Which notes that the Virgin Mary appeared to the children of Fatima in 1917 promising them she would appear there seven times.  Mary only appeared six times in Fatima so far.  Wouldn't it be miraculous if she appeared the 7th time at some date to come when the world really needs help and guidance?   Could it coincide with late 2017, the 100 year anniversary of Fatima and when the astral alignment fulfills the "woman clothed in the sun"?

And at that time Jesus declared, “I thank thee, father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes;  yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will.

Although some very well meaning Christians are trying to claim that miracle of the sun was a UFO and that this is a trick of the devil they should consider:

-Drastic phenomena of the sun witnessed by 70,000 at the moment predicted, many witnesses were many miles away
-Raining, the dark rain clouds “drew apart like curtains” to reveal the sun
-Instantly after the “miracle of the Sun” all the people who moments early were soaked and slopping through muck up to their knees were clean and dry,  and the ground was dry also.
-The three children who had six visits by the Virgin Mary withstood all the tests and threats of adverse authorities.  Lucia (Sister Lucia, who died over 80 years later still testified to this event  while living in a cloistered convent.)
-Two of the three children died shortly after as prophesied
-One was exhumed decades later and found not decayed.  As they carried the in-corrupt body to the local church in ceremony the church bells rang.  The bells were encased in the church tower, locked because of disrepair, and inaccessible to any human.
-The prophecies of the vision included WWII and the downfall of Russia
-The prophecies predicted the “aurora” of 1938 which signaled the beginning of WWII
-The request to have Russia consecrated to the Virgin Mary (to avoid Russia spreading its Communism and atrocities around the world) was made by Pope John Paul II.  Russia now has Vladimir Putin, a Christian, now protecting Orthodox religion in his country.  This is miraculous when you consider Putin's predecessors.

Fatima, Portugal: (approved and considered irrefutable by a great number of theologians. On the History Channel one top skeptic recently tried to disparage this event referring to the “imagination” of the 3 children visionaries involved but when the miracle of the sun was discussed looked a little silly when he admitted “something did happen with the sun but doesn’t know what.”  Hmmm.  A freak, drastic solar phenomena just happened to occur at the moment the predicted days early in the vision.)

In Fatima 70,000 people witnessed  a miracle in 1917.  No,  not mass hallucination.  The crowd was so big,  people on one end of the mass of people had no idea what people on the other end were thinking or seeing.
Peasant people 20-50 miles away who were not familiar with what was happening saw the miracle of the sun and testified to it:
Blessed Mary had been appearing to 3 children giving them messages of warning and prophecy.

On an ugly rainy day 70,000 muddy people waited for a "sign" that was foretold by this vision to three young Catholic children, of a woman, Mary.  As 70,000 people watched, the 3 children received a private revelation from the lady.
At the end of the revelation the lady pointed to the sky.  The children repeated the gesture for all to see.   Well, they got a sign.
All of a sudden the clouds "drew apart like curtains" to reveal the sun which appeared as a pale silver disc.  The sun began to spin wildly in the sky for a couple minutes and then came to rest.  Then the cycle repeated two more times.  The third time the spinning ended with the sun crashing toward the earth.  People fell to the ground expecting to die.  Then the sun returned to its normal position. (Present day skeptics, who try to discount the miracles of Fatima by human rationalization still cannot account for the bizarre actions of the sun that day;  historically documented.  Nor can they explain how this event was prophesied correctly in advance.)

Everyone present at the miracle, who were wet and muddy, stood up and were clean and dry, another sign. Many crippled and afflicted people were healed.  Skeptics, there to cover the story for the press or to disprove the event, witnessed the miracle, testified to it, and many were converted.  The event was reported in newspapers around the world.

The lady in the vision gave three secrets/prophecies for the world to the children. The first two of the three prophecies came true:

Secret 1: WWII.   Mary said “when there is a strange light in the sky know that it will begin.”  Fr. Malachi Martin(introduced later) says: "Yes, like in 1938 there was this particular ray of lights  which we know now is not what scientists said, ‘oh this is an Aurora Borealis’,  of course we now know it wasn't."  "And by the way, that night...that night, in August 1938, Hitler was in a secret hide away he had.  He was there with his chief people, and they watched this light.  He said, 'Gentlemen this means we now go to bloodshed.'
"This man was possessed by the way," says Fr. Malachi Martin.

2nd secret: the fall of Russia.

And the third secret is still unfolding...

Besides these secrets for the world Mary also told the three children that two of them would die shortly and the third live to see the fulfillment of the prophecies.   Two of the children did die (although Jacinta, as further proof, was exhumed and found to be incorrupt;  God has never subjected her body to the ravages of decomposition although her body was covered with lime at her burial; a local custom to speed up decomposition.) When Jacinta’s incorrupt body was carried into the Cathedral at Fatima for a ceremony the church bells rang.  The amazing thing is that nobody was manning the bells; the bell tower had been locked for years because of disrepair.  The priests there like to think that the “angels were ringing them.”

The visions included St. Michael the Archangel, Mary, Joseph, the child Jesus and the Eucharist.  The messages emphasized the need for the world to stop sinning, pray, do penance, and to return to family values or there would be great chastisements; but in the end an era of peace.  Mary promised she would appear seven times.  So far she has only appeared six times.

A good review and tidbits from the book "Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary" written by the nuns who lived with Fatima seer Lucia of Jesus of the Immaculate Heart
The book reveals that Sister Lucia had an "enlightenment" which adds details to the third secret. It had to do with the angel's flaming sword touching the earth -- not just to start what appeared to be a potential fire or war, most probably a nuclear holocaust (until Mary quenched it) but to affect the axis of the earth. "Today Portugal is under the weight of the three social sins that require reparation and conversion: divorce, abortion, and the civil marriage between persons of the same sex. It is a great moral crisis that explains all other crises. A body sick with gangrene does better with treatments, but while the disease improves, treatment does not eradicate the source of evil, and death will be the end."

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