the chosen ones. You are the ones I will reveal My heart to. It is given unto you the knowledge, the wisdom and the understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven. Storehouses of blessings pour out upon you and will continue. You will have everything you need. You must trust in this.

I have told you many times, and I tell you again, these paradigms are shifting radically, quickly. There is great transformation in this age, the likes of which have never been seen, and so very few are prepared. Rest your minds My precious ones. Be at peace in your spirits and in your hearts. I have placed all of these desires in your heart. You look to the best interest of others, because I have placed that desire within you. It is My heart which dwells within you. You have done what I have asked you to do in that you mirror Me; you are becoming Me. I don't need copies. I need souls that are willing to be Me, that have come to that place of complete surrender, so that I can fill, fill to overflowing, so that when others see you, they see Me. When you speak, they hear My voice. When you reach out to help, it is My hands that comfort. Your feet now only tread in places I would walk.

Did I not tell you that We would become One? We are One. You are One with Me and One with My Father. The Spirit operates as One. You are One family. I have shown you in the spirit, My Bride hearing One voice, One direction, One calling, because I am only One heart.

You are now coming to the realization of what your specific roles are in greater detail. You were shown how the Bride has ascended in the whirlwind of fire to the Throne, the very Throne of Heaven, where I have given each of you personally and individually the scroll that has your design on it. I have told you that you should come deeper and deeper into intimacy with Me, that I would reveal more and more specifically what each of you are to do. You are learning this day by day. Never doubt the plans I have for you, for I would never put you in harm's path. I love you too much!

You have prayed for faith like children. This is being answered. Continue to pray for this- faith that moves mountains, faith that will heal, faith that will raise the dead. You will do these things. Did My Word not speak of this? That you will do these things and more? Great exploits you will do in My name. The world will know who the Great I AM is, and they will know it through you. You are the salt and the light, and do not grow weary. I have equipped you with all that you need. I will give you the strength to persevere. I am faithful and I am true. My Word never changes.

There is no time to hesitate. Forget the past. It is done. Do not worry for the future. Be with Me now. I will instruct you and guide you personally. I give you My peace My children, My sons and My daughters. My rod and My staff, they will guide you. Your names are engraved in the palm of My hand. Though you may walk through the valleys of the shadows of death, you will not fear. You know who you are, embrace this truth and move powerfully forward. I cannot speak these words too many times: boldness, power, authority, courage, strength, perseverance, faith. I cannot be stopped, therefore, you cannot be stopped in what I have spoken for you to do. Walls will crumble at the sound of your voice. You have seen it in My Word, and you will see it again; but you will know it, you will know it in your own lives. For you will speak and it will be I who will be speaking. What has been spoken will come to pass before your very eyes.

So I speak this word to you tonight. Speak forth abundance, multiplication, over-flowing blessings, speak favor over you and all your loved ones, over every situation. Speak power, speak authority, speak strength, speak truth. Speak and it shall be as My words are. For it is I who counsels you. My sheep know My voice. I give you My cloak of Righteousness, I shelter you from the storms ahead. My Mantle protects you always. I will feed you from the wellsprings of My heart. In Me, you will only know love- pure unconditional love, joy and peace, for these are the gifts that I give My children.

I have all in My hands; you have seen this. Lay down your burdens, I will restore you and I will refresh you. Remember, My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Do not be troubled. Do not be anxious. A great and glorious day is dawning. I would have that you would be filled with My peace, My exuberance over what is about to occur. Yes, you will see much. Yes, there will be dark days. Yes, My judgment must come, but as I always tell you, keep My perspective. You no longer see things from this realm, you operate from My perspective. So you understand that judgment will be swift; it will be final, but it is necessary. I assure you, that it will last no longer than is absolutely necessary to purify this earth, and then all will be accomplished according to My Word. Sorrow only lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning. You know this, and it is always darkest before the sun comes up.

Just a short time children, and then I'll bring you home. I have made you to be My kings and My priests in this place. What higher honor could I bestow on you than to lead My people, protect My people, for the wolves would scatter them and kill them and attempt to steal them from Me. Everyone is precious in My sight. You have the greatest honor of helping Me bring in these lost ones. I will tell you again; they will be coming soon, each one hand-selected, each one purposed from the beginning of time for this experience as you were and are. Everyone equal in My sight, everyone loved the same, everyone just as precious as the other. Pour out My compassion upon all those I will send.

Love them as I love you.

I give you My shalom.


[Scripture verses associated with this message can be read here.]

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Jul 25, 2015

The Shroud of Turin and Technoscience (9381)

COMMENTARY: The more the cloth is investigated, the more the evidence accumulates for its authenticity.

Read more:
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Daughter of the Most High God, speak and allow Me to use you as My voice piece to this nation and the nations of the world, and fear not the things that I will say.  

A great and mighty song, a song of the redeemed reverberates in the heavens, as all the saints prepare for the great and terrible Day of The Lord.  To you who call Me your Shepherd and know My voice, and to all of those who have gone before you, it has been given unto you to know the season that you are in.  I have been speaking of times and seasons- appointed times.  You have the understanding. And those who seek Me with all of their hearts will be given this understanding as well. And although terror and chaos will reign around you, My peace you will know.  I am The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Hear Me roar and the heavens thunder,  as I come to bring judgment where judgment is due.  

I will over turn all. I will shake every foundation to its core.  Already, the great threshing is taking place, as My angels sift and I separate the sheep from the goats. No more will I allow the abominations and the filth to stand.  No more will I allow My people to play harlot.  The day is far spent, and I tell you My children, night is come.  

I will tear this once mighty nation in two.  I will strip her of all that made her glorious in the past.  My once mighty hand of protection and blessing has been removed and this nation will fall. Utter will be her destruction, and she will know no relief.  I have given her over to all that she has desired,  for I AM a God of My Word, and when you seek darkness, you shall have it in all of its entirety, nothing held back.  America, you have reaped what you have sowed.  I am done with you!  I will show you who is The Lord God Almighty, The Creator of all things.

Hear Me now My sheep, My children and those of you that I call My friends.  Fear not My little ones for I will protect you from all that is evil and all that is coming upon this earth.  I have sealed you in your foreheads with the seal of The Living God and you will not be touched.  For all of those who are preparing places of safety for My people, stand firm and know they shall be coming very, very soon.  Worry not the things that have not manifested as far as supplies, for my storehouses of blessings will be super- naturally upon you as I know all things required.  Thank you for your obedience, but know that I will always meet you in the steps that you have taken and provide all.  I will protect and I will multiply.  I will establish all that is necessary to sustain all of those in these places, so have no fear My children. Only trust.  My supply is endless.  And as you are in Me and I am in My Father, all belongs to you.

In a moment, when the wicked will think not, all will commence.  In one day and in one hour, it will be so.  Do not grow weary and become faint My saints and My warriors, for I provide all of the grace that is sufficient, all that you need.  For My word is true.     I am ever faithful.  You know this.  

Many, many, many will die in their sins, and for this My heart grieves, for it was never My desire that one should be lost.  This is a time children that I wish you to reflect and remember and intercede for all of those you know.  Never cease praying.  For in a moment, for so many, it will be too late.  For their time will have come,  and the choice will not have been made for Me.  Know the heart of your Father and the love that has been poured out for all of you.  

Come deeper now My sons and My daughters.  It is the moment to completely cover yourself with My robe of righteousness, to hide yourself from the indignation as it passes.  Shield your eyes and cover your ears.  Come under My mantle of protection.  Anoint your homes and your families.  You may do this also in the spirit for loved ones that are not near.  Cover them in My blood.  Ask for My holy protection, for My angels to surround them as well as you and your places of dwelling.  

Children, seal all around you, as I give you this hedge of protection for I tell you the ark door is closing.  I have shown you in the spirit last night that all that has been prophesied in My Word, the evil that will be unleashed - comes in these judgments.  The gates of hell have been opened and terror will reign.  

As My Holy Spirit brings it to your consciousness throughout these days, I would ask My dear ones to have a heart of contriteness and humility, brokenness and repentance.  Come to Me as lowly and meek lambs, surrendering all in every moment, continually asking for Me to keep you purified and holy as I AM holy, for it is in this that your transformation will come.  You will be fed from My rivers of living water.  Pray to be used in the spirit mightily and it shall be given unto you.  Pray to be My hands, My feet and to speak the words that I give you.  Pray to manifest from the supernatural and it shall be so.  Pray for My anointing and it shall be upon you.  Pray for the words from Our Father and they shall be given unto you.  Pray to reach the hearts of men and your prayers will be heard.  Pray to minister and to heal and to rescue and it shall be done.  Never doubt that each prayer is heard and answered according to Our Father's will.  

Have faith children, have faith! To whom much is given, much is required, but I will raise you up as mighty warriors, and you will do mighty exploits in My name and for My glory.  

Be in Me this day and always, knowing that it is I, Your King, Your Lord, The Creator of All who dwells in this your tabernacles.  I will share with you all of My wise counsel, wisdom and understanding.  You will have this to guide you along the ways that I will bring you.  

Abide in Me and all will be well with your souls.  

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Church of the United States of America!
Don’t Lose Hope… This Is Your Finest Hour Says The Lord…

Lana Vawser
June 27, 2015

As someone who has a great love and heart for the United States of America, I was grieved along with fellow believers at the decision from the Supreme Court today “redefining” marriage.

I felt the discouragement and sadness of many in the USA, the questions, the feeling of “not understanding”, the confusion and the feeling of not having their “voices” heard. Many disheartened that they are now faced with an outcome they either did not agree with or believed for.

As I pondered this before the Lord suddenly the words flooded my heart.

“It is always darkest before the dawn. Darkest before the moment of greater victory.”

I was left with the sense that for many that are feeling this ‘outcome’ as great darkness that there is still hope for the USA and to encourage the people of God in the United States, that even though for them it may seem like ‘defeat’ in many ways, God is not finished with the USA. The words flooded my heart again that the Lord gave me months ago “There is still gold in the USA.”

Even in the midst of a nation that has taken a stand against biblical principles and away from the God-ordained and created definition of marriage, He is the one who defines marriage, not a court system. Certainly there are spiritual laws, we reap what we sow, but I felt the heart of God for this people to NOT GIVE UP HOPE. Do NOT give up hope, even when you feel like you are at the end of your rope. Even when you are faced with a situation such as this that is disheartening and discouraging, can I encourage you to continue to contend for the USA. Continue to call her forth into her destiny. Despite the “mess” that is before your eyes, continue to call out the GOLD in the USA. There is still GOLD in the USA and the Lord has a great destiny for the USA.

I felt the Lord saying: “Many have perceived this as the enemy having victory, but I have GREATER victory planned!!!!!”

I then saw myself standing above what looked like a HUGE map of the United States of America and there was mess everywhere. It looked like things were being turned upside down, it seemed like there was CHAOS everywhere. The people of God were looking on at the chaos going on around them, and were giving up hope. Committing the USA to doom. Do not align yourself with the darkness. Do not align your words with darkness. Suddenly, I saw the fire of God begin to burn pathways through the nation for His people to walk through. As they began to walk upon these paths, angelic hosts on either side of these paths began to sing LOUDLY. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HEAR THE VICTORY! HERE IS THE VICTORY. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HEAR THE VICTORY! HERE IS THE VICTORY.

"Suddenly words BOOMED through every part of my being:

"I am raising up an army in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that will not be swayed by what they see and will not give up. In the midst of areas of darkness in the nation, I am raising up My Church. This is THE GREATEST HOUR for My people in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. IN AMONGST the darkness, I am positioning My people as they stay close to Me, to SHINE like never before. As more darkness has seemingly begun to fall upon the nation, My Church is about to rise and shine (Isaiah 60) like NEVER BEFORE and SHOW the nation of the United States what VICTORY LOOKS LIKE. An army not moved by victory in the “NATURAL” but moving from a place of ASSURED CONTINUAL VICTORY by standing STRONG in Me. Church of America, this is your FINEST HOUR!!!! It’s time to ARISE. Some of the greatest demonstrations of My power, and My love are going to be seen in this day. DO NOT give up hope. For in the darkness, you will find your FINEST HOUR. It is always darkest before the dawn. The dawn of the sons and daughters of Glory arising to show the nation what TRUE VICTORY looks like.”

People of the United States, I call you friends, and I love your nation. I stand with you. I contend with you. I believe with you. Despite what your eyes see, do NOT give up hope. For this is the finest hour for the Church of the United States of America. You are going to shine brighter than you have ever shone as you stay close to Him.

Call out the gold in the United States. She STILL has a destiny. There is still gold WITHIN HER. Show the nation what TRUE VICTORY looks like by walking in your God given authority and destiny. The darkness many of you are seeing, is a great opportunity to shine His light and Glory in ways you have never before.

It really is time to arise!

Standing with you!

Lana Vawser


Lana Vawser is married to Kevin, and they are living in Brisbane, Australia with their two sons. Lana and Kevin's heart is to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. They have a heart to see people free and walking in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day.  Lana is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and over the nations through both the pulpit and the internet.  Lana preaches regularly and ministers prophetically calling people into a constant pursuit of His heart and hearing His voice for themselves and others.

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Terry Bennett returns to Trunews give an update on the prophetic message he was given in 2001 about three sets of seven years between 2008 and 2029. 2008 to 2014 is seven years of economic shaking.  Terry believes “shakings” in the political realm will start in August 2015.  Rick Wyles has also prophetically been given similar warnings for the same time period (the Lord telling him his ministry will be until 2030) and their discussion is very interesting:

Tuesday June 17, 2015 [Download]

An economic warning through a prophecy of the highly regarded David Wilkerson

Key points to remember about this vision:
  1. From the time the first country goes down, you'll have two weeks to get your money out of the bank.

  2. America will come through this crisis---there will be a restoration.

  3. But the nation will never be like it was before...

  4. God is saying: Get our lives straight...Get rid of the idols...Seek the face of God in holiness...

  5. God will be a wall of fire about you...And the glory in the midst of you!

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Those who live in the Spirit will never be at home in the world, and indeed the world will hate them…

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Romans 8:5-8 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. For this reason the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law—indeed it cannot, and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

“Beloved children, make every effort to live always in the Spirit. Let the flesh serve the Spirit, for to deny the Spirit in favour of the flesh is death. Submit your mind and your heart in all things to God. This is the way of life and peace. Those who live in the Spirit will never be at home in the world, and indeed the world will hate them. Do not let this disturb you, for your home in heaven is waiting for you. There you will know with surpassing certainty that you belong. Therefore live each moment as if you are already there. In this way, you will have no sorrow, no fear. All will seem so small and temporary. This sojourn in a foreign land is your test, my children. Are you with me or against me? Live in the Spirit, for the Spirit, and through the Spirit and you will begin your heaven on earth. Be at peace, my children, no matter what happens. Shalom.”

Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, Blessed Spirit of Love, we praise and thank you for making heaven available to us while in exile. Help us to put to death all that is earthly and live always in the Spirit, for the Spirit, and through the Spirit. Send us your grace so that we can overcome all the temptations of the flesh that assail us. Help us to live only and always in your will. We love you, we praise you, and we thank you through the Flame of Love of our Blessed Mother. Amen.

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Family of God,

Father God began speaking this message directly after the Supreme Court ruling in the United States which recently legalized gay marriage in our nation. This occurred on June 26, 2015, a most terrible day for this country. May God have mercy on us who believe...

Oh America, land of the free, home of the brave; how mighty and powerful have you seen yourself. Yet, you are sinners in the hands of an angry God. You are so courageous in that you will stand face to face with the God of all creation, the very One who formed you from dust and breathed My spirit into you, and you will openly and defiantly mock My commandments and all that I AM. 


How dare you defy the One and only, true and living God! You have fought long and hard to call good - evil, and evil - good. You have rejected all that is sacred and all that is holy for filth and for all that is profane. You have twisted My laws and crammed perversity down the throats of innocent generations. 

Abominations after abominations follow your selfish desires. You have chosen darkness over light, although My hand of mercy had always been extended to you.  My anger and My wrath is kindled and I cannot watch any longer. 

I am a God who gives you the desires of your heart, and your desires are putrid and they are vile. You may now reap what you have sown. I turn you over to all that you lust for and all that you have elevated above Me. Do not cry out to Me as you wallow in your sin and blame Me for your fate. For it is you who choose utter darkness as your path.

I will come in My judgments against you with a vengeance and a fury unlike you have ever seen, and then you will see who is God! I will rain down fire and brimstone upon your heads and cause you to choke on all the lies you speak. Destruction comes to your land. The harbingers are all around you. The end is here!

To My faithful remnant, I will cause you to be lifted up on wings of eagles and your path will be white as snow. I have hedged you in on all sides. Fear not this day, My judgments as I will not forget My own. Turn your eyes away from all that I must do to purge this nation of her disobedience. 

Bury your face in My heart and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your redemption draws near. I have prepared a place for those who love Me, and it is far beyond what you can imagine. 

