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1/07 We're heading into significant changes in the next few years... There are several prophecies in the "current prophecy" section below predicting things for 2007.  As a matter of history for this site, we've never reported a dated prophecy that has come true.  So use caution when it comes to dates.
However, from all the signs, trends and changes in our universe that we know about plan on severe weather and flooding, severe earthquakes, solar flares and global warming/droughts, then meteor/planet interaction/new heavens-new earth following (already happening but strengthening towards 2012).  This scenario would include the secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal and Fatima. Times are always iffy but plan on it in your lifetime.  These predictions are coming from several reliable sources from several different arenas, with evidence, per the theme of this site...

But the first prep:  spiritual.  That's nearly ALL that matters.  After you get used to this concept, that this is the end of the world as we know it, life is not that important.  Life as we know it is fleating.  Eternal life is unimagineable.  Take one grain of sand on the beach.   That is your life.  Add every other grain of sand in this world, your lifespans, onto what you now know as life and that is just the beginning of eternity...  The light just turned green and will never turn yellow,  ever.  That's eternity.  And we're worried about taxes, our weight, and things that pass in the night...   So, the main thrust of these warnings is to prepare as if the next day were your last and it's time to meet your maker.

More on how I'm preparing at the bottom of this page.

outline of what's happening, in progress... each section might be rough and unfinished...

What's going to happen next?  Nobody knows for sure except God.  Jesus doesn't even know the time...

A quick outline off the top of my head.  I'll add short phrases to explain each topic and subtopic.  Enough to explain if you totally trust me.  Then I'll add references for where to dig if you need to prove it to yourself.  But remember that no concept will be included that hasn't been proven from several different sources, from several different angles, and different agendas. 

I.  These Times
II.  A New Call to Urgency by the Secular
    A.  David Booth
          1.  The first vision:  Proven and the credence for:
          2.  The Vision for this time, 2004
    B.  Gordon Michael Scallion:  Earth Changes
          1.  Vision for 9/04
    C.  Ed Dames:  Remote Viewing
          1.   Top CIA forward viewing specialist predicting 300mph winds, pole shift, deep freeze, Mad Max scenario
    D.  The Governments:   the US, Russia, Iraq can sustain a half a million people each underground for years; China is building 1000 new cities underground
III.  The old and proven that corroborates the new
        A.  Nostradamus, The Pyramids, The Mayans, The Hopi Indians...   Every Culture Ever.... scoping out 2012 as the culmination
        B.  The Bible
        C.   The Saints
        D.   LaSallette, Fatima, Akita..  Approved, proven, and ominous
IV.  Current proven prophets
         A.  Esperanza
         B.  Rick Wiles
V.  Why spill the beans?  What can we do?
    A.  Get right with the Lord
    B.  Prepare physically
    C.  Plant the seed
V.  The Deceptions
       A.  "We're superior to you and will tell you the answer"
                1.  UFO's
                2.  Crop Circles
                3.  18 different types of aliens and they "made us humans", including Jesus  ("Jesus was just one of us")
       B.   There is "no such thing as evil". 
              If it feels good and is love, it is good.
              God is love so He would not punish us;  there is no hell.
       C.   The only way we are going to survive is if we get rid of all disunity...One World Government and tolerance
       D.   Reincarnation:  We've been here before.  We'll each just keep coming back until we get it right
VI.  The Prize and Promise

We have had prophets throughout the ages;  Old testament prophets, new testament prophets.  Prophecy didn't end with the bible.  We've had saints, venerables, and blesseds through the history of the church with proven charisms/prophecies.   And present day prophets...  For the most part, the prophecies have had quite a bit in common...

As a scientist I have been very reluctant to reveal what I am suspecting is on the doorstep.  I've been obsessed with prophecy for over 20 years.  I've seen alot of apocalyptic predictions come and go.   In the last six years I've made plans for my family's annual spring vacation, commenting to my wife that we'll probably never get to go because of what will happen before then...   If I were a betting man, when it comes to prophecy,  I would be broke and living in the hills.   But a funny thing is happening with the new modern day "prophets".  They are using their skills to foresee sports bets to win in Las Vegas with 100% accuracy... and they're using this same accuracy to tell us big changes are coming.

