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April 24
An inspiring near death experience with a visit to heaven, visiting those there, and returning to life to witness miraculous healing.

March 18, 2018


Here is Our Lady's Message of March 18, 2018 - through Mirjana Soldo

Dear children! My earthly life was simple. I loved and I rejoiced in small things. I loved life - the gift from God - even though pain and sufferings pierced my heart. My children, I had the strength of faith and boundless trust in God's love. All those who have the strength of faith are stronger. Faith makes you live according to what is good and then the light of God's love always comes at the desired moment. That is the strength which sustains in pain and suffering.

My children, pray for the strength of faith, trust in the Heavenly Father, and do not be afraid. Know that not a single creature who belongs to God will be lost but will live forever. Every pain has its end and then life in freedom begins there where all of my children come - where everything is returned.

My children, your battle is difficult. It will be even more difficult, but you follow my example.  Pray for the strength of faith; trust in the love of the Heavenly Father. I am with you. I am manifesting myself to you. I am encouraging you. With immeasurable motherly love I am caressing your souls. Thank you.

Mark Taylor, a former fireman who prophesied that Donald Trump would be president, has been continuing his uplifting prophecies in which he is hearing God tell him that this is a time of cleansing and that God is using Trump to take the Deep State/Illuminati out of power.  This includes empowering the United States and uniting them with Israel "as one".  So for people that say the USA is not in the bible in the endtimes this explains it;  the USA and Israel combined is "Israel".   Mark is also prophesying the fake news being cleaned up and the USA and Israel becoming oil-rich and energy exporters fixing the national debt.   After listening to doom and gloom for 33 years this is a breath of fresh air saying now is a time of harvest and that God will use us to convert a billion people.  Check out Mark's book
and here is a youtube giving a good synopsis of his prophecies:

 If Mark Taylor's prophecies play our then the battle heats up against dark satanic forces and do not be surprised that there will be a great battle as Satan tries to defeat the army of God.  There are many messages warning us of the battle but also protection for those that are of God.  From Z3news:

“A great and mighty shift is imminently upon you.”


3.05.18 update 
From the Z3news discussion a vision that gave this person "the biggest smile":

“I saw many asteroids falling from the sky with long red tails.”

March 5, 2018 11:57 PM

Yes indeed Ivette have had a few similar visions recently, time must be drawing nigh. Upon meditating/praying on scriptures before I went to bed, I had a very lucid vision of many meteors coming and saw to take refuge outside of Houston, TX.  Then there were multiple planets in the sky that were so close and huge like never before seen and then I was hiding behind a huge mountain and chaos ensued with many cars backed up on the highway.

Have also seen these meteors and planets to come are a major forewarning to a pole shift and megaquake Rev. 6:12 that signifies the end of the age/rapture/son of man coming in the clouds with great glory. Its quite possible all 3 happen somewhat simultaneously. The most vivid vision I've ever experienced was nibiru/red dragon/red kachina/planet x appearing in the sky then a megaquake and simultaneous pole shift which literally shifts us into the new age new heaven new earth and my body changed in a twinkling of an eye as did the dimension/realm and landscape. It was much brighter and incredibly high def and sharp vivid colors in the changed but similar landscape. My body felt and appeared to be a light body magnificently glowing and I felt as if I had super powers with the biggest smile on my face! Both the scariest and most amazing vision/experience I've encountered to date.

The website of one of the prophets I trust the most--John Servant of God:
His latest total message at
This portion from God speaks of great upheaval as never before experienced on earth ("I have allowed nature to rebel against itself: earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, the shifting of the earth’s foundation will move continents") but "As the clouds of darkness approach, do not fear. I AM with you… my faithful and beloved children. I am your Refuge and your Hope. Be at peace and know that I will never forsake you."
This message may be referring to Planet X, the Judgement Seat of God
I think Gil Broussard has the best understanding of what to expect as this planet makes its passing in the next years.

