"So they took the colt to Jesus and, throwing their cloaks on its back, they lifted Jesus on to it. As he moved off, they spread their cloaks in the road, and now, as he was approaching the downward slope of the Mount of Olives, the whole group of disciples joyfully began to praise God at the top of their voices for all the miracles they had seen. They cried out: 'Blessed is he who is coming as King in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest heavens! Some Pharisees in the crowd said to Him 'Master, reprove your disciples,' but He answered, 'I tell you, if these keep silence, THE STONES WILL CRY OUT.'"

Video of Weeping Jesus statue of Cochabamba  

This famous image of Christ shed tears of human blood During Holy Week of 1995, the miraculous occurrence took place repeatedly during the recital of the Rosary. Since then, the number of devotees to the Crying Christ have grown to around a thousand, one hundred of which were standing in front of the statue when its eyes shed tears. The watery liquid afterward transformed into a blood-like substance that gives an impressive countenance on the face of Christ..  This weeping icon is closely associated with the visionaries Catalina Rivas and Nancy Fowler.
"Since 1995, various scientific studies of the icon have taken place, the conclusions of which are astounding and underline the fact that Cochabamba has fast become the center of a supernatural event. Recordings have been made of the crying, samples have been taken and sent to the laboratory. And lastly, the statue itself has been subjected to computerised examination. A laboratory report put together in April 1995 outlined the fact that the liquid analysed was "hemoglobin, hetero protein of a red colour that exists in hematoid, or red globules."

PDT Signs has the video, available at the above link, and it shows the statue in the act of weeping tears of blood, forming in the eye until it drips down the face. The blood tests out as human blood.  A thorn fragment, indigineous to Jerusalem, was found in the dried blood submitted for analysis.  In another report on PDT a thorn was found in the blood from the stigmatic wounds of  Francis.

The statue of Mary above wept 101 times.  See Akita.

Click on the picture of the video "Tears of Love" to find where to purchase it.

From SpiritDaily:

Images of the Madonna and Jesus shed blood and the scientists say:

Note: This English translation was made from a French translation of the
original Italian document. You can view the Italian document at
which has photos of the event and the French document at
 http://www.jnsr.be/ at Le Secret de Marie révélé. We are endeavoring to confirm details with Italian authorities. It is written by a well-known author.
By Renzo Allegri
Every now and then one reads in the news that some Image of the Madonna is weeping. Sometimes these tears are blood and the news are then much more impressive. The skeptics smile; the ecclesiastical authorities evaluate the event with great prudence, with good reason, and they avoid making definite judgments; science does not get involved, and if it does, it is at the level practiced by amateurs. Then, as time passes, the event becomes less interesting, fades from memory, and is soon forgotten. Only in very rare cases is the event of such importance that it is acknowledged as true and real and is then certified as authentic and of a supernatural origin. An example is the research that was carried out on the "Weeping Madonna of Syracuse." [It was declared authentic and of supernatural origin.]

We will now tell you of a recent similar event, still unknown, which reveals itself to be truly astounding because the first judgment released came from science, science at the highest level, a judgment that opens viewpoints to amazing hypotheses.

The event involves two Sacred Icons that shed tears of blood on two separate occasions. The two Icons belong to Padre Pietro Maria Chiriatti, 59 years old, a priest since 1990, founder of a small Congregation called "The Missionnaries of Our Lady of the Quarry," who lives in a modest dwelling in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy. Padre Pietro tells us:
"It was on the 3 of May 2003, around 6 in the evening, I had gone to my room to
take some medication when I noticed that the Icon which represents the Madonna
with Child, hanging above my prayer kneeler, had spots on its face. Because I
have poor eyesight I touched the Image and felt that it was wet. I called my
fellow members (Confreres) and all of us could see that she was shedding tears."
The phenomenon lasted thirty minutes and was witnessed by other persons whom Padre Pietro had immediately called. This event was recorded on video tape. Padre Pietro wiped the blood with a handkerchief and sent it to a laboratory to be tested.