I would not tell you this if it was not so. 




for corresponding scripture:  

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The dawn from on high shall break upon you…

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Luke 1:78-79 By the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Dear friends, I have been struggling with how to convey to you a vision I had a couple of mornings ago just before waking. I am afraid I will have to subject you to one of my attempts at drawing the vision. The vision was brief but very clear. However, my artistic gifts are sadly lacking. Still I will try, as the message is one of great hope tied to the Scripture passage above.

I seemed to be standing on the top of a very high promontory in winter and looking into a valley. The promontory was something like the outcropping in this photo:

promontory in winter

It was dawn and all the snow had a pink tint to it, very beautiful. Something had just happened where I was standing and a cloud halo like in the drawing below was generated and moved out over the valley.

Dawn from on high

Upon reflection I felt that it was the “dawn from on high” breaking upon us “to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” I felt very hopeful. I also felt this was the beginning moments of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Alleluia! He is near!

Some warnings:

Read about the Vision Pope Leo had here and then the message below (note that God promises to protect His Remnant and a bright future):

Friday, June 19, 2015


June 19, 2015
I went directly into prayer upon waking, as I do each morning. I immediately was in a vision, standing behind Yahushua in a white robe and hood, sitting next to satan in a black robe and hood. They were having a conversation about the hour we are in. The Lord was somber and very contemplative as He listened to satan remind Him of the agreement that was made so very long ago.
Permission has been granted to try the hearts of men, and they were discussing the details of how much power satan was permitted for these last days. Yahushua then confirmed to me that satan now has the most power to take souls away from Him, that he has ever had at any other time in history. A countdown has begun, and it is irreversible.
At times, it is hard for me to describe what Yahushua reveals to me in words, as He often communicates with me spirit to spirit. I can only say that it has been confirmed that the clock strikes midnight. I have never seen anything in the spirit before as I did today with this conversion between Light and darkness...
I then received words from our Father to give to you. May His mercy cover you.
The greatest assault of all time has been launched against My people. What has been set in motion now cannot be stopped. The angelic realm are poised and positioned and await their orders. Permission is granted-judgment falls. Tremble ye, oh you inhabitants of the earth, for the darkest hours are yet to come.
Judgment will be measured out equivalent to the stench of the unrighteous ones' sins in My nostrils. I am a just Judge; therefore, punishment will be rendered where punishment is due. You, the murderers and idolaters, the liars and the proud, the perverted and the wicked, you will now suffer the fate that you deserve. The die is cast for the blatantly unrepentant. There is no turning back now. You have been examined and you have been found wanting. You relish in filth and in darkness and this will now be served in its entirety. You have chosen the lord of darkness over Me, The only Creator and Light of the World. It is you who makes the choice, and it is you who will be accountable for your eternity without Me.
To My remnant I say- Believe! Believe with all your hearts in My holy Word and all of the promises I have given you. Stand firm! Stand in My strength and in My authority. In Me, your mighty Fortress, you cannot be shaken.
Don your garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness, for your joy comes, He who is the Morning Star. The whole earth will soon be filled with the glory of My church as she arises to meet her Bridegroom. I have promised you no more tears, no more sadness, as the Great I AM readies to rid the world of its darkness, once and for all.
Hide yourselves in Me, while I cleanse, refine, and purify all that is not of Me. Trust Me and My words, that it must be so, or I would not be speaking this to you. Do not leave the Ark now, and do not look behind you... *
Light of the World, Destroyer of all Darkness
(*) When The Lord speaks about not looking behind us from The Ark while these judgments are happening, He means not to take our eyes off of Him.  We must have complete trust in Him.
Matthew 11:12King James Version (KJV)
12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force
Joel 2:1King James Version (KJV)
1 Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand;
Psalm 1:5King James Version (KJV)
5 Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
2 Peter 2:21King James Version (KJV)
21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

Daniel 5:27King James Version (KJV)
27 Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
Psalm 18:2King James Version (KJV)
2 The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Psalm 46:1King James Version (KJV)
1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
2 Peter 1:19King James Version (KJV)
19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

Isaiah 61:3King James Version (KJV)
3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

Revelation 21:4King James Version (KJV)
4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
Philippians 3:13King James Version (KJV)
13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
Posted by Julie daughter of the King at Friday, June 19, 2015

The time is now My loves to fully engage on all levels; powerful in love, courageous in Kingdom authority. Engage in this moment of now, all that I have taught you.

A great and terrible evil covers this earth and it is only My complete indwelling, the fullness of who I am within you, that can stand in total victory, as the hordes of hell are unleashed.

I am a covenant keeping God, and I am faithful and true. I will fulfill all of my promises to you My overcomers. You have nothing to fear. The veil has been parted and the windows of heaven are open so that you may draw from Me, the Source, all that you require to be victorious. Doubt and hesitation have been far removed from you and you have stepped into your priestly roles.

I am about to shake the heavens and the earth mightily but I am the solid rock on which you stand. Listen very carefully to Me as I will guide you and give you My wise counsel in any situation you face. You will perform mighty exploits in My name. Watch and see what I am about to do. My great refining fire rains upon the lands and I will purify once again, all that is not of Me.

Mysteries upon mysteries are being revealed at ever-increasing speeds as the culmination of all things has arrived. As I have told you, obedience is your key, no matter how things appear. All is not as it seems, so only listen to your Shepherd's voice. I will lead you on paths of righteousness for My name's sake and miracles upon miracles will astound you.

A new day is dawning, but first - The Great Purification.

Be at peace My love(s), for I carry you in the palm of My hand!


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Larry Taylor News Flash #2 ~ June 10, 2015  [link] {embedded in images}

Larry Taylor News Flash #2 ~ June 10, 2015 | larrywtaylor 

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direct link to Planet X warning:
Behold I Come

Revelation 22:12 Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
Monday, June 1, 2015
Come to Me on bended knee, interceding for the sins of this nation and those of the world,  for this is a most perverse and wicked generation. You have seen the destruction coming and know that it must be so,  for never before has sin reached a level such as this. I have turned My eyes away for so long at the injustices and the terrible deeds men do in this place, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to the great deeds of darkness.

I have spoken of a time when the cries of those slain, that are under My altar would be heard and their prayers answered. This is that time. You ask why there must be so much destruction, why so violent? I tell you this, that a mere thought by Me could vaporize the entire earth, taking My Bride and leaving nothing behind. It is always out of My mercy that I do all things. When I tell you that you will see those that will be in great terror and pain; when I speak of the wailing and gnashing of teeth, know this is something none of you has ever seen or heard before, or will again.

 This despair that will befall those who have turned their backs on Me will be so great, and what you will see is souls in complete and utter despair. I cannot describe to you what this will be like; I can only tell you over and over.  Prepare! Prepare! Prepare yourselves! I need those who know Me intimately and walk with Me to minister to these lost ones and not be affected by their cries of anguish and pain. What you will see will be chilling. It will be the greatest horrors this world has ever known.
 But you see, My plan is perfect because unfortunately for many it is only out of great and intense pain and suffering that they cry out to Me. Should I turn My back on them and not care for their existence? Their pain would be lessened for they would simply vanish. But this is not My desire. There has been ample time over the centuries for people to turn to Me.
 Now the end must come.
Although fiery and painful, tremendously powerful in might, it will still offer the opportunity for a choice to be made. Beauty will come from the ashes. This is why it must be done in this way. One day, I will show you all things and you will understand. But for now, it is enough to know that all of these things must take place and it is out of My great love for all that I do these things.

Pray unceasingly. Remain steadfast and be of good courage My soldiers and My army, My warriors. Fight the good fight of faith in strength and honor, loyalty and bravery, showing goodness, kindness and mercy to all as it has been shown to you.

 Who will stand before the Great I AM? Who will stand?
 YAHUSHUA+ + + +
Very interesting article on Spirit Daily.

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The Young littlest of servants May 21, 2015

 While walking and praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet Jesus
 spoke and told me that we needed to pray the Divine Mercy
Chaplet for the young people who commit suicide. That if we
 prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the expressed intention
that it was for the young people who commit suicide He would
save their souls. That this was greatly needed at this time and
that we should begin to pray the Chaplet for them immediately,
 without delay.

+ + + 
We should all be listening to as often as we can. They have podcasts or mp3's each day you can download to your computer  Rick Wyles is a true man of God reporting what is really happening in these end of days; the end of times as we know them.  He is one of the few men that has not and can not be muzzled. He has had a few visions that were validated by those close to him proving to me, and by his words I have been listening too since the late 90's, that he is a true prophet of God.  He interviews generals, statesmen, and others in the know that are willing to speak out the truth, although they may fear for their lives.
On May 7th and 8th he aired an interview with Mena Lee Grebin that is an astounding warning to the USA and the world.  Rick's visions agree with what Mena has been seeing in visions since she was 7 years old.  Rick's discernment believes what she is saying is coming from God.  These are a must listen if you have a healthy fear (respect) of the Lord. Mena was told that only one in ten of those who pray to God are known by God and might hope to escape the tribulation that is coming before the next election.  That the rest would be tested in the fire, through great trials, but that we are also entering a great revival.

I went into deep worship  with the Lord this morning. Afterwards, the Lord spoke to me in the bathroom and said; "I have something to show you; come into the secret place." So I went into my closet and placed the tallit over my head in prayer. I entered into the spirit realm; in a vision, and I saw the American flag. It's colors were dingy and dark. Shortly afterwards, words begin to appear on the flag. It read; America Will Burn. The Lord said; "The stench of this nation's sin has reached my nostrils"

Next, I found myself somewhere crouching down behind a big rock. The Lord spoke and said; "Rise up. Look over the rock." When I did I saw that I was high up on a mountain ledge, overlooking a valley below. Far off in the distance I saw troops marching. The Lord spoke and said; "Tell my Bride, I AM the rock, I AM the fortress. I will keep you high above and I will protect you from the enemy and from the coming destruction. You will see the enemy from the distance, and will know how to pray, and I will shield you. Tell them they MUST Trust Me, they MUST Obey Me, and do not fear what the natural eye sees, and what the natural ears hear. I AM Coming.

I asked the Lord to give me a scripture to confirm what He was telling me was about to unfold. He said; "Jeremiah 17."

Saints, I don't even know what more to say. Even as I was typing this, I was searching my spirit for more comforting words; but the Lord had me to write this exactly the way it was given; nothing more, nothing less.

But read Jeremiah 17, because when I read it after getting out of prayer, I saw where it promises that the Lord will keep those who are in Him. But I want each of you to know that you must seek wisdom on how you can specifically prepare. I'm only a mouthpiece, and I have my own internal things to get in order. So many people are asleep. So many of us are so focused on arguing about useless things; things that aren't even going to determine one's salvation. We need to wake up. The storm is here. We can't "pray" this one away Saints.

Another thing He showed me:

While I was travailing in the Spirit, I saw oil raining down from heaven onto the earth. The Lord had me interceding for the Bride. He said; "The final outpouring. Through the chaos, I will rise up a mighty army who will walk in signs and miracles and in great authority upon the earth. The harvest is ripe and the time is at hand."

Share this with the Body of Christ.

Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries
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Saving the United States,
from littlest of servants May 6, 2015

 I am being inspired by the Holy Spirit to write what I know deep in
 my Heart.
 Beginning in 1973 with the Supreme Court decision allowing abortion
 the Eternal Father began to remove His Arm of Protection from the
 United States. He did not desire this but we were asking for it by
 rebelling against His Commandment, "Thou shall not kill." Since
 that time the rebellion has continued and about ten years ago the
United States was put in spiritual ICU, that is the United States was
on spiritual life support. It was only the PRAYING CHRISTIANS, THIS

 However, we have now reached critical mass.

 We will have used the great gifts given to us by our Heavenly Father
of intellect, memory and free will not to shout out to Him that we thank
you Father and we wish to serve you but, instead to shout out that

With that we will begin our fall into the abyss of hell. That will be economic
 collapse and chaos.
The United States was founded by Christian men who gave this nation
to Jesus Christ and as a result we have been the most blessed nation in
 the history of the world. Christians can save this nation from certain ruin
by praying that Jesus Christ send the Holy Spirit to change the minds
of our Supreme Court Judges so that they will rule against homosexual


 Catholics need to storm Heaven with prayers especially the Rosary
asking for Our Lady's intercession. Orthodox and Protestants need to
 storm Heaven with their prayers.


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A good review and tidbits from the book "Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary" written by the nuns who lived with Fatima seer Lucia of Jesus of the Immaculate Heart
The book reveals that Sister Lucia had an "enlightenment" which adds details to the third secret. It had to do with the angel's flaming sword touching the earth -- not just to start what appeared to be a potential fire or war, most probably a nuclear holocaust (until Mary quenched it) but to affect the axis of the earth.
"Today Portugal is under the weight of the three social sins that require reparation and conversion: divorce, abortion, and the civil marriage between persons of the same sex. It is a great moral crisis that explains all other crises. A body sick with gangrene does better with treatments, but while the disease improves, treatment does not eradicate the source of evil, and death will be the end."

+ + +
+ + + +

Jesus told me that everyone seven years and above will experience the following during the Warning. This will all take place in a matter of minutes although if deep in darkness (serious sin) then it will seem a lot longer.

  1. Jesus will open everyone's HEART no matter if it is cold as ice and hard as stone (filled with hate).
  2. When your HEART is opened by His LOVE you will begin to see with the eyes of your soul and not your intellect.
  3. You will then see His Mother and realize that SHE is indeed the FOUNTAIN of the LIVING WATER that is, GOD is with HER.
  4. You will desire to drink from this FOUNTAIN and all will will do so.
  5. When you drink you will meet the HOLY SPIRIT OF DIVINE LOVE who will then introduce you to JESUS CHRIST WHO IS DIVINE MERCY.
  6. It is at this time that the your eyes will behold a LIGHT GREATER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS AND A LOVE SO POWERFUL you will desire to be united with that LOVE with all your being.
  8. Those who have united themselves to JESUS ( those that have been practicing confession, expressing sorrow for their sins and receiving the EUCHARIST) will move toward the LIGHT.
  9. Those in a state of serious sin will have a STRONG DESIRE to move away the LIGHT and further into darkness.
  11. Those souls moving away from the LIGHT and further into darkness will experience GREATER AND GREATER PAIN AND FEAR!!! Yet they will continue unless the they have the light of the HOLY SPIRIT within them despite their serious sins. (If the faithful have been praying for them despite their serious sins the light of the HOLY SPIRIT WILL BURN WITHIN THEM)
  12. These souls despite having serious sins will begin to move toward the LIGHT although still experiencing GREAT PAIN AND FEAR.
  13. Those souls with no light will continue to move toward the darkness until they, DESPITE TREMENDOUS PAIN AND FEAR, WILL PLUNGE THEMSELVES INTO THE ABYSS OF DARKNESS.
  15. Those souls that have the light of the HOLY SPIRIT will ask JESUS FOR HIS LOVE AND MERCY and will express great sorrow for their sins.
  17. For the souls who have plunged themselves into the great abyss of darkness they will express no sorrow for their sins and will even shout back at JESUS CHRIST REJECTING COMPLETELY HIS LOVE AND MERCY. Some of these souls will be lost forever into the fires of HELL as they will die at this moment never experiencing the LOVE AND MERCY OF JESUS CHRIST AND THEIR ETERNAL FATHER IN HEAVEN.

Let us offer this prayer to the MOST HOLY TRINITY through our Mother's MOST IMMACULATE HEART.



Message from the Eternal Father- April 14th, 2015

"At this time in the history of mankind I wish to reveal to My children the GREATNESS OF MY LOVE.

This LOVE OF MINE which has no limits has been lost in the minds of My children beginning with the fall in the garden. Since that time My children have continued to fall further and further away from MY LOVE. Now many of My children do not even know ME or if they do they think I AM vengeful Father who wishes to punish them.




Sunday, April 5, 2015


Many things are occurring daughter of Zion on this My feast of Passover. As My people Israel were freed from their bondage in Egypt and protected from the judgments to come, so now I protect My own and keep them from the destruction at hand. Just as in those times when the blood of the lamb was required to be placed on the mantles and the doorposts, it is only My blood and My seal which will cover you in this late hour. As the angel of death passed over My own, so now again I will keep My beloved from death, and she will pass from this world which lives in death, to a new and glorious Resurrection in Me. I no longer come as the Lamb that is slain but as the Lion of Judah, powerful and mighty, triumphant and victorious. A new day dawns as the former things pass away, death to life, corruptible to incorruptible.

My beloved knows that the vain doctrines and practices of men are of no effect with Me. I look no more at the loose babblings and shallow attempts to pacify Me with their pointless sacrifices. I only see the true hearts of men and the motives behind every thought, word and deed. I have always told you, it is a heart matter.

Draw ever closer My loves, closer than ever before, as truly My words ring true. I have spoken that I am coming and that your redemption draws nigh and you now know this as your truth. Daughter of the most high, I confirmed you have heard the thunder in the distance, but you also know it is much closer than the last time you heard it. Do not become discouraged as to do so displays a lack of faith that I will perform all of those things spoken of in My word, and blessed are they who have ears to hear that I am Faithful and True. My design is perfect and you must trust in My timing. Surely I say it will come to pass and let it be known it will happen sooner than you believe. Obedience children, it is always the key.

