And at that time Jesus declared, “I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes;  yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will."

(For the 1st time in 31 years) The Christ Child speaking instead of Mary on Christmas Day 2012 signifies major changes around the apparitions, and may even herald the end of the Virgin Mary’s messages or the nearness of the commencement of the ten secrets, commentators agree. The Christ Child’s message echoes Jesus’ farewell discourse to the disciples in Gospel of John 13-14:


Each Christmas He is seen on the Virgin's lap. But this time, allegedly, He spoke to stunned visionary Marija Pavlovic.

What He reportedly said was as succinct as it was authoritative, powerful, and meaningful. "I am your peace," Marija quoted Him as saying (after He stood on Mary's lap). "Live My commandments." Seven words with vast implications, operating in accordance with Scripture on various levels -- and summarizing more than three decades of apparitions.

Jan. 2013 excerpt from:
Top exorcist expresses belief in Medjugorje and says he has kept the Pope informed since 1981:

“I think that the apparitions are authentic. Young and old come to Medjugorje and return changed, enlightened. Young people are becoming believers. Medjugorje has the highest number of confessions. People are fascinated by the miracles that occur. I think that those who go to Medjugorje get what they need there, in terms of belief. Those who go there receive a clear signal” says Fr. Gabriele Amorth.

“There is another reason why I believe in the apparitions. People from within the Church, we should be much more cautious about these things. But after a pilgrimage, after visiting the site, they so believe in Medjugorje, they are so enthusiastic and loud about what you find in Medjugorje that my optimism and faith truly surpass expectations.”

“Medjugorje is therefore a very positive, strong phenomenon. In today’s world there is no such place like Medjugorje when it comes to religious enlightenment of the people and practice of their religion” he says.

Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegovina is the site of the world’s most famous, and probably therefore, controversial site of apparitions of Mary and Jesus.  For an overview click here

Muslim foresaw Medjugorje one year ahead

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011

Sufi mystic Hasan Shushud predicted Medjugorje for me in detail one year before the apparitions began, an experienced pilgrim leader reveals. This will be a long and decisive apparition, and Rome has been entrusted with the great responsibility of accepting or rejecting Mary on behalf of all humanity, Hasan Shushud said.
“We Sufis have realized that Mary gives messages solely when she appears within the frameworks of the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, we Sufis have been praying for Rome for a long time. Because the answer that Rome gives to Mary will be a response which will be binding on behalf of all humanity”...

Hasan Shushud affirmed the Virgin Mary’s leading role in bringing mankind back to God. And in predicting the Virgin Mary’s great numbers of individual calls with the purpose of combining millions of people into a heavenly mosaic or pattern, more of Hasan Shushud’s words from 1980 went on to appear in the Virgin Mary’s messages from Medjugorje.

“Mary will lead the battle against Satan and, co-operating with Archangel Michael, will lead mankind back to God. Mary needs many soldiers for the battle. Each of them will be attracted to the place just in time.
for the full story:

For a 2009 interview of Ivanka click here
For a 2009 interview of Vicka click here

Mountain Top group baffled by Medjugore events
By JILL WHALEN (Staff Writer)
Published: September 8, 2010
John Yuscavage is a man of science, always looking for explanations for life's hows and whys.
But the Mountain Top man is baffled by the events that unfurled before him and others during a recent trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He said he saw the sun spin. He watched as it changed colors, too. And he witnessed rosary chains turn to a gold color.

"My question is scientifically - or common sense - how can that be explained? It can't. The sun spinning? That's like an everyday event at Medjugorje. How is science going to explain that? They can't," said Yuscavage, who has a doctorate degree in physical chemistry and has read many books and other published accounts about Medjugorje's mysterious events.

Medjugorje is a place known to many for its miracles. It's said to be the site where apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to six Croatian children in 1981 and continue to appear to a few "visionaries" each month, offering messages of faith, peace and love.
John and his wife, Donna Yuscavage, were among 22 area individuals who visited Medjugorje in May. Since their return, they've been meeting each month and jotting down the miracles they saw.
John Yuscavage, who owns Triangle Pharmacy in Mountaintop with his brother, Joseph, referred to the minutes from the group's first meeting. Three pages of typed notes show accounts of flower petals falling from the sky, rosaries turning color and people being healed of their medical ailments.

"One lady had a lump, and when she came back it was gone," Donna Yuscavage said. Another was pain-free and able to walk without a brace on her leg after the visit, she said.
Donna, too, said she witnessed unexplained events, including a priest who seemed to read her mind and the spinning sun.
"I saw what a lot of people see. The sun starts spinning clockwise. It turned pink and then baby blue, and these things started shooting out of it like rays," she recalled.
John said his experience was similar - and he's bothered that he can't explain what caused it.

"I am looking for facts," he said. "I am looking as a scientist and as a skeptic. The numbers are there. The facts are in the numbers. Millions of rosaries have changed in color. Millions of people have seen the sun spin. Villagers see it. We saw it. In fact, 21 of the 22 people we went with saw it. What I'm saying is the evidence is overwhelming that this is happening."

Arlene Krajewski, Mountain Top, didn't have high expectations for her visit, but secretly hoped she would experience "something" in Medjugorje.
"I experienced the sun spinning," she said, noting it had a blue hue around it the first evening she was there. "It was also pulsating."  Another day, she said it appeared white with a pink glow.  It didn't hurt my eyes at all. It was amazing," she said. "I got goose bumps."  Krajewski said she has always gone to church on a regular basis, but her experiences in Medjugorje strengthened her faith.

Her husband, Henry Krajewski, also had an extraordinary experience, she said. A Mass was being celebrated inside a Medjugorje church as Henry aimed his camera at the sun. He didn't capture the sun on his camera, but images from the indoor Mass, she explained.

John Yuscavage also saw what the camera had captured and asked Henry what was going on.  "He said, 'We just watched the Mass.' There was a Croatian Mass going on at that time in the church," John remembered.  With all the "supernatural" occurrences, John said he hopes an investigation is done.  "The evidence is overwhelming that this stuff is happening," he said.

According to published reports, the Vatican formed a commission earlier this year to investigate claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in Medjugorje. The Catholic church has not investigated or recognized the sightings, although Medjugorje is visited by pilgrims from all faiths annually.

"What we saw, what we experienced, will be with us for the rest of our lives," John Yuscavage said. "We are a family. Most of us will be going back."

Here is a recent testimony from Michael Brown of Spirit Daily who is conservative when it comes to the supernatural:


By Michael H. Brown

In May of 1988, when I first went to Medjugorje, the famed apparition site, I was furious.

The first morning there, I was convinced it was a case of mass hysteria.

As a journalist I was geared to observe circumstances, and what I saw concerned me greatly.

It seemed like a classic case of suggestion:

One person would point to Cross Mountain (Mount Krizevac) and say she saw the Cross spinning and those she mentioned it to would then see the same.

When I looked, it was just a Cross up there on this rise behind the church, doing nothing.

I was angry that I had come all this way and it was a bust and I would have to spend the better part of a week in this rather remote hamlet in Bosnia-Hercegovina without English newspapers and so much as television.

It was not that I didn't believe. My conversion had come years before, starting in the early 1980s in Manhattan. I was a freelance magazine writer and author (and former newsman), who "saw the Light" while working on a book about organized crime.

Attacked by the devil, I had sought refuge at a nearby church, and about instantly became a daily communicant at Our Lady of Good Counsel on East 90th Street near my apartment. Immediately, I was committed to the Rosary.

Thus, I believed in visions and had seen and felt things for myself and in fact initially had no intention of going to Medjugorje because I didn't feel I needed it. I believed. I was already fasting. I felt the Holy Spirit.

Instead, I sent my mother to the apparition site, which I first read about in People Magazine and later learned more about it in a book by Father Rene Laurentin; in a widely circulated newsletter; and through home-made videos a priest gave me. Just touching and reading these items gave me a sense of the Holy Spirit. I had never felt anything quite so strong come from a book, save for Scripture (which I read daily). My mother went with a group from Niagara County at the same time that I traveled to Israel on business (visiting the holy sites but doing secular research into paleoanthropology).

I had no intention of expanding my travel plans but my mother and everyone with her were so blown away (my brother ended up at Medjugorje as well) that I resolved to go there myself.

I had never seen such a strong reaction.

And in subsequent months, and then years, time after time, testimony after testimony, it would be the same: the vast majority who went there would not only come back believers, but "converts" in the sense that spiritual blinders were lifted and they went to daily Mass (not just Sunday) and they never approached life again in quite the same fashion.

I had never seen anything near the strength of those conversions, and if those are not fruits -- fasting, daily Rosary, love of God, Mass -- I am not sure what is. Like many others, my brother ended up in the seminary. I can only compare it to other places where I have felt the Power of God in a special fashion: at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem; in the grotto of Lourdes; in the chapel at Fatima; at Turin where the Shroud is. I have had other major experiences everywhere from Knock to Guadalupe. I ended up visiting more than thirty sites of reputed apparition.

For me, Medjugorje was set apart in the size, the awesome power, and the fact that the apparition was ongoing.

Initially skeptical, it didn't take long for the Spirit to begin exploding.

After listening to a seer named Vicka I had begun to see incredible sights. There was a large moon as I looked across to the church from a balcony one evening, and peering up, the lunar orb suddenly seemed to part into two orbs.

In one was the profile of a bearded man. In the other was the profile of a veiled female. A woman in our group from Detroit saw the same thing -- "the Blessed Mother," she blurted (without knowing what I was seeing).

The next day when we visited a priest who was there at the start of the apparitions, and who laid his hands on us, I noted that two statues at the front of the altar were of a bearded man with a crow (Benedict, Elijah?) and the veiled Virgin Mary.

Crossing a vineyard at the time of the evening apparition, I looked up and saw the sun suddenly behave in a way that was totally different from anything in my previous experience. I had seen sunsets in Hawaii. I had seen them in Colorado. I had seen them in California. I had seen them in Tanzania -- hard to beat those. I had seen them in New Zealand.

But this was totally different.

The sun spun and moved and threw bands of colors in an impossible wide aura and also around the mountain range below.

They were purples and pinks and blue and orange and a melding of colors not of this earth, at least not in my experience.

When I dashed up to a couple walking in front of me to ask if they were seeing the same thing, it turned out to be the famous Miami football coach Don Shula and his wife (who was equally excited).

Stars moved in the night sky. At one point, a dozen of us took turns watching a star as it continuously and indisputably split into three smaller stars (blue, red, and white), then went back to a single one.

We watched that for fifteen minutes (with binoculars).

I could go on. I was spoken to. On other visits, I saw more remarkable things. I saw a cross of light stream down from the sun and touch a field in front of me. I saw more sun miracles. I saw a huge dove-like light rise from between the towers of the church (observing it from various angles for more than ten minutes on the feast of the Assumption). Most importantly, I saw dramatic conversions -- and felt a peace unlike any I had ever encountered (such that "peace" meant something wholly different from my first visit onward).

The unique and unbelievable miracles folks report can and do fill volumes. See below for a note I just received.

Do I believe in Medjugorje?

I once wrote for publishers like Random House, and Simon and Schuster, for Harper and Row. I have published articles in everything from Reader's Digest and USA Today Magazine (when it was Family Weekly) to The Atlantic and Saturday Review and Discover and The New York Times Sunday Magazine.  For a while, I was a contributing editor to Science Digest. You get the picture. I am supposed to be skeptical. I had to leave that. I know how those folks feel. I know how negatively even many intellectuals in the Church feel.

But the sun miracles? Millions have seen them. Thousands have filmed them. Many have seen images in it. When I discussed the phenomena with a ocular expert at Columbia University, he could not explain what I described nor how retinas were not burned staring at it (although there have been several scattered cases, out of those millions).

Rosaries that turn gold? Hundreds of thousands of cases.

I had this happen myself. So did former Treasury Secretary William Simon (who had his tested by a jeweler who confirmed it).


I can't tell you how many photos I have been sent of inexplicable images at Medjugorje, including one in which the word CHRIST appeared in the sky! There are more miraculous photos from Medjugorje than all shrines and alleged sites combined and multiplied.

Exuding statues?

I touched the mysterious liquid as it flowed from that bronze corpus of Jesus behind the church. I called bronze experts. So far, there is no earthly explanation.

The messages? I spoke to a former U.S. ambassador to Europe, Alfred H. Kingon, who was himself so taken with Medjugorje (despite the fact that he was non-Catholic) that he personally took a synopsis of the messages to both Ronald Reagan (who tried to call seer Marija Pavlovic) and Mikhail Gorbachev (just before that leader turned around the U.S.S.R.).

He believes it had a profound effect.


So many, many encounters. On a later trip, two of my nephews encountered one. I get constant such reports!


These have been so numerous that to look for a comparison one has to go to Lourdes.

The Church?

There are fantastic misunderstandings. For some reason, folks can't seem to grasp the idea that while the local bishop, who is in conflict with the Franciscans running the local parish, has rejected Medjugorje, the Vatican, for the first time, removed the power from that diocese to rule on the apparitions. (Usually, such discernment rests with the bishop.)

Who has greater authority -- a bishop or the Vatican?

I have personally spoken to bishops who discussed Medjugorje with John Paul II and who told me he believed it was true without qualification. Personal letters reveal that he even had a devotion to it.

If the Church ever does rule against Medjugorje, we will strive to be the first to report it.

And whatever my own experiences, and beliefs, I will never report upon it in such a positive way -- as an authentic apparition -- again. Let me say that right up front. I don't have any idea how the Church will rule in the end. I know only that for the time being such judgment has been suspended.

I ended up going there seven times. God-willing, I am going, soon, again. And to be honest, I can't wait. It is like going home. A friend of ours, Bozica Bartulica, has been there seventy times. I have always felt it is somehow located between earth and Heaven.

There is just something very different that touches this whole place.

Please pray for us. We really do appreciate it.

Do I believe that the supernatural occurs at Medjugorje?

Like the vast majority who actually go there (as opposed to "discerning" from afar), I have no choice but to believe my heart and to believe my ears and to believe what I see with my own eyes.

[resources: The Day Will Come]

[see also: A letter on a Medjugorje miracle]

[Spirit Daily pilgrimage to Medjugorje]

[On the cloud photo above, it was sent to us by artist Michelle Abdo of Queen of Peace Productions in Tulsa, who said: "I am a daily reader of your site – thank you for all you do! This is a photo taken through the window of a bus while en route to Fr. Jozo’s church, just outside of Medjugorje, Christmas of 2002. The photo was originally taken in a landscape view, as I was wanting a picture of the beautiful white Cross on a hill nearby (not Mount Krizevac, but another close by). When I got the photo developed I noticed the beautiful clouds were taking a shape, so I turned the photo vertically, and the clouds formed a famous image of a Christmas Madonna holding the Baby Jesus. I believe I took the photo the day before Christmas Eve!" Beautiful and wondrous and typical]

In support of Medjugorje we have many reported signs in the sun and other supernatural phenomena; astounding personal testimonies.  Pope John Paul II (a thank you note to Medjugorje posted at the bottom of the page) and Mother Theresa were big fans and believed, as reported by Spirit Daily.  Following this witness by Marija there is a new additional witness approving of Medjugorje, a world famous exorcist. 


Given 24 March 2004 at Corpus Christi Basilica, Manchester

The talk, spoken in Italian, was translated into English by Marija?s husband,
Paolo, and was recorded and transcribed by Phil Townend.

It is a great joy for me tonight to be here with you and give you my testimony.

We thought that we would start at six because thinking of the time of the
apparition in Medjugorje, that is at quarter to seven. But we made a mistake
because we forgot that we are an hour ahead of here in England. Our Lady had
foreseen everything. And I think She wanted to say to all of us, Welcome!

And also through my testimony tonight I want to make each and every one of you
fall in love with Our Lady.

When Our Lady first appeared to us, none of us could imagine that this could
happen. We started this wonderful adventure on the Apparition Hill; this
adventure that touched the heart of so many of you. We were amazed by this grace
when it first happened that Our Lady appeared, and we thought: Why did She
choose us, why just us?

We had many questions in our hearts, but we also started following all that Our
Lady was asking of us. I remember the first days when we started praying with
Our Lady, the Our Father's, Hail Mary's, and Glory Be's, and She would keep
silent when the moment we prayed the Hail Mary, and She would start again with
the Glory Be. We were wondering why Our Lady was not praying the Hail Mary? Then
we realised that Our Lady couldn't pray to Herself. So we started praying and we
recommended to many people who had begun to come. And we started praying
together with Our Lady.

Our Lady said She had come as the Queen of Peace. She said because today what we
miss is peace. So She has invited us to pray because true peace comes only
through prayer. She has invited us to pray for peace in our hearts and in our
families, saying that when we get peace in our hearts and in our families, then
we can also pray for peace in the whole world.

She has started asking us to be instruments in Her hands ? instruments of Her
peace. Peace that comes through Our Lady from God. And we began feeling
important, and we began to pray with more devotion. And Our Lady said pray the
Rosary, which is My most preferred prayer.So we started and it was a bit
difficult for us not being used to praying a long prayer, but we got used to
that, because we started falling in love with Our Lady. And every time we said
?Hail Mary? it was saying to Our Lady ?we love you?. In the same moment we were
also thanksgiving Our Lady for Her presence among us. And many times we remained
without words thinking how Our Lady had chosen us.

Then Our Lady asked us to put the Holy Bible in a visible place in our houses
and to read it every day. She invited us to create prayer groups in our
parishes. I remember once when Our Lady said to us, the members of the prayer
group, that we should pray three hours every day. We protested and we said isn't
this a bit too much? Because we are young and there are so many pilgrims coming
to our houses, and we were almost every day speaking all day long about Our Lady
and about God. Our Lady made a wonderful smile, and She said: When a dear friend
of yours comes to your house, you don't think of how much time you spend with
him, and you are happy that he can stay with you as long as possible. So Jesus
must become your best friend. So we started praying and increasing prayer and
prayer became joy for us.

Also today in Medjugorje we pray after Mass the Creed, and the seven Our
Fathers, Hail Mary's and Glory Be's, as a thanksgiving to Our Lady, and this was
the first prayer we started with her. Every time we kneel down we pray this
prayer with great joy.

We also learned with Our Lady to fast because She said through prayer and
fasting we can even keep wars far from us. These wars are not only in the world,
and between the people, but also in out hearts and in our families; if we don't
have prayer, we don't have God with us. So Our Lady began inviting us to fast.
She said that the best way of fasting is on bread and water. For those who
cannot fast if they are sick, they can offer their sickness, with love. Even a
child can make his little renounces to candies or to TV, and the same we can do
to things we attached to like cigarettes or TV or alcohol.

Now we are in Lent, and this is a special moment when we can start fasting. Our
Lady said you cannot speak about fasting if you haven't tried yourself to fast.
Today in the Church fasting has been forgotten, and Our Lady wants to help us to
waken up again this practice. We know from the Bible, it's written that there
are certain evil spirits that can be kept apart from us only through prayer and

Considering all the bad things we receive and we absorb by television, or by
many things that modern life can offer us, I think that really we need to fast.
Many times we need to fast with our eyes. Because our eyes can see a lot of

And Our Lady invites us to confession. I remember the first time Our Lady spoke
to us about confession. It was a day that Our Lady said to us She would appear
to us a second time in the evening. We prayed the Rosary and Our Lady appeared.
The moment She appeared She said we could all get close to Her and touch Her. We
said how is it possible, only the six of us can see you and nobody else can. Our
Lady said take their hands and get them close to me. And so we did. And Our Lady
allowed that everybody touched Her. Everybody felt something when they touched
Our Lady. Some cold, or warm, or perfume of roses, or like an electric shock,
and they all believed that Our Lady was really present.

That moment we could see that Our Lady's dress was becoming more and more dirty
while people were touching Her. We asked Our Lady ?Why is your dress so dirty??
Our Lady said, ?These are your sins?, and invited us to go to confession; to
choose a priest as our own spiritual advisor who can make us understand more
clearly what is sin and what is not sin.

From that moment, in my opinion, Medjugorje has become the most important place
in the world for confession. Where people make a real encounter with God. So
also through this experience, by touching Her, Our Lady showed us how important
confession is.

Many people have started living conversion as Our Lady is asking. They live in
holiness in their own life. Our Lady has invited to holiness first of all the
Parish through Her messages on every Thursday, and through the messages given on
the 25th of each month. She also wants to help us learn how to read the Holy
Scriptures. She wants us to give time to prayer, in the simplicity of our
everyday life. She wants little by little that our all our life can become
prayer, also our work and our meeting people. She wants us to change our
mentality. She has started to invite us to live in a very practical and concrete
way, holiness. Particularly living Holy Mass at the centre of our life.

She invites us to create prayer groups, and groups for adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament. I remember the times when we used to pray in front of the Blessed
Sacrament during the night, and we used to fall asleep at the time. We had no
experience, but great good will. We used to say that we started deep meditation,
because we actually fell asleep and we started snoring. But then we learned how
to do for example by reading the Bible, by reading and singing songs from 3 to 4
when it is the hardest moment in the night, when you more easily fall asleep.
And in the morning when the priest celebrated Holy Mass, we lived the most
beautiful moment of our life. We had a lot of joy. This joy arrived from
deciding freely to spend the whole night together with Jesus.

Many young people decide to spend their nights in discotheques, on their
Saturday nights for example, but we decided to spend this time with Jesus. And
we think we received much more joy than they do. And if I could go back in time
and again have to decide which of the two, in going to the discotheque or going
to be with Jesus for the whole night, I would choose again to be with Jesus.

Our Lady once said that we could celebrate Her birthday, and as a prayer group
we ordered a big cake, and we brought it on top of Krizevac, the Mountain of the
Cross, at half-past-eleven at night, when Our Lady said She would appear. You
can imagine us carrying this cake, climbing the hill for this long forty-five
minutes walk. But we did it with great joy. And in the moment of the apparition
we sang Happy Birthday to Our Lady.

We had created this cake with many roses made of sugar, and even had the idea of
taking one of these roses and to offer it to Our Lady. And Our Lady took this
rose and She took it with Her. We said that it's impossible that Our Lady is
bringing back to Paradise this rose. The following day, early in the morning we
climbed the hill to see if we could see the rose anywhere. But the rose wasn't
there, and we were full of joy in our hearts. We also ate the cake, it was very
big, at the end of the apparition and at the end of all prayers, and I must say
the cake was very very good, because at that moment we were tired and hungry,
and we were joyful.

I remember when the police stopped us from climbing the hill. We asked Our Lady
?What should we do?? She said to us ?Go to Church; there you will be protected?.
And from that moment Our Lady told us to ask the priest to celebrate the Holy
Mass. So now every evening Rosary starts at six, and at seven, Holy Mass. Before
that there was no programme in the afternoon, but now there is Our Lady's
programme, as She wanted it.

On the same Mountain of the Cross, where there is the big cement cross, Our Lady
said that this was in God's plan. It was built a long time before the
apparitions in 1933. Now all the pilgrims when they go on their pilgrimages
climb this mountain at least once. And so at Medjugorje we can say that we have
this frame with the hills, the Apparition Hill and the Hill of the Cross, around
the Church, which is the centre where all the Liturgy is, the Mass, and the
Adoration. So when people go there they feel they are invited to live this
special atmosphere because you can almost feel and perceive the purpose of Our

We can see that Medjugorje has touched the hearts of people all over the world.
Many prayer groups have started. We generally say that Medjugorje is not a
?movement? because people tend to say we belong to this or that movement. Our
Lady actually allowed us how to fall in love with Her. And we did, we started
living all that Our Lady asked us to. And finally, when She saw we had fallen in
love with Her, She led us to Jesus, and She said, ?I am not important?. So we
have fallen in love with Jesus and Our Lady has said that the most important
moment is the moment of holiness.

Although every day we were waiting with great joy for the moment of the
apparition, we can see that people that go to Medjugorje, go back to their
houses renewed and with a wish to renew their family life and their spiritual
life. Many parishes, after people belonging to them, have come back from
Medjugorje, have experienced becoming more active, because people when they go
back from Medjugorje, witness not to belong to a particular group, but witness
their belonging to Jesus Christ. So we feel the need to do more there where we
are, because our own personal Church is very important. Not only as a building,
but also particularly as a community, particularly nowadays when we feel these
great threats caused by terrorism. Our Lady says that we can even stop wars with
prayer and fasting. We believe so. And when we are all together, there are many
of us.

I remember the Bishop of Split, a friend of Medjugorje, when war began in
Croatia he said, ?I invited all the people to fast and pray?. His city has been
protected. They started Perpetual Adoration, 24 hours, in their Chapel. Many
people were sick, prayed, and were healed. Jesus said that where two or three of
you are joined in prayer in my name I am there with them. That is why God sent
to us Our Lady, to tell us He loves us.

Once we asked Our Lady ?Why are you so beautiful, you are so beautiful we cannot
even try to describe this beauty to other people?? Our Lady answered ?I am
beautiful because I love?. Now I want to leave you with these words, I wanted to
give to prepare for Holy Mass remembering that Our Lady said that She wants the
Holy Mass to become the centre of our life.

May God bless you all. 

Another great testimony from Spirit Daily of Treasury Secretary Simon, with  his rosary turning to real gold metal 
But one of the greatest testimonies to the authenticity of the site are the fruits.  There have been miraculous cures.  There have been over 20 million pilgrimages to this remote site.  Multiply this by maybe a factor of ten to guess at how many people have experienced profound conversion and rededication to God.

Mat 7:16  By their fruits you shall know them.
Mat 7:18  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.

While we await official church approval on Medjugorje we can trust the test of time.
“... if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself.  But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God.”  Acts 5:38-39

Interview With: Fr Gabriele Amorth

Don Gabriele Amorth is an exorcist in the diocese of Rome and the president of honour of the Association of Exorcists that he founded in 1990, and of which he was president until the year 2000. During his stay at Medjugorje in July 2002, he gave an interview to Fr. Dario Dodig.

Fr. Dario Dodig: Don Gabriele, you are exorcist in the diocese of Rome?

Don Gabriele Amorth: I am an exorcist in Rome and president of honour of the Association of Exorcists, which I founded. In the year 2000, we celebrated its 10th anniversary. I was 75 years old and I asked someone else to take over this duty. When Bishops are 75, they are retired, so I did the same!

Don Gabriele, would you be so kind as to tell us what is exorcism?

Exorcism is a public prayer of the Church done with the authority of the Church, because it is done by a priest named by the Bishop; it is a prayer for liberation from the demon, from the evil influence of the demon or of the evil provoked by the demon.

When we speak about exorcism, can you tell us how Satan can influence Christians?

The influence of Satan is immense. Satan acts in two different ways. The ordinary action of Satan is when Satan tempts men to evil. All men, from their birth to their death, are involved in this struggle against Satan who tempts them into evil. Jesus, because He had a human nature, submitted Himself to temptation coming from Satan. Except the ordinary action, Satan also acts in an extraordinary way, which consists in provoking malign troubles, which can go on until satanic possession.

When we speak about possession, how can we defend ourselves from Satan?

We have to first speak about prevention - what to do to avoid these evils. The measures of prevention are to live in the grace of God, to be faithful to prayer and not to do works that open the door to the demon, especially not to do any occult works. There are three main works of occultism: magic, spiritism and Satanism. The one who is dedicated to these things exposes himself to the extraordinary action of the demon.

Is the influence of Satan in the world of today stronger than before, especially his influence on the youth, for example through music?

Today, Satan has free hands. This does not mean that he has more power than in the past, but the door is wide open to him. Primarily, today we live in a period of little faith. It is purely mathematical: when faith declines, superstition grows. When we abandon God, we give ourselves to practices that open the door to Satan. There is no doubt that today’s media have done much in favour of Satan, first by the immorality of certain shows, the abundance of movies showing violence, horror or sex. Except this, media have put in the first plan and have given popularity to figures of wizards and magicians, and so they give publicity to their works.

Is the exorcism the highest degree of action against Satan? Are their other means that can come before this last degree?

Conversion! The first thing that we ask from people who come to us is to live in the grace of God, to be faithful to an intense sacramental life and to the life of prayer. After this, if it is necessary, we encourage them to receive prayers of healing and of deliverance, as they are practiced in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. After a number of such prayers, the person is either already set free, or the need is evident to do the exorcism itself. Then we do the exorcism, keeping in mind that exorcism is a prayer where the result does not always come immediately. Sometimes, years of exorcism are needed for a person to be delivered.

Is the exorcism the highest form of action in the name of God?

Theoretically, yes. Nevertheless, we have to keep in mind other factors, which are very important before God. The exorcism is a prayer. Like all the prayers, it is the more efficacious the stronger the faith is. Faith has a fundamental importance. This is why we often read in the lives of saints that they have delivered people from diabolic possession without being exorcists themselves.

When we speak about Satan and satanic action, we usually have fear within us…

It is because we are not any more used to exorcism. Priests in general believe very little in the extraordinary action of Satan. If a bishop proposes to them to do the exorcism, they are frightened, as if they think: “If I leave the devil in peace, he will leave me in peace. If I fight him, he will attack me.” This is wrong. The more we fight Satan, the more he is afraid of us.

In her messages in Medjugorje, Our Lady says often that Satan is strong and she invites us to pray, to fast and to be converted.

Yes, this is true. In an Italian magazine, I had the occasion to comment on Our Lady’s messages where she speaks about Satan. She often spoke about this. She underlined that Satan is powerful and that he wants to destroy her plans. She invited us to pray, to pray, to pray.

In her messages, Our Lady spoke about the Rosary, about the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, about prayer before the Cross, and she said even that through prayer wars may be stopped.

Yes. Through prayer, we can even stop wars. I always understood Medjugorje as a continuation of Fatima. According to Our Lady’s words in Fatima, if we had prayed and fasted, there would not have been World War II. We have not listened to her and therefore there was a war. Also here in Medjugorje, Our Lady often calls to prayer for peace. In her apparitions, Our Lady always presents herself under another name to show the goal of her apparitions. At Lourdes, she presented herself as the Immaculate Conception, in Fatima as the Queen of the Holy Rosary. Here in Medjugorje, Our Lady presented herself as the Queen of Peace. We all remember the words “Mir, mir, mir” (peace, peace, peace) that were written in the sky at the very beginning of the apparitions. We see clearly that humanity is running the risk of war, and Our Lady insists on prayer and on Christian life to attain peace.

In her messages, the Queen of Peace also underlines fasting, which is a bit forgotten in the Church. She speaks about fasting according to what is written in the Gospels - that through fasting and prayer we can eliminate all influence of Satan.

This is true. First in Fatima and now here in Medjugorje, Our Lady speaks often about prayer and fasting. I think that this is very important, because contemporary men are following the spirit of consumerism. Humanity searches how to avoid any kind of sacrifice and so it exposes itself to sin. For Christian life, except prayer, we need a certain austerity of life. If there is no austerity of life, there is no perseverance in Christian life. I will give you an example - today, families fall so easily apart. They celebrate the wedding, but the couples divorce quickly. It happens because we are not used to sacrifice any more. In order to live together, we have to be able to also accept the deficiencies of others. The lack of spirit of sacrifice leads to the fact that we do not live Christian life in fullness. We see with what facility abortion is being committed, because of the lack of readiness to make a sacrifice to educate children. This is how the first reason of marriage is being destroyed. This is because there is no practice of making sacrifice. Only if we are used to sacrifice ourselves, we will be able to live Christian life.

The fruits of Medjugorje are numerous. Conversions are numerous. A theologian says that here, heaven came down on earth. Our Lady invites us to abandon ourselves totally to her so that she may lead us to Jesus. Isn’t this the essential for Christian life?

No doubt! Medjugorje is really a place where one learns to pray, but also to sacrifice oneself, where people are converted and change their lives. The influence of Medjugorje is worldwide. It is enough to think about how many prayer groups came about thanks to the inspiration of Medjugorje. I also lead a prayer group, which was founded in 1984. This group is already 18 years old. We live one afternoon as it is lived in Medjugorje. There are always 700 or 750 people. We always meditate on Our Lady’s message of the 25th of the month and I always read this message in relation to a sentence from the Gospel, because Our Lady does not say anything new. She invites us to do what Jesus thought us to do. Groups like mine exist all over the world.

Is it true that Medjugorje is a “big mouthful” for Satan?

Surely. Medjugorje is a fortress against Satan. Satan hates Medjugorje because it is a place of conversion, of prayer, of transformation of life.

Would you give us your advice?

The “testament” of Mary, her last words written in the Gospel, are “Do whatever he tells you”. Here in Medjugorje, Our Lady insists again that the laws of the Gospel are respected. The Eucharist is at the centre of all Medjugorje groups, because Our Lady always leads to Jesus. This is her main concern: to make us live the words of Jesus. This is what I wish to everyone. May the Immaculate intercede for you, so that the blessing of God may descend on all of you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Thank you, Father, and may God give you a long life!

Newspaper Headline: "A surprising gesture from the Vatican. The Pope thanks Father Jozo for Medjugorje!"
Siroki Brijeg - The world renowned Franciscan, Fr. Jozo Zovko, was more than surprised when yesterday Polish pilgrims came to thank him for twenty-one years of testifying to the Medjugorje apparitions, and especially when they handed him a thank you note personally signed by the shaky hand of their best known compatriate, John Paul II. Actually, after coming back from Poland the Pope wrote from the Vatican to personally thank and send his apostolic blessing to Fr. Jozo Zovko.

'Our Poland is grateful for your every word, for every thing that you have done for us', said the Pope's collaborator, Krystyna Gregorezyk, who personally handed the thank you note to Fr. Jozo in the Siroki Brijeg church. 'So far I have received hundreds of gifts and thank you notes but none can compare with this one. I am most pleasantly surprised,' a visibly shakened Fr. Jozo said for our paper.

Fr. Jozo Zovko is a member of the Hercegovinian Franciscan Province. As a witness to the Medjugorje apparitions, he has become one of the best known priests in the world.

The original text in Italian of the Pope's letter (a scan of the original is also attached) reads:

"Imparto di cuore una particolare
Benedizione Apostolica a
Padre Yozo Zovko, o.f.m.
ed invoco nuova effusione di grazie e favori celesti
e la continua protezione della Beata Vergine Maria"
Joannes Paulus II

English translation:

"I grant from the heart a particular blessing to Father Jozo Zovko, o.f.m.
and I invoke a new outpouring of graces and heavenly favors, and the continuous protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary".

Then, his handwritten signature: Joannes Paulus II.

Now, according to what Krystyna Gregorezyk reported when she presented the message, the letter was written this month in Rome right after the Pope's return from Poland. Krystyna, who works as a collaborator of the Holy Father in the Vatican, had breakfast with him and several other Polish people before they left for Medjugorje. The Pope signed the letter in front of Mrs. Gregorezyk.

It seems therefore that the words reported in the Newspaper, Vercernji List, are real. In a verbal message to Fr. Jozo, conveyed by Krystyna, the Pope also said that he is thankful for his apostolate for Medjugorje, for what Fr. Jozo is doing and has done so far. The pope said he was happy to give him a sign of support.

What did Fr.Jozo do for the Polish people if not spread the Medjugorje messages to them?

Krystyna said that the Pope was very joyful during this breakfast and asked many questions about Medjugorje. He was also happy to hear the testimonies about Medjugorje that the Polish pilgrims reported to him.

Of course, more enquiry should be made about this incredible event. However, today it seems that this is the first written personal word of encouragement, from the Pope, made public by the media, to a witness of Medjugorje. This simple letter stands as a tangible and visible document in support of the Holy Father's heartfelt thanks and encouragement that he sent to Fr. Jozo through Krystyna.

All are encouraged to spread this news - that the Holy Father has sent such a heartfelt blessing to this champion for Medjguorje and Our Lady's apparitions!

Denis and Cathy Nolan
Children of Medjugorje
Advisory Board:
Cardinal Jaime Sin
Cardinal Bernardino Echeverria, O.F.M.+ Archbishop Frane Franic Archbishop D. Peter Chung Bishop Nicholas D'Antonio, O.F.M. Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer, O.M.I. Bishop Donald Montrose Bishop William Ellis Fr. Daniel Ange Ralph Martin

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