But, we must consider that we are the first generation to live out of our cupboards and refrigerator without some store of goods... some back up plan for emergencies.  If the water stopped flowing from your faucet and the store shelves quickly ran dry of liquid refreshments where would you go for your next drink? 

Well, think about that.  But the real reason for this website and for this article is to make you think about your spiritual preparation.   I just heard today that 21% of Catholics don't believe in God...  Huh?    Well, I read and hear a lot of "stuff" every day.   To try to sort this all out is impossible.  For me to wrap this all up in a tidy little "what will happen next" synopsis has been a writer's block.  So, what I plan on doing on this page is to put "bullets" or information that I feel has been proven to me by more than one credible source.  I'll add links that you can go to for further information if you feel the need.  I'll put a date or a "new" next to the posting so you can visit and look for what's new.  

What does all prophecy for our times have in common?   A chastisement.  But there are two camps.  One camp believes that Jesus is coming soon, in the flesh, after great tribulation.  The other camp believes that we will have a chastisement and then an era of peace.  One thing is certain in my mind:  We are heading into great earth changes.

I.  These Times
There are now indicators that things might start happening soon and fast....  
There are presently many inarguable scientific indicators, signs in the sky, that we are heading for fulfillment of dozens of prophecies of trusted saints and present day visionaries. 
The direct  indicators:
    since the early 80's scientists have shown that some very large body has entered our solar system from the south
    this discovery was reported in major news publications.  They began studying and tracking it, and then the cover-up began... 
Skip forward to present times.
     The sun has been going ballistic for the last year, throwing off solar flares that are directly effecting the earth by:
     creating violent storms and hurricanes
     causing earthquakes
     causing volcanic activity
     the proton count has been off the charts at times
     flip-flopping the magnetic field of the earth several times, sending us through a magnetic zero, dropping our electromagnetic shield and bathing the earth in harmful x-rays.   
The  Vatican has built a conservatory to watch for Wormwood, from Revelation, fully expecting it at this time.  They contacted the US asking if comet Neat was Wormwood, Planet X, Niburu... flip a coin,  the destructor...
Russian and French observatories have been tracking this object for 2 or 3 years, informing the public;  there are billboards in Russia speaking of this.
Egyptian history has shown catastrophic damage to earth 5 times in the last 10, 000 years from planetary interaction (Niburu passings and the capture of Venus and its inward cycle to the Sun, wreaking havoc on the earth.  All ancient cultures tracked Venus, holing up for its passage.)
NASA has placed numerous telescopes at the south pole, in position to monitor.  The telescopes in space, in position, previously available to the public, have been made unavailable...
 From 2003 to present there have been dozens of detected comets ALL coming from the south, many smashing into the sun, some causing flares greater than ten times the radius of the sun.  For each detected comet, figure dozens of others not detected.   The fact that all the comets are coming from the south are another indicator that these comets (some as large as the moon) are coming along with and guided by, as another solar system,  the much larger "Planet X".    This mini-solar system is on a 3650 year cycle in our binary solar system.  The last few times it came through it caused the times of Noah, the end of Atlantis, and the other submerged lands recently discovered off the coast of every continent by satellites.

The newest wrinkle to this Planet X scenario has been revealed by the  Horizon  Project showing that our solar system is now approaching and will passing through the galactic plane around the infamous year 2012 predicted by the Mayan calendar.  Already, at this time, the other planets in our solar system have experienced such storms and temperature changes that they dwarf what we have be seeing so far on earth.  What we are calling "global warming" is just the beginning of the dire consequences we will see during this period as our sun goes hyperactive releasing excessive energy in the form of heat, radiation and electrical discharges.  (As comet Neat passed in 2002, an electrical discharge (like a static electricity discharge you'd get after dragging your on the carpet and then touching a metallic object) reached out from the sun 5 million miles to connect to comet Neat and also electrically connected with Mercury.  These types of discharges have historic precedence, reported by all ancient societies.  This same type of action is how the fused silica/glass belts in the earthly deserts were formed, some believe how the Grand Canyon was formed, how Mars which was a blue planet with water (according to ancient civilizations) was raped of its oceans and atmosphere by the god Cozacatel (a serpentine electrical connection in the heavens for days.)