Most assuredly I say to you, you who abide in the Garden of My heart will feel Me approaching and know, My loves – you will know I come for you.


Friday, April 10, 2015


Daughter you come this night and you ask if I have any words for you or if there are any words for My people. I would ask you, how many times have I spoken of the fountains of mercy, the unlimited and never-ending mercy that I have had for all mankind? I would speak to you about love and how My love runs deeper than the deepest canyons of this earth. And I would speak to you of My heart and I only wish that everyone would understand the depths of My love for them, and how precious every one is in My sight. 

I came here to love, I came here to serve. I came here to be the lowliest and the meekest of all. My example was the greatest example that ever was. I would tell you to tell My people, thank you for those who have had ears to hear. For those who have read My words and consumed Me, for those who have taken the time to understand My heart, I would tell you to tell them---thank you. For the love that a Father has for His children, that He would die for them, is what I have always wanted to express. Those who have heard this message and taken it to heart, who abide in Me, who obey Me, who walk in humility and surrender, who seek My face and My will, these are closest to My heart. 

You ask, what about the rest? I will say that I have very few words left for them. For My time of speaking of warnings is coming to an end. The coldness of the hearts of men is like never before and I will come to recompense judgement-for I must. This is who I am. I am a just and faithful God, I am a jealous God. I will always fulfill everything I have ever spoken. My true servants know this and they stand ready for the time has come. 

This is the year of the great shaking. This is the year of the great unraveling. Everything that is done will now come undone. You have seen (in my visions) the skies roll back as a scroll. This is now become your reality. Everything that will be shaken is being shaken. I will turn all of creation upside down. For all of creation groans for the coming of the manifested sons, groans for My return. The souls under the altar at My Throne beg for justice to be served and have waited long and with great faith. I speak of those that have been forgotten and laid down their lives for My names sake, to spread these very words, unhindered, unabashed, the faith that moves mountains, the faith that I give you if you would just ask. 

The fullness of time has come. I will manifest Myself powerfully to those who walk in Me, with Me, and allow Me to manifest through them-their empty and holy vessels, My tabernacles. For you, this is a new and glorious day and there is nothing you should fear for the God of all creation infuses you and will completely transform you and draw you to Himself. 

Such power and such majesty! This is who I am! This is how I will come! I will come to shake nations, I will come to rend hearts. I will come to establish dominion, authority, kingship, and all will know that the Great I AM has spoken. The Great I AM who was, who is, and who is coming-coming so quickly children, so quickly...

You have had ample time to respond. The opportunities have presented themselves. It has been your choice which path you have chosen and which god you will follow. There is only one God. It is I AM and I AM leads you into an eternity full of love and grace. But the god of this world leads to utter destruction and death, but many continue to choose this god over Me. 

So daughter,  you ask, what words do I have? What more would you like Me to say? What more can I do? How much more love could a Father show than what has already been given to you? 

to see supporting scripture:
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Augusto Perez, Larry Taylor & Marcus Samuel  {link below}  Prophetic Roundtable Radio Show [archived] where they discuss visions and supernatural experiences

Catherine Emmerich revelation:

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Pelianato blog
April 4th:

It is when you see all about you falling into ruin that the triumph is most near…

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Nehemiah 9:6-7 And Ezra said: “You are the Lord, you alone; you have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host; the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. To all of them you give life, and the host of heaven worships you. You are the Lord.”

“My beloved children, victory is near! It is when you see all about you falling into ruin that the triumph is most near. Do not despair; do not lose hope, but always and everywhere place your trust in me. Be like our Mother at the foot of the cross, she who did not lose faith even for one second. Unite your will to hers as she united hers to mine. This is a sure way to live in the Divine Will. Children, I am blessing you and my Mother is blessing you. Rejoice! I have conquered, and I will conquer again!”

O my Jesus, I place all my trust in your merciful Heart. Thank you for blessing us! In your mercy, allow us to be channels of your blessing to all those we encounter, so that hope and trust in you may spread wherever we go. Blessed Mother, thank you for your care. Please pray for us. Jesus and Mary, we love you! Amen.

+ + + +
Children of My Divine Heart,

 I love you with an everlasting love. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and End of All. I Am. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission to love you. I yearn for your love. My heart breaks for love of you. My heart breaks as I witness your disobedience, and rebellion. Hear Me. Time is of the essence. Events foretold will now manifest in the lives of humanity. Events foretold will slowly begin to unfold before your very eyes, but do not fear. Satan has plans to destroy the Earth. Your world will undergo many calamities, disruptions in weather patterns, and man made cataclysms. Be warned. Do not fear men. Be strong. Pray for the graces you require, and remain in prayer. I will guide, and protect you, Beloved. Keep My commandments, and seek out My consecrated Sons. My Chosen prophets will now be known to you. I have instructed them to come forth, and to serve in all humility. They will answer My call, and take up arms to fight, and do My bidding. You will recognize them for My seal will be on all they say. They will invite you to live as saints, and to put an end to all practices that offend Me. They will not compromise My divine will, and spread lies. Look to the Holy Scriptures for discernment, My Little Ones. Repent. Get to know Me. I Am, your heavenly Father, commands you to obey. Seek My face, and abide in Me. Honor Me until you draw your final breath. Honor Me, and freely give yourselves to Me. I force no one. I respect your choices, but you must understand that you condemn yourselves to eternal damnation, when you choose Satan over Me. I bless you now. My triune blessing is yours to share with those who cross your path. Shalom

+ + + +

St. John the Baptist Eucharistic Chapel
Costa Mesa, California, at 10:30am

My dear son,

I come to you today as the Redeemer and Saviour of all mankind, for in the very near future my return to all of you, as prophesied, will transform the Earth into a place of renewal and a return to the ways of your Lord and Saviour.

My journey with all of you, since my birth and transformation to an earthly incarnate being, was only the beginning of the plan of the Father in Heaven to return this earthly place to the plan that the Father has always had for those of you who occupy the Earth during your ever so brief existence here.

Surely by now you recognize that you are spiritual beings created by the Father in Heaven and that you have a mission here during your earthly life to do the will of God. How far have the inhabitants of Earth fallen from the ways of the Lord that sins of greed and power over others have become the rule of the land - instead of what the Father intended - that all of God's children would live here on Earth during your earthly existence to honor and serve the Father in Heaven and not to worship the riches of this earth, which will disappear into nothingness, when each and every one of you returns to the spiritual existence from where you came, hopefully in a state of grace.

My journey with you now is the same as it was 2000 years ago, when I became one of you in physicality in order to fulfill the promises of the Father in Heaven which has been prophesied to mankind since the ancient times.

Now in these times, I am here among you, my brothers and sisters, to fulfill the prophesy of my Presence in the End Times, for you are now in the greatest time of change for modern humanity in that the Great Transformation is soon to take place, so that all of you living on the face of the Earth will be confronted by a very visible manifestation of the Father in Heaven through His Son, for I am the Lord, Saviour and Redeemer of the world.

Look forward with anticipation to the events that are to take place to transform all of humanity from the darkness in which you now live to the Light of the Father in Heaven, which will soon be revealed to each and every one of you in a magnificent manner, so that you will truly know that you are experiencing the Love of the Father in Heaven as well as His Son.

Then you will truly know that the Great Transformation is taking place that will cause all of you to bow before your Creator and realize that all of your sinful endeavors on this Earth were in vain, for you will recognize that only through the Father in Heaven and His Son will there be true salvation in the eternal life, as it has been ordained by the Father in Heaven.

I ask all of you, my brothers and sisters, to prepare for the Great Illumination of Souls, for the events will happen very soon in preparation for the Great Shaking that will catch the attention of all of humanity.

The Great Illumination of Souls will prepare all of you to be Servants of your Lord and Saviour, as well as prepare you for the great geophysical and geopolitical events that will occur in conjunction with the Great Transformation - for all of these events will happen in your times to assure that the New Heaven and New Earth that the Father has promised you will become the reality of your new earthly world!

Thanks Be To God!

Message ended 10:43am

+ + +
from a near death experience

Yvonne says they walked through heaven. 

““And he (Jesus) told me, “I tell you in my word, to ask for all things small or large,"” says Yvonne. ““And people don't either feel worthy or they feel like they're bothering him or it's too much to ask or that they don't believe in Christ or heaven. And he says, "But remember to tell people 'ask.'"

Then Jesus told her she had to go back and asked her to deliver a message.
“I want you to tell people everything that I've showed you,” Yvonne remembers, “I want you to tell them about my love, my forgiveness, and that they can come as they are. I want them to repent with a sincere heart and follow my laws."

+ + + +

Message to Mirjana- March 2nd, 2015

Dear children! You are my strength. You, my apostles, who with your love, humility and silence of prayer are making it possible for one to come to know my Son. You live in me. You carry me in your heart. You know that you have a mother who loves you and who has come to bring love. I am looking at you in the Heavenly Father - your thoughts, your pains, your sufferings - and I offer them to my Son. Do not be afraid and do not lose hope, because my Son listens to his mother. Since he was born he loves and I desire for all of my children to come to know that love. I desire that all those who left him because of their pain and misunderstanding may return to him and that all those who have never known him may come to know him. That is why you are here, my apostles, and I as a mother am with you. Pray for the firmness of faith, because love and mercy come from firm faith. Through love and mercy you will help all those who are not aware that they are choosing darkness instead of light. Pray for your shepherds because they are the strength of the Church which my Son left to you. Through my Son, they are the shepherds of souls. Thank you.
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Pelianato Journal:

Psalm 99:5 Extol the Lord our God; worship at his footstool. Holy is he!

“Beloved, if you knew the power of praise, if you fathomed one small portion of its depth, you would not cease to praise your God. Extol your God! This is the Christian’s secret weapon, for evil cannot exist where God is praised. Let ‘Holy!’ be your cry. Let not your lips open unless you are praising God in your spirit. The soul that praises God continually in her heart will never have to confess sins of speech, for the odor of praise will emanate from her words, even when she speaks of mundane things. Praise is a remedy for sin, but not just a remedy, for it can prevent sin. Ponder this deeply, my children. Praise God continually in your hearts. In the Divine Will alone is this possible. But I have made this gift available to you, so make use of it. Do not let so powerful a gift lie dormant. Children, live in praise through the gift of the Divine will. I am near.”

Heavenly, Father, Son and Spirit, Mighty God, Blessed Trinity of Love, in the Divine Will I ask for the gift of continuous praise. May every beat, breath, and movement I take or make be a reverberation of praise in my soul and in all of heaven! May your holy name be glorified! May your praises be sung on earth as in heaven! In me O Lord, I want you to find the praises of the Gloriana* eternally repeated in me through our Most holy Mother. Holy are you! Holy! May all creation worship you! Amen. (*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)

+ + + +

+ + +
messages from Jesus and Mary:

+ + + +
Julie Whedbee

Saturday, February 21, 2015


It is I Yahushua, your Messiah, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in whose breath I establish kingdoms and I subdue them. I am He the Creator of all things. I raise up, and I lay low. There is nothing that has been created that was not thought of, designed, and purposed by Me. I am He that speaks to warn you of things to come. I am He that prepares your hearts to receive revelation and mysteries, understanding and knowledge. 

This night I have come to share with you that it is upon you. It is upon you children! Keep your focus, stay ever so close for very, very soon you will engage in a way that you have not done before. This is the great unraveling. With great and terrible speed the events come. I mourn for the loss that there will be of so many but it must be so. Do not grow weary in the day to day training and tasks at hand for in an instant all will suddenly change. I tell you this so when all is spiraling out of control all around you and people are in complete chaos and fear, you, My own, will know no fear for it is I who will operate from within. I assure you, you will have My complete peace. You will instantly and without effort be transformed, and from there will go on to carry out many, many things in My name for this is why you are here. 

The darkness comes children, it comes quickly. The Destroyer is near. The earth will be plunged into utter darkness and fear will reign. Terror such as the world has never know. You My lights will all be protected, of course,  for you know this already. In this, you have My promise. I tell you this, not to turn your attention towards events for they will continue to escalate in intensity and frequency and they will be terrible. But I tell you this out of My great love for you so that you know that I care so much that I would warn you and prepare you ahead of time. So you would know that I am in every heartbeat and every breath you take, that We are not separated. I in you, you in Me, We are One in the Father. 

Do not become fearful that you would not know what I would have you do when these things take place for this I promise you as well, you will have My instruction very clearly and I will speak directly to your spirits. You will understand all that I say, and all that I ask you to do. So once again,  I remind you, do not allow your minds to engage in a thought process that would take you back to the soul nature, in that you would visualize these events and attempt to prepare your minds on how to handle these situations. This is not what I would ask you to do. Stay with Me in spirit. Don't allow yourselves to feel what you think this will feel like. This will only serve to distract you. This is why I come and speak with you. I do this because I am teaching you. I am teaching you now before these events come. 

These conversations We have been having are some of the final instructions you will need. For I have spoken many words of love and encouragement and instruction to you, wisdom; all to increase your awareness, to deepen the revelation of all these things that I have been speaking about for so long now. Truly, it is as simple as what has already been said, trust and obey. This is all you need do. 

May I ease your spirits with one more thing, do not fret over things done or not done, things not completed, timelines, things I have spoken of before. For all is in My hands and I know what will be done and what will not, I know what your needs are and will be. All will be provided for. As always do what you know to do each day, never striving, always abiding, knowing that I have the outcome. I put no pressure on you to finish anything that has been set before you, it is about the journey, not the end. Remember this, this is a wise, wise statement. It is about the journey. 

Everything you do is a heart matter. I see the motives and desires of your hearts for I have placed them there. I wish to see you seek Me with all you have, regardless of what you consider to be accomplished or not. It is all in My flow. Just stay with Me children, it is that simple, just stay with Me. 

Be My voice-piece in this place, sound the alarm! 


For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Truly I come!!



Philippians 4:7King James Version (KJV)

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

John 9:4King James Version (KJV)

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Exodus 10:22-23King James Version (KJV)

22 And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days:
23 They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days: but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.

John 15:4King James Version (KJV)

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

Jeremiah 17:10King James Version (KJV)

10 I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

A good article on prepping for the times:

+ + + +

2 Maccabees 2:5, 7 Jeremiah came and found a cave-dwelling, and he brought there the tent and the ark and the altar of incense; then he sealed up the entrance. (Jeremiah) declared: “The place shall remain unknown until God gathers his people together again and shows his mercy.”

“My beloved children, the time is drawing near when this prophecy will be fulfilled. After the time of sorrow, comes the time of glory, the days when my children will know and love me. And they shall be one with me as I am one with the Father and the Spirit. I cannot convey to you adequately how much my heart longs for this. You cannot comprehend the depths of my longing. If I communicated this longing to your heart, it would burst immediately. Children, pray for the coming of my kingdom, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Mother. Long for it as I do. If I find even a sliver of longing in a heart, reparation is made for the great and many sins of the age. Give me your longing children! I will use it to shorten the days.”

Jesus, I am filled with longing for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of our Mother. Magnify my poor offering in the Divine Will so that the days of sorrow may be shortened and so that your much-wounded heart will be comforted. Blessed Mother may your longing fill our hearts. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! Come Holy Spirit! May your kingdom come and come quickly! Amen.

+ + +

Behold I Come

Revelation 22:12 Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015
You have this treasure daughter, this treasure in your earthen vessel, the treasure of My immense love for you and for all My children. From the well of My heart, I pour forth mercy and grace, healing and forgiveness.

 Lift your head My daughter, and do not become weary with this path that you have chosen, this agreement that you have made to serve Me for I assure you, many, many will be saved because of the words in which I speak to you. Rest assured, you are My chosen messenger and you will continue to speak forth My words of wisdom, truth, and life. Yours is an emptied vessel through which My glory is made manifest.
 Continue to shout My words and proclaim My coming, so the blood of the lukewarm and the unrighteous will not be on your hands. For what I whisper to you in the secret must be sent forth. Tell them child, tell them I come with sickle in hand; no more as the Lamb but now as the Lion. I come as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and all will know of My Majesty. I am Holy, I am Righteous, I am the Almighty One.
 Tell those who have ears to hear that the age of grace draws to its end. I will roar as the Lion of the tribe of Judah and justice will sweep your lands,  for it is with My breath that all that is haughty will be brought low. Your pride is now your destruction,  for pride is the root of all evil.
 Hear the words of My prophets and heed their dire warnings for your tomorrow's are never guaranteed. Make haste to fall on your faces and tremble at the words of the Lord. Bow down you stiff-necked people and repent!
 Time is no more and your eternity weighs in the balance. Turn away from your idols and all the temporal things of this world,  for they offer you nothing of value and will be stripped  from you suddenly!
 Blow the trumpet from Zion, call a solemn assembly, fast My people and beg for mercy for what profit is it that you gain the whole world but lose your soul??
 Heed Me this day, for from the mouth of one of My own I have spoken it, and it will be done, it will be done...