Gill Broussard explains  how Planet X  has passed the earth many times on a 360 year orbit rather than a 3600 year orbit proposed by Sitchen.  You can download his video as a vimeo for $16 and it is very good.
The book I liked the best is Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man, and the End of the Age by Doug Elwell available at Amazon.  It is packed with information and is biblical and also based in other religions and Chinese history.  Elwell explains how God has used Planet X as his judgement seat.   From the Amazon description: "Planet X is believed by some to be responsible for the creation of Earth in its present form. Planet X presents compelling evidence that this mysterious tenth planet was used by God to not only create the heavens and Earth, but also to herald the birth of Christ as the Star of Bethlehem, and to herald His return in the End-Times as the Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age."

I have been writing about Planet X since 1998.  I believe we will encounter it like a slow train wreck... Earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroid strikes, hurricanes, climate change, etc.    A couple messengers on  ,   Patricia Green and Alison Pond, speak of seven years that may have begun with the solar eclipse or with the Woman Clothed in the Sun event of September 23, 2017; seven years of reprieve but with constant tribulation until the defeat of Satan and/or the fall of Babylon.  Also, possibly not within 7 years but eventually, a pole shift and a new heaven and a new earth and hopefully a golden age, a millennium spoken of by Church Fathers.  

Rick Wiles from Trunews (another man I truly trust) said God told him his ministry would be out to 2030.  God also told Rick in 1999  he would receive a television ministry before God would bring judgement upon America.  Well, Rick got his television show and on the first night, October 16, 2017, Rick asked God what he should tell the American people and his bible fell open to Jonah 1:2  “Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me.”  God warned Nineveh through Jonah that He would bring a foreign nation and drive them out of their land if they did not repent. Speaking on this on a following radio show brought to mind an open vision Rick had while watching jet skiers in Florida.  Like watching a large video screen Rick saw the scene wipe from white Americans of European descent on jet skis to Chinese people. Those that were riding the jet skiers had now become the servants to the Chinese.  God told Rick "this is how it will happen".

Rick Wiles new show "Tru News with Rick Wiles" can be seen around the country now.  Another must watch new TV show is Skywatch TV.   These shows can also be accessed on the web.

11.03.17 Update
An awesome testimony of God's love for us, His healing powers, of the reality of hell and our need to cooperate with God, of big events looming on the horizon with the promise of a huge (greater than in the times of Moses)  good ending better than any movie.
You are being called to share this news with as many people as you can.

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A beautiful devotion to the Mother of Jesus with wonderful promises from several saints

Cornelius Jones gives a couple concise youtubes covering amazing facts about Aug. 21 and Sept 23, 2017

Place it upon the heat, for now is the season for My people to see the ancient words of My prophets come to pass.”
JULY 23, 2017 1:56 PM

Pastor TD Hale shared the following amazing prophetic dream on his Facebook page yesterday. Pastor Hale is pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Galipolis, Ohio. see link:

A lot to absorb and pray on in the next pages.  I report this, knowing it will put fear into hearts (which I guess now is necessary), but do so to encourage people to prepare spiritually and physically;  to know what is happening and that it has been prophesied, and that there is protection in the Blood of Jesus.  What would you do if there was a great celestial event that caused 3 days of darkness?  Would you know that you are to gather your family, close all your doors, pull all the shades, do not look outside and not to venture outside because of certain death?  ...similar to the Passover. That evil will fill the darkness and possibly call out to you through your doors in familiar voices trying to get you to open the door?    Saints have been prophesying this for centuries.   Now is the time to research this and prepare because the one thing that could cause of lot of these bizarre events is Planet X.  Very possibly on August 21st, when there is a solar eclipse, there will be people that capture one or more of the planets and moons that are part of this mini-solar system that is hiding behind the sun and is approaching.  

Here is an interesting prophecy.  Plus, read the following comments which describe confirming prophecy with links to all the associated events: the three days of darkness, pole shifts, disturbances in the sun and the effects on earth, etc.

Reading the comments I felt these two links express what I've learned over the years about the times we are heading into:
and this link which I posted several years ago but now, with Nibiru peaking out behind the sun, sounds more timely:  where the visionary in-part hears from the Lord:
The darkness will descend within 3 days of this cosmic event appearing.  The darkness will commence with the earthquake.  That is why it is important for you to be inside and remain in your homes.  Like the Children of Israel who were protected when the Angel of Death passed over and saw the blood on the door posts, so all My children will be protected by the blood of the Lamb on your foreheads.  You are sealed by My blood and My Bride will be protected, no matter what is happening outside of your dwellings.

