Katya has been approved by her bishop, has documented stigmata caught developing on video, and other charisms, etc.  In this writing Jesus laments that his prophets are often ignored and even scorned;  names Fr. Gobbi and Nancy Fowler of Conyers, GA as two of his prophets…  In one of her other messages received from Jesus Katya also names Vassula Ryden as one of Jesus's daughters/prophets.

Nobody is Superior to Anyone Else
The Lord

There now, calm down My little cucarachita [a familiar, affectionate term in Spanish]. You are the only one to blame for accepting situations or people that upset you. Now, get away. You have a week to escape everything, to think more calmly and analyze things more clearly. Above all, be at peace.

With regard to that little thorn inside you; remove it.  Speak to that person.  Do not commit the sin of complicity and even less of omission. Let us work now.

Beloved children, nobody is superior to anyone else. All My children were made with the same Love, created and saved with My Life. However, I give some of My children, owing to the nature of the responsibility that I give them, another type of life. I want to talk to you about this. My Love has let you meet Nancy Fowler and Fr. Stefano Gobbi and allowed you to receive many videos and books from other people who were chosen in this era of the salvation of a planet that is sinking into the abyss of sin, of the rejection of God.
(The Lord allows me to explain that I am writing this under strict obedience to His instructions to do so.)

The responsibility that I place in the hands of My chosen ones implies an enormous quota of persecutions, suffering and bitterness. This is why I am forming, building a group of people, no less important, who will help, protect, and aid My sons or daughters, the prophets who will take My Words to the world.

In the majority of cases, I and My Word have been the nucleus. The voice has been such and such a person--and the hands, strength, and support have been those who surround that person. In some cases the group has grown and therefore, strengthened its work; widened its radius of action. They have won over more and more souls for Me until they have joined together with another group of chosen ones and thus created a great front of love and solidarity...

Sometimes two or three people have given their support, and with My Grace, many works have been completed. There has also been more than one group that has not wanted to commit itself. And My chosen ones have had to struggle with just My help to deliver My Messages.  Since it was My help they received (alone), the action was strong.
This group, whom My Mother has been choosing, maintaining, warning, alerting against the attacks by the despicable one, has not known how to respond.  I am not going to say in what way or to whom.

Each of you knows what you are like and I am first and foremost Love.  But I am not going to stop communicating with you through My daughter without first telling you that this is the first time that the person that I chose to direct the spiritual life of a group through My Messages has been reviled, ridiculed and left to her own devices by those who received so much through her.
In this case, it is the one person (Katya) who fights, not against outsiders, but against her brothers and sisters, classmates (underline that) because I wanted to provide you with a school of love, of growth in faith, of evangelization, of unity. It is a single person who fights against your slovenliness, selfishness, comforts, laziness, greed, ambitions, irresponsibility, arrogance… And that one person, for having endeavored to be faithful to My commands, just like Me, today defends with all her might that which is sacred for her Lord, even though tomorrow they might take her to Praetorian and then to the Cross.

Do you realize, My children, what you have done? You are so hard of heart and mind that even by bringing before your eyes the life of other seers so that you can observe how you should help each other... how you should help My daughter, but always around My person, around the entreaties and exhortations of My Mother. Not around yourselves; none of you is worthy of a single line of My Messages, even though man is My perfect creation and therefore the object of My greatest Love... You still have one more chance to recover My trust, but comfort instead of being comforted.  Do not try to hear words that please yourselves.

Try to be at the service of others.  I want you to forget yourselves and to look towards Me. Silence your minds and understand how unproductive it is to seek comfort from somebody else.
When you want another man to assess your spiritual performance, you are just delaying your growth, because only I can see inside you. Then, why do you need to hear words of praise to fill a momentary pleasure? That is selfishness and should be avoided, as it is harmful to your growth.
Serve others.  Listen, pray and try to serve others, as that is the only way to give pleasure to your soul.
When I ask you to forget yourselves, I mean love Me by denying your humanity so that I can live together with your good will.
Accept praise from others gracefully, when appropriate, but do not look for praise.
It is not as important to be understood as it is to understand, that is why St. Francis of Assisi asked for this, since if you live in Me and I in you, you are understood by the Trinity. Do you understand the magnitude of what I am saying?

Do not turn a deaf ear to what I have been saying. Truthfully I tell you that if you had followed My words with the same solicitude as other groups, your families would already have been converted and preaching My Messages.
Do not cry over spilt milk, but learn something from this failure and set out on the road again, along the paths that you indicated yourselves.