The Battle Begins

Man your posts, My great warriors! For the time has come to fight for what is rightfully yours!
I have given you much in My Word, but many of you do not yet understand how to receive My gifts.
  1. Believe. You must believe Me to receive what I have for you.
  2. Pray. I desire constant communication with My children in all things.
  3. Understand. You must seek and study for understanding of what you are praying for.
  4. You must fight and take what is yours, just as the Israelites did.
Without faith, it is impossible to please Me. I desire you would start there. Do you REALLY believe I will do what you ask of Me? Really believe?
Do not pray once and walk away, but sit in My Presence – talk to Me, commune with Me, praise Me, worship me. Spend time with Me! I cannot be an afterthought to you, I AM the Lord!
Do you truly understand what you are asking Me for, and what may come with it into your life? 
Can you carry the load? Do not be hasty, My child, to answer this, but ponder and meditate, for I am willing to give you much, but you must be able to bear it, and all it entails. Ask Me for understanding about your request of Me. Ask Me to show you.
Are you ready to do battle, My child? For you stand at the threshold of the Promised Land, but all My children who are called there must fight the enemy to enter.
Are you ready to do battle for Me?
Luke 10:19: Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
for the rest of the scripture:

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A must listen radio show:

Some alarming radio broadcasts that you should listen to...
But 1st a hopeful comment from an article at on Charlie Johnston

"Again, we caution discernment. Let us also caution that if we feel fear, we need only pray. We must cast off all anxiety and test the spirits.

At the same time, we are told not to despise prophecy -- and Johnston's warning is not out of line with the warnings issued by major Christian "prophets" and at major sites of apparition, which is why we have decided to grant his prophecies an airing.

We are not speaking about the end of the world but of major events that if Johnston is correct will take place in various ways in parts of the world. The Lord seeks not to destroy, says Johnston, but to deliver.

It relates to the many weeping statues, which cry, he says, because of the sorrows we have to go through -- the way God has to right things that we should have righted ourselves.

"The sequence of ever-deepening chaos will continue until mid-October of 2017," he asserts he was told by the Blessed Mother. "Despair will reign throughout the world. Then, between October 13-17 of 2017, the world will be miraculously, utterly, and visibly delivered from the terror by the Intercession of Our Lady the Immaculate Conception. Christianity will be reunified, Satan will be shackled, and the world shall enter a glorious period of peace and harmony under the rule and protection of the one, triune God." 
(The whole articles are at and

MedjugorMessage of January 25, 2015 "Dear children! Also today I call you: live your vocation in prayer. Now, as never before, Satan wants to suffocate man and his soul by his contagious wind of hatred and unrest. In many hearts there is no joy because there is no God or prayer. Hatred and war are growing from day to day. I am calling you, little children, begin anew, with enthusiasm, the walk of holiness and love; since I have come among you because of this. Together let us be love and forgiveness for all those who know and want to love only with a human love and not with that immeasurable love of God to which God calls you. Little children, may hope in a better tomorrow always be in your heart. Thank you for having responded to my call."

+ + + +
Now for the ominous radio shows and visions:

Augusto Perez had another vision of the Planet X coming in closer and colliding with another object:
Check out his interview of Gil Broussard where Gil describes how he determined that planet X swings by earth about every 360 years and is due to come through the spring of 2016 or 2017.

Also, check out the interview of Bob Fletcher at
beginning at about 1 hr 30 minutes.  Bob reveals how trillions of dollars are being used to prepare underground cities and highways to "ensure the continuation of government".

Augusto Perez in Ecuador, January 6th show "seeing the future".. amazing round table discussion between 5 Christians who each have been instructed to take cover...
Also on Trunews a woman who claims she received a download from God in 1999 of a future mixed-race man in the White House who leads the USA into economic collapse, riots, chaos, martial law and destruction. 

I recommend following  Although it is not a Catholic site Rick and his family are truly people of God.  Rick is revealing what is really going on in the world with excellent guest interviews.   I believe he and his daughter truly hear from God.   Being an independent broadcaster he bravely warns the USA and the world of what is to come unless we repent.

+ + + + +

Jan 2, 2015 - St Michael Archangel

January 2, 2015

St. Rosalie’s Eucharistic Chapel, Hampton Bays, New York, at 9:00am

 St. Michael Archangel

Lo and Behold! A Warning to the People of the World!

You have now fully entered into the Era of the End Times. Nothing that once existed in the past will survive the changes that will take place during these end times in your world. The sins of humanity have now come to roost on the eternal scales of justice for mankind, and the weight of the sins of the world has redefined the plan that God has always planned for mankind. Because of the sins of the world, great changes will now take place for humanity in the very near future.

You have been forewarned through the ancient prophecies as well as the modern prophecies of those who are receiving Messages from Heaven - warning you of the changes that are to take place. In this very new year, you will see how the end times events are going to surface to the face of the Earth in a way that all of humanity will recognize that the future of mankind will be irrevocably changed from the humanity of the past in a way that the Father in Heaven has planned, so that the evil of the world will be finally purged from the face of the Earth.

Beginning in this very new year, you will witness and experience the destruction of the world's economy, the toppling of the dollar, and a return to a more agrarian existence, due to the sins of mankind, but mostly due to the greed and avarice of the minions of satan, who have been manipulating the plan of the Father and destroying individual prosperity and freedoms for many years now.

Now it is time for the Father in Heaven to pull the plug on the minions of satan, who have been manipulating and controlling humanity. It is necessary to eliminate the power that they have created over you in order to allow the New Heaven and New Earth to become the new future for humanity.

In the meantime as a result, there will be much suffering and anguish among all of you. Many of you will initially react with rage, even against the Father in Heaven, for the events that are to take place. However, the Redeemer, the Son of the Father, will manifest Himself in a way that will give all of you the inspiration to survive these end times, because in your discernment, you will see the will of the Father playing out in these end times scenarios. You will see that all of the darkness that will surface will be eliminated by the Light of the Father in Heaven through His Son, the Redeemer of the World.

It is up to you, the powerful prayerful warriors and believers in the Divinity of the Son, the Redeemer, to carry forth the messages of the Father and the Son – the messages that will allow God’s chosen ones to reestablish here on Earth a place of freedom for mankind – freedom from the oppression of the evil one and his minions.

The oppression that humanity has suffered here on Earth will no longer exist. The minions of satan will be dealt with by your Lord and Saviour. The sins of those who have oppressed humanity will be weighed on the scales of the eternal justice that the Father in Heaven has created to resolve the evilness here on Earth.

You must prepare for difficult times ahead. Within this New Year, the signs of the great changes will become very significant in a way that will impact your lives and your economies. You must prepare for these events and follow the discernment and vision that each and every one of you will receive from the Heavenly Realms to enable you, your family members, and friends to survive the difficult economic struggles that lie ahead.

There will also be great earthly and cataclysmic changes to your environment in the near future. Once again, those of you who are doing the work of the Father and of His Son, the Redeemer, will be given the discernment and the vision on how to conduct yourselves in these end times.

The minions of satan, the global leaders who have been oppressing you, have their own plans on how to deal with the times ahead. They are already aware of their own plans to bring further enslavement and restrictions upon the people of God, but they are not aware and will not be aware of how they are going to be defeated by the good people of the Earth – for the Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer of the world - will be communicating with His chosen people interiorly, and they will have the discernment not to share the Father’s plans with the enemies of all that is good.

The Father in Heaven through His Son the Redeemer will utilize the strength of the Holy Spirit to communicate interiorly with each and every one of His chosen children. During these End Times, you are being asked to be vigilant and prayerful, and to use your discernment through the power of the Holy Spirit to conduct yourselves only in ways that reflect the Eternal Love of the Father in Heaven. This is the simple instruction for all of you that you must follow!

In the end, the children of God will be victorious over the evil of the world, and a New Heaven and a New Earth will be revealed!

Thanks be to God!

Message ended 9:22am

+ + + + +

+ + + +

December 29th, 2014

Nahum 1:3 The Lord is slow to anger but great in power, and the Lord will by no means clear the guilty.

“Little ones, be littler still. Show me your abject poverty, your complete lack of merit, your utter dependence on grace. Your humility alone can spare you from what your Lord has planned. Yes the guilty will face justice, but are not all men guilty? Does not every heart carry the tendency to sin? That is why I exhort you to be humble. Lower yourself. When I see a soul humbling himself I see my own Son in him. I see him clothed with the merits of my Mother, she who was the perfect embodiment of humility. Take every opportunity to grow in humility. Embrace each opportunity as Christ embraced the cross. Children, if you knew the true value of humility, you would sell all you have to obtain it.”

Heavenly Father, help me to embrace humility without counting the cost. Grant me every grace I need to “sell” all my prized possessions, namely those things I cling to that keep me from attaining this virtue in greater measure. Without grace I cannot do this, Lord. I am poor in virtue, completely without merit outside of grace. Mother, show me how to walk path of humility with greater fidelity. Jesus help me! Amen.

+ + +

December 31st, 2014

Sing a new song unto the Lord. Let your song be sung from the highest mountains. Sing Hallelujah to Your God as He has raised a great and mighty Council unto Himself. I AM has called you, My people out of the darkness and into My glorious light. I have girded you with My robe of righteousness and equipped you with My sword of truth. A standard has been raised and I, The Lord God, Creator of all have done a marvelous thing.

Praise Him all ye heavens. Praise Him with dance and with singing. Rejoice! Rejoice Oh you My people, for it is I who dwells within, raising the standard for all to behold. No more will you cry for justice, for justice will reign evermore. No more will fear overtake you, for I will cause all who mock Me to be crushed. Dominion is mine sayeth The Lord.

All you who mourn will be comforted. All you who are thirsty will drink from the fountains of My living waters. All who mourn will I comfort. A great and mighty day is upon you - My called out and sanctified ones, for you are My chosen, the anointed ones ordained from the beginning to tether My Kingdom of Heaven to earth. It is you who now make manifest all that is spoken of in My Word, for it is I your sword of truth who speaks in and through you. You, My Kingdom Council- you now speak My words and all is made manifest. Walk boldly and courageously My anointed ones, for the time is now to take back to Me all that has been stolen. It is My power and authority in which you operate. Although all the forces of hell encompass you... near you they shall not come. My anointed ones cannot be harmed.

My glory covers you and covers this earth, and its blanket is your shield and your defense. Speak life, speak truth, and speak love. Prophesy to all dry and dead bones and I will breathe My life’s spirit into the darkest places, the coldest of hearts. Call upon all the resources of heaven, as they are readily available unto you. I am the ladder on which you climb. Nothing is denied My chosen ones as you carry out My work in this place. Miracles upon miracles will occur and all will know that the Great I AM is among them.

Those who have seen much suffering will now cause the enemy to suffer. Those who have endured much pain will cause much pain in the enemy camp. Those who have been persecuted for My name’s sake will see the enemy crushed and see his ultimate defeat. Those who have experienced great loneliness and despair because of the enemy will know great joy and peace forevermore. Those who have known poverty and sickness are now richly and abundantly blessed to overflowing and have My healing and My peace. Your sorrow is now become joy.

Woe unto those who have not repented of their sins, nor have come to Me in all humility, for they will know great distress and gnashing of teeth. I will cause them to choke and to vomit on their filthy words, accusations and lies, and their pain will be great. The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord is at hand. In a day when good is called evil and evil is called good, I will bring fire and great devastation to all the lands. None who have walked with evil will escape. My wrath and My anger will not be kindled until My enemies are under My feet. I AM sweeping this earth and in My fury, all that has exalted itself above Me will be brought low.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools reject Me and My commandments.

I, The Lord Your God have spoken this day.



[Scripture verses associated with this message can be read here.]

+ + + +
+ + + +

an interesting column from Charlie Johnston.  Note that other people are talking about some type of divine intervention for the 100th anniversary of Fatima in 1917...
in part:
Twenty years ago I began telling my priests about these times. When I began speaking, the economy was strong, the world was as peaceful as it had been in decades - people were talking about how to spend the "peace" dividend, since we would not have to spend so much on defense now that America was the lone superpower and history had reached its logical end. I told my priests that we were about to go into starkly terrible times, about the rise of large-scale institutionalized terror, the collapse of financial stability across the globe, ending in a great Storm, a global civil war - a civil war that was cultural rather than political...that this was not the end, but would seem like it, Rather, It was God renewing the world and reclaiming His people, for more souls have been lost to eternity in the last century than at any time in the history of the world - and we would not turn from our folly. I told them of what was ahead in much detail, often miscalculating by a year to three when certain things would happen. But I did make clear that the only time I had been specifically told in plain language was the season of the rescue, in very late 2017. Far more important than the details of all that was coming was what our response is to be, how we are to co-operate with God in bringing people back to Him, to assure them of His love for them.

+ + + + ++ + + +

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ- November 22nd, 2014

Beloved children, My people: 


Beloved children: 

I protect you, you are my most cherished treasure, but in each instant you avoid ME…

I give myself to Mine, but you do not understand Me, you do not wish to understand the unfathomable abyss of my Love and My Revelation for this generation.  

You deny Me as easily as you deny a theory, you deny Me without thought or being aware of what you are denying, you deny Me without understanding what you deny… 

You deny Me for the mere fact of just denying Me, for the mere fact that I choose My instruments among those that are not the wise or powerful men, perhaps because those wise and powerful men are the least suitable to bring My Word with Love, that I send through My faithful and humble instruments to alert my people.  


Abominable practices are being carried out and My Heart is constantly lacerated. 

I SEE THE EARTH AND THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE ME ARE VERY FEW! How many are those who follow the human creatures?  And having before them the Truth, they turn their backs on Me because they fear being criticized, they forget that I am the Master of everything that exists, that I am Master of Life, and I come precisely to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Oh so many mock my Calls and My Mother’s!  So many mock My Instruments and discredit them!  You forget that I remain before them and that it is not they who proclaim My Word, but Me, who gives all of Myself to My people, to that one that I came for and crucified Me, to that one who continues to crucify and lacerate Me, denying Me as I was denied.  In this instant I continue to be denied and more so when the infernal dragon takes possession of the minds and hearts of My children through the imposter, of that one who will succeed to deceive my People, the antichrist. 

In this instant so many deny the existence of evil!  So many deny My Mother!  So many with one word leave doubts of Her Purity and Maternity! 







 My beloved people: 


I come for My people, for My faithful people, for those who dedicate all instants of their lives to remain in My Will, to defeat the human “ego”, which in this instant has become totally contrary to My Requests, ignoring the necessity to fulfill My Law and My Precepts.  

The human “ego” is a monster that in each instant grows if you allow it, controlling you and hardening the senses of the heart so it will not feel, and not hurt before such idiocy that occurs on Earth. 

My people: 

PRAY TO ME, COME TO ME, THAT MY SPIRIT WILL HELP YOU TO ASCEND AND TASTE THE DELIGHTS OF UNDERSTANDING MY WAY, although it is true that each one of you has its personal cross, it is also true that each one of you possess before you the Glory and Eternal Life if it is what you deserves in the course of your life.  

My children:


Your each act and work is a light that brings you closer to Me.  When you see the sun shine at the zenith with all its intensity so intense that you feel your eyes cannot resist it, think of Me, think of My Majesty, in My Infinite Power, but at the same time think of My Mercy, and if in this instant you come to Me with a firm purpose of amendment, I welcome you… BUT DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER BECAUSE THE INSTANT WILL NO LONGER BE INSTANT.  

I come for My people.

I come for those who are denigrated and massacred.

I come for the persecuted, for the scorned.

I come for those who are not understood. 

I come for the wronged and the vilified.

I come for those who have been mistreated unjustly.

I come for those who have suffered because they proclaim My Word.  

I come for the humble and simple. 

I come for those who have said yes to Me. 

I come for those who take my Mother’s hand in this instant for Her to guide them and She has said yes. 

I come for those who do not forget the sick and those in prison. 

I come for those who do not judge, who do not venture to judge or mock their brothers.

I come for My Church and My Church must be Holy as I am Holy.

I come for My Church renewed in My Love and in My Mercy.  

I do not come for those who mock their brothers, neither for those who signal them out unjustly. 

I do not come for those who judge lightly.

I do not come for those who believe themselves gods and perfect; and call imperfect those that share My Word to bring souls closer to My Fold. 

I come for those who say the Truth, for those who wish to offer themselves to Me to welcome all My people.  

My beloved people: 







I need a people to pray to rise up.  

I need a people to receive My Body, Blood and Divinity.

I need a people to come close to the Tabernacle, confiding in Me the most intimate in their heart and I will respond.

I need conscious creatures that they are Temple of My Holy Spirit and as such must walk in holiness.

I need creatures with their thoughts continually united to Me.

I need creatures that can control their impulses and not allow bad thoughts to overcome them.

I need children with clear eyes, clean ears, with a renewed heart and a tongue to praise and bless Me.

I need creatures to broaden their will to heed whatever I gradually reveal to them.    

