This explains the scientific testing done on 37 visionaries.  The physiological changes detected in these tests could not be faked or manipulated willfully.  31 of the 37 proved to be real.

Here is proof of the supernatural nature of Nancy Fowler at Conyer, GA and others including:
 -scientific team including Jewish and atheists
 -about a half dozen physiological tests of Nancy and others during
 her visions confirming Nancy (and likewise others tested) cannot be  faking it
 -tests sensing voice coming from the apparition, heartbeats coming from the crucifix during another
apparition, electromagnetic waves coming from apparition,
-atheist tester seeing the apparition herself and then waving  her $4000 fee.
 -Statues crying blood.  Blood ID'd as human blood with a piece of thorn in it...
I hope this entices you to read this and settle in your mind something is going on.
Most of this is in the Conyers video.

Dr. Castanon early meeting with Nancy:
September 2nd, I saw a lady who was saying, "Jesus told me ... the

 Blessed Mother told me." There were many people around her. Many
 believed and many didn't. I just observed her. I didn't want to talk
 to her at the time.
 The thirteenth of September I smelled some roses, the scent of roses
 during the apparition, and something very important happened. I was
 taping the message that the Blessed Mother gave her and I went to my
 hotel to make a transcription of this message. In the hotel when the
 Blessed Mother supposedly said, "Stop murdering", she was talking
 about abortion. From the tape I began to hear many children crying;
 many, many, many children crying. When she said that many disasters
 will come into the world I heard the sounds of many tornados and
 earthquakes. That I couldn't explain also.
 The next day after observing her for more or less eleven days, I
talked to Nancy Fowler. I tried to see if she was crazy, if she was
 faking, if she was lying. It seemed to me that she was authentic,
 sincere and was saying the truth. I talked to her again in the next
 days and then I invited her to South America. At this moment I was
 not a believer; I was studying her. I wanted to see if she was saying
 the truth. When I said go to South America to have a talk, I was not
 inviting her to talk of faith. I wanted to study her brain to see if
 she was normal or not. I didn't tell her that in that moment.