Approximately one year later, on the 27 May 2004, the phenomenon repeated itself on another Icon of Padre Pietro that represents the Face of Jesus as it appears on the Shroud of Turin. This time it was more than a weeping Icon, it was a bloody sweat. The Face of Jesus was striped by seven streaks of blood that trickled down from the forehead, along the cheeks, over the beard, and running over the picture frame of the Icon. Padre Pietro, frightened, called out to all who were in the house to come and see; he then telephoned the police, the parish priest and the doctor. This phenomenon lasted for one and a half hours and was witnessed by about 50 persons.

Once again, Padre Pietro collected some of the blood and sent the sample to the same laboratory where he had previously sent the blood that had appeared on the Face of the Virgin. And it was here, in this scientific laboratory, where the extraordinary characteristics of these related events became known. It must be made very clear that this laboratory is one of the most prestigious in Europe. It is the Genetics Forensic Laboratory of the University of Bologna, equipped with the most modern sophisticated equipment with a team of researchers, doctors and biologists University Professors. This laboratory specializes in everything related to DNA. It works with Secret Services and Police of many nations and is in contact with other similar laboratories of other countries.

This laboratory has Scientific Authority, therefore a verdict released by this laboratory is of indisputable [unquestionable] value.

After carrying out all the tests, the laboratory researchers sent Padre Pietro an official document stating, in resume,
"the blood is human blood, of group AB, male, and was found to be identical in
the two samples tested, the blood from the tears from the Icon of the Virgin
 and the blood that appeared of the Face of Jesus are the same." But there is
more, the document continues from its evaluations to something that seems really
incredible: "the configuration of the genetic features found in the Y chromosome
 does not correspond to any of the configurations present in the world wide
 data bank where the data of 22,000 male subjects from 187 different populations
is kept."
And further on we read:
"This blood is so rare that it must be considered as almost unique.
 By calculation, the statistical probability of finding, in the course
of millennia, a typology of the same blood type, is almost nil, the
mathematical probability of this happening is in the order of
1 in 200 billion possible cases."
[In other words 1 on 200,000,000,000.]
What does all this mean? In the first place, the data obtained excludes in an absolute manner any case of fraud, deception or deceit: there is no one in the world who could be in a position to produce blood with similar characteristics. On the other hand, because we are dealing with a unique type of blood, the data indicates that it belongs to only one single Person and to no other person in all of humanity's history. Therefore it comes from a Man who has no ancestor and no descendant [offsprings]. Therefore it becomes quite clear and if we go to the Gospels and see what is written there about Jesus, [we learn there that He was] a Man unlike all others (unique) with these characteristics. While on this subject, it is quite significant that the blood which appeared on the Image of the Virgin is identical to the blood which appeared on the Face of the Image of Jesus. We could say from these results that we possibly could have for the first time ever the scientific data concerning the physical Person of Jesus: the DNA of Jesus, God Incarnated in a Body that is and will remain unique.

It is still too early to arrive at a final conclusion, but the verdict from science is, for all purposes, precise, public and without ambiguity. The scholars [researchers] who released this information did it in a cold [controlled], mathematical, but very clear language. They have specifically affirmed that they found themselves in front of something unique. And they are the ones, accustomed to scientific precision, to show with wonder, the extraordinary nature of these results. In a private letter to Padre Pietro, one of the researchers wrote: "these are results to stun with amazement even a statue." And again: "faced with the results of these analyses is incredible to me, and that is not saying much to say this, I could not even succeed in hiding my tears." And another one told him: "This is real human blood, but it seems to really come from another world."

The ecclesiastical authorities are naturally aware of these facts and are presently investigating and evaluating them. Their prudence [caution] will be tremendous, and with good reason, for it is right that it should be so. But the scientific results lead one to think that we are perhaps faced with a supernatural Sign of exceptional importance.