My Calls cannot be the same as in previous years, this generation so advanced in technology and at the same time a spiritual involution, will not believe in My Calls if I were to use in this instant words of old that this generation would not even recognize.  I have come to talk to you as a friend to friend, as a brother to brother, as a father to son, and My Mother has come to call you as a Mother, Teacher and Guide so this generation will understand us. 

How can those who say are knowledgeable of the Faith and experts in matters of Faith so easily dare to tell others not to follow Me when most of My Church surrenders to worldly pleasures?  How is it that you deliver My children onto the hands of Evil?  



My beloved people: 

THE SELF-EXAMINATION WILL SOON COME, which I will not bring about, but each one of you personally, and in that instant everything will stop, man will see his own conscience, will see himself completely exposed.   Whatever moves, will stop moving, because silence will reign on Earth, you will only hear the lamentation of those who repent for the wrong committed and I will come with My Love, to welcome you once again as My lost sheep, even then some of My children will deny that the Warning is coming from My House and will rebel against Me and will be part of Evil. (1) 

My beloved people:  


So much irreverence to Me and to My Mother!

So much irreverence for the Gift of Life!

and how man in each instant increases his aggressiveness!... so much that I do not recognize him.  

My beloved people, I invite you to pray for My People of Chile, it will suffer.

Beloved children, I invite you to pray for Russia.

I invite you to pray for Japan, it will make humanity suffer. 

Beloved children: 



Do not seek in My Word the darkness that doesn’t exist, since you will find more darkness.  Look at the light that My Heart transmits in these Calls.  Be those who fulfill My Will and the Commandments. 

Understand what is going on in this humanity so you will be able to find the True Way, to know the untruth through which you have been deceived, BUT ”I AM WHO I AM” AND I DO NOT DECEIVE MY PEOPLE, I LOVE YOU AS THE APPLE OF MY EYE.  





I bless each one of you.  

May My blessing be for you the balsam of Hope and the Assurance to continue walking in Faith.  . 

I love you. 

Your Jesus.





(1)    The Great Warning of God to humanity, read... 



Brothers and Sisters: 

To this Divine Word I can only say: 




+ + + +

November 6th, 2014

You are living in the days of the Book of Joel

Joel 2:13-14 Return to the Lord, your God,for he is gracious and merciful,slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love,and relents from punishing. Who knows whether he will not turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind him,a grain-offering and a drink-offering for the Lord, your God?

“My children, never doubt my mercy! Trust always in my unimaginably generous pardon to the one who is contrite. Sin has indeed purchased great suffering for the world. The foul stench of sin must be purged. You are living in the days of the Book of Joel*. Great suffering will lead to greater joy. You cannot imagine now what will grow from the ashes of purgation. Accept what comes as what must come. But do not dwell on the sorrow of suffering. Dwell instead on the mercy of God, on the joy that is to come. Remain peaceful. Be industrious. Be creative and I will create with you. My children, look for me in the time of suffering. Look for me and you will find me. Draw near, little ones. Cling to me and do not let go. I carry you in my merciful heart. Then let yourself be carried! Be my child, for I am your Father.”

O beloved Father of my heart, what joy to be carried by you! Help us to dwell on you and not on our won weakness and misery. Help us to look for you in all situations. Help us to be industrious and creative. Father, we are your little ones. We place all our trust in you through Jesus and Mary. Amen.

(*In a dream last night the Book of Joel was highlighted repeatedly. The details of the dream are lost, but the word Joel was emphasised many times.)

November 2nd, 2014

Once the idols are shattered, my Spirit will once again go out over the formless void and renew the face of the earth…

Jeremiah 19:11 Thus says the Lord of hosts: So will I break this people and this city, as one breaks a potter’s vessel, so that it can never be mended. In Topheth they shall bury until there is no more room to bury.

“My children, do you think I take delight in sorrow and woe? Do you think I am edified by my people’s suffering? No, my delight would be in their conversion, my edification in their contrition. But this people has rejected my messengers. Once again, my Son is crucified and vilified. Yes, I mean to shatter them, but only so that what they cling to—all their idols—will be seen for what they are—shams, counterfeits, vapor. Once the idols are shattered, my Spirit will once again go out over the formless void and renew the face of the earth. My children, do you see how this must be? Fly to me, my little ones! Show me your humble, contrite hearts. Console me and help me in my work of renewal. I am looking for willing workers. There is much to be done in the glorious work of salvation. It is an honor to be asked to participate in this great work. Do you see that? Are you willing? Children come to me!”

Abba, Father, we are your children, contrite, penitent. We come to you in humble service. If you can use our poor efforts in the work of salvation, then do not delay, but use the little we offer magnified in the Flame of Love. In the Divine Will accomplish in us what we ourselves are incapable of accomplishing. In you all things are possible. Here I am Lord, I come to live in you holy will—save souls! Amen.
+ + +

A blog I highly recommend signing up for:
Charlie Johnston, a wise old soul, has been in touch with the heavenlies for 50 years and has been vetted by three priests for 20 years.  He has mostly kept to himself.  But now is coming out as our sherpa guide for the coming storm.
"My purpose is to exhort, encourage, guide you safely through the wilds we MUST pass through because of our falling away. To do that, my primary objective is to credibly assure you that God is close to you, right at hand – to YOU. If all I accomplish is to persuade you that I am some sort of oracle, I have failed miserably."
You can sign up for his almost daily blogs and find past writings at the link above.  He warns of God's correction to this unholy world but does so in an encouraging manner:
"I have no complex formula for you, no system where if you follow it to the letter, God will have to let you in. All I have is simple: hold fast to God. Trust-Do-Love. That is it"
+ + + + +

From: "The Pelianito Journal Blog"

October 23rd, 2014

If a sliver of corruption remains, it will soon infect all that was rebuilt…

Jeremiah 19:11 Thus says the Lord of hosts: So will I break this people and this city, as one breaks a potter’s vessel, so that it can never be mended.

“My child, is it mercy to rebuild what has been completely corrupted? No, what has been corrupted must be completely destroyed. If a sliver of corruption remains, it will soon infect all that was rebuilt. No, what has gone before must be completely destroyed. Weep my children, but do not despair. Behold, I make all things new. It is now time to separate the weeds from the wheat. It is now time for the Architect to begin anew. This is a great day, my children, a great and terrible day. But you, my children must remain firmly rooted in hope. Wear peace like a garment. Be a sign to all that God is love and he lives in you. I am calling my faithful ones to heroic virtue. Ponder this my children. The grace will be there for you, but you must desire it and use it. Too many graces are ignored—they gather dust on a shelf. I am giving you grace upon grace, children. Let your acceptance and your gratitude go hand in hand. My beloved little ones, I am near. Shalom.”

O my Jesus, I thank you and I praise you for your tender care. I accept all the graces you offer and ask that all souls will also accept them. O Lord, without your graces we are sunk! But in your grace we can do all things. Jesus we trust in you. Help us to live always in your holy will. Amen.


John - Servant of God

Communication #6

"The Silence before the Battle"
"The Lady in Black" (A Message from Mary)

I would like to thank all of our friends who have expressed concern about our well-being, and who have inquired concerning messages from Our Lady and the Holy Trinity. These past 30 days have been a time of prayer, preparedness, discernment, questions, and concerns in many areas of our personal lives. It has been a time given to us by our Lord to be with Our Lady and with Him. We have had a chance to seek a deeper, more intense and intimate relationship with Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus. Amidst all the evil and turmoil going on throughout the globe, God allowed us to seek him for repentance and for clearer answers to our questions and concerns.

Currently, we continue to see Biblical prophecy and private messages (such as those revelations in LaSallete, Akita, Japan, Medjugorje and other places authenticated by the Catholic Church) rapidly unfolding before our eyes. We must not forget and must include the prophecies of my many Holy Saints that have given us guidance on these turbulent times, such as those of Saint John Bosco, St Padre Pio, St. John Paul II--- among others. You will notice that all of the messages share a common thread and are serving the mission given to Our Lady by God the Father.

Satan continues to colossally embroil the world in evil, but must remain somewhat on the sidelines in readiness to cast the dice against a weary humanity. He cannot be given complete authority for his evil to fully plague mankind until God the Father gives His final permission. Satan’s objective, of course, is to destroy each one of us and to take our souls to hell for eternity. He has a surprise coming when God’s children, through the titanic efforts of Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, will rise up like St. Michael in heaven, uttering that renowned battle cry: “Who is like unto God”? by honoring the ONLY God and Michael’s glorious spirit, with that cry of passion and loyalty: “Who is like unto God”?

One of the areas I want to address today is the “spirit of fear”. Understandably, many of us are concerned, apprehensive and fearful for our families, our livelihood and our survival. This is a logical human response to the chaos and turmoil developing around us. However, let us note that “fear” is an entity that has no power over you or me. The only power that “fear” has is the power you give to “it”. Fear can be likened to a tiny cockroach. With God’s grace, rebuke it in Jesus’ name and through the Holy Rosary, and we will be more than conquerors of this crippling entity. God and Our Lady are with us and no evil can hurt us unless we allow it.

We are being equipped to be St. Michaels for God as our Lord seeks to train all of us with the grace and power to be warriors against evil. All of us are fully equipped to fight evil, but sometimes we just forget or might feel helpless or unworthy. Remember, we have the name of Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother, the saints and God’s angels to assist us in our own personal and spiritual battles. Let us refuse to give the dark world control through our individual fears. If we stand alone with God and the whole world is against us ….we are still in the majority and definitely in the right.

I truly believe that these 30 days were days of personal spiritual preparation for each of us. We all feel in our hearts and souls what is ahead of us, but we do not have total knowledge or understanding of the nature and scope of the coming storm. Even the Disciples questioned Jesus regarding the same concerns that we are facing today:

As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. "Tell us," they said, "when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?" Jesus answered: "Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ, ' and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. "Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:3-13

It is extremely important to remember, as events unfold, that we are not alone. We are all now part of a global family of God’s warriors. Thus, this unity of soul and purpose is the reason we are called to pray for each other, dialogue freely with one another, and to reach out to all that might be walking into the darkness and into mouth of Satan.

The Lady in Black

I will first share with you the story of my first encounter in 1982 with the “Lady in Black”:

In 1982, I was selected to be the director to a conference held in San Antonio, Texas called Jesus 82. As we have a great number of Hispanics in Texas, the conference was to be bilingual. We had great anointed speakers from all over the world, such as Ralph Martin, Mother Angelica, Dr. David du Plessis (Superintendent to World-Wide Pentecostal Church- he was invited by St. Pope John XXIII to be a participant at the Second Vatican Council with the rank of a Catholic Cardinal) and many others. Miraculously, we had almost 18,000 brethren who attended the conference.

Since I was director, my duty was to accommodate both the English and the Hispanic participants. Now, being Hispanic, you would think that I spoke fluent Spanish (not so). I avoided giving talks in Spanish because I did not want to embarrass myself when sharing the Word of God---I spoke Tex-Mex, not “real” Spanish!

We had taken a lunch break, and the Spanish-speaking presenters were to return back to the stage at 1:00 p.m. I was on time, waiting for the speakers to show up, but no one arrived. We waited 10 minutes, 20 minutes and still no one had arrived. I had to make an executive decision and asked the Lord “what do I do”? He told me very clearly to get up and to tell the people “I love them”. Reluctantly, I did as I was told.

As I got to the podium, I started to speak fluent Castilian Spanish. I knew the Lord was at work then! As I was talking, an inner voice told me to jump off the stage in order to pray and bless the people. As I was praying and blessing people, they would fall like the wind blowing gently on a wheat field. There were healings and deliverances taking place because the Holy Spirit was touching the hearts and souls of His people.

As I was walking down the aisle doing this, I noticed a small lady, about 5-feet 2-inches, all dressed in black. Her hands were together in prayer, and she was holding a black rosary between her thumbs. I could not see her face but she was dressed completely in black clothing. While the people were gently falling like tender feathers, she stood firm and prayerful. As I continued down the aisle, I kept looking back, and she remained in the same position. After almost 20 minutes of praying and touching people for healing, I came back to the Lady in Black. She had disappeared.

Now, why did I share this story with you at this time?

At 3:30am on the morning that the “blood moon” was happening (Oct. 8th, 2014), my eyes simply opened, and I saw the same “Lady in Black”. She shared with me the following message:

“My son, the chastisement has already begun. These first signs are the droplets of rain that you are seeing. Sin has almost overtaken the hearts of mankind. I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son. Sadly, the fulfillment of all my messages and revelations are now coming to pass.

I have given my beloved children 30 days to prepare themselves spiritually for what is coming upon mankind for its evil and wickedness. I am heartbroken for my children that they have not heeded my warnings and who seek evil instead of my love. There will be many catastrophes throughout the world that have started and will continue to increase. Mankind will be subjected to extreme changes in weather as has never been experienced since the deluge. No one will escape the horror and the darkness of evil. Many will die horrific deaths and my anointed saints will suffer martyrdom. Many will die at the hands of other men. Wars will escalate throughout the world. Famine, droughts, earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes and destruction of cities world-wide is taking place. Coldness and darkness will cover the earth. Evil and sinister men and women have developed man-made plagues and pestilences that will cover the entire world. Plans are in motion for the invasion of many nations. The United States of America will be a primary target.

Satan will be given permission to empty his demons from hell. The Antichrist will reveal himself very soon. My Refuges throughout the world have already been prepared, but the human eye cannot see them. At the appropriate time, I will open the spiritual eyes of all my children who have heeded my messages and heard my call. Please continue to pray and do not stop praying. I am with each of you and my grace protects you. I am always with you and you will never be abandoned. Seek faith in your prayers, and please place your complete trust in my Son Jesus. We are all the family of God.

I can no longer hold back the Hand of my Lord. I love you and am with you. Pray, pray, pray.”

It was not easy to share with all of you what I heard this October, and what I must now share. Many have written and asked when the warning, the chastisement and other events might occur. My response remains the same: let us not worry, but remain in prayer and in a good relationship with Our Lord while we discern our personal preparations and missions.

I once asked our Lord when things would take place. I was shown a mountain range. Then I was asked which mountains were first, second, third, etc. I could not answer. Like those mountain ranges, the events that are coming will be part of the landscape of our time-noticeable but impossible to accurately identify from a distance. Like the biblical bridesmaids, we must now remain vigilant and ready in the darkness.

Your brother in Mary and Jesus,

PS: John has also passed along to us a message from his friend Johnie Hernandez given to him the other day. You can read the message here.

Message from Jesus to Johnnie Hernandez

October 13th, 2014

The following was an email given from Johnie to his spiritual director:


Please read and discern the following message JESUS gave to me while I was climbing the mountain, ‘Enchanted Rock” on Monday, October 13th, the Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions. This morning, JESUS asked that I send it to you for your discernment. Please let me know as soon as possible if I should send it out or not.


I believe it’s time to share with you what JESUS shared with me while I was in meditation in solitude with Him when I traveled to Texas. Our Vacation, or should I say, my wife’s vacation and our 37th Wedding Anniversary was time most needed for me with JESUS. I took no laptop, limited my phone contacts, and gave all my attention to my wife Sonia, and to my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS the CHRIST.

While in my prayerful communication with JESUS, He asked me to climb the Mountain with Him on Monday, October 13th, the Anniversary of Fatima. I drove to Enchanted Rock outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. When we lived in Texas, we used to travel there with our two children.

View pictures here.

The climb was hard for me because I’m old, out of shape, and did not have the proper hiking shoes I needed. Nevertheless, JESUS accompanied me to the 500 foot summit. The LORD talked most of the two hours it took me to climb and descend, and He allowed me to ask Him questions as well.

One of the questions I asked my Savior was about Pope Francis. Why is Pope Francis allowing all this chaos to continue within the Roman Catholic Church; most especially with this Synod on the Family? My Merciful JESUS said:

“My little brother, what you are seeing is the beginning of the Passion that the CHURCH must endure before my ‘Second Coming’. The Scriptures must be fulfilled. The cleansing of the Church has to occur before I gather My Remnant for the ‘Era of Peace’. Pray much for My Vicar, Pope Francis. He is being guided by My Spirit and the Blessed Mother, but he needs much prayer from you, the faithful. Satan believes he will finally defeat My Church, but this will never happen. Many complain of My Vicar’s ways of currently leading My Church. Even though it seems as if he is about to betray his Triune GOD and Holy Mother CHURCH; this will not happen. What you are seeing is the final assault of My CHURCH from within. Think back to the vision of Saint John Bosco guiding the Ship between the two pillars; the Pillar of My Eucharist on the right and the Pillar of Mary Most Holy on the left. All the small ships are the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious, and Laity within the CHURCH attacking My CHURCH through My Vicar. Many articles are being written unjustly against Him. They are wrong in doing so. If they think of themselves as being so holy and faithful to GOD, they should be on their knees praying for My Vicar. My flock should pray for themselves, their Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priest, and Religious. They should prepare themselves for the coming Tribulation. They should pray for their seminarians to become good, holy, Marian priests instead of attacking their Pope. Your heartfelt prayers will lessen the Passion that Holy Mother CHURCH must endure. Pray too, that Pope Francis will install the 5th and final Marian Dogma of ‘Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all Graces’. Pope Francis is closer to the Blessed Mother than you know. Help him enter into Her Immaculate Heart.

