Pastor Leo Strathman's gave a call to repentance and warning to America to his flock in December that seemed unusually powerful.
Rick Wiles from brought Leo on the show on 1/26/06 because he was amazed at the power of the anointing of Leo's sermon to his church.
Leo described the sermon as nothing he has ever done before and was shaking as he spoke about it on the show.   Please listen to the MP3 if you can to
fully appreciate the power of the moment.  But if you can't here it is paraphrased in a shortened version:

Leo speaking in the Lord:
[America, My Israel] I have begged you to repent.  I can hold judgement back no longer.  I have sent forth my angels to cause judgement to come.  You have refused my Holy Spirit.  You have murdered innocent blood.  I have blessed this nation more than any other because in the beginning you believed in my word and my commandments.  Now you say "I don't need you God.  We can do it on our own." Well America, you are [now] on your own.  Judgement is already started; it's on the way.  The only thing my children can now do is draw close to me in our secret place.  Come away with me daily...the only way I can protect you.  Millions upon multiple millions will die in the USA shortly and there's nothing I can do about it because you have [of your own free will] refused help.  Judgement is at the door and you will see it start in my church.  Your will see many mega churches fall in an instant and never again be seen because they are preaching a watered-down gospel.  They drifted far away from me.  What is coming USA is a judgement so severe it has never been seen before or after.  Shortly, you will not know America.  Your dollar is already gone.  Your bank accounts will burn in a single day. Your stock market will crash, never to rise again.  Grocery stores emtpy in a day... like a thief in the night.  If your are not hidden away with me before that day your are lost for a line is drawn in the sand.  Your will burn in the lake of fire that was made for my fallen angels [a place I never want you to go.]  If you're not grounded on the Rock of Jesus Christ your will perish.  Your sinful pleasures will be gone in an instant and you will burn for eternity.  Your must choose this day who you will serve.  If your draw close to me I will guide and protect you.  You will walk through the midst of fire and not have the smell of smoke.  Judgement is at the door.  This is the last Chrismas (2006) that you will celebrate as a "free" nation.

Leo was shaking as he spoke to Rick.  They agreed that the Pre-Trib rapture has falsely lulled people to sleep and the theory will fall in an instant.  With Travis, Rick's co-host (also prophetic), all three agreed what they have been told is that God has already sent forth his angels to cause this to happen.  Just the Wednesday before this show Leo heard that the trumpet is sounding.  It is coming. 
Rick surprisingly prophecied in the Lord, "Thus sayeth the Lord.  The next serious terrorist attack will be "Wall Street".    Jeremiah 18 came to Rick.
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