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Words of God the Father for the World
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The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

January 8, 2007


Dear Children of Humanity,


Through the great blessings and joy given to you by such a pure Virgin, Immaculate in all ways, I come blessing you in Peace.  When all the world seems to be going in another direction, those who follow My Words given to you from My Throne will not be left behind without Truth being fulfilled. 


Many initially decide to listen and hear My Words, but then put them aside and do not pay attention to them.  Yet, there are others who listen, hear My Words, devour them, and put them into practice.  For them, their safe haven and redemption are at hand.


Perhaps the world has heard too many messages to believe that the Truth is about to unfold on those of humanity who continue in their own ways.  Those who devote themselves in prayer, in charity, and in love and kindness are redeemed.  Those who displace and push Me aside, and who do not pay attention nor even care, acting as if another century or two or even hundreds of years will unfold before any happenings, are misled.


It is far better for you to live today as if it is your last.  It is far better for you to give of yourself as if it is your only opportunity.  It is far better for you to love your family members more than ever before, as if one will be taken away instantly.  It is far better for all of you to join together as a community in love and to work together in the fruition of My Holy Will. 


Words I have said throughout the generations; and each time they are said, it seems there is less attention paid to them.  If you cannot heed My Words of Truth now, then how will you heed the words in the human world, coming from governments---from counties, states, and nations?  How will you heed their words?




Prepare as if today is your last, and in joyful anticipation for those who are children of Mine, the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.   For you, your preparation is at hand and welcomed.  The reward of your redemption and safety and a new dwelling place is now.


Peace, the choice you have.  Regardless, I am there with you always in fidelity and faithfulness.

Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

July 2, 2006

Independence Day Weekend


Little children, praised be Jesus!


Little ones, as your Mother my Heart anguishes for all those who do not believe.  My suffering comes from my beloved priests who should be unifying and forming together with strong faith all the people in all the communities, instead of pursuing disbelief. 


I wonder, "What will happen when the time comes that all my children realize the Truth of my presence here that is graced from Heaven above and see all the graces they could have received?"


How blessed are you, my children, who suffer for sake of righteousness!  Do not ask for suffering, but if you are graced with it, join your suffering with my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart and with the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus.  Blessed are you, children, who have offered in prayer all those people who have disbelieved.  Blessed are you, my priests, who have heeded my words to increase Eucharistic Adoration and who have been open to works of charity and to my words of Love, for new vocations shall increase because of you.  Blessed are all my laity who have never disbelieved and have fervently practiced their faith.


If you are Catholic, pray your Rosary.  If you are Christian (non-Catholic) reflect on the words of the Gospel.  Each of you, proclaim the Good News!  Look to yourself to be Jesus Himself! 


Freedom today comes through action, not indifference.  If the people of your country (USA) are indifferent, even to the words from Heaven, how much more indifferent are they to Peace?  The children from generations before you, your parents and your grandparents and your great grandparents, who lived at the time of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, knew what "freedom" really meant.  Even now in the Iraq War, many have learned what "freedom" means and how to achieve it.  But so many others today are indifferent and do not really and truly know the meanings of "war" and "Peace". 


You cannot be indifferent!  You must pray and you must love! 


I thank you for listening to my words.  I bless you with the Omnipotent Blessing of God the Father so that you will be endowed with the strength to endure, for I have held back the Angel's arm and the sword he carries.  But when God the Father decides to act, not even I will be able to stop Him! 


Are you prepared for a new tomorrow?


Pray and change!  Thank you for offering yourself to God here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart where my Son, the Child Jesus, dwells welcoming all children of all ages, creeds and races, to seek refuge and be cleansed, to be made whole and new


Thank you for your response to my call.  Peace.

February 18, 2006

Feast of St. Marie Bernadette Soubirous


Dear Friends of Our Lady of Emmitsburg &

All Who Honor the Sorrowful and Immaculate of Mary,


In light of the Public Message of Our Lady of Emmitsburg on February 5, 2006, William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop of Baltimore, sent me the enclosed letter to him, dated February 15, 2003, from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and which was based upon the local Commission of Inquiry’s report.  This indeed is the first time this letter has ever been seen by me and my priest spiritual director and priest advisors.