Renzo Allegri

NBI finds statue’s ‘tears’ to be human blood, priest says
By Artemio Dumlao
The Philippine Star 07/25/2004
BAGUIO CITY — Her tears were of human blood.

"It’s human blood and it’s type A," said Fr. Vicente Castro of the tears shed by the statue of St. Therese at the Baguio Cathedral, quoting the finding of the Cordillera office of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Castro, the cathedral’s 77-year-old parish priest, said the NBI regional office informed him of its laboratory finding in a phone call last Friday.

He said he submitted samples of the blood which dripped from the eyes of the statue. The NBI itself collected samples, he said.

"There is a thing to consider now: did the blood come from the statue or did somebody inject it?" he said. "As a statue, it should not shed tears."

Devotees have flocked to the cathedral since a certain Christopher Fergis said he saw the statue shedding tears of what appeared to be blood when he was praying in front of it two weeks ago.

In a newspaper article, the 26-year-old Fergis urged the public to pray the rosary and live a life according to God’s will.

Castro said St. Therese, a Carmelite nun who had lived in a monastery, professed a life of simplicity.


The following testimony by Father John Breck
© 2001 Father John Breck
In a Greek Orthodox church on Long Island there is an image of the Virgin Mary, the "Theotokos" or "Mother of God." This sacred image or "icon" has stains from the eyes to the cheeks. Those stains, according to countless witnesses, were produced many years ago when the icon wept.  In April of 1994, another icon of the Theotokos began weeping in an Anthiochian Orthodox church in Cicero, Illinois. Again, literally thousands of worshipers witnessed the phenomenon and proclaimed it to be a miracle. Fr. Douglas Wyper, who first saw the
  tears and has subsequently written of his experience, declares to skeptics: "There were no tubes, there is no plumbing, no reason for condensation to form on that one icon and none of the others. The tears were coming directly out of Virgin's eyes. You could see them welling up deep within her pupils. Since then, the tears have regularly  renewed themselves."  Again magazine, 18/1,1995, p. 21.]
 In traditional Orthodox countries such as Russia, Romania and Greece,  the faithful take such phenomena for granted. Whether they have experienced a weeping icon or not, there is no question in their mind that these sacred images-usually depictions of the Virgin Mary-really
  do weep. Throughout the United States great numbers of Orthodox and other Christians have been deeply moved by similar experiences. To them as well, the tears are real.  I had long heard of weeping icons and, as I look back on it, I believed  the reports to be true. The whole matter, though, had no real significance for me on any personal level. That changed, however, when
 my wife and  I received a phone call from a young priest who invited us to visit  his parish one winter evening a few years ago. He claimed that a weeping  icon had been brought to his church a day or two before. He also asked  us not to mention it to anyone else, chiefly because he wanted to avoid  invasion by the media. More out of curiosity than conviction, I accepted  the invitation, and we drove over to his parish.
  The church was lit only by candlelight. An extraordinary odor-a perfume like rose water, only vastly more beautiful, more heavenly-filled the entire building. In the center of the nave, in a glass-covered wooden  lay the icon. I lifted the lid and looked at the image, which was
 clearly illumined by dozens of surrounding candles. In the corners of  the Virgin's  eyes, oil welled up in the shape of tears, then slowly ran down the icon.   Cotton laid at the base of the image was drenched with the liquid. It  was   those tears that exuded the heavenly aroma.
  We watched for nearly twenty minutes as dozens of tears gradually formed  in those lovely, tragic eyes. The priest joined us and invited us to hold  the icons and examine the back. The entire board was saturated with oil. Then, to my astonishment I realized that the icon was a  copy: a piece of paper   glued to the board. This was no "original," no "authentic" icon. It was  a copy. Can copies weep?     (Answer: yes!  There are over a hundred copies of the icon of Damascus associated with Mirna that are weeping.)
  Mindless questions like that went through my head for a few minutes.  Then things fell into perspective. It's not the paint-not egg tempera-that makes an icon. An authentic icon is made by God.
   Original or a copy, its truth and its value lie in what it depicts.
 Ultimately they lie in the person of Christ Himself, since every genuine icon is
  "Christ-centered," whether it be of Jesus, of His Mother, or of the saints. Like every true icon, this one of the Mother of God depicted transfigured  humanity. In the face of the Virgin we beheld our own true face, the image  in which we were created and to which we are
forever called. And this  image had the added grace of tears.
 On our way home, we wondered aloud about the reason for those tears.
 Why, in fact, icons weep? Is it because of ours sins? Or because of the threat of some imminent tragedy? Or because we have forgotten the griefof Jesus' Mother, as she helped take down His wasted body from the cross washed and anointed it, then laid it in a tomb?
 I still can't answer the question Why do icons weep? But weep they do.
 There are no tubes, no plumbing, no condensation-. The tears in those eyes are real. And they express the full reality of heavenly beauty and heavenly grief.
 The tears I saw that winter evening were mixed with olive oil and kept in a little flask. They are used to anoint the stick, and, at times of feasts within the Church, all the faithful who take part in worship.
 I probably never will know just why icons weep. But I have no doubt that they do. On the other hand, I do know that those tears are a gift to all of us. I know beyond question that they bless and they heal. And that, really  is enough.