You are to close your doors and windows, draw your curtains and pray together.  During this time I will reveal Myself to each and every one of you.  Those who are already Mine will be infused with the Holy Spirit and will be transformed.  Those who are not yet Mine will be given the opportunity to receive Me as their Lord and Saviour. 
Here is a good prayer you should print out for these times:

As far the mention of Nibiru check out the latest pictures posted on Masters website:

“The world is wearing out and you are about to see things that cannot be explained by science.”

Yesterday, I was just starting to watch a documentary called “Chasing Coral” about the changing ocean when the Lord had me sit down to write this word.

“Little one, they call it climate change, but do not be deceived by labels. My seas are showing signs of the end of the age. The plants and animals are dying as a wake up call! I have sent these signs as a warning.

My people must repent and humble themselves before Me before it is too late! The oceans will never again be a place teeming with animals and income. The world is wearing out and you are about to see things that cannot be explained by science. The scientists are befuddled because they seek to explain the Earth without Me! They do not have eyes to see or ears to hear, so they remain in a constant state of wonderment. They shall remain this way until the end of the age!

No longer will patterns be apparent. The Earth is set to reel on its axis. The heavens will be shaken and the tides will change. The ocean will be a source of great fear and destruction. The coast lands will no longer be a refuge. Those near the sea, listen to My voice! I AM the only refuge and peace in the days to come. Move where I say move. Stay where I say stay.

I have loved you with an everlasting love. It is not My desire that any of My people should perish, but that they should repent from their evil ways and live. SOUND THE WARNING, WATCHMAN!

Scripture References:

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. – Luke 21:25

The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls–never to rise again. – Isaiah 24:20

Lift up your eyes to the heavens, look at the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like flies. But my salvation will last forever, my righteousness will never fail. – Isaiah 51:6

People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. – Luke 21:26

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” – Jeremiah 31:3

Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?’ – Ezekiel 33:11

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. – 2 Peter 3:9

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continuation from a page down
A rare alignment that will be seen in the sky September 2017 is also the Fulfillment of woman clothed in the Sun written of in Revelation in the bible
, an alignment  that has not happened since the birth of Christ. See
for an explanation of the alignment.   Then for further happenings in the sky that will bring about the end of these days (the reign of Satan).  This site describes the September 23, 2017 event very well but then proceeds to claim that Planet X will eclipse the sun on October 5, 2017 which I cannot comprehend with how slowly this Planet X thing is transpiring (I've been reporting on it since 1999).   I'm more along the thought process that this will be a slow train wreck with God giving us time between each event to repent and convert those around us.  That once things begin to happen we will have the 7 year tribulation maybe shortened to 3.5 years.  I'm also hoping that if Medjugorje is a true apparition site that the visionaries there will begin releasing the secrets as these events unfold.  Rick Wyles from, whom I trust, says the Lord told him his ministry would run to 2030.   But don't forget this is a Jubilee Year for Israel so I am expecting something big to happen for them during their Jewish year. 

See:  where Marshall Masters explains that a brown dwarf sun and its planets are entering our solar system and are being witnessed.  Pictures are included.  The effects on earth will likely bring about the fulfillment of prophecies from Revelation, Garabandal, Fatima, Akita, and Medjugorje.  The last four apparitions are explained at

A good article reminding us of how Mary is our Blessed Mother and here to help us in these times.  For skeptics that claim the Miracle of the Sun was a UFO please explain the visions the children received of hell and the fulfilled prophecies the end of WWI, WWII preceded by a great sign in the sky and how the whole event was a plea to return to God, turn away from sin, and for repentance.

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Oil from weeping icons in Syria

A warning from a trusted Augusto Perez about the coming chip and its deceptive properties because anyone who accepts this chip will be controlled, eventually have sores (harmful and painful sores came upon the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image), and is eternally damned = no chance of redemption:

As I was waking up on Wednesday morning, I received a very clear vision from the LORD.  I saw a word forming in my spirit that I had never seen before or had any previous knowledge of.  I saw the word and I heard it simultaneously in my spirit in a flash moment.  It was as if the word formed out of nowhere suddenly right in front of me.sudden; huge black letters staring at me. Then as I continued to look at the word, I read it out loud: CIMPRO. ...