I have been advised by my spiritual director and advisors to point out to the faithful that Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger simply commends the work done by the commission and “considers” Cardinal Keeler in a “position to conclude” the matter with a decree of “constat de non supernaturalitate”.  Cardinal Ratzinger does not himself conclude this matter and, as is the customary procedure, allows the authority to rest at a local level, that being with Cardinal Keeler and not the Holy See.


As conflicting as it appears to be on the surface, it is for all of us to pray for the gift of discernment to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit who reveals the Truth.  God bless you all.  You will continue to be in my prayers, and I ask for yours.  Remember, Our Lady has often said, “I am not leaving!”.


Our Lady of Emmitsburg September 4, 2005

Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World through Gianna Sullivan
September 4, 2005

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, God is Good! He created everything good. In the end, His works
and all of what He created will be good. For everything that God does is good.
This gives us tremendous hope. However, in the midst of all that God created
good, humanity was given a choice, which through sin has resulted in the
necessity of many purgations so that souls could be restored to health.

I have so oftentimes, little children, invited all of humanity to join together
in Love and in compassion, and not to speak words of hatred, nor cause slander,
calumny or malice. I have invited all of humanity to be "little" in ways so
that they could be totally dependent on God, and so what was once created good
could again be good, as it will be in the end. But now humanity is in the midst
of tribulation; and there is an urgency, a call for change, not a call for fear.

It is necessary to begin now! There is still time. Do not wait till it is too
late, for you need the peace and the conviction to change. You have seen that
when certain events (i.e. Hurricane Katrina) occur, there can be seen the
confusion, the anger, and the loss of many lives. In a moment, what was there
can be gone. You have also seen the goodness of people who rally to the
occasion as ambassadors of Light.

Remember, little ones, and in your souls you know who you are, that you too are
called to be "ambassadors". If you meet with frustration, anxiety and confusion
in the midst of tribulation, then focus once again on God the Father Who gave to
all humanity His Son Who died for you. There is tremendous hope for a new
tomorrow. In the end, it will all be good!

Thank you for your response, especially now, for you do not know when God will
allow another catastrophic event to occur. You must be prepared and totally
dependent on God to be a vessel of Love and Peace.

I bless you in the Name of the Most Glorious Holy Trinity: Father, Son & Holy
Spirit. Peace.

(Our Lady appeared with the Child Jesus at her side, dressed in a white robe and
holding His Crown in His hands, with tears in His eyes.)

Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World
through Gianna Sullivan
Easter Sunday
March 27, 2005

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I thank you for your commitment and your prayers to my
most Immaculate Heart.  I am here to tell you that this is the year
of the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart, and it shall reign.  You
shall see so many things unfolding and giving great glory to God

I am so proud and humbled, and at the same time grateful to be your
Mother.  I draw you all into my most Immaculate Heart where you
shall be safe.  There I draw your souls, so precious and loved, to
join me with the Sacred Heart of my Son.  There the Two of Us, in
our most precious Love for God the Father, draw all the souls of
humanity together to glorify His Holy Name, to glorify the Holy
Trinity, and to rise to the forefront for all to know how beautiful
you are.

Little ones, in this time of tremendous turmoil, confusion and
oftentimes division, I would like to set straight the path for you. 
Know that, as your Mother and with my Son by my side, We are guiding
you and We are here for you; and know that We desire you all to
return to one focus, that being to the Truth, the Path to eternal

Many may think that they know the way.  Many may think that they are
following the way.  All are welcome.  No one should judge.  The few
who are coming are the ones whom others thought would never arrive
at the fulfillment of God's Grace and Truth. 

Please know, little ones, that the most important thing you can do
is to love one another, to forgive one another, and not to be duped
in your thinking process as to who should arrive at a greater
place.   Know that I love you and that you are in the midst of a
most beautiful era.  In this time of grace you all can rise to
quench the Thirst of my Son by living in unity, by surrendering to
His Holy Will, and by not looking to yourselves but to those most in
need.  Put away all rash thoughts and judgments; and put on the
armor of Love, humility, and graciousness.

