Rick Wiles has been associated with several large national TV ministries.  After receiving prophecy of the attack on New York back in 1999 and proclaiming this would happen on 9/11 of 1999 he lost favor with those ministries and broke off on his own.  After the 9/11 attack in 2001 some people had to rethink their judgement they had made of Rick.  
Another interesting story about Rick was the time a lady called Rick and was relieved to hear that he was well.  She had received words from the Lord saying, "They will try to kill the Prophet."�    This was soon after Rick had publicly spoke about the danger of radical Islamism to the safety of US citizens and our allies.   Rick was surprised at the lady's inquiry but later found out, through a threatening letter, that terrorist cells had twice sent an assassin after Rick, only to have each of these men die enroute.  This indicates Rick's gift of the prophetic, his courage in voicing what he discerns, and God's protective hand upon that ministry.

The reason Rick can be found on PDTsigns, which is heavily Catholic influenced, is the dearth of Catholic priests who are proclaiming the endtimes and the prophetic.  There have been a few, such as Fr. Gobbi, but they have been silenced.  The same is true of mainstream protestant ministries (except for Rick and Jack Van Impe).  Now is not a time to be conservative, trying to hide the obvious earthchanges, increase in evil, and impending wars, but rather, now is the time to keep people educated to prepare for these times; not the end of the world but some trying times which will mold us into a better world.   

This clip is a warning to America... John McTernan as a guest on with Rick Wiles has written books detailing God's Final Warning to America, showing how God is punishing America with earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. on the same day as momentous sins of our country are committed.  Rick chimes in with his own prophetic warnings that we need to repent.  Rick describes his first vision where God called him to be a prophetic watchman.  Stunned by this vision he confides in his daughter the next day who confesses her vivid dream where God told her he would speak to her in dreams.  This, her first dream confirming that Rick needs to warn America.  Rick's prophetic assistant, Travis, agrees while conveying what he has just heard from God, saying "Repent of your sins.  There is great judgement coming upon the Nation and you must be under the blood of Christ.  What is coming is unimagineable."
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