The priests at a Greek Orthodox church in the New York suburb of Hempstead, Long Island, report that miraculous healings are continuing years after icons of the Virgin began shedding tears in the area. The phenomena involved three icons that were brought to St. Paul's Church: Our Lady of Perpetual Help (above), the Lamenting Mother of God (below), and a third that is now in Florida. While the flow of tears has long-since stopped (it first began in March of 1960), Father Nicholas J. Magoulias, the pastor, told Spirit Daily that other phenomena continue at this church that lost two parishioners to the tragedy of September 11.
One recent cure involved a Roman Catholic woman named Lilly Bertuccio, who was set for a major cancer operation. After praying before one of the icons she took oil from the shrine and applied it with a short prayer ("I am applying this Holy Oil with the Blessed Mother's hand"). Two days before the operation, she had a dream filled with remarkable light and the following Friday, when she went to New York Hospital of Queens for the surgery, a mammography indicated that the tumor was gone.
"We then went to another room for a different mammography," she noted. "The nurse, my doctor, and the technician returned to my room and the technician said to me, 'Do you believe in miracles?' I said, 'Yes, I do.' He said, 'For twenty years I have been doing this and this is the first time this happened to me. Whatever was there is not there anymore."
That was in 1997. According to the priests, the healings continue to the present day -- with at least two remarkable ones a year. "For instance, there was one I know last March of a woman suffering from cervical cancer who was completely healed," said the associate pastor, Father Joakim Valsiad. "I heard this with my own ears. I know that every day three or four stop by, pray, and receive the assistance of the Virgin Mary."
"The icons are still miraculous," says Father Magoulias. "They still do healings. We had two this past year. It's a continuous thing. When I first came we had an all-night service, and we had a lady here from Chicago who was deaf, and before I started the service she was moved to take a picture. Back in those days they used to have a bulb that they would place in the flash, and she went to take a picture and all of a sudden it exploded. I heard a big explosion and turned around and said, 'What happened? What happened?' and she was hysterical. She said, 'I can hear! I can hear!' Her doctor sent a letter documenting it."
The church is one of a growing list in the New York area involving alleged miracles. Reports of phenomena have also come from Our Lady of the Island Shrine in Eastport (47 miles to the east); from a woman in Huntington who claims apparitions of St. Therese the Little Flower; and even a tree on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that seemed to bear an image of the Virgin just weeks before the World Trade Center event. Meanwhile, the Pope has been vigorously seeking reconciliation between Roman Catholicism and the Orthodox Church, both of which have a profound devotion to Mary.
Another weeping icon of Mary

For an exhaustive compilation of weeping statues and images: http://www.visionsofjesuschrist.com/weepingstatuesandicons.htm

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