 An Overview of the Medical and Scientific Testing
 While Nancy was having an apparition of the Virgin Mary at noon on
 June 13, 1993 she was subjected to a number of medical and scientific
 tests. Nancy consented to the tests being carried out and placed no
 restrictions on the tests that could be performed.
 The medical tests were principally performed to ascertain whether
 Nancy's visions were a product of her having some brain abnormality
 or disease that causes her to hallucinate or whether she was
 suffering from some psychiatric disturbance. The scientific tests
 were for the purpose of detection and analysis of certain changes in
atmospheric radiation that were found to take place during Nancy's
 The team leader was Professor Ricardo Castanon, a professor of
 Neuropsychophysiology at the Catholic University of Bolivia, formerly
 a professor in different State Universities in Italy and Germany, and
 author of many books and scientific articles on the brain, stress and
 the nervous system. The other members of the team were:
  Neurologist, Dr Ramon Sanchez of Atlanta, a specialist in Neurology
 and Epileptology  Neurologist, Dr Norma Augosto Maury of Puerto Rico
 EEG Technicians, Scott Prandy and Ted Blume  Dr. George Hogben,
 Psychiatrist from New York  Dr. Philip Callahan, now retired, a
 former research scientist and professor with the University of
 Florida  Umberto Velasquez, a radiation scientist from the Florida
 State Department of Health  William Stellar, Cameraman and
Documentary Producer, formally of Australian ABC Television
Australian Attorney Ron Tesoriero who arranged for the recording of
the testing for a video and a book documentary.
The Testing
 Neurologist, Dr. Sanchez was monitoring and recording Nancy's brain
activity with EEG equipment which was time coordinated with a
separate video recording of her behavior. He found that Nancy had a
normal healthy brain, but when she claimed to be having an apparition
of the Virgin Mary or Christ, her brain would, during those relevant
times, go into a state of 4 hertz and 3 hertz delta brain activity
respectively. This is brain activity normally associated with deep
sleep or coma. Yet she was clearly not in a coma, as the video
recordings showed her at these times to be wide awake and
communicating sophisticated messages to the scribe next to her of
what she was seeing and hearing. Dr. Sanchez claims that there is no
known precedent anywhere in the world where this has ever happened
and what Nancy was performing was a physiological impossibility.
When Nancy was tested, on another occasion in Dr. Sanchez's clinic
with a member of a religious order who also claimed to be having
visions, Nancy and this person had the same inexplicable brain
activity at the same time while they were having the same visions.
When both were saying they were seeing Jesus, the delta activity was
3 hertz. The recurring pattern was 333 (a numeric symbol of the
trinity).When both were saying they were seeing the Blessed Mother,
the delta brain activity was 4 hertz.
When they both reported seeing Satan, the EEG was registering 6 hertz.
 The recurring pattern was 666.
Professor Castanon carried out certain other Neurological tests on
her nervous system, in particular, tests intended to monitor and
record changes that occur in the electrical conductivity of her skin.
Using an EMG system, a relaxed person gives a reading of 0.2 to 0.5
millivolts. Professor Castanon said that at the beginning of the
tests, Nancy had a reading of between 1.5 and 1.7 millivolts
reflecting anxiety. But once she began to pray, she instantly
produced a reading of 0.2 millivolts. This reading of 0.2 millivolts
represents a most complete state of relaxation and cannot be normally
achieved in the way Nancy did. During the apparition at noon on June
13, Nancy produced a reading of 0.2 millivolts, but at 12:25:05 the
reading was nil which indicated to him that her brain had stopped
functioning. He found this inexplicable because Nancy was awake,
alert and communicating to others what she was experiencing. He was
convinced that his instruments remained in working order. This
 occurred one second, at 12:25:04, before Dr. Sanchez's EEG recorded
 an artifact or unique brain activity of Nancy going from an awake
 state to the state of someone in a deep sleep or coma.
 Psychiatrist Dr. Hogben interviewed Nancy just before her apparition
 on June 13, and was next to her while she had the vision of the
 Virgin Mary. In an interview that was recorded immediately after the
 apparition and in the formal report that has been presented by him,
 Dr. Hogben stated that he found that Nancy showed no evidence of
 psychiatric disturbance...
 A psychotic person would get lost in the
 visions and would not be able to maintain a distance from it and be
 able to describe it in a clear, concise and vivid way as Nancy did.
 So that was a positive sign that there was no evidence of psychotic
 Scientist Umberto Velasquez was interested in investigating the
 nature of and changes in any radiation before and during Nancy's
 apparition. On June 13, 1993 throughout the time Nancy said that the
 Virgin Mary was appearing to her, one could hear a beeping sound
 coming from the radiation detecting instrument that Mr. Velasquez was
 using. He later confirmed that from the time Nancy said that the
 Virgin Mary had appeared to the time she said she had left, he
 detected the presence of ionized radiation in the room. He could not
 explain why that happened.

Physicist Dr. Callahan also carried out certain tests during the
apparition on June 13, 1993. Dr. Callahan required Nancy to grasp
between her closed hands an instrument which detected and recorded
atmospheric Schumman waves that pass through the body. Dr. Callahan
found that when Nancy was kneeling, before she experienced the
apparition, he obtained readings of wave frequencies of 14 hertz and
an amplitude (strength) of 1 millivolt, readings which were in the
normal range. However, as soon as the Virgin Mary appeared to Nancy,
the frequency of this radiation dropped to 8 hertz, and dropped even
further to 4 hertz when the Virgin Mary began to speak to Nancy. At
the same time, the amplitude of these waves increased to between 2
and 4 millivolts. "The drop to 4 hertz when the Virgin Mary appeared
was also puzzling for another reason," said the doctor, "because
between 4 and 7 hertz a person should be asleep, yet Nancy, as we all
saw, was wide awake and communicating what she was experiencing to
the scribe next to her."
On June 13, 1993 Nancy said that Jesus told her to bring the
scientists into the room next to the apparition room, which had a
crucifix mounted on the wall, and that the scientists would get what
they needed. When Dr. Callahan was told to place the probe of his
oscilloscope on the hand of Christ on the wooden crucifix, it
registered electrical activity as Nancy was seeing it surrounded by a
Mystical light and said that Christ was present. When he moved the
probe to the heart of Christ, the electrical energy began to pulsate,
as if the cross was alive. When Nancy said that Jesus said to her,
"That is all", the electrical activity ceased.
Reflecting on the Results
 Ron Tesoriero, in the concluding chapter of his book, "Why do you
test Me?" writes:
 "Two things stand out for me as the most compelling evidence that
 Nancy's experiences have a supernatural origin. The first is the fact
 that before the tests took place, we recorded Nancy saying that Jesus
 had told her he would do something during the tests.
 "The second entry is Nancy's diary of April 29, 1993 which says:
 'Nancy, scientists are coming. You will outwit all of them because I
 will do this. Watch what I will do. The results of the scientific
 team will be astonishing. You will be sought after everywhere.'
 "Having the knowledge of that diary entry, and being granted the
 unrestricted ability to be present and to film the testing, I was in
 a unique position to see the prophesy unfold. What was common to each
 doctor and scientist that I questioned about the results of their
 testing was that neither they, nor any of their colleagues could understand
or explain the phenomena that they had encountered.