In the next two years, technology will increase rapidly that this will become a reality. People all over the world will embrace this technology as something wonderful. A universal number will be assigned to everyone. It will replace your identity card, social security number, passport, driving license, phone number, debit card, credit card, ATM card and passwordsThis number that will be given to you will replace everything else. Each person will be assigned a number.  Without this number, no one will be able to buy, sell or do anything else.

Revelation 13:16-18  "And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six."

Whenever this number system is ready, all the people of the world will be offered this new marvelous technological advancement. This will be able to be accomplished in the very near future because the 3-strand dormant DNA nano particles presently in every human being will be able to be activated by the 5G HTML WIFI systems about to be introduced in the next 2 years.  Whenever people accept the mark of the beast, they will feel a power surge due to their DNA change being activated. This will help people be healed of many diseases, be smarter, stronger, live longer etc. As Yogi Berra used to say: "It is getting late early". Time is running out. Get right with God before it's too late.  Shalom. for the full article.

+ + = +

Rick Wiles will soon be airing a television show.  Fortunately or unfortunately, Rick was told by God that he would be given a TV platform before He brought judgement upon the earth.  So the short answer is... listen to what Rick Wiles on is telling us about repentance before it is too late.  Rick has also been talking about the incredible WiFi technology that will be here within a couple years, covering every inch of the planet. 

+ + + +

An excerpt from

Jesus Our Lord: Then, Jesus appeared and welcomed me. He smiled and told me that I had come a long way from our early encounters. He called me His little brother, His good friend and His companion. He thanked me for not giving up and for the endurance of situations and problems that I have had to fight for over 34 years. He told me that my preparation for my mission was almost at an end.

Jesus explained to me that very soon we would all experience the suffering that He took upon Himself on Calvary. He lovingly took upon Himself all the sins of mankind to save all of us, His children, from eternal damnation. He explained that His suffering on the Cross continues and has not stopped. He stated that His Father in Heaven was not pleased with how mankind has allowed themselves to be seduced by Satan. He mentioned how images and icons of His Mother are crying tears of blood all over the world.

The suffering that I was shown was as if each of us was on the Cross with Jesus. We will suffer and see our sins against God that have occurred in our lifetime. Some will not survive this terrible moment. (He also related that little children not of age would not have this experience.) This must occur so that man will make his own decision and choose who we will each follow: God or Lucifer. The separation of the sheep from the goats will begin at this crucial moment of decision.

He told me that no additional warnings will take place. His Mother has related the same messages for hundreds of years in various apparitions such as Fatima, Akita and other Holy sites. Mankind has made its own decision and, in various ways, has chosen to turn away from God. If additional warnings were to be given, we will still choose not to listen.

I recommend reading the whole piece and also please read the messenger's (John Martinez) story to get a grasp of his credibility:
His contemplations are great also.  Also, check out Garabandel on the PDTsigns site where it describes The Warning or Illumination of Conscience.

+ + + +
A very good prayer from St. Patrick
A message from a stigmatic in Italy posted on
For latest prophetic messages check out and
I highly recommend listening to daily.  Although PDTsigns is a Catholic site and Trunews is not, I have listened to Rick for almost 20 years and I believe he is anointed and protected by the hand of the Lord.  

About 2017:
Some fascinating true revelations coming through    Rick Wiles, who was given visions back in 1999 of America burning unless we repent has taken on a new optimistic look of the future.  Listen to his early January broadcasts at
At the end of the January 4th streamcast Rick and his crew talk about a spirit filled meeting with a mother and daughter who prophecied that Rick needs to much enlarge his plans grow his program; that great things are coming.  Rick earlier was told that he should plan to run his ministry out to 2030 when he will be in his mid-70's.

Trunews and PDTsigns are giving praise and glory to God for the election of Donald Trump.  Trump is now filling his cabinet with pro-Christian leaders and strong God-fearing military generals, admirals and captains of industry to make America strong again.  My prayer to God this last year of 2016 was that although I know we are going to face amazing and sometime scary changes in the future, I prayed that God would give us a Christian leadership to lead the world in the fight against Satan and his minions in these times; to bring darkness to light.  I prayed that the United States can be instrumental in this cleansing.  The fulfillment of the this prayer is evident in the Trunews broadcasts of January 2, 3 and 4.

