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Excerpts and correspondence below, from Michael Coppi:

On Tuesday January 9, 2001, due to a rare lunar eclipse, the moon
turned blood red as seen from various locations in Europe, Africa and
the Middle East... it does remind one of certain Scriptural and private
prophecies... (Joel chapter 2).
(See footnotes at end of this file for more.)
More preceeding signs?.........................
Look at the visions of the French seer Marie Julie Jahenny from the
Bretaigne (died in 1941) who had the stigmata.  She was told by Jesus -
right after that big "Polar Light" at the and of 1938
(foretelling the beginning of World War II - as we now know from Sister Lucia from Fatima):
"When the light comes again, the good ones should get ready, then the time is there."

...I have received several emails suggesting we did experience the skies turning red on Friday April 7th...
Could it have been the red skies prophesied?

... we had around April 7th an extremely strong "Polar light" reaching
down to Switzerland, which happens only two or three times a century...
09-Apr-00, Yik Khai Long,

...Northern Europe, like Stockholm, experienced a "Rainbow in the Night
Sky" on Friday, 7-April, 2000.  The media named it the "Aurora Borealis".
The last time this unusal phenomenon appeared was just before Word War II.
13-Apr-00, James Hepler,

...Last Thursday, April 6, 2000, approximately 8:30 pm EDT, there was a
huge red glow in the sky of Pennsylvania.

One minute the night sky was normal (and it was over an hour past sunset
dark as expected), the next there was a huge red glow which was like a
giant red rainbow extending from the west (moon) to the east, the entire
length of the sky.  It was most pronounced in the east and there was an
unexplainable formation directly overhead.  It was visible for some time...

All we could think of at the time was Fatima and the "aurora borealis"
that preceeded WWII seen all over Europe...

14 Apr 2000, <>:
On that date [4/7/2000], the aurora was visible in Holland as well, and
around 2 pm the sky was red, and I mean really red...

Mar 31, 2001--------->>
...The biggest sunspot cluster seen in at least 10 years...

"...a surprise auroral display... the dramatic red display was
visible across Europe and seen as far south as New Mexico and Florida.
Auroras most often glow green... Red displays are rarer..."

Keith Johnson, of Reno's Fleischmann Planetarium, said he has never seen
such a luminous northern lights display so far south...
As darkness fell Friday night, the skies began to glow red and rays of
light-green-colored light began to appear, he said..."the sky was glowing so
much at midnight that it appeared like sunrise..."
It was blood red.  That's all I can say.  It was kind of opaque and you
could see the stars through it," David MacKel of Albuquerqe said.  He said he
had seen the Northern Lights while in Alaska, but "the Northern Light move, this was more gaseous...

March 30 - April 1, 2001 Aurora Gallery:

(the link for the angel aurora shown )
...a photograph of the northern lights from Finland, which on September
23, 2001 formed the extraordinary image of an angel (reminding us of the third Fatima secret).
That the northern lights (or "aurora borealis")
would form such a remarkable

It was the northern lights that constituted the "great sign" of Fatima in 1938 -- and presaged the Second World War.

... Throughout much of the 1990's Muslims, Orthodox, and Catholics
viciously fought each other, with the Virgin appearing at Medjugorje to
urge reconciliation.

Was all this a harbinger of a larger religious war?  Is that what we
approach now?  A massive uprising of Islam against modern Christians? ...

31.2 percent of the world's six billion people are Christians but Muslims have increased their share to 19.6 percent (from 12 percent a century

There are now 1.2 billion followers of Islam, and in recent months they
have been persecuting Christians... Are we headed for another "Lepanto"?
Did the September 11 event already signal the start of a new war?

All we know is that through prayer we can prevent it.  But prayer is now urgent...

More on the 1938 Aurora
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