 "Dr. Sanchez's comments to me were. 'In all my years of doing audio
 visual telemetry and reading EEGs, I have never seen anything like
 this before in my life and I had a hard time really trying to
 understand what was happening.'
 "While Scott Prandy, the EEG technician, was seated in front of two
 TV monitors, one showing the recording of Nancy during the apparition
 and the other showing her brain activity at the same time, I asked
 him if he could explain why Nancy was having that particular brain
 activity. His response was, 'scientifically no, not at all.'
 "Professor Castanon said, 'I can say that I found results which
 compliment the EEG results. I can say that when they found very
 interesting results that they cannot explain, I found also things
 that I cannot explain at the same time.'
"It seems to me that the only plausible explanation for this
 succession of scientifically unexplainable occurrences is the one
 given to Nancy, namely, that Jesus said that He would do it.
 "Nancy says that Jesus said this to her on December 29, 1992: 'Many
 people want to test you and quiz you. That is what they want to do to
 Me. My children get confused when they try to figure Me out. Remind
 them of this.'
 "Nancy says that Jesus told her on May 11, 1993: 'I will give a
 message for the United States: Who are men who think they know My
 ways? Who are you to question Me? I have set Conyers apart. I tell
 you, scientists, doctors, theologians will be confused because they
 cannot figure Me out. My way is not man's way.'
 "These words seem to be intended to draw attention to the audacity of
 man wanting to use his intellect and accumulated knowledge to analyze,
test and question God.
"One wonders whether God has used these tests at Conyers to remind us
of the importance of faith and of unquestioning acceptance of His
"Significantly, He has done this through Nancy Fowler, a simple woman
whom He has entrusted to deliver His message to us. "
Since the apparitions began Nancy has received many messages that
have been recorded and distributed. Most of them are contained with
the book Nancy has had printed entitled 'To Bear Witness That I Am
The Living Son Of God'.
"The messages are essentially biblical in nature, although there are
many which involve complex theological issues well beyond Nancy's
ability to fabricate. Some of the messages relate to future events,
and some were accompanied by visions of those events.

 "It is not intended, within the scope of this book to deal with the
 many messages. However I wish to comment on certain messages that
 Nancy has received that have to do with world peace. I do this
  The issue of peace was the subject of a number of messages that
 Nancy received during the time of the scientific tests.  The messages
 are about future events, are quite specific, and are of paramount and
 immediate importance to the whole world.
 "In an interview I recorded with Nancy in October 1992, she spoke to
 me of being told in some of the apparitions about certain punishments
 the world was to suffer as a result of man's universal rejection of
 God and His commandments. In the context of America, Nancy says she
 was told that America was a country that has been given the most, yet
 had rejected God the most, and that, weakened through natural
disasters and war, it would be brought to its knees."