Little brother, tell everyone to pray through the Immaculate Heart of our Mother Mary, through Saint Joseph, through Saint Michael. They are your greatest Intercessors in these ‘End Times’. Pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to come now so that Mary, who is commissioned by GOD to crush the head of the serpent, Satanans, will do so very soon. Pray, asking GOD the FATHER that through His great mercy to grant the illumination of conscience for every man, woman, and child above the age of reasoning. This greatest act of God's mercy will usher in the necessary conversions throughout the world. It will lessen the Chastisements necessary to cleanse and purify the world. Tell the faithful to pray for My Vicar. When you attack My Vicar, you attack Me, your Triune GOD. I love you little brother; my death on the Cross is proof of that; Go in My Peace and blessing. My grace is sufficient for you; for all of you, My CHURCH.”

Your brother in Jesus and Mary, Johnnie

The following was the response from his spiritual director:


I just read this very beautiful and necessary message of Mercy and Love. Therefore, know that you have my full endorsement to send it out as soon as possible. As always, may God be glorified and souls sanctified. God love you.

Spiritual Director for Johnnie Hernandez

+ + + + +

My dearest brothers and sisters in the Lord. I can not begin to describe to you the intensity of receiving this message from our Father. He allowed me to experience the sorrow of His Heart, not only the sorrow for each and every soul that is lost to hell each day, but the extreme sorrow of a Father who watched His Son suffer the most brutal and horrific type of death ever known, knowing that many would still reject His overwhelming offer of love through His Son's sacrifice. The horror of seeing Yahushua on that cross, His blood spilling onto the earth as He cried for all humanity with a love we can't comprehend, knowing that even His most ultimate sacrifice would not be enough in most mans' eyes to choose a relationship with Him. The Father was speaking above and behind me as I watched this scene from Yahushua's right shoulder, truly experiencing His remorse for the lost and His heartache. It was beyond indescribable. Please seek Him like never before, and ask Him to reveal this love to you, this immense love that only a Father, a Creator can have for His children. He wants all of us to understand the magnitude of this love, and His Son's ultimate sacrifice now. 


My children the great separation is upon you. You know this. The division is begun even in your own households. The wheat must be separated from the chaff. As it is written so it will be done.

 Knowing My Word you know what is to come and what is already occurring. Therefore you know exactly how to respond. You have been trained, you have been taught. You know My Word and you know it to be truth. The way is narrow children and it becomes even more so now but you must stay on the path. Do not look to the right or to the left. I walk ahead of you and make your path straight. Follow in My footsteps, I will lead you home. I will never forsake you, even until the end of the age and children that is rapidly approaching.

You will see My return. You have sowed good seed, continue to do so. The fields are ripe for the harvest. I need My laborers to be obedient and follow exact instructions.


Many will come to know Me personally and intimately because of the seed in which you've sown. Hesitate not to speak My truth. It is in My Word, it is infallible. As I said earlier today, the enemy can not come against this. He will not stand. Their accusations against you My chosen priesthood will not stand.

I warn you ahead of time as I always warn those I love. I always speak to My prophets about what is coming. I always prepare you and prepare your hearts so that you will respond in the likeness of My Son.


They are without cause, they walk in fear. See it for what it is, it is darkness, utter darkness they abide in. Show them how to abide in Me as you abide in Me. Show them My love, My Heart, My ways, My fruits, My gentleness, My compassion. show them My love. It is the only ways they will see Me,  for they have been so enslaved by this world. They are lost, so many are lost. They are all precious to Me and I delay in coming for I wish not one would perish eternally for this is grave and sorrowful in My sight. I care for each and every one of My children no matter how sinful they have become. Continue to intercede for them.


I have purposed this for you. Intercede on their behalf. They don't know how to do this. They don't know that they can approach Me. They don't see a loving and merciful God. This is not how I AM presented in this world. I have become so distant. I have become a genie God, a God of wishes and fairly tale thinking. This is not reality but they have been lured into a false sense of security which is so far from the truth. And they are falling, they are falling by the thousands and by the tens of thousands into darkness and My Heart is sorrowful and My Heart grieves for each and every one for they are the ones who made this choice. It is not I that would ever want this for My Beloved. For every one of you is My creation. You are all precious in My sight.


Children the time is now.  I AM bringing you out of this fallen nature and you will operate directly in My flow without the hindrances of this vessel. You are doing exactly as I have told you to do and as I have spoken before, I will reward your obedience. Continue on your path. Keep your eyes Heavenward towards Me at all times.


Much deception is coming, it is already here. This abaddon in which I speak is mighty, is powerful. This is satan himself children. These are his final moments, his final assault is upon this land. Many will fall because of what He is doing and be lost. This is a time like no other. More will be lost, yes but more will also be saved than any other time. This is My great harvest. Lead them home to Me for this is why you were created. A very special and purposeful mission you have been given. I have entrusted you as My priests, this My burden for My people.


As you operate more and more from My Kingdom perspective and not of this world, you will find the transition will become easier. I will give you renewed strength and you will ride on the wings of eagles. I will carry you in My Spirit and pour out enough grace for each task at hand.


Remember too children you are never alone. Clouds of witnesses surround you at all times, interceding on your behalf. As it is spoken in My Word in James, the prayers of a righteous man availath much.  They availath much in My Kingdom.  Many are praying. Many anxiously await the return of My Bride, My Beloved. Oh what a joyous celebration that has been prepared for you.


The days become shorter and shorter as events exponentially increase. Truly time is no more. Continue to rise, rise ever higher. Don't look back. There is nothing you have come through or out of that you need to go back to. This is a new beginning. I AM bringing you up and out of everything old. The former things are passing away. I make all things new.

As the mountains dissolve and the seas roar the wind of change is here.


With My breath I pour our grace and mercy and My anointing upon My chosen, My Bride for these last days and these last moments. You will prevail. You are My victorious in My Son. Victors in My army. I AM your stronghold and your strong tower and this battle is won, this battle is Mine. I fight for you-I go before you. Multitudes will rise against you but they will not prevail. To you has been granted all power, all authority, all access and resources of My Throne. Stand firm, be bold-be courageous. Do not waver. Hold fast children. Hold fast. March with strength. The strength that I provide and vigor- in all righteousness and holiness and purity and truth for this is that in which you are cloaked. It is My battle accoutrement that you are wearing perfectly suited for each task, impenetrable, unshakable, this is My people.  Ever faithful, ever obedient, never succumbing to the deceptions of the wicked one.


As part of your impartation these days, this week you have asked for, you now have a greater measure of humility, of faith, of wisdom, and of My Heavenly knowledge. Know this has been granted. Ask My Spirit to help you, to help you use these gifts mightily for Me and My glory for this is why they have been given. These you will need when you minister to all those I send you. Do not try to understand them with your minds children. My Spirit will help. Rest and know that the impartation has taken place and activated and you will speak forth as needed. It is nothing you must work for. It has been done.


My Son is coming, He is coming, He is coming! He rides with all the armies of Heaven in His Robe of Righteousness dipped in His very blood, His life's blood, with the title King of Kings and Lord of Lords for this is who He is. He comes for My people and children He is coming! Never doubt that He is coming soon. The trumpets are resounding.


Listen closely. Stay ready. I have placed you here in these lands to prepare you and welcomed you to live in My Kingdom now so that when the suddenlies are upon these lands you will not be one to be shaken. When all is crumbling around you and chaos ensues My Bride will stand firm and be strong and lead others and speak of peace because you know their reality is not your reality. Nothing you see or hear in this reality is truth or real and you know this now.


I will allow to see more and more into the spirit realm as needed for your reassurance and your instruction. But know this now that when events come you shall not be moved,  for in the blink of an eye all will be transformed. It is nothing to fear. You must remain in the Holy of Holies always. Do not step back into the inner court, even there, for you do not belong.


Do not doubt what is being spoken here. Yes My daughter this is like the days of old. My all consuming fire is with My children and I envelope them and love them and teach them and guide them and protect them as I did with My people of old. It is no different. My Spirit remains the same. I change never. I AM the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. I AM the same Father that spoke to Abraham, Moses, to Noah, to David. It is I your Father. I speak in My Word of pouring out My Spirit in the last days. Many times I speak this but they do not believe. Tell them I speak. I love them. I want them to hear what I have to say-if they would only listen. I have never not spoken to My people. I have never not told them what was coming and how to prepare. Why would a loving Father do such a thing?


This is where the enemy has caused great deception in that men do not know a loving Father. Show them who I AM. Do you see how My blood flows down over the mercy seat to you? It still pours forth to all. It is always about the blood.  A life freely given. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and a way will be made and the door will be opened. Through the blood covenant that I have with you children, this is covenant, and you understand. Teach those who don't understand what this means. Teach them what is required. This is how they will find Me. You have all been blood bought. This is everything. They need this information. It is the key, it is the core, it is the whole truth. It is everything. My blood poured out in covenant for all so that sins would be forgiven and eternity would be spent with Me. This is what you tell them. Nothing else in acceptable.


Show them and teach them truth for they are filled with lies. They do not know up from down, right from left. Everything is in chaos in their lives, in their minds, in their families. You hear them speak.They question everything for they have no ground to stand on. All other ground is sinking sand. This is why they are drowning. They have chosen paths that are not of Me. Their foundations are faulty and they are crumbling because I AM bringing it down. I AM will not allow these things to stand any longer. It is all coming down. Entire systems are failing. Everything is crumbling and My people are terrified. They will run to the nearest and quickest solution which is the worst lie that has ever been perpetuated. They will lose their souls. They will lose their souls for a morsel of bread. They will trust in a system that does not even exist. Everything they operate in is illusory. This is why you must show them the way. 

At this time, a vision of Calvary is revealed and hell below with so many souls being lost as Yahushua is dying and bleeding into the ground below. The perspective is from His right shoulder as He hangs over the earth. 

I show you My Son, hanging on that tree at Calvary to help you understand the sorrow of your Father's Heart. I watched My Son bleed out His life for a people who would reject Him, hate Him and mock Him. All He wanted to do was love them. I show you what He saw as He hung there, the ground opened up, and My Son watched My creation, My beautiful children, being sucked into the pits of hell because they never knew the truth.  So many millions of souls He saw that day as He hung there dying for each one. And there was nothing He could do to stop them because they chose their own path when there was always another way. 

Know the Heart of your Father. Know the depths of His love for you..



+ + + +
Wings of Prophecy October 4,2014

Prophetic words to lift you up and encourage you to move forward in your walk with Christ.
The King Is Coming!

Oct 04, 2014 11:08 am | Glynda Linkous

The time is coming soon when the sins of many shall become evident for all to see. I am the God of Truth, not deception and lies.

There are those who pretend to be good shepherds who secretly devour My flock. I tell you now that I – Myself – I, the God Who Sees everything, will expose this for the whole world to see. You will hide behind lies in My Name no longer! I will not allow My children to go on being deceived by you!

Great deception is coming upon the earth (in the spirit I see a swarm of demonic flies – like a black cloud, buzzing loudly) which shall be fed by children of the Evil One. Only those who abide in Me shall escape this deception, for My Holy Spirit shall reveal the truth to them.

Fear not, My children, for though the time of the end is upon you, for you this means great glory, joy and rewards! For I shall take care of you in this time. My Spirit will guide you and I shall send My angels to provide for you.

Do not fear any ability of the Evil One, for he cannot touch those who are Mine without My consent. Walk in Me in love and stay in My Word (I see He means meditate in it day and night – at all times, while ignoring circumstances around you) and you shall not need anything you do not have.

Rejoice, My children!

Look up and rejoice, for your redemption from the darkness and evil of your surroundings draweth nigh!

Your King is coming!
+ + + + +
+ + + + +

Regarding a message
on the coming of Planet X, Abbaddon, the Destroyer. (See 5 pages down in this blog.)
The message is posted below.  Julie always backs her messages up with scripture which can be found following her message at the link above.  I also read her where she describes how she, her husband and daughter have all been receiving corresponding messages to flee Florida and go to a place of refuge up in the mountains; a very specific place describes as Zoar where .  They have been instructed to totally trust in God and not look back.
I was amazed at their story and believe it.  I also questioned myself if I would have that great faith and trust in the Lord.  I don't read scripture daily but try to attend daily mass where every 3 years Catholics cycle through the whole bible.  So, I asked the Lord for confirmation when I went to mass at lunch.  The epistle began with a reading from Job.  Why does that ring a bell today?  Then I recalled a book I read, "Planet X, The sign of the Son of Man, and the End of the Age (available at Amazon).  "Written over a period of 22 years, Planet X represents literally decades of cutting-edge research into the Bible, ancient Near Eastern religion, and both ancient and modern astronomy. Planet X presents powerful and compelling evidence that the most critical events of the Bible — the Creation of the heavens and Earth, the birth of Christ, and His Second Coming — are all three bound together by the regular re-appearance of a mysterious tenth planet in our solar system."   The book shows how the book of Job cannot be understood until you consider Planet X...   How the Earth was created and how The Day of the Lord and the end of the age will be accomplished by God on His Chariot coming from the southern constellations (paraphrasing).

So here is, in part, what was in the 1st reading at mass that gave me confirmation:

jb 9:1-12, 14-16

He removes the mountains before they know it;
he overturns them in his anger.
He shakes the earth out of its place,
and the pillars beneath it tremble.
He commands the sun, and it rises not;
he seals up the stars.

He alone stretches out the heavens
and treads upon the crests of the sea.
He made the Bear and Orion,
the Pleiades and the constellations of the south;
He does great things past finding out,
marvelous things beyond reckoning.

Then in the gospel reading for the day, reminding me of how Julie and her family have been called out of Florida in total obedience:
As Jesus and his disciples were proceeding
on their journey, someone said to him,
“I will follow you wherever you go.”
Jesus answered him,
“Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests,
but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.”
And to another he said, “Follow me.”
But he replied, “Lord, let me go first and bury my father.”
But he answered him, “Let the dead bury their dead.
But you, go and proclaim the Kingdom of God.”
And another said, “I will follow you, Lord,
but first let me say farewell to my family at home.”
Jesus answered him, “No one who sets a hand to the plow
and looks to what was left behind is fit for the Kingdom of God.”

Julie's latest message:

Monday, September 1, 2014


Write these words child to warn My people for a sudden destruction is upon you. Woe to those who call good evil and evil good, for the day of reckoning is at hand. Calamity after calamity will befall this nation as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars. Abbaddon the destroyer is upon you. You must remain in a state of grace at all times for you know not which hour I will require you. It is I daughter, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, come to render judgement where judgement is due. Rend your hearts children and rid yourselves of all unrighteousness as this is an abomination in My sight. I have been more than merciful in My warnings to this earth but the time is come for the fulfillment of all that has been prophesied. Great destruction comes. Are your garments made clean by My blood, the blood of the sacrificial Lamb? You have known for some time of the impending judgements but they will still seem to come upon you suddenly. Prepare! Prepare! The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are loosed and will not be hindered until all has come to pass in My Word. Night is come, darkness descends. I AM the only solid foundation on which you can stand. Keep your feet firmly planted in My Word of Truth for it is alive and breathing and all-powerful. Proclaim Me with all boldness and hesitate no more to announce My coming. All will know of My coming and be found without excuse. Fire will rain down over all the earth and mountains will dissolve like snow before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Those who have perpetuated evil will know their demise. Fast and pray My children and be ever watchful for My hand will move quickly. Be not afraid and hide yourself in the Garden of My Heart where all peace may be found. I love you as only your Creator could. Enter in fully to Me and you will be well.

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Many sources saying we need to enter a time of prayer and fasting through the end of October.
Trunews programs have been expressing the urgency of the time.   A recent program a pastor has called his congregation to a 40 day fast, skipping one meal each day and praying during that time.
A blog at from readers expressing their visions/dreams about the need for repentance in the next month:
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A couple good articles from recounting Dr. Chauncey Crandall's
miraculous healings and even raising the dead through Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit:
a book of supreme encouragement, a surprising book, a book full of the miraculous --  Raising the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Miraculous, available at

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September 14th, 2014

Your sacrifices mean so much right now that I will multiply their effect on the souls you are praying for…

Ezekiel 2:9-10 I looked, and a hand was stretched out to me, and a written scroll was in it. He spread it before me; it had writing on the front and on the back, and written on it were words of lamentation and mourning and woe.

“My children, do not fear what is to come and what is already here. I have been warning you, calling all to repentance. Now the time is at hand when all will know the awesome power of God. Their idols will be smashed one by one. There will be a loneliness on earth that has never before been felt on such a grand scale. This will be the loneliness of a soul bereft of its idols. But it is in that loneliness that I will act to show each soul the futility of life apart from me. When they have nothing left, it will be their final opportunity to turn to me. Many will do so, but there are also many who will be lost. Do not let up on your prayers. Your sacrifices mean so much right now that I will multiply their effect on the souls you are praying for. Do not take this gift lightly my children. Offer your prayers and sacrifices with great confidence for I mean to use you in new ways to conquer the immense territory of souls in need of conversion. Children pray!”

