Dumitru Duduman is one of the most interesting prophets of recent times.  He was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith.  Through these trials God gave him the gift of prophecy, healing, and more.  God asked him to move to the United States to warn this country to repent.  Dumitru was given strong visions of chastisement and war for the United States.  His grandson, Michael Boldea, traveled the country acting as the interpretor at all the presentation.  Michael feared for their safety because his grandfather spoke with great candor, accusing those who were not right with the Lord openly.  Dumitru died a few years ago and although the prophecies are just beginning to play out, Michael has taken the helm of this ministry, adding his own visions and prophecy, which he believes is coming soon for the United States.   Michael spoke on thepropheticwatch.com and here are the highlites of the 4 day interview:

MP3: Part 1
Michael describes his grandfather. 

Part 2
Speaks on how he reluctantly took over the helm of Dumitri's ministry, feeling the calling of God to serve the remnant in dangerous times.

Part 3
Michael has prophetic dream of disasters for USA and specifically for San Francisco.  Upon waking, he gets a call from his brother and another prophet who had the same vivid dreams...
"The world will tremble in fear"

Part 4
Ron, the host, speaks on his own prophetic dreams/visions that back up the warning for America.

Part 5
Michael Boldea, during a time of fasting, has a vivid dream of war and awakens with a dark figure at the foot of his bed who says "The chariots of war are approaching.  Time is short.  Redeem the time."
Ron, this morning, heard the Lord's voice, "I am leaving your midst."

Part 6
Michael and Ron speak on their disbelief of a pre-tribulation rapture.  That we should read Matthew 24.