As we approach the galactic plane we will see more and more interaction with particles, meteorites, asteroids, and planets.  Actually, the code orange at last Christmas was due to a swarm of meteorites coming in towards earth.  Some struck and just missed Spain.  Why doesn't the US government inform the public?  A study by the Rand Corporation to find out how the public would react  to such a warning has provided such startling data that basically our government has folded their cards as far as directly telling the US citizens what is going to happen.   They know mayhem and  financial collapse would be an immediate response and they cannot accept that scenario until they are bunkered up.

Also consider the plagues that are impending from bird flu mutations and from manufactured germwarfare; also fitting the scenario of endtimes.
44 of the world's elite immunologists have been "killed" in the last year (perhaps less macabre, maybe some were taken from the scene into the underground facilities.  What's up with that?

II.  An Urgent New Call
A. David Booth is one of the more interesting recent day prophets... Anti-Catholic but Christian (S. Baptist) .  He has had two prophecies, each involving a series of 10 identical dreams/visions for 10 nights in a row.  The first prophecy was documented and provened to be true, showing him an airplane taking off, inverting, and then crashing into the ground.  He reported this to the authorities, worked with them a few weeks, and then it happened.  To this date it is the worst air disaster for the United States.  NOW, 25 years later he has had his second prophecy/set of 10 visions.  His wife believes he was given the first prophecy to authenticate, to give credence to this second, much more powerful and significant set of  visions.    He is now seeing a celestial body coming in from the south of earth, blind-siding us with catastrophic consequences for the US.    In his vision the planet/comet will come at the earth from the south and veer off at a 45 degree angle, but will cause great destruction in the western United States from earthquakes and volcanoes with the effects rippling outward.  The veering of this  body is not consistent with physics and indicates some type of intervention. 
He details in his book how the United States has been preparing for great destruction that it knows is coming:
  How many of you know that for the past 20 years the intellectual, industrial, and military might of the United States has been systematically dispersed throughout the world? Would it surprise you to learn that in dollar terms this ongoing transfer of wealth and power now totals over $20 trillion dollars? Did you know that out of the 189 existing countries in this world, US military forces are in 121 of them? Did you know that aside from The United States and Russia, Iraq has the largest amount of underground fortified structures in the world? Are you aware that Yellowstone National Park has been virtually closed this entire year? Are you aware of the fact that over 1,000 of the worlds best astronomers have been to Antarctica this past year? For over 40 years the United States and other world governments have spent trillions of dollars in preparing for the years 2004-2008. Why? 
3/22 interesting update
Dave Booth visited Sr. Lucia of Fatima in Portugal at her request.  Sr. Lucia received him with a big smile and all the Carmellites treated him like family.  David said this mystical order knows how these times will play out, were not surprised he arrived on the scene with his visions of planetary chaos, and they said "a new star will soon shine" (in the heavens.)
Just after I found this out the reading at the mass I attended began with:
Isaiah 65:17  For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.  65:18  But,  be ye glad and rejoice forever,  in that which I create: for, behold,  I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy.

Tidbits:  The US has underground caves and tunnels stocked and ready to support 600,000.  The new  Denver Airport is the hub for transporting into the underground network.
Iraq, just captured by the US has 450,000 underground capacity giving the US off continent underground protection for troops.
Russia had underground protection of similar numbers, China has more and is in the process of adding 1000 new cities underground.

David is ready to be holed up underground with his family...