Beloved Father of my heart, your unimaginable mercy is such a gift to us. In the Divine Will accept all my prayers and sacrifices, especially my Flame of Love prayers, to advance the cause you have mentioned—the salvation of souls. I offer all to you in the Holy Name of Jesus, the Beloved, through the Flame of Love. Holy Mary, Mother of God, spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

a couple good articles about current approved prophecy:

Augusto Perez's latest newsletter

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USA citizens had better listen to Rick Wyles on
Sept.2 broadcast with two ex-generals:

Also, the writings from John Martinez continue.  Very interesting:

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Thinking about the post below about Plantet X...  If we believe in God's help to the faithful and believe the bible (Amos 3:5 God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets), we then should believe before God brings his chastisements or allows mankind to create its own chastisements, that He will warn us first.

In Medjugorje (the event that woke me up to the supernatural back in the early 80's) we can take comfort in the fact that Mary, our Mother, has been warning the world of these times for over 3 decades from that apparition site.  This is a continuation of her warnings from Fatima, Akita and Garabandal. The fact that she has been allowed to speak to her children shows that God and Jesus are in control, that they want reparation and that they love us.  The visionaries at Medjugorje have been given ten secrets of grave concern about future events that they will reveal 8 days before they happen. This is one of the reasons I hope Medjugorje is true.  That God, through Mary, will give us warnings through difficult times.

My most difficult posting ever...  But if I might be considered "a watchman" the bible warns that I must tell you what I learn.  We must trust in the Lord and be right with Him.  He will protect His own, the Remnant.
at 45:30 shows Abbaddon, the Destroyer, Planet X.   The whole youtube is good showing other sightings that have been verified.  "They" must be ok with it being out there...
  Marshall Masters has described the passing as a slow train wreck (over the next couple, three years) already beginning with the crashing waves on both shores, increased volcanic activity, earthquakes and a threat of a major solar spot turning towards the earth right now (NASA just recently announced a warning to the public as sunspot AR2151 is now aligning with Earth; like staring down the barrel of a rifle. They warn that if an X-class flare erupts, it could mean massive disruption or devastation here on Earth.)  Pray for no solar flare as it points at the earth.
The following prophetic words eerily timed with my passing along this youtube:

"The Lion of the Tribe of Judah Roars"

September 1st, 2014

Write these words child to warn My people for a sudden destruction is upon you. Woe to those who call good evil and evil good, for the day of reckoning is at hand. Calamity after calamity will befall this nation as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roars. Abbaddon the destroyer is upon you. You must remain in a state of grace at all times for you know not which hour I will require you. It is I daughter, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, come to render judgement where judgement is due. Rend your hearts children and rid yourselves of all unrighteousness as this is an abomination in My sight. I have been more than merciful in My warnings to this earth but the time is come for the fulfillment of all that has been prophesied. Great destruction comes. Are your garments made clean by My blood, the blood of the sacrificial Lamb? You have known for some time of the impending judgements but they will still seem to come upon you suddenly. Prepare! Prepare! The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are loosed and will not be hindered until all has come to pass in My Word. Night is come, darkness descends. I AM the only solid foundation on which you can stand. Keep your feet firmly planted in My Word of Truth for it is alive and breathing and all-powerful. Proclaim Me with all boldness and hesitate no more to announce My coming. All will know of My coming and be found without excuse. Fire will rain down over all the earth and mountains will dissolve like snow before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Those who have perpetuated evil will know their demise. Fast and pray My children and be ever watchful for My hand will move quickly. Be not afraid and hide yourself in the Garden of My Heart where all peace may be found. I love you as only your Creator could. Enter in fully to Me and you will be well.


[Scripture verses associated with this message can be read here.]




August 29th, 2014

The stage is set and all unfolds exactly as it has been written and is foretold. As pawns on a chessboard the players take their positions, although oblivious to My Supremacy over all the earth. Nothing occurs outside of My perfect will or My consent. I have spoken to My end-time prophets and do confirm that this, your generation will see My return. Events come now in rapid succession and the chaos in every aspect of life escalates. As was done in the beginning now all will be made undone. To know the beginning is to know the end. I AM a God of order, and I AM will bring order out of chaos. Just as all was so intricately knit in its formation, it must be unraveled and loosed to be made new again. I AM will leave no stone unturned. The magnitude of what is unfolding is unlike anything ever witnessed on this earth before now. Every nation without exception will be impacted by My judgements. I AM come to make war and to establish justice. My Robe runs crimson with blood. The heart motive of every soul will be exposed to the brilliance and radiance of My presence. Therein the choice is made. Many will fall to their knees in humility and repentance when in the presence of Almighty God. Some will continue to choose eternal death. All have a choice. I AM forces no one to love Me.

You need not fear the terror of the night however My chosen, for I AM has established Myself in and through you as you have enthroned Me upon your heart. I AM requiring now that you come together as One Body, One Spirit in Me in complete unity across the lands, anchoring My Glory which now rests upon My Bride, My Beloved. The ransom has been paid and you must climb upon Me the ladder to access the resources and storehouses of blessing that My end-time army requires to remain fully engaged and powerful in Me for all that is coming to pass. Pray unceasingly, remain sober and alert. Be courageous and walk in complete faith and victory. Your obedience will assist many in coming home to Me. My peace remains always with My Beloved, My Heart..




Aug 31, 2014 11:10 am | Glynda Linkous

Prepare for the times, My children. You must prepare yourselves for what is coming if you are to survive it while doing my bidding.

Times coming will be like no time you have ever known before. Many of you do not even wish to live through it, and many more will not, when the times arrive, because of the horrors you shall see.

What is coming to the earth defies the imaginations of mere men. It will be more incredible than any thoughts, ideas, or Hollywood movies any of you have ever seen.

The preparations you need to make are to prepare your souls, your eyes, your ears, for a world unlike anything you have seen even in your most incredible dreams.

Killing shall abound, and life will have little value. Seeing the dead in the streets of your cities will become common place. 

Plagues shall come to all parts of the world. Some shall be man-made and used for destruction. Others shall be a result of the sins of My people in the world.

Government in some places will be non-existent as evil forces fight to control My people, and nations crumble.
No place shall be safe from the evil that is coming. Only by abiding in Me will you be saved from this. Only those who walk so closely with Me as to be in My shadow can survive and do My will. 
Draw nearer to Me, My children, Draw nearer to Me, that you may endure the horrors to come with the end of days.

Psalm 57:1  Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast.

Psalm 91:1-6  He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.


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Rick Wyles on is a daily "must listen".  His interview with Fr. John Peck, an orthodox priest on August 26th is another wake-up call...

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John Martinez has been on internet groups for years, fairly quiet, but has just felt that God has told him to start teaching because of the urgency of the times. 
For his commentaries on:
The Era of Prayer, Faith and Trust in God's protection
The Tribulation
The probability of no rapture
The Remnant
and Saving our children
go to


a couple amazing testimonies for the rosary

John - Servant of God



Article 8: Why the Rosary

July 23rd, 2014

In the early part of my spiritual journey as a servant of Our Lord, I was told that my life would present living lessons where God would show and teach me present and future events. What I have been sharing with you are real life experiences: I was instructed that the time would come when I would share these experiences as teachings combined with messages from Our Lady.

Some of our brethren have indicated that I am too much of a story teller and that I do not go directly to the messages. I respect and appreciate their concerns; however, my stories are my way of explaining our faith through simple, ordinary, sometimes extraordinary events that have happened to me or others. I want our faith to be real, breathing and alive for you. Please bear with me as I tell my simple stories.

Jim’s Story: Why the Rosary?

In the early 1980’s, I was invited to participate in many religious/spiritual events. We as baptized Catholics are all called to evangelize as per Decree on the Apostolate for the Laity by the Vatican II documents. I was very proud to have been born a Roman Catholic, but the world is not all Catholic. As a result of my involvement in interfaith dialogue, I had the opportunity to share my Faith with many non-Catholics. One of the organizations that I joined was the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship, an ecumenical Christian ministry for men of all walks of life. We would gather at different restaurants once a month, on Saturday mornings. for breakfast. Men that attended were from all affiliations and walks of life---from janitors to millionaires.

One Saturday morning, I sat next to a gentleman whose name is Jim. As I always carry my St. Jerome’s Catholic Bible, Jim looked at my Bible, asked me if I was Catholic, and quickly indicated he was Baptist but that he prayed the Rosary. I was happily stunned. I had always heard that Protestants did not want to draw attention to Our Blessed Mother.

Jim told me his story:

He shared with me that he hated the Rosary, and in particular, did not like Catholics who prayed to the Virgin Mary. He believed the rosary was not scriptural, and he perceived the rosary to be an antiquated pagan ritual of praying and worshiping the Virgin Mary.

One evening, Jim went to the funeral of a very good mutual friend, Henry Guerra, who was well-known and admired in San Antonio. Henry had been the anchor man and newscaster for a local radio and television station, and was also a good man and a committed Catholic who always shared his faith. At the Angelus funeral home, Jim told me that there was a “crazy little lady” giving out rosaries for the service. He reluctantly took one, and looked around so no one could see him throw the rosary under the pews. He did not want to be contaminated by what he considered pagan ritualistic practices.

After the service, Jim got into his car and drove out. While he was driving, he noticed that the rosary that he had thrown away was on the passenger’s seat next to him. Immediately, he told himself that the “crazy lady” giving out rosaries had sneaked into his car and placed “the thing” on the seat. He opened the window as he was driving, grabbed the abomination and threw it out the window. Frustrated and angry, he prayed that God would deliver the Catholic Church of this pagan ritual of repeating prayers over and over and over. Then, as he entered his bedroom that evening, he was taken aback. The Rosary that he had thrown under the pews, the Rosary that he threw out the window of his car was now in the center of his bed! He was startled and stunned. He could not move. For seven days and nights, he could not enter his bedroom, sleeping on the floor outside the door of his bedroom, praying fervently, unceasingly for Jesus to intervene.

After seven days of prayer and fasting, he finally felt peace around him. Then, God gave him the courage to pick up this rosary. Since he did not know what to do with it, he began to do research on the rosary---- what it was, how to pray it, and why the non-Catholic churches opposed it. He asked some Catholic friends, and they also did not know (he was surprised by this because he assumed all Catholics prayed the rosary). Finally, he sneaked into a Catholic bookstore and bought a booklet on “How to Pray the Rosary”.

Jim read the booklet and it was all about Jesus: His birth, His teachings, His Passion, His Resurrection----all Scripture. He told me that, as he started to pray the Rosary, the presence of the Holy Spirit was all around him. With tears in his eyes, he described how, when he prayed the Rosary, he was bi-located and was present in body and spirit when the angel Gabriel announced to Our Blessed Mother that she was being asked to be the Mother of God, He was spiritually there at the birth of Jesus, and was next to Our Lady as Jesus was being crucified. From then on, Jim was overjoyed and praising God for this wonderful revelation that was given to him through the Rosary and now evangelizes to his non-Catholic brethren about the meaning and beauty of the Rosary. In simple terms, he told me that the Rosary is the key to God’s heart, and that we are being asked to help Our Lady bring God’s children to her son Jesus Christ.

Personal Experience of the Graces and Healing Through the Holy Rosary

As I have mentioned in past articles, Father Ralph Di Orio was my mentor in the healing ministry. I worked with him for several years and we became very good friends. When he was asked by the Holy Father, St. John Paul II, to go to the Eastern European countries and minister to our Catholic brethren, we sadly said our good-byes. We had become very good friends, and upon his departure, he gave me one of his most prized possessions. At his ordination to the priesthood, he was given a personal rosary by his mentor, Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Archbishop Sheen’s rosary was his departing gift to me.

Father Enda, my Spiritual Director, and I were invited in 1984 to attend a conference in Rome. We were two of 800 people invited throughout the world to attend the World Charismatic conference in Rome. In 1980, at a similar conference, there were two priests from a small village who were very troubled at what was taking place in their parish. Sister Bridge McKenna gave a prophecy to these two troubled but holy priest. She prophesied over them and told them the following: “Do not worry, for the Blessed Mother is going to intervene in your parish”. The priests were from the small Croatian village of Medjugorje.

Back to 1984, at the Rome conference, two priests were handing out the first blessed medals that Our Lady had blessed in their parish. Fr. Petar Ljubicic from Medjugorje.gave me four small medals blessed by the Mother of God in his parish. He told me that whoever is touched by these medals from Our Lady would receive graces and healing from God.

I have experienced many amazing instances of the power, graces and blessing of the rosary. For example, one late evening, I receive a tearful call from my sister Yolanda. She was crying and talking at the same time. My sister, a retired LVN, indicated that she had been diagnosed with double breast cancer and was scheduled to go into surgery the next morning; I told her that I would be there shortly. When I arrived, she hugged me with tears in her eyes, and asked me to pray for her because she was afraid. I shared with her about Our Lady and Our Lord. I told her about my Rosary from Archbishop Sheen and the Blessed Medal from Our Lady in Medjugorje. I had placed one of the medals with the rosary of Archbishop Sheen, and prayed for the intercession of Our Lady and healing for her breast cancer. After I finished praying, she grabbed my rosary and told me that she was going to keep it. I said okay.

The following morning, she was prepped for surgery. It is normal, during surgery, that no items will be taken into the surgery room, however, my sister held on to the rosary with a tight fist and told the doctors that under no circumstances was she letting go of the rosary. Reluctantly, the doctors agreed. As the surgeons and nurses were about to start the operation, they were stunned as to what they saw on the x-rays.. The cancer lumps on both breasts were disappearing---- until they were all gone! The unbelievers started to believe in the power of God and in what they were witnessing. Needless to say, they did not operate and the cancer was gone. My sister was healed, and kept my rosary for over one year.

Now is the Time of Preparation:

I strongly beseech each of you to begin NOW to spiritually prepare for the horrendous storm that is approaching us and our world very soon.

Let us all cry out to God for mercy and in sincere repentance---do not wait! We have been warned by Our Lady for centuries to convert and turn to God. If we wait to let go of habits, patterns, lifestyles and wrong choices, there is a danger, due to our tendency to continue in our patterns, that wrong choices will be made during times of great stress and coming trials. The danger is that one will prefer/choose the world and its darkness over God and light. Some people think that they can repent quickly at the time of death, but chances are, by this time, you may (or will) not repent, or may not have the opportunity to do so. Let us fervently pray, and let us not delay real, deep inner change of our immortal souls.

One of the central keys to salvation are the promises of the Rosary.

Salvation is only given to us by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; however, it is Our Lady and the Holy Spirit that bring us to Jesus.

Let us then now turn to the Rosary and our beloved Mother for assistance, for direction, and for comfort in these very trying times.

Blessings, John

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An interesting series of writings from John Martinez, who goes by "John Servant of God" being posted at
I've seen his name around for some years but he claims the Lord is now asking him to release information about refuges, spiritual warfare, etc. because God's plans are unfolding now.
Article 6:
The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
And the Preparation of the Refuges
The Coming of the Spirit
Refuges- Perfect Love cast out all Fear and Evil
In the End My Immaculate Heart will Triumph
Confirmation of the Refuges
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Article 5:
Spiritual Warfare and the
Preparation to Fight Evil Now
Spiritual Warfare
My Trials and Battle with Evil…
Article 4: A Time of Preparation…
Article 3: …God of the Impossible
Article 2: Seeking our Place of Refuge…
Article 1: Refuges That Are Now Being Prepared

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I've been listening to Rick Wyles for 15 years.  He is a true Christian and patriot, with serious warnings for the near future. However, he believes God has instructed him to prepare his ministry to provide information to Christians out to 2030.  He is now 60.
His June 6th radio show (you can download the mp3 for June 6; is a must listen.  The 1st half is a remembrance of D-day followed by an amazing prophetic warning from Paul Harvey from decades ago accurately describing the demise of the American culture, entitled "If I were the devil". 
The 2nd half Rick presents an audio recording from Steve Quayle of a prophetic warning Steve received.
Also, Rick reminds us of his own prophetic vision in 1998 that unfolded before his eyes in a chapel, like a movie, showing American cities on fire and people starving.  This vision was confirmed independently by his daughter (she did not know of the vision) with the identical message in a dream that night. The messages are ominous but there is encouragement for the faithful. to check out his current broadcasts, which can be downloaded as mp3's or there is a Trunews app available for free also.