After the testing was completed and the results analyzed, Ron
Tesoriero asked Professor Castanon: "Could the results of the tests
or Nancy's behavior be explained by some sort of psychic power, mind
over matter, or the combined mental power of several people?
Professor Castanon shook his head and responded in a quiet, pensive
way: "I do not think we can explain these things. We think that man
is very intelligent and that we know everything. Sometimes we have to
be humble and say, 'Here is another kind of power that we do not
understand, and that could be God.'"
It is hard to attribute fraud, mass hysteria, autosuggestion or
incompetence on the part of those who tested Nancy, as an explanation
for the events that have occurred. Nancy's explanation is that they
are signs given to us by God to boost our faith and to give credence
to her apparitions. If Nancy's apparitions are to be believed then,

 More testing described including including commentary from the author,
 Dr Castanon:
 Dr. Callahan has an instrument with a screen. In this screen we can
 see the waves of the voice of Nancy Fowler. She is talking and we see
 very small waves. She stops talking and she says that the Blessed

Mother is talking to her. In that moment we see big waves  on the
instrument] from another person that is talking to her. We cannot
explain where this voice comes from; we can only believe that she is
hearing a voice.
I am studying the electrical activity of her skin. In that moment she
had seventeen pulsations per second before the apparition. When the
Blessed Mother appears, my instruments show no reaction  from Nancy],
no electrical activity. I don't know why. I can say her brain is dead;
 her brain is in a coma state. I don't have any result; she has a
very deep, deep state of relaxation.
Dr. Sanchez, who is studying the brain waves, sees that she has the
delta waves again, four hertz every second. To have this she should
be under a deep, deep sleep.

 Trip to Bolivia:
 (Nancy goes to Bolivia to speak.  Is promise a special sign.  Lady buys
 statue of Jesus that begins to weep human blood.  Statue identical to
 Nancy's favorite she keeps in her bedroom...)
 We have studied this statue. We brought it  the sample of blood from
 the statue in Bolivia] to New Orleans to the Gentest Laboratories. We
 didn't say  to the laboratory staff] that these samples come from a
 statue. I said, "Can you make an analysis of these blood samples." We
 did the same in Australia. The results: the blood is human. It has
 genetic code and it belongs to the human beings.
 I took a scab  of blood off the front  of the statue by the crown of
 thorns and we sent it to Australia. The scab is very small but it
 was divided in three parts. Two parts are blood. The third part they
 say we cannot know what it is; you have to go to another kind of
They sent the sample to a botanic laboratory. They find out that in
this scab there is a thorn. Can you imagine that this statue is
weeping, has blood and you find also a thorn?  (re: crown of thorns)
Last September 29th after seven months of study, we have presented
these results to the Church authorities of Bolivia and they
definitely recognized that this phenomena is authentic. And now they
have given the rules, given the authorization, the permission to pray,
 to make a chapel, everything that we need for this statue.
Additional Studies
 I have been studying thirty seven visionaries in many places. We
found six who were false. I am here not to insist that Nancy Fowler
is real. In your heart you have to know if she is real or not. More
important than knowing if Nancy Fowler is real or not is knowing that
God is real, that Jesus is real, that the Blessed Mother is real.
 We must not divide our hearts saying that Medjugorje is real,
 Venezuela is real, Nancy Fowler may be. We must be open to the Word
 of God. We have more than seventy thousand apparitions. More than
 four hundred sites of apparitions in the world. The Blessed Mother
 said in Medjugorje the first time, "I appear to tell you that God
 exists and you have forgotten Him."
 You have the grace of being in a country with everything but maybe
 you have one of the most important apparitions in the world in
 Conyers. Nancy has the grace of seeing Jesus many times. Today when
 you were here she saw the Blessed Mother in white and I'm sure during
 the Mass she saw many things.
 I would know that this is truth because also many doctors, especially
 two of them, who were helping me with the studies, they were seeing
the same. In the team that I had to study Nancy, there was a woman
 who didn't believe in  Jesus as the Son of] God, in God yes, but not
 in Jesus. I had to pay them four thousand dollars to make some part
 of the test on Nancy.  Later] when I went to pay her the four
 thousand  dollars] and thank her (remember, she doesn't believe in
 Jesus nor in Mary), she said, "No, you don't need to pay me." I asked
 why?  She replied,] "Because I saw the same thing that Nancy Fowler
 saw. She is saying the truth." And she is not Catholic this woman.
 We have so many experiences to tell you about. We have studied other
 visionaries. They see the Blessed Mother or Jesus once in the month,
 once every year and on some occasions. Nancy has chances to see Jesus
 maybe ten times, twelve times, fifteen times every day, sometimes
 less maybe.
 The messages are real. I have studied more than twenty thousand
messages of many countries and all of them say the same thing. You
 need conversion, you need prayer, you must fast, you must put God
 before everything. Go back to the Church. Go back to pray the Rosary.
 I told you also that we have studied people that are claiming to
 having seen Jesus. They can give nice messages.
 A poet also can give many nice messages but it doesn't mean it comes
 from God. We saw that many people had visions at the beginning but
 then after that they wanted more money than messages. They have
 changed their life in a negative way.
 When you see the life of many visionaries who are humble, they don't
 fight, they don't discuss, they are criticized, they are rejected. I
 think Nancy is rejected very often in her own country. I hope you
 will understand in time that these apparitions are real. I said to
 Nancy once, "If I would see something wrong in you I would say it to the people."

I have had many experiences since this day. It has changed my life.
Now instead of collecting women, I collect medals, rosaries, pictures
 of Jesus and Blessed Mary.
 Because this change of my life, I had to change my life completely. I
 was happy with the life I had before. Of course now my life is better
 especially in a spiritual way. It is important to know that it was
 not easy to change and I wouldn't have changed if I didn't have the
 conviction that what she is saying is true, that the messages are
 The Blessed Mother is appearing. Jesus is appearing and not only in
 America. As I told you four hundred cases. To tell you that I don't
 insist only on Nancy Fowler. We have studied Patricia Talbot in
 Ecuador and she had no visions anymore. When we studied her we said
 we have only the chance to bring Jesus to her during the Communion
 and the priest gave her the Communion. In the moment she received It
Holy Communion], she had the feeling that someone was with her and
 the instrument showed that the energy increased also and her brain
 got again delta waves. She was so sleepy, so deep that we saw these
 delta waves. This can happen when they have apparitions. Without
 knowing we were demonstrating that when she received the Communion
 Jesus was alive personally. Every doctor knows that you cannot
 produce by yourself delta waves if you are awake.

 Dr. Sanchez wanted to see if Nancy Fowler was very special. So he

 took another visionary  who often saw what Nancy saw with her and he
 studied the two brains. When both Nancy and this other person said,
 "Jesus is here" they began to produce delta waves. It's the
 same thing when they see Jesus; instead of having sixty pulsations
 every minute, they have three, each one  of them. Nobody could do it.
 Now that I have told you this I would like to remind you that the
visionaries at the end are not important. Important is the Word of
God. And the Word is saying, "I invite you to conversion. Live My
messages. Respect the Commandments and be prepared because very
important changes are coming into the world." 

When we went to Conyers, Jesus said to Nancy, "You are here not
because you wanted it. I called you." I think if you had the chance
to be here today and you were open to come, you were called. You
didn't come only because you wanted it; Jesus called you. He calls
you because He wants your conversion; He wants you to help the
Blessed Mother spread her messages. When Jesus appeared to Luisa
Piccarreta, the woman of the Divine Will (you may have heard of her
she died in 1947), He said, "Luisa, I have been looking around all
over the world for a heart where to rest. I wanted to rest in the
heart of someone and I did not find anyone. The only heart where I
could take a rest is in your heart." I hope that after the Mass and
 the talks today Jesus will find a thousand hearts where He can take a
 rest. Thank you.
 *****end of e-mail

 One of the videos covering Conyers with the testing have pictures of the statue in
 the process of bleeding, another visionary, Catalina Rivas with deep wounds of Jesus (stigmata)
 appear while filming and then healing within a day (instead of 1 or 2
 months it should take according to the doctors who inspected the wounds).
Also of note is that the messages through this visionary speak of Fatima.
Message 1
Message 2

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