B.  Gordon Michael Scallion, the "Earth Changes" prophet also had a vision in March 2003, the same month as Booth's visions.  In his vision the beings of light showed Wyoming and Utah explode in orange, with smoke rising.  The two beings  said "This will change the  earth in  18  months."   Circa  September 2004
      Gordon is holed up underground

C. Ed Dames, one of the foremost remote viewers, with impressive credentials mostly working  for the US  government  is also  predicting great earth changes
    1.  China's secret weapon:  wheat plague
          a.  a denare for wheat
    2.  Solar flares (already happening, the US just announcing the "earth was almost shutdown" on the last major flare)
          a.  burned by the sun....   
          b.  Emmitsburg:  sterilized by the sun
       predicting a pole shift, causing a sudden shifting of the earth's crust with rippling wave-type movement thru the land, creating 300mph winds, the upper atmosphere hitting the deck with frigid temperatures.   Pole shifts also caused mastodons, warm weather mammals to be deep-frozen with fresh flowers in their mouths;  freakily shifting a temperate zone into "Siberia", now considered the outcast frozen barrens.....
        Ed was holed up in Hawaii with underground provisions and now has moved to a small village in Russia

III.  The old, the proven that corroborates the new
        A.  Nostradamus, The Pyramids, The Mayans, The Hopi Indians...   Every Culture Ever.... scoping out 2012 as the culmination
        B.  The Bible
        C.   The Saints
        D.   LaSallette, Fatima, Akita...  Approved, proven, and ominous

From Pope John Paul II to a small group of Catholics in Germany in 1980 and as quoted by the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens regarding the Third Secret of Fatima: "It should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much: a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the earth; that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish...there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message. Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for sensationalism, but they forget that 'to know' implies for them a responsibility. It is dangerous to want to satisfy one's curiosity only, if one is convinced that we can do nothing against a catastrophe that

IV.  Current proven prophets
In the proven Catholic, conservative camp, we have Maria Esperanza predicting a lashing for the United States in 2004. has been predicted."

Here's how I'm preparing:


1.  know your God
    a.  I believe if you read this entire site you will know your God
2.  Do not accept false gods
    a.  those that don't want you to know God will plant false gods, anti-christs:Mother Earth, Matreiaya, UN one world religion..
    b.  beware of other deception.  A study showed that all those who claimed contact with UFO's or aliens had previously exposed themselves directly or by a person close to them to the occult (Ouija boards, fortune tellers, etc.)  Their premise: "aliens" are claiming they created us, Jesus is not divine, etc.
3. Accept all the help you can get spiritually
    a. know your God and accept Jesus as your saviour
    b  turn away from sin
    b. know that Jesus is present on earth in the Real Presence of the Eucharist in the Catholic church; awesome
    c. know that there is a communion of angels and saints... there is help.  Mary is an intercessor to Jesus and so are the saints.  They are beloved...
    d. accept all the sacraments.   Powerful, powerful, powerful.  Say that with Jim Nabors in mind.  Jesus gave us the sacraments just before He died.  Confession:  that which you hold bound is held bound, that which you loose is loosed.   Read John 6:50 onward and believe.  If you don't believe include yourself in the scariest number in my world: 666.   Read John 6:66 and know those that don't know Jesus.  
    e.  Pray for your salvation and for others
    f.  Use the sacramentals.   In Fatima, Mary said, "By the rosary and the scapular I will save the world" (not to be confused with "salvation", which is Jesus' job)
    g.  Consecrate you heart and those of your family to Jesus.
    and last for now and definitely not least
    h. pray to you guardian angel for guidance.  According to much prophecy your angel will guide you to safety/shelter.  I'm preparing as a shelter but planning on being taken/led away.  I'm also looking at different golf equipment.   Let's not get overly morbid... even God has a sense of humor.

Prepare physically:
    1.  Water.  The easiest is to buy a heavy duty trash can and a supply of 55 gal. industrial strength garbage bags.  Line the can with a bag and fill with water until you can just still twist-tie the top.  With treated city water this should stay good for 6 months. 
     2.  Food.  Do what you can do.  If you are "of God" He will multiply your efforts.
     3.  Watch and know the signs of the times.  They are here.  
    1 1