Other things to consider comes from Rick's 1/05/17 broadcast where an expert on Russia stating that Putin is truly Christian in his beliefs and the Russian people want an Orthodox christian.  Miraculous that a Russian leader is promoting Christianity and what must be a fulfillment of the Pope John Paul II consecration of Russia to Mary.  This consecration was requested by Mary at
Fatima in 1917 to avoid the prediction of the immense damage that Russia would do to humanity by abandoning the Christian faith and embracing Communist totalitarianism.  The Fatima vision might have been the beginning of the 100 year reign of satan that Jesus allowed to test mankind (see Pope Leo vision on
If that was so then 2017 might mark the end of this test where satan was given more power for those who would serve him.  Maybe the end of the line for Pedogate?
One hundred years from 1917 brings us to the Jubilee year of Israel, the last year of the 50 year periods marked by God for His land.  1917 and 1967 were the last Jubilee years and were important times in the history of Israel.  It is odd that when you look at the size of Israel on a world map that 70 nations  met in January 2017 to decide to divide Israel's land.

Late 2017 is also the Fulfillment of woman clothed in the Sun written of in Revelation in the bible; something that has not happened since the birth of Christ. See:
An interesting article:
Which notes that the Virgin Mary appeared to the children of Fatima in 1917 promising them she would appear there seven times.  Mary only appeared six times in Fatima so far.  Wouldn't it be miraculous if she appeared the 7th time at some date to come when the world really needs help and guidance?   Could it coincide with the late 2017, the 100 year anniversary of Fatima and when the astral alignment fulfills the "woman clothed in the sun"?

The Warning of Garabandal is coming at a time of great chaos and when all was thought to be lost to communism (which what many US conservatives were fearing before the election in 2017).  (see Garabandal on PDTsigns about the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement). 

Medugurje, the current continuation of apparitions at LaSalette, Akita, Garabandal, and Fatima, has Mary appearing to seven children, giving them all 10 secrets for the world that will be revealed before each secret comes about.  (See a separate link for each site at 

SpiritDaily has a bold headline "CLOCK TICKS ON INAUGARATION PROPHECY" linking:
speaking of Charlie Johnston, a purported prophet, who is predicting Trump will not take the reigns of the Presidency from Obama peacefully.  Johnston predicts great turmoil in 2017 with a "rescue" in late 2017 by Our Lady.


Prophet Doug Addison shared the following prophetic word for 2017.

“Get ready to cross over into a new season of your life in the exciting new year that is upon us.

Eyes to See

If you view things through your current understanding, then things will not make sense and might even look dismal.  But if you put on the glasses of faith and trust that God has your best interest at heart, then it is going to be a great time!

Step back from the negativity you are hearing around you.  God is still in charge!

“Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think.  This will empower you to discern God’s perfect plan for you, living a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes,”  Romans 12:2 The Passion Translation.

2017 is going to bring not just a new season, but also a new era.  God is now blowing on the dry bones of those who have felt forgotten by the LORD.  He is beginning to awaken things in you that you might have forgotten about.  God is resurrecting things you laid down in previous seasons and bringing new clarity to your calling.

Get Ready for Positive Impact

The world is going to awaken to the awesome power of the LORD.  There is a reason for all the turmoil and attacks.  It is the enemy not wanting us to see what God is doing.

God is more powerful than Satan and some people have fallen into the trap of looking at the storms and not to the LORD’s solution.  As darkness seems to increase around us, it is at this time that God uses these events and circumstances to draw people to Himself.

We are about to see various movements of God that will result in global harvest and revival.  Do not be discouraged by how things look in the natural realm.  God is moving in our lives right now to align and position us for some amazingly good things.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know,”   Jeremiah 33:3 NIV.

You can trust that God is establishing you right now, and you will indeed make it through this time.  Many people are going to come out of this time in an entirely new place, new level, new authority, new anointing and fire!  Even though things are shaking, remember that God’s Kingdom cannot be shaken!

Happy New Year!”

Doug Addison

for more one step: