Audrey Santo

- A Priest Meets a Victim Soul

 Fr. Leroy Smith of Cincinnati, Ohio, spoke at the Pittsburgh Marian
 Conference in September 1997. The following is his testimony:
 "The first topic that I would like to speak
 on is a little mystic soul, victim soul named Audrey Santo of Worcester,
 MA. I have had the opportunity to visit with her three different
 times". As the story goes, Audrey was playing out in the yard at her
 home. She wandered into the back yard, fell into the swimming pool and
 she remains    today in a comatose state.
 "She merely can move her eyes. If you hold her hand, she will
 recognize you are there and will give a little squeeze. That's about
 all the movement that comes into her body. She receives the Eucharist
 daily as her only solid food.
"She has a tabernacle in her room so that Linda, her mother, can give
 her the Eucharist every day. In another tabernacle in the same room are
 kept four Eucharist Miracles that have occurred in that little house.

 "Four times within the last year and one-half, the Eucharist bled
 while a priest was saying Mass. The Bishop asked that these miracles be
 put into ostensoriums and placed in another tabernacle in Audrey's
 room. There are times when they bleed so much that they have to take
 purificators and wipe the Precious Blood that flows out of the
 tabernacle door ...
 There were so many miracles happening around this
 little one that it was brought to the bishop's attention. He has
 accepted her as a Victim Soul, a true mystic living in their midst.
 "The last time that I visited Audrey was August 9, on the
anniversary of her drowning. I was invited to come a day before the
big celebration which they have have in the parish church of Christ the
King.  At that particular celebration there were at least 60
priests concelebrating Mass together with thousands of people who came
to see Audrey.
"The day before, when I arrived at the house, it was pouring rain and
Linda had prepared for a Mass to be said in the back of the house under
a huge tent. She had invited about 100 guests, and about seven or eight
priests  to concelebrate." Fr. Smith was asked to be the main
celebrant. "So I began Mass with the Sign of the Cross. 'In the name of
the Father, etc.' When I said the 'Amen', Linda, who was sitting in the
front row, said, 'Father look at the Crucifix.'
"There was a Crucifix sitting on the side of the altar, facing out
towards the people, and as I looked at it, I could see blood coming
from the side of the chest of Jesus and running down the side of
Christ. Well, here I am. I had begun Mass. Once a priest begins Mass,
he cannot stop for anything. So, I had to continue. All I did was point
to the Crucifix. "Of course, all the people there were staring in
amazement. It wasn't five minutes later that the whole chest of Christ
on the Crucifix was covered in blood.
I went on with the Mass; but wondered, why is Christ doing this? Maybe
Christ was trying to show us in a very special way, that we were on
Calvary with Christ at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
"At Communion time, when we took the Precious Blood from the Mass and
put it into a Chalice so that people could receive under the two forms,
oil started coming from the cup and mixing with the Precious Blood. The
people not only received the Precious Blood, but also a healing oil
that came directly from God Himself.
"When that Mass was over, every priest that was concelebrating went
around the altar and kissed the Crucifix shedding blood. Immediately
following, every person came up and reverenced the Crucifix in the same
way. The Crucifix was then taken into the Chapel, and it remains there
"In the little chapel in her house, every
religious article--picture,statue,etc.--runs with healing oil. If there is
a picture of Christ on the wall, oil runs down the wall. There's a
little chalice kept next to the tabernacle in Audrey's room. It
completely fills with oil. This oil is given to priests to use in their
healing services. "The book that is used in the Mass, the Eucharistic
prayers in the middle of the book are completely filled with oil and
that oil doesn't spill over any of the rest of the Sacramentary."

 "Little Audrey suffers immensely. She has been in bed for 10 years.
 She suffers the stigmata. Pores in her hands open up and bleed. Her
 side bleeds, her feet bleed, and then it will go away. During Holy
 Week, they say that she suffers so much that it's almost like being
 with Christ Himself. "On Good Friday between noon and 3 p.m., she
 suffers the same sufferings that Christ experienced on the Cross.
 Immediately at 3 p.m., she goes into a deep sleep and cannot be
 awakened or moved until Sunday morning when Christ rose
 from the dead. She opens her eyes and is present again to receive the
 After the drowning accident when it was thought that Audrey was able
 to travel, Linda decided that she would take the little one to
 Medjugorje; difficult task, since she needed a nurse around the clock.

 At Medjugorje, Audrey was present in the Apparition Room two different
 times when Ivan was having an apparition. Immediately after the
 apparition, Ivan went over to little Audrey, knelt down next to her and
 spoke to her in Croatian. No one knows what Ivan said to Audrey. This
 happened twice.
 "The village people found out Audrey was in their village. One evening
 they came to her house and called for the mother to come out. Linda
 went out and people pointed to the moon. In the moon was an exact
 picture of  little Audrey. The next evening, the same thing occurred.
 Except this evening there were two moons! One moon again had the image
 of Audrey in it and the second moon had an image of an old nun. To this
 day, they have not been able to find an explanation for the second
 figure."  (I read somewhere else some people thought the nun looked
 like Mother Theresa).

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