Messages via Janie Garza, Sunday, December 8, 2002
Joyce Lang
Jan 28, 2003  

Messages via Janie Garza, Sunday, December 8, 2002

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

(The Mother of Compassion and Love Prayer Group met from 12:00-1: 00 to honor the Hour of Grace that was requested on December 8, 1947 when Our Lady appeared to a humble soul by the name, Pierina Guilli, under the title of Rosa Mystica in Montichiari-Fontanelle, Italy. The request was to meet from 12:00-1:00 to pray for the conversion of the world, and the renewal of the Church).

Message of Our Lady to Janie Garza

My Angel, today you honor the request of Your Heavenly Mother to come together in prayer for the Hour of Grace. During this Hour of Grace, I will be with you in a special way as you pray the Rosary for the Bride of My Divine Son and for the whole world.

Know My Angel, that as you offer the Rosary for the Church, many priests and religious who are suffering will receive special graces. As the Mother of the Church, I will pour an abundance of graces upon the Bride of My Divine Son.

My Angel, always pray for the Masons within the Church. Their mentality is that of modernism. They deny the Divinity of My Divine Son, the immortality of souls, of miracles. They deny the existence of angels, of the Holy Trinity, they deny the existence of devils. They do not respect the Pope and the authority of the Church. They deny everything that is supernatural. These modernists have poisoned many priests and religious with their death of God's theology. Pray many Rosaries and offer many Masses for these Modernists.

Invite My Children to pray the Rosary in this Hour of Grace for their unconverted families and for peace in the world. Tell them that the Rosary is their weapon to fight against the devil, but they must pray the Rosary with faith in their hearts.

All who pray the Rosary will receive special graces for themselves, and for those whom they are offering the Rosary for. The Rosary is a connection to My Immaculate Heart. It is a union of faith and a bond of love that destroys the works of the devil.

My Angel, encourage My Children to pray, pray, pray, for the year 2003 will be a year of much suffering. Peace, My Angel, peace.

Messages via Janie Garza, Monday, January 6, 2003
Joyce Lang
Jan 28, 2003 

Messages via Janie Garza, Monday, January 6, 2003

(During this time, Janie had been suffering for Our Lady’s special intentions, and had been pondering in her heart all that Our Lady speaks about during these times concerning the Dogma of Mary, Co- Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, and humanity).

Our Lady came to Janie through an interior locution

My Angel, write to what I speak to your heart. These things that I share with you, My Angel, I have said them before in other times and places. I am like the good Mother that reminds Her children what they have forgotten to do. I, too, remind My children of the messages that I have given, and which are forgotten by many of My children. These messages are worthy of being repeated. My Angel, do not be afraid of being persecuted for the things which I have asked of you to write. These are troubled times, and the world is running towards its ruin. The conversion of souls, if important, but without prayer, penance and atonement, there is no conversion. You among many other victim souls, have been chosen to suffer for poor sinners. I cannot promise you that you will not be persecuted for this is the way of the cross: to suffer humiliations, rejection, persecution and all that you are subjected to by the world. I am with you and I will not leave you alone. I promise you an abundance of overwhelming graces that you carry out all that I ask of you. I will continue to visit you when My adversary attempts to interfere with what I am asking of you.

My Angel, your safety lies within the bosom of My Immaculate Heart. Continue to pray and suffer for the Dogma, for the Pope and for the Bride of My Divine Son. I promise that through your prayers and sufferings, I will poor special graces upon all who believe, fight and pray for the Dogma and for all the fallen away priests and religious. All My graces will flourish in their hearts and they will bear much fruit in all their prayers and sacrifices.

When the Dogma of Mary, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate is proclaimed, a new divine radiance will cover the world. The Catholic Church will be renewed and strengthened. Faith will be renewed in many fallen away priests and religious. The commandments of God will again be accepted by many. The Church will have its authority. The sacraments will be accepted once more by many, especially the true Presence in the Blessed Sacrament. Confession and all the sacramental and pious means to salvation will be renewed in many hearts. My Angel, this is why I ask so much of you and others. The Dogma will be a miracle for the renewal of faith for many. Peace, My Angel, peace. (In a vision, I saw myself praying for many priests in the Church.)

Messages via Janie Garza, Monday, January 13, 2003

Yesterday in prayer, I had asked Our Lady if I could be allowed to postpone praying the Rosary until the following day. I had been suffering so much on this day and I was so exhausted. I didn’t receive an answer. Then Our Lady came at 3:20 a.m. to pray the Rosary with me. Our Lady is very concerned for all of Her Children. I began praying the complete Rosary with Our Lady. Our Lady was quiet during the Joyful Mysteries. During the Luminous Mysteries, I kept seeing many priests in a vision. It seemed that all these priests were struggling with their faith. I kept praying for them. Our Lady remained silent. During the Sorrowful Mysteries, Our Lady said: “The year 2003 is a year of suffering”. Then She showed me in a vision of how people would suffer, especially in America. And I saw that the economy would suffer and many people would continue to lose their jobs, financial suffering will increase. The threats of war will be strong. Many more seminarians will leave the seminary. Many priests and religious will abandon their religious vocations. Many marriages will end up in divorce. Many of the youth will continue to lose their purity. Abortion will continue to increase, especially among many of the youth. The AIDS virus will increase, child abuse, pornography, misuse of technology will continue. The media will continue to produce movies and television programs that will take people further from God. Godlessness will flourish among many people. Cloning is one of the godless mentalities. Hunger will take many lives in Africa, and the AIDS virus will continue to take many lives in Africa. The Middle East will continue to suffer. Cancer will take many lives, and other diseases like heart disease, alcoholism and drug abuse will take many lives. Priests will continue to be accused falsely of sexual abuse, the government will use the chip to enslave people. Masons will increase in power, they exist in every level of society.

This and many other threats against humanity is why Our Lady came to pray with me so early. She knew that I had a rough weekend. She wanted me to offer the sacrifice for poor sinners all over the world. She said prayer, penance and atonement is what is needed to prevent the world from running towards its ruin.

During the Glorious Mysteries, I kept hearing as if somebody was moving chairs and furniture. It was loud. I looked in the house, but I could not see anyone. Then in a vision I saw many devils who were dragging many seminarians away from the seminary. I saw many priests and religious being dragged by these devils. Then I heard the words from the Devil: “The noise that you are hearing is the dry bones of all the seminarians and priests who are already dead”. They meant dead in spirit and in faith. Then they said: “Stop praying that Rosary! It has no power over us. We are many! See all the damage that we have already done? We are everywhere. Your prayers cannot stop us. Stop praying!” I ignored them and kept praying the Rosary, and finally they fled. With this, I finished praying the complete Rosary with Our Lady, and Our Lady remained silent.
Mary, pray for us