I love you.  Would you please love Us?  Please come to Us!  Look to
Who is the True God. 

Thank you for your response!

Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan
July 13, 2004
Little children, praised be Jesus.
Little ones, it is my joy to come to you and give you the blessings of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  As the Mother of God, I thank you for being present and praying most devoutly and fervently.  I take all your petitions and intentions to my Son's Most Sacred Heart.
Know that the Holy Spirit will guide you in all of your daily activities and endeavors.  The most important thing that you can do is to continue to pray, to be humble, to study the Word of God, and to remain faithful at all costs.  Regardless of all the other traumatic things happening in the world; whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual; whether those happenings be related to wars or personal hardships; leave all of those things to God.  Pray for peace and remain faithful.
I have told you so often that this is a walk of faith, and faith is so pertinent to bring about change in the world.  You need to be faithful, and all in this world need to be walking by faith.
I continue to be here with you, and I continue to draw you into my most Immaculate Heart.  You must continue on and must strive to be faithful, humble, loving and committed children.  You must be devoted to peace, peace within your own hearts and your families, within your neighborhoods and your communities, and within the world.  I invite the leaders of the world to join together in peace; and I invite you, my little children, to pray for all the leaders of the world.
God is good.  He is your God.  Let us place in the proper order Who is in authority and Who shall govern the world.  It is the Almighty.  And you, regardless of position, faith, title, vocation or profession; yes, it is you who must bow humbly to God.
I encourage and invite you.  I am here to prepare you and to bring you closer to my Son.  Peace to you.  Thank you for responding to this call.

Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World
Through Gianna Sullivan
November 13, 2003
The Feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

My dear little children, praised be Jesus.

Pray, my little ones, pray with all your hearts for the souls in
purgatory; because, my little ones, they pray for you. They are
awaiting your prayers for them. Pray with all your hearts because they
are amongst you. You can deliver them through the Holy Sacrifice of the
Mass. They will unite with you for the greater glory of God so that
they can see God face to face, just as you too desire to see Him one day
face to face.

Make no mistake about it. There are many people of different religions
and different faiths whom God loves and cherishes. This is the One
Faith, built upon the sacrificial offering of the Mass, through which
souls are released into His Kingdom of Heaven where they abide in
tremendous glory at different levels. Whether you believe what my Son's
Church teaches you, or whether you believe what other peoples and faiths
believe, I can tell you that there is a place; and this is a place where
people must be purged so that they can see God face to face. Regardless
of what they believe, you can pray for all of them; and they are
released when you pray for them. Make it a daily offering, as you do
for your own protection against evil spirits in the Prayer to St.
Michael the Archangel.

My loved ones, I your Mother of Mercy come before you and implore your
assistance. I plead with you to pray for those in tremendous need. I
can also tell you that as you most lovingly give of yourselves to others
with charity, and as you love others even when you find them difficult
to love, God will grace you; and He will forgive you as you continue to
love and forgive others.

I am a joyful Mother and a Mother who gives Mercy because you, my loved
ones, desire the Ultimate Bliss of eternity, and that is my Son Jesus
Christ, your Savior. Come, my little ones, come into my Immaculate
Heart. Come into the Sacred Heart of my Son. Come and dwell in the
Truth; and the blessing of Almighty God in the union of the Holy Trinity
will be yours.

Peace to you. Thank you, my loved ones, for responding and changing.

Reflection on the Nov. 13, 2003 Message

In this month of November, traditionally dedicated to remembering the
deceased, the Virgin Mary, our Mother of Mercy, reminds us to pray, with
all our hearts, for the souls in purgatory. She emphasizes the real and
certain existence of purgatory as well as the power of the Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass to deliver souls from this place of purgation. All
of these souls, coming from different religions and beliefs, are loved
by God. Our Mother pleads with us and implores our help for the souls
that are in need of our prayers so they may be released from their
purification and see God face to face. She, specifically, asks us to
make a daily offering for these souls. They are praying for us, awaiting
our prayers for them and are forever grateful for our loving assistance.
Our Blessed Mother urges us to continue to pray, love and forgive even
those who are most difficult in our lives. God will grace us and He will
do likewise to us. Our Holy Mother, then, concludes her message with an
invitation to come into her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of her

Fr. John B. Wang

Somewhat disconcerting when a seemingly fruitful visionary receives a negative pronouncement.  The apocalyptic nature of Gianna's messages may have forced this decision.  Such decisions have been reversed in the past.  

Vatican supports action to suppress visionary

By Christopher Gaul

Review associate editor

The Vatican has strongly confirmed Cardinal William H. Keeler’s September 2000 decision to prohibit the Thursday evening prayer services at St. Joseph, Emmitsburg, in which Gianna Talone Sullivan claimed to receive messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In an April 2 letter to Father William O’Brien, C.M., pastor of St. Joseph, Cardinal Keeler reported the Feb. 15 ruling of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, that Baltimore’s archbishop is in a position to conclude the matter with a decree that the alleged apparitions are clearly not miraculous ("constat de non supernaturalitate").

Cardinal Ratzinger said his opinion on the decree was made after careful consideration of the report of a three-member theological Commission of Enquiry appointed by Cardinal Keeler that concluded there was nothing supernatural going on and that there were, in fact, "negative elements" contained in some of the apocalyptic prophecies that Dr. Talone Sullivan made public. As a result, Cardinal Keeler informed her that "no Catholic church properties may be used for the purpose of providing a platform for any activities associated with the alleged apparitions."

Dr. Talone Sullivan, who has a doctorate degree in pharmacology, claimed to receive messages from the Virgin Mary during Thursday evening prayer services at St. Joseph beginning in 1993 until September 2000 when the archdiocese banned them.

The three-priest commission wrote that, "given the present circumstances throughout the world of what may be called a growing addiction to the spectacular, we think that the Church should not promote or encourage persons claiming to have extraordinary channels to God."

In response, Dr. Talone Sullivan said she is "grateful for the time, devotion and commitment, which the commission undertook in reviewing and studying the alleged experiences and events."

"It is," she stated, "a great gift to belong to the Catholic Church, and we are always safe when we bow in obedience under her wing." However, she maintained that her apparitions and messages were and continue to be real.

Married to a physician, Dr. Michael Sullivan, Dr. Talone-Sullivan is the founder of the Mission of Mercy, based in Fairfield, Pa., near Emmitsburg. It is a non-profit mobile medical program that works to provide free medical and dental care to the poor, homeless, uninsured and underinsured patient and Western Maryland.

After first receiving "private revelations" in Scottsdale, Ariz. in 1987, Dr. Talone-Sullivan said she began to receive messages in 1988 that she said the Virgin Mary wanted to be made public. She said that from Dec. 19, 1989, to the present time, Our Lady has appeared and spoken to her nearly every night except Fridays during her private prayer, and during nearly every public prayer group in both Scottsdale, Ariz., and from November 1993 to Sept. 2000 at St. Joseph, Emmitsburg.

In 1989 Bishop Thomas O’Brien of Phoenix formed a commission to look into Dr. Talone-Sullivan’s reported apparitions and later announced that the diocese neither supported nor condemned the events.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore remained silent on the events in Emmitsburg until Aug. 30, 1995, when a spokesman said that because a diocesan investigation in Arizona had uncovered "nothing contrary to faith" Baltimore was "neutral on the matter at this time."

The Thursday evening prayer services attracted crowds of about 600 people, growing to some 1,000 in the summer. Cardinal Keeler noted that the commission acknowledged that "impressive results" came from the Thursday evening prayer services, including conversions, increases in the number of confessions as well as physical and spiritual healings.

However, he noted his commission’s finding which stated that while it "gladly recognizes the working of God’s grace, even in somewhat strange circumstances," it saw "no necessary connection" between Dr. Talone-Sullivan’s alleged apparitions and the reported benefits.

In his most recent letter, Cardinal Keeler said he trusts "this final decision will clear up any confusion that still exists and relieve the doubts of the faithful regarding the alleged apparitions and any public dissemination of their message."

Father O’Brien acknowledged that some St. Joseph parishioners and regular visitors to the Thursday prayer services were unhappy with the archdiocesan commission’s findings.

However, he said, the issue is not as controversial anymore and that it no longer disturbs parish life.

"The prohibition stands and is reinforced by (the Vatican Congregation’s) consideration that I may conclude the matter is not supernatural in nature," Cardinal Keeler told the pastor.

Feb. 2003 news article:

editor:  Interesting.  The messages from Emmitsburg have alluded to the fact that the warnings in
these prophecies would begin to become apparent when Gianna's daughter is seven years old, mentioned below:

Subject: Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg 1/12/2003

Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan
for January 12, 2003
The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord
Praised be Jesus.
My little ones, I am your Mother. In the splendor of Christ's Light I
invite you to look to His Light and to be the Light in His Love. This is
the Way of the apostles and the Way of discipleship: to live in the Light
and the Truth and the Love of Christ. Even though it seems that there is
much embarking upon the world, even if it is war indeed, allow me to tell
you that the splendor of God's Light brings hope; and those who look to a
new tomorrow and those who are disciples of God's Love will be victorious in
His Light.
However, there is the need to be prudent and wise and to look in prayer and
silence with all simplicity and forgiveness of neighbor toward what the new
world, the new tomorrow will bring. This new era of Christ is one in which
this forgiveness, this love, this gentleness and kindness will flourish.
It seems impossible at this moment because so much evil surrounds you, so
much that will distract you, and because of those around you who wish to
pull you away from the simplicity, kindness and Truth of God's Love. It is
not very difficult to follow my Son, but it is difficult to make the
decision. When you are enticed and persuaded; when perhaps, in times of
tragedy and enforcement, you feel that you must agree with another force;
then I invite you to stand your ground firmly. Know that We have not
abandoned you, even though you may think and feel We are not there. We have
not abandoned you.
Look to this new tomorrow. Know that it is my Son the Child Jesus who was
borne in my womb in the purity of the Holy Spirit, who was brought forth
into a cradle, who now is the Salvific Savior who was crucified and died on
the Cross for you, and who is again coming forth in this spiritual
Eucharistic reign. In this emergence of Life itself is your safety and your
My dear children, I have mentioned publicly that my daughter (Gianna) would
have a child** the age of seven before the world would know about my
appearances here (Emmitsburg, Maryland). Now it is embarking upon you.
Look to the past and what do you see? You see so much has unfolded that had
been prophesied and what you deem to have been laid out by me in Truth as
words from heaven. But also what you see is great hope. In this hope, I
can tell you, that God is alive, and that all your blessed, beloved ones are
treasured in my Immaculate Heart and dwell within the Sacred Heart of my Son
because I bring them there. Do not give up but look forward in comradery
and in union, and live the justice of God in truth, in peace and in harmony.
I love you. There is no other love that I can give to you but the Love of
my Son which is the Love of the Truth. Thank you, my beloved ones. In the
splendor of God's grace, as in the Baptism of my Son by John, look for the
replenishment of the fresh waters of God to refresh your souls, to cleanse
you from all iniquities and to lead you on to the only one path. There is
only one Way. There is only one God, and I am His Mother.
(**The daughter of Gianna and Michael Sullivan was born on January 12,
Reflection on the Message Given on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
( January 12, 2003)
Our Heavenly Mother has been communicating with us, through Gianna, for a
number of years now. Our Lady has given us many instructions, admonitions,
and predictions. In this message, She wants us to be aware that many of the
events foretold by Her (including those surrounding Gianna's child) have
already taken place. This is a clear proof of the supernatural origin of the
messages received. She implies that we must have firm hope and trust because
the rest of the prophecies WILL also take place in God's time. The "New
Tomorrow" WILL come. She and Her Son WILL effect an era of love, of peace,
of light, and of victory. Jesus WILL reign in the Eucharist. These words
inspire confidence. We have nothing to fear, for She tells us that all our
beloved ones are treasured in Her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of
Her Son. She tells us not to be disheartened by present evil, but to live in
prayerful silence, peaceful simplicity, generous forgiveness, loving
harmony, and baptismal purity.
(Fr. John B. Wang)

Joyce Lang
Dec 08, 2002 

Our Lady’s Message
for December 8, 2002

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

I am here for your benefit to help you return in humble gentleness back to my Son. If you do not heed my assistance and are convinced that focusing only on my Son will spare you deception, then why do you continue to speak ill of others and mask the truth in your hearts by defending your ways of anger and words of slander against others, especially other Christians with whom you are to live in peaceful unity?

Little ones, my Son can do what He pleases, when He pleases, and to whom He pleases. You are called to live in Christian unity and love. You deface your Christian brothers and sisters when you try to defend your cause, and this is a tragic error. What do you gain when you become obsessed in proving your motives are correct? How do you know your incentives are from my Son when in your heart you are filled with anger and self-righteousness?

This type of battle is between you and my Son, and I your Mother desire you to be resigned to the Will of God. You may think you have control and influence over the people in the world; but the truth is that my Son will do what He desires, and He reveals His Truth in people who are resigned to His Will in peaceful surrender and Christian love.

The light will shine on those who love. Do not shun anyone, because when you die you will see the truth and pay the consequences for sins against love. You are to be people chosen by God, people of hope, not of despair, and people of love and unity.

I love you all, children. Children of the True God are children who seek to love, to be loved, and who are totally dependent without conditions on Jesus, my Son. Peace to you. I bless you with my Motherly love and take your petitions to my Son’s Most Sacred Heart.

Thank you for responding to my call to love one another, especially those you dislike. If you are an authentic follower and child of Jesus, you will love.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Let us look deeply, honestly and serenely into our hearts. We will see many impurities there. In this message, our dear Mother especially mentions anger, resentment, slander, self-righteousness, evil-tongue, vilification and avoidance of people we dislike. These are spiritual stains that MUST be removed. We need a thorough purification, for no one can be an authentic follower of Christ unless s/he has a PURE heart: a heart filled with gentleness and love, a heart at peace with God, oneself and others, a heart of gold that harbors no malice or ill feeling. Only such souls can see the Face of God. (Fr. J.B.W.)


Our Lady’s Message
for November 1, 2002
The Feast of All Saints
through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, I your Mother of Hope am with you  and I give to you today a new commitment, a new love which I have in my heart, which every day is inspired  by Jesus my Son.  Every day it is a new love.  Every day it grows, and grows and grows.  So today I give you this new love  that it may be in your hearts, and that this love of my Son will also grow and grow in your hearts.

Little ones, it is the new beginning, and we as one in the community are together.  I am with you.  My Son is with you.   All of those in your community are with you.  So you must look now to this new beginning.  You must forget about the past.  You must forgive in the present moment.  And you must not think of the future to come.

I love you and I want you to know that together you can all rise to a new level, one of peace, tranquility and unity, to be a model for the world to come, one where great hope, love and charity will flow like the river of the New Jerusalem, the river of milk and honey.  There both I and my Son shall be with you, never to leave you alone, but always to guide you.

A time of tribulation has erupted and through this tribulation will come a new peace.  Those who have had to suffer will now have a rest and share in the new beginning and wear a crown of peace, no longer a crown of agony. For those who have caused trouble and those who have maligned my Son, you too have a new hope because my Son is all  forgiving and He loves you.  Thus, there is no guilt or shame that you must wear, but only in your hearts bear a hope for unity and an openness to follow whatever my Son desires in His Holy Will.  Together both sides can join now in unity, and with this is tremendous hope for a new peace, a new love, a new beginning, a new world and a new era.  You shall be there with all of us, all the saints, all the angels, all of us in this new heaven and  new earth.

I bless you and I thank you with all of my heart, my Immaculate Heart and my Son’s Most Sacred Heart.  I bless you in His Holy Name.  Thank you for your response to my call!

See the Nov.1, 2002  message at the bottom

(Press Release by Tom Fitzsimmons; Information
Director for Drs. Gianna and Michael Sullivan)

On September 7, 2000, the final Thursday Evening
Marian Prayer Group and public message from Our Lady
of Emmitsburg through Gianna Sullivan was held at St.
Joseph’s Catholic Church in Emmitsburg, MD. These
had been occurring weekly since November, 1993. The
following day, September 8, 2000, the feast of the
Birth of Our Lady, the Archdiocese of Baltimore asked
that the prayer group be halted at that time. On
June 12, 2001, the Archdiocese began a formal
investigative commission into the authenticity of the
alleged apparitions of Our Lady to Gianna Sullivan as
well as the fruits of such apparitions, a commission
which is still in progress. At no time either before
the commission or during the ongoing commission have
there ever been any restrictions placed on either
Gianna Sullivan or her husband Dr. Michael Sullivan
in regard to discussing the content of the printed
messages, their personal testimonies, or the
distribution of such by either private individuals or
national publishing houses. There were also no
restrictions placed on the release to the public of
any new public messages from Our Lady of Emmitsburg.
However, in accord with Our Lady’s wishes, the
Sullivans have maintained a period of silence, not
establishing another prayer group in some other
location, not abandoning but actually expanding their
works for the poor , and not releasing any new public
messages from Our Lady.

Since September 2000, Our Lady has continued to
appear privately nearly every day except Fridays to
Gianna, usually during periods of family prayer. Last
week on July 30, 2002, Our Lady privately reaffirmed
to Gianna Sullivan her continued presence as Our Lady
of Emmitsburg and the unique role this area has in
God’s salvific plan as the “Center of her Immaculate
Heart.” Our Lady once again implored all her
children to return here to Emmitsburg, not to any one
location or building per se, but to the Center of Her
Immaculate Heart, for it is a time of abundant graces
of enlightenment and strength. Events in this
nation, in the world and even in the Church over this
last year have brought the world to a point of
urgency. In conjunction with this Our Lady has now
instructed Gianna to release to the public on August
5 the first new public message for the world since
September 7, 2000. Others may follow. This new
message has been reviewed by Gianna’s priest-
spiritual director.

The text of the prior September 7, 2000 message will
precede the most recent new message for August 5,

Our Lady's Message
of September 7, 2000
through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, remain in the peace of My Son.

My Son will not betray you even though darkness and
betrayal led Him to the threshold of His passion.
Give yourself to My Son in an act of pure and total
Offer your strengths and weaknesses to Him at the
of His cross.
Place everything at His ; the little of My
Son as the Child Jesus, who in His gentleness and
purity gave Himself unreservedly and ever so sweetly
to the last steps He walked without any regrets as
the Son of Man, the Man of Sorrows.
Do not be afraid, children, for Jesus is your victory.
Do not be afraid to step into the darkness of His
passion because this is where your victory and glory
in My Son are fulfilled.
This is where you will be able to identify with Him,
in your trial of faith; and this is how you become
beautiful and are transformed into His love.
All that matters is LOVE, children.
All that matters is LOVE.
Have a heart of a grateful child.
Peace to you.
I take your petitions in My arms and will present
them to My Son who is all sweetness.
Your confidence in Him should have no bounds.
Thank you for responding to My call.

Our Lady’s Message
for August 5, 2002
through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little children, darkness can be overcome only through
the Light of Love.
There is no other way to silence evil and defeat it
except through
the Light of Love.
There are two choices in life and they are to either
love or not to love.
When each soul goes before the Father, it will be
asked the same question,
“how have you loved?”
Peace can exist even though the violence of crime,
and hatred seem so prevalent.
Peace can exist, but it can only exist through the
love of neighbor.
To “love” and to “like” someone are two different
You are all called to love one another even though
you may not like someone.
My Son is Love.
He loves each one of you and He desires you to live
in a world of
peace and unity.
He desires each one of you to live in eternal peace
with Him in glory.
The choice is yours.
It is best not to try to defend your reasons for
avoiding one another and not loving.
The only way to know yourself and God is to
love yourself and your neighbor.
Peace can exist and darkness can be overcome through
the rays of
the Light of Love.
I love you, little ones, as your heavenly Mother who
seeks to
intercede on your behalf to Jesus.
Thank you for responding to my call.

(This message represents the resumption of Our Lady’s
public messages through Gianna which Our Lady had
withheld since September 8, 2000, when the weekly
Marian Prayer Group at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
in Emmitsburg, Maryland, had been halted.)

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