Kibeho, Rwanda

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by Michael H. Brown
The news came like a thunderclap: last week Bishop Augustine Misago of Rwanda issued a "declaration on the definitive judgment" of apparitions reported in that small African nation during the 1980s, and the judgment was that they were true: officially authentic.
It was the strongest Church approval since a bishop in Venezuela authorized apparitions at a spot called Betania in 1987, and it seemed part of a sudden tidal surge in recognition of apparitions -- from Argentina to the United States, where a flurry of interest has erupted around what have become known as the "Our Lady of America" apparitions [see stories].
Apparition news is suddenly exploding, times are crystallizing, and after years of silence, the Church seems to be stirring to acknowledgment of certain revelations. In the case of Rwanda, where apparitions were reported in 1981 at Kibeho, a key reason for recognition is that the Virgin appeared there and correctly prophesied a civil war and the spread of AIDS.
During one revelation a seer at Kibeho saw what was later described as "a river of blood, people who were killing each other, abandoned corpses with no one to bury them, a tree all in flames, bodies without their heads."
This was incredible because a decade later, in the spring of 1994, a horrifying civil war erupted in Rwanda and in just three months an estimated 500,000 to one million were killed -- many beheaded by machetes and dumped into the Kagera River ("river of blood").
The Virgin had warned that promiscuity would lead to disaster, and at one point had shown a seer abandoned villages.
That was before the world knew about HIV, but by 1994 Africa has seventy percent of the world's AIDS cases -- and entire villages were turned into ghost towns! Most was spread by prostitution and other forms of hetero . To date at least 25 million Africans have been infected by HIV and in sub-Saharan nations one in four adults carry the virus! In some areas nearly half of pregnant women are infected.
But the warnings were not just for Africa.
"When I tell you this, I am not addressing myself strictly to you, child, but I am making this appeal to the world," the Virgin told seer Marie-Clare Mukangango -- who was later killed in the war. She said the Virgin described the world as "in revolt" against God. "I am concerned with and turning," she said, "to the whole world."
Another seer, Alphonsine Mumureke, said that many hearts were changing for the better but that Satan was becoming stronger and trying to wreck God's plan.
Indeed, just before the apparitions there was a outbreak of statue-breaking in the area -- a symbol of the irreverence we now see everywhere.
Repent, repent, repent, was the message from Kibeho, which began just four months after Medjugorje.
Repent because, as Marie-Clare said -- in a message that has been proclaimed time and again, but which now rings with the endorsement of the official Church -- otherwise the world "is on the edge of catastrophe."
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