Jabez In Action June 14,2014

Saturday, 14 June 2014
I Will Anoint Many of My Chosen Sons, and Daughters

Children of My Divine Heart,

 Rejoice. I stand before you in glory. I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Grow in obedience, My Little Ones. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender. Give Me permission to work in you. You need to change. So much remains to be done. Be filled with My most holy Spirit, and place your trust in Me. Trust that all will contribute to the greater good. As events foretold escalate all over the world, seek My divine will. Place My divine will above all else. Decide for Me. Decide to trust Me with your very lives. Decide to lead the lost back to Me. Model obedience, and virtue. Uproot all sin from your hearts, and minds. Purify your actions, and your motives. Examine your driving forces, and realize that you err. Do not judge. Kneel down before Me when you realize just how wrong you are. Pray. Pray without ceasing, and draw near to Me. Live for Me alone. All glory is mine. You would do well to remember this. I will take what is rightfully mine. I will claim that which was stolen from Me, and restore My people. I will anoint many of My chosen Sons, and Daughters in order to achieve My goal. Look to Me for guidance. Look to Me for evidence of such a renewal. The Earth now undergoes many birth pangs, but she will recover, and return to the state of her creation. I will purify, and refine what is mine. I will circumcise the hardest of hearts in order to establish My reign over the Earth. Heed My warnings, Beloved. Walk in obedience, and keep My commandments of love. I bless you now. My blessing descends upon you, upon your families, and upon all those you recommend in prayer. I place My seal upon your hearts. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom

+ + + 



from Jesus littlest of servantsfrom Jesus littlest of servants

Great Rewards

I wish to take My people to a higher level of kingdom living while they are still in the earth. I desire you would believe Me for a level of living such as you have never known. I desire to make you the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, a lender, not a borrower, My people.
From you, this will require much faith in My ability to prosper you. I can take you beyond your wildest dreams, My people. I desire to do this that those in the world may see you and know you are blessed. For those in the world shall not be able to comprehend how you have been taken to such great heights!

I shall display you in all My glory before I bring you all home to Me, that the world may see and know that I AM the living God, the God of Israel, the former God of the United States that made America great for a time, until you turned your back on Me.

But the voices of My people cry out to Me and those shall I honor and show great glory through. I have promised you great rewards, My children, and now you shall walk in them.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Believe Me to do mighty exploits! Cleanse your minds by being in My Word daily that you may be a vessel of honor, fit for My use.

My children, you cannot comprehend the greatness and glory I desire for you. If you will walk closely with Me, we shall do great things in the earth

+ + + +
Well-intentioned people promoted on this blog (including Perez and Deyo)and others (led by Tom Horn) are quoting St. Malachy's prophecy
indicating Pope Francis is the last pope but they then ignore that the prophecy also says the last pope will feed his sheep. 

Wrote St. Malachy of the last pope:

"In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge the people. The End."

Instead they are twisting the prophecy to say Pope Francis is the false prophet who will join with the antichrist.  You can't pick and choose when it comes to prophecy...  If you believe this prophecy says that Pope Francis is that last pope then you must believe he will feed his sheep.  NOT a false prophet.

An approved apparition at Akita, Japan ( which is a continuation of the events at Fatima has prophecy that states:
"The  work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that
 one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other
 bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their
 Confreres. The Church and altars will be vandalized.  The Church will be full
 of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and
 consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

Now, understand the reluctance of the Catholic church to approve such a message.  We can see that much of what this prophecy says can be said to have been realized.  So, the false prophet could come from the Catholic church.  But we need to be cautious.

Excerpt from a thought provoking article at at a time when we should be praying for the pope, not pre-judging:

Some time back we (Spirit Daily) had the account of a woman in Michigan who claims to see and hear the Blessed Mother, and whose living room is rife with statues and images that exude oil. It is offered for discernment; some recent messages:

"My son (to a visiting priest), don’t be afraid of spreading the Faith, don’t be afraid of the Truth, don’t be afraid of the Truth, don’t be afraid of the Truth. You will be blessed with the Grace of God, and the Holy Spirit will reside in you.”

"[Times of great upheaval and disaster are] getting closer because of the behavior of this world and the behavior of the leaders and those with high ranks in the Catholic Church. Enough, O Fathers and leaders of the church, wake up and lead your people to the Faith. When there are shortcomings in the Fathers, their children will grow with shortcomings. I beseech all people to come to the Faith.”

"Pray, pray, pray for this Pope (Francis) so that he will not encounter many difficulties. He is a simple person."

“They (the leaders of the Holy Church) should be good shepherds for this flock which they are guiding. They should be servants for this flock and for this people who are in need of prayers and direction."

"My Son asks of you to have Faith, Purity of Character and Love. Since Faith and Love have primacy over everything else." 

“When the time comes, I will illuminate them (regarding an alleged coming miracle at the visionary’s house), with what is happening, those with high ranks, so that everything will be made clear before them.”
for the full article:

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Pelianito blog May 12 - 25, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This week I asked our Mother for a certain favor. Then, at morning Mass I asked what she would like in return. Immediately I felt these words in my heart: “Spread devotion to my Immaculate Heart to the whole world,” and then, “Elizabeth Kindelmann”. Through Elizabeth Kindelmann, the Virgin Mary placed into our hands a new means to blind Satan: the Flame of Love of Her Immaculate Heart and this prayer: “Mother of God, spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

BVM: “Beloved children, you do not fully understand what is at stake. If you did, you would eliminate all from your life that does not serve God’s holy will. Never has it been more important, more urgent, that my faithful servants divest themselves of what does not serve the Lord’s will. You allow so many distractions! You will weep one day over all the good left undone because you allowed yourself to be distracted from your divine purpose, and the tears will be bitter indeed. Begin anew, my children! This moment! Pray as never before. Offer penance. Give me your daily duty. I will transform everything in my Flame of Love. Children do not delay. The harvest of souls is very near.”

Blessed Mother, obtain for me new graces, that I may not be distracted from what God’s holy will desires of me. I offer my every moment to you. Help me to resist the pull of meaningless distractions and draw me ever deeper into your flame of love. Jesus in Mary, I trust in you. Save souls! “Mother of God, spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

I asked for a scripture passage and was given: Haggai 2:9 The latter splendor of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give prosperity, says the Lord of hosts.

May Your Kingdom come, and your will be done O Lord!

+ + + +

Jabez In Action May 27,2014

Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Pray For My Divine Will To Spread All Over The Earth
Children of My Divine Heart,
I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender without condition. I have gifts to distribute. I have many gifts for you. Give Me permisssion to work in you. I will strengthen you. I will guide your every step. Listen to My voice. Obey My instructions, and be faith filled. Do not refuse Me. Do not turn your backs to Love. Accept My corrections in all humility, and lead others back to the fold by your example. Accept My instructions, and be faithful to them. Pray. Pray without ceasing. Do not grow selfish or indifferent. War will soon erupt. Blood will flow in all parts of the world. Pray, My Little Ones. Pray for My divine will to spread all over the Earth. Many desire to control nations. Many refuse Me. Leaders make themselves deaf to My pleas. They hear My voice, but pretend to hear nothing at all. They hear My pleas, and refuse Me. They reject My instructions, and fail to comply. For this reason, many nations of the world will fall under My wrath. Each nation must have an ambassador before My throne of mercy. Many nations are still without such ambassadors. Hear Me, Beloved. Pray. My prayer warriors will be greatly rewarded upon their passing. I will crown them, and reward each effort. You would do well to remember this. I bless you now. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom
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Augusto Perez newsletter:
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Too often, we let evil get the best of us. We allow negativity to prevail. We give it force.  We feed it. That's because -- as a preacher recently pointed out -- we magnify darkness -- illness, bad luck, accidents, family difficulties -- instead of magnifying God.

Thus, a question: what do we place more faith in, the disease or the Person Who created the body -- and, hence, can cure any illness?

It is important to recognize, isolate, and quash evil, but really, do we always have to obsess on the "bad"? Should we ever concede defeat? Might it even be wise at times to ignore an issue once we have done what we can (leaving it now to faith)?

"Obsession" has the hiss of the snake, and when we become too immersed in a dilemma, it's like using a magnifying glass; the details grow out of proportion;  we're consumed. 

Magnify, magnify, magnify God instead. Praise Him. Pray as John Paul II prayed, as John XXIII did. Praise is your great defense. See God as larger than the Empire State Building (while the devil is smaller than a grain of sand, which is the way, in comparison, it really is). His Mercy is so strong!

Don't "entertain" the negative or it will perform like a broken record and eat away at you. There will be no end. Instead of a magnifying glass, instead of a microscope, instead of dwelling on every dark detail, use a telescope -- looking at your problem through the wide end of it, so your problem appears small and distant. Soon, that will be the reality...

...Magnify the Lord, not illness, not hardship, not fear, not brokenness. Lord, I love You. My God, You are my Everything. To You and You only are my eyes fixed -- oh Great One, Lord of Lords, praise You, Creator not just of earth but of the cosmos, and eternities beyond.

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This Sunday is the canonization of Pope John Paul II and also Divine Mercy Sunday
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Prepare for Divine Mercy Sunday, April 27th

Please plan on you and your family participating in Divine Mercy Sunday on April 27th.  T his is one our Church’s greatest Holy Days as set forth by our Pope John Paul II when he canonized St. Faustina. 

Father Ignacy Rozycki, the theologian who examined St. Faustina's writings for
the Holy See had these words to say, "The most exceptional grace promised by
Jesus for the Feast of the Divine Mercy is something considerably greater than a
plenary indulgence.  Our Lord said, 'I want to grant a complete pardon to the
souls that will go to Confession, and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My
Mercy' (Diary, 1109)." According to Fr. Rozycki, "the remission of all sins and
punishment due to sin is only found in the sacramental grace of Baptism."

In this regard, He raised the Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday to the rank of a second Baptism." 

Q. What extraordinary graces are available on Divine Mercy Sunday?

A. Our Lord revealed to St. Faustina His desire to literally flood us with His graces on that day. He told her: On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. The soul that will go to Confession [beforehand] and receive Holy Communion [on that day] shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment (Diary 699).

The theologian who examined St. Faustina's writings for the Holy See, Rev. Ignacy Rozycki, explained that this is the promise of a complete renewal of baptismal grace, and in that sense like a "second Baptism" (in much the same way that St. Catherine of Siena called sacramental Confession, undertaken out of true love of God, an "ongoing Baptism") (The Dialogue, no. 75).

The extraordinary graces promised to the faithful by our Lord Himself through St. Faustina should not be confused with the plenary indulgence granted by Pope John Paul II for the devout observance of the Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday). The Decree of the Holy See offers:

"A plenary indulgence, granted under the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer for the intentions of Supreme Pontiff) to the faithful who, on the Second Sunday of Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday, in any church or chapel, in a spirit that is completely detached from the affection for a sin, even a venial sin, take part in the prayers and devotions held in honor of Divine Mercy, or who, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed or reserved in the tabernacle, recite the Our Father and the Creed, adding a devout prayer to the merciful Lord Jesus (e.g. Merciful Jesus, I trust in you!)..."

Q. How can I explain to my parishioners the difference between the plenary indulgence available to the faithful on Divine Mercy Sunday, and the extraordinary graces of Divine Mercy Sunday mentioned in St. Faustina's Diary?

A. It is important to remember that both are available to your parishioners on Mercy Sunday.

The plenary indulgence for Mercy Sunday was something granted by the Church, whereas the special graces offered on Divine Mercy Sunday mentioned in St. Faustina's Diary were promised to the faithful through a revelation from Jesus Christ given to St. Faustina (Diary, 699).

Moreover, a plenary indulgence can only be received if the indulgenced acts (e.g., going on pilgrimage, or reciting special prayers) are undertaken out of pure love for God; otherwise the indulgence is only partial. The extraordinary grace of Divine Mercy Sunday, however, was promised to all those who receive Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday in a state of grace, with trust in God's merciful love. Furthermore, a plenary indulgence can be obtained for oneself, or for the poor souls suffering in purgatory, whereas the special grace promised by our Lord for Divine Mercy Sunday can only be received for oneself.

Finally, a plenary indulgence removes any temporal punishment still remaining for sins already forgiven, whereas the extraordinary grace that our Lord promised to devout communicants on Mercy Sunday amounts to a complete renewal of baptismal grace in the soul.

You can answer most questions about this special day at the following internet site:

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March 5th, 2014

Happy are those who weep now for their sins, for they shall be comforted in the ocean of my mercy…

Joel 2:12-13 Yet even now says the Lord, return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning; rend your hearts and not your clothing. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and relents from punishing.

“My children, happy are those who weep now for their sins, for they shall be comforted in the ocean of my mercy. My heart was rent—then imitate me and do not hold back. If you rend your heart you will become an instrument of Divine Mercy. Blessed are you who mourn now for your sins. You shall rejoice in the kingdom of heaven. But woe to you when you refuse to weep and mourn now over your sins! The gates of mercy will close on you and then you shall weep bitterly! Children let all that is about to befall you always lead you to glorify God. Trust that whatever comes, it will be followed by something so glorious you will forget the pain of former days. Enter into my rest, dear faithful souls. I am near!”

Heavenly Father, in the Divine Will we offer you our deepest sorrow over our sins and failings. Have mercy on us and on all those you have given us to pray for. We trust that they will all receive the grace they need to come back to you with all their hearts. We include in our prayers this Lent all those who have no one to pray for them. Jesus we trust in you. Save souls!

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April 2, 2014 Message Given Through Mirjana 

"Dear children, with a motherly love I desire to help you for your life of prayer and penance to be a sincere attempt of drawing closer to my Son and His divine light - that you may know how to separate yourselves from sin. Every prayer, every Mass and every fasting is an attempt of drawing closer to my Son, a reminder of His glory and a refuge from sin - it is a way to a renewed union of the good Father and His children. Therefore, my dear children, with hearts open and full of love, cry out the name of the Heavenly Father that He may illuminate you with the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit you will become a spring of God's love. All those who do not know my Son, all those thirsting for the love and peace of my Son, will drink from this spring. Thank you. Pray for your shepherds. I pray for them and I desire that they may always feel the blessing of my motherly hands and the support of my motherly heart."

Jabez In Action March 27,28,29,30,2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Your Sins Will Separate Us For All Eternity, Unless You Accept To Change

Children of My Divine Heart,

I Am that I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am. Hear Me. I desire to instruct you now. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender. Give Me permission to transfigure you in love. I have plans for you. My plans are perfect. Do not doubt My ways. Do not reject My instruction. You were created for My glory, and are called to holiness. Repent, Beloved. Repent, or face My wrath. Repent while there is still time. Seek out My consecrated Sons, and admit your transgressions. Your lies prevent you from entering Paradise. Your sins will separate us for all eternity, unless you accept to change. Convert, My Little Ones. Many are lost. Satan has deceived the masses. Satan reigns in the hearts of millions for the time being. Pray that millions will recognize the Truth before it is too late. I place My hope in you. Serve in all humility, and trust that all contributes to the greater good. Trust in Me. Let all that you say, think, and do bring Me glory. I bless you now. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom


Friday, 28 March 2014

Look to Me

Children of My Divine Heart,

I Am Who I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Hear Me. I desire to instruct you now. Open your hearts to your God. Surrender at once. Do not delay. Give Me permission to work in you. I desire to raise you to holiness. I desire to abide in you, and to draw you to Me. Beloved, abandon the ways of the world. Do not find solace in worldly affairs. Look to Me for comfort. Look to Me for guidance. In all things, look to Me. I Am, your Father on High, desires to guide your every step. Do not refuse Me. I take great joy in witnessing your progress, and spiritual advancement. Beloved, draw near to Me. Find comfort in My arms of love. Read My words of love. Spend more time in My divine presence. Seek My divine will above all else. Let all that you say, think, and do bring Me glory. Offer up your lives as a holy sacrifice. Offer up your days to Me. Sacrifice yourselves for Me. I count on you. Serve in all obedience. Repent while there is time. Seek out My consecrated Sons, and be right with Me. Uproot all sin from your hearts, and lives. Heed My warnings. Time is of the essence. I will protect you, and those you love as you make yourselves obedient unto Me. Pick up your weapons, Beloved. Fight for Love. Pray your rosaries. Be faithful to this mandate. Pray without ceasing. Fast. Become instruments of grace in your broken world. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Abandon The Life You Hold Dear

Children of My Divine Heart,

Hear Me. I Am Who I Am. I Am the Great I Am. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Open your hearts without delay. Surrender unto Me. Give Me permission to transfigure you for My glory, and My glory alone. Break free from the ways of the world. Abandon the life you hold dear. Abandon the ways of men. Draw near to Me. Find comfort in My arms of love. I will guide your every step, if you let Me. I will raise you to perfection, when you accept to comply. Keep My commandments. Seek to please Me in all things. Seek to bless Me with tokens of your love, and obedience. Bless those I place upon your path. Do not postpone change to tomorrow. Act today. I count on you to lead many back to the fold. My triune blessing descends upon you this instant. Live for Me. Shalom


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Die To Your Flesh

Children of My Divine Heart,

Rejoice in Me. I Am, your God, calls to you. Answer My call. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Author of Life. Open your hearts to Me. Surrender at once. Give Me permission to transform you into instruments of My mercy, and grace. Accept to serve daily. Accept to lead others back to the fold through your example. Accept to die to your flesh, to die to your ways, the only ways you have known your entire existence. Live for Me from this day forth. Live to give Me all glory. I await your fiat. Comply. Live as Saints. Model virtue. Walk in holiness. Serve as My ambassadors. I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom



Wings of Prophecy March 26,2014


Before All Hope Is